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Girls: Listen, could you make clothes that are more…practical? And comfortable? Also a nice variety of colors would be good.

Retailers: So what I’m hearing is, you want ¾ of a shirt made from the most threadbare Lycra material that will cling to every lump and curve of your body, sparkly fabrics made of the itchiest material we can find, pant pockets that are ½ inch deep, size charts that are nigh-incomprehensible to figure out, and the primary colors Salmon, Mint, and White.


My partner Nick started his own Etsy shop recently to share some of his rad vintage finds. Everything’s super affordable and most things are unisex! He’s specializing in badass 80s/90s apparel♡Show him some luv and check out his shop here:

NicholasVintage on Etsy!

Black is the New Hot(ness) - YOI Men in Black (MIB) AU

Title: Black is the New Hot(ness)

Summary: Welcome to the Men in Black AU no one asked for, in which Agent V is super attracted to a cute barista and thinks he must be a Venusian specimen – completely missing that, if anyone is an alien, it’s most likely to be Agent V. Or, welcome to an intergalactic love affair with a dash of coffee and a lot of confusion. 

Rated: T

Episode I: In which Agent V meets a barista

Romance isn’t exactly common in MIB Headquarters. Director Yakov practically outlawed intra-agency relationships after Agent L divorced him and moved to one of Jupiter’s moons on an intra-galactic detail to never return. Then again, Agent C (formerly Christophe Giacometti) was always the exception to every rule. 

Codenames followed strict guidelines, whereby the first letter of a first name was commonly used, followed by (if unavailable) some other moniker. It was difficult to duplicate letters, making names more and more complicated through the years. But, of course, Agent C had wanted to be Agent A (“For ass! I have a fantastic one; I know you looked.”) and practically tracked down Agent A (formerly Alex Mystery, also affectionately called Mystery Man,) while he was on a detail in Florida, only to discover Agent A deserved his A, both because he was named Alex, but also because he had a fantastic ass (and Chris decided almost instantly if he could not have Agent A’s A, he would at least have Agent A’s ass). Viktor wasn’t sure Agent C asked for permission to date Agent A. He wasn’t even sure anyone would dare ask Agent C if he had even considered the possibility of getting in trouble for breaking the rules. 

“Don’t worry, Agent V,” Agent C grinned, “I’m sure you’ll find your better half soon enough.” 

 Except, if intra-agency dating wasn’t allowed, then Agent V had no chance in a world in which no one was supposed to see or remember him. Agent V paused right outside the coffee shop window. Agent C frowned, watching him carefully: “What? Why are you pulling out your tracker?” 

“I don’t believe we have a Venusian specimen registered for this neighborhood,” Agent V said very seriously. His brow furrowed in concentration as he tried to go through the list of names and photos appearing on the portable file. This was his neighborhood. He should know every alien. 

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