the memphis group


The MemphisStyle Edition BMW i8 from Italia Customs

BMW i and Garage Italia Customs unveiled a new i8 to celebrate the Memphis Design Group. It was a world premiere in the extraordinary setting of the UniCredit Pavilion in Milan. With the exclusive BMW i MemphisStyle interior and exterior Design on the BMW i8, Lapo Elkann’s creative hub payed hommage to the visionary style of the artistic and cultural movement that revolutionized the world of design in the 1980s.

i’m at work and it suddenly just started snowing again, and they’ve stopped all the bus routes here so for right now i’m stuck.

either way, here’s something i was working on, at work, that was kind of fun… so i guess it’s not so bad.  

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Installation view of works by Memphis-group at the sales exhibition Bowie/Collector at Sotheby’s London, November 2016. Featuring works: First-chairs (1983), Polar-side tables (1984) and Flamingo-side table (1984) by Michele de Lucchi, Cucumber vases by Martine Bedin (1985).