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Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

o merde waddup

-we are number one plays in the distance-

Slenderverse reacts summary:

>Adam Rosner looking like he is about to cry out of anger
>Slenderman sized horse
>Horse sized Slenderman
>Rikki’s laugh
>Vinnie being offended.
>Adam’s dad as Slenderman bringing pizza
>Vinnie’s septum ring
>Was Slenderman bullied?
>Was HBO bullied?
>Adam screaming gently UwU
>Rikki’s short hair
>VINNIE’S AMAZING BROTHER. bless his heart.
>Lee chewing on his nails for 2 hours.
>Lee’s evil laugh as he plays detective around on the Internet
>Slender Mansion™ over the Slender lake™
>C o l u m b i n e v i b e s n o j o k e
>“HABIT is Evan’s baby”
>Ftw documemetary
>Was Observer Bullied? *Adam cringes into the void*
> Serious documentary featuring Deviantart, Wattpad , tumblr and Google +.
>How to basic
>10.000 cats . jfc
>Origins of SCRINIARII’s fries.
>Adam going midly Noah on the documemetary.
>Rikki’s amazing shinny teeth.
>O U T R A G E
>Internet is evil and it’s bad.
>Adam’s ring on Lee’s finger
>Inspirational stories in the Q&A . Thank you all those were amazing.
>Apparently everyone loves MSI
>Slenderman in sneakers.
>Cats did 9/11
>Cats did slenderman.
>E M O T I O N A L E A R T H Q U A K E
>What color is slenderman’s white horse?
>Adam delighted by Snoopy.
>Stabbers and their ocs.
>“This feels like a fucking fever dream, guys. ” - Adam Rosner ,2017[Colorized ]
>HBO bullied the Internet

*Spencer goes on honeymoon in Cape Town*

*Spencer tweets Ryan reminiscing*

*Zack tweets Spencer reminiscing*

*Jon tweets asking about a cabin*


                         would   anyone           like  a   STARTER   from   young   lillian.   at  some  point  before  she  runs  away,   or  when  she’s  just  starting  to  work  out  what  to  do  after  fleeing.   perhaps  even  as  a   child.    i  may  hit  you  up  for  plotting  if  i’m  unsure !!   

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Jumin Han

Project I’m working on and this is what I name my folders

hclliday  asked:

DON't - ur boyf jack rackham

pin jack up against the wall B^) | accepting! | @sicutcanis / @hclliday

      They were going to get caught. Hell, they’d ALREADY been caught – and one not-so-narrow escape with none other than Captain Teague had resulted in Jack being more than a little on edge ever since. It wasn’t even the fact that the Keeper of the Code knew ( though his face flushed a little every time he thought about it ), or that he couldn’t trust him to keep his mouth shut, despite the man’s surprising announcement that he would. Whether Jack wanted to admit it to himself or not, the truth of the matter were those lingering feelings that this entire situation had uncovered, something threatening to render futile any convincing he’d done to dismiss what the two of them had as nothing besides a close FRIENDSHIP.

      So he’d been snappier than usual, particularly given that the other Jack didn’t seem nearly as bothered about this as he was ( then again, he didn’t know Teague ) – and, at the end of one particularly sharp exchange, a self-satisfied bob of the head was followed by Jack moving to push past the other and leave. Before he could, however, hands had swiftly seized hold of his shirt sleeves, pushing him back until he’d hit the wall behind him. Slowly glancing up at Rackham, it didn’t take long for the annoyance in his dark, kohl-rimmed eyes to mingle with growing DESIRE, acutely aware of not only their greatly reduced distance, but the characteristic change in the air around them.

      Gaze dropping to the man’s lips, once again Jack felt himself being DRAWN IN, seemingly helpless to resist the pull of whatever this undeniable connection between them was.

       You know this is how we got… caught the FIRST time, don’t you? 

      As much as he tried to sound irritated, as he’d spoken the force of his words had grown weaker and weaker.