the men in this show are my life i love them too much

thatkevinsmith: The episode of @cwtheflash I directed airs in 3 weeks! Been working on the edit with my ep editor Nathan and we’ve got it down to a PACKED 42 mins. The episode is called #KillerFrost and @dpanabaker absolutely CRUSHES in it, while @tha_los has one of my favorite moments ever filmed for #TheFlash. Get your tissues ready, Super friends: you’ll need them not just for all the Feels but for all the geekgasmic moments involving major reveals too! I love this episode so much: EVERYONE gets a killer scene in which they show off their acting chops (and some folks get to show off abilities and super powers far beyond those of mortal men & women)! Thanks to Speedster scribes @andrewkreisberg & co. for the intense script and @gberlanti for bringing the @dccomics Universe to life on @thecw as an amazing playground where a 46 year old boy can play with life-sized action figures! And huge thanks to my in-the-trenches episodic brain trust of Bob, Kim and Lexy for making me keep look like I know what I’m doing! Can’t wait until my ep airs in mid-November but in the meantime? It’s back to work on Day 2 of 9 on @supergirlcw (my first day with the cape and costume)! #KevinSmith #daniellepanabaker #carlosvaldes #thecw #flashseason3 #supergirl #vancouver

I just want to say I love each and every one of my followers (boys and girls alike) to death. I think everyone of you are amazing people. You all deserve the world. Today may be a day for women, but all men out there know this, you are unique and amazing too! History has come so far in making everyone equals. But we aren’t close to the finish line. So today is the day to show the special woman (or women) in your life you mean something to them. Whether that be your mom, friend, or girlfriend. Just show them they’re beautiful just how they are and nothing should change it. Once again, I love you all so so so much. And my inbox is always open if any of you need someone to talk to or if you have any problems. That’s why I made this blog. To help and to spread love. So cherish today, and tomorrow. For you never know what the future has in store.