the melody of the guitar is gorgeous


Queen 30 day challenge
Day 30 - Anything you want

I enjoyed doing this challenge more than I had imagined especially because I wasn’t alone and because I found out things I guess I hadn’t known. For example I have more courage to add the word ‘favourite’ before something I think is my fave. So for the last day I thought I’d bring you probably my all time favourite Brian May guitar solo which you can hear in Who Wants To Live Forever 

The melody and the lyrics are gorgeous in themselves, I think this was the very first Queen song that spoke to my heart. I love that Brian sings on it, it makes it a bit more special to me. My favourite part besides the solo is when Freddie finishes, his powerful voice still rings in my ears when a soothing voice asks quietly: “Who waits forever anyway?”. This is so beautiful that I cannot put it into words.

Now about the solo: it doesn’t come unexpectedly, Freddie kind of prepares us with finishing his line a bit fast that something is going to happen. For a few seconds the guitar is barely audiable and then the magic starts. It sounds like pearls falling on the ground, so heart-breaking, so magnificent. It starts to flow right after that, it’s slow and soothing but the three soft yet hard “bangs” make me feel like the melody is being curved into me. It gets more cruel: he goes up, it’s impossible to listen with dry eyes now… and the last part is a painfully beautiful twist that ends up in a deeper sound that leads us to Brian’s vocals.

I swear this solo is a shiny jewel in Brian’s works. He makes his Red Special sing - no, speak! The emotions are almost visible, I feel like I could touch them along with the song. It speaks to me, it’s so alive, so sad, so splendid. Thank you if you read it.:)