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Mello masterpost Swedish translated

With Melodifestivalen 2017 coming up, less than a month left now, what is more suiting than a vocabulary list regarding Mello? Here are some good to know words that might be in the shows:

Melodifestivalen - Melody festival
Nummer - Number   (As in Melodi nummer x - Melody number x)
Ett, två, tre, fyra, fem, sex, sju, åtta, nio, tio, elva, tolv - One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve
Nu kör vi - Here we go
Musiktävling - Music competition
Europa - Europe
Vinnare - Winner
Deltävling - Part competition (directly translated, think like semi final except there are four of them)
Andra chansen - Second chance
Bidrag - Contribution (directly translated, but in this context Bidrag is more like contestant. Bidrag is the song competing)
Artist - Artist/performer/singer
Låtskrivare - Songwriter
Telefonrösta - Telephone-vote
Underhållning - Entertainment
Populär - Popular
Poäng - Point/points
Karriär - Career
Upptempo - Upbeat
Stjärna - Star
Energisk - Energic
Fantastisk - Amazing
Genombrott - Breakthrough
Seger - Victory
Turné - Tour
Hjärta - Heart
Framgång - Success, luck, prosperity
Succé - Success
Startfält - Starting field
Genre - Genre (But genre in Swedish is pronounced more like Shanger. Listen to google translate or something pronounce it, it’s one of the most illogical words we have)

Feel free to make Swe-Eng requests!

I’m back from Festival and I bought a lot of stuff and made a lot of friends and yelled at a lot of people and got thanked for it (<—life goals achieved LOL). It was really fun and wahhhhh even though I always hate the actual camping, I can’t wait to go back next year :DDD

Also. I accidentally got a boyfriend. Ahhh. Guys. Halp. Plz. Idk what to do with him. How to relationship. I like him. What do I do. Omgggggggggg



Centuries and centuries ago, when sailors set sail and followed the stars and the ocean to the islands in the Pacific, the region was quickly settled and civilization flourished. As time passed, sailors from around the world came and went, finding treasures and passing boredom under the embrace of the sun. The islands were loved, but there is one, shrouded by mist and protected by the arms of the ocean, that has been neglected not out of dislike but simply because the island cannot be seen by those who have not been chosen. Few are deemed worthy to set foot on its surface, and those who are worthy are held in the highest regard. They are led by elders who guide them from childhood to adulthood, until they are ready to rejoin the islands where they will aid in dispelling evil spirits and employing their skills in manners of aid until they choose to return to the sanctuary as elders to pass on their knowledge. When a student reaches a rite of passage, tattoos are enchanted onto their skin to help enhance certain talents of the bearer. Many are taught to soothe the wrath of the goddesses of fire, shaping lava and calming volcanoes. Others learn the way of the stars, from forecasting the future to simple navigation techniques. Although female and male interactions are limited, students are permitted to join in song and dance every month where they narrate stories of legends and their learnings through fevered movements and wistful melodies. The festivities usually last late into the night, with nothing but a flickering fire fuelling their passion, and the stars above as the audience.

Norwegian vocab list: Music

So here are some music-related words and phrases for you guys! Hope you find this useful!


musikk (m) - music
sang (m) - song
låt (m/f) - song (more informal)
sanger (m) - singer
artist (m) - artist
album (n) - album
CD/CD-plate (m/f) - CD/CD-record
LP/LP-plate (m/f) - LP/LP-record
sporliste (m/f) - tracklist
lydspor (n) - soundtrack
rytme (m) - rhythm
konsert (m) - concert
opptreden (m) - performance
utgivelse (m) - release
stemme (m) - voice
mikrofon (m) - mikrofon
publikum (n) - audience
musikkvideo (m) - music video
band (n) - band
gruppe (m/f) - group
radio (m) - radio
orkester (n) - orchestra
vokalist (m) - vocalist
stemme (m) - voice
akkord (m) - accord
tone (m) - tone
lyd (m) - sound
harmoni (m) - harmony
stemmegaffel (m) - tuning fork
sangtekst (m) - song lyric
låtskriver (m) - songwriter
sjanger (m) - genre
scene (m) - scene
melodi (m) - melody
festival (m) - festival
høyttaler (m) - speaker
hodetelefoner - headphones
ørepropper/øretelefoner - earbuds/earphones
musikalitet (m) - musicality
strømmetjeneste (m) - streaming service

Instruments (nouns):

instrument (n) - instrument
piano (n) - piano
gitar (m) - guitar
keyboard (n) - keyboard
vokaler (m. fl.) - vocals
fiolin (m) - violin
klarinett (m) - clarinet
fløyte (m/f) - flute
ukulele (m) - ukulele
harpe (m) - harp
trompet (m) - trumpet
sekkepipe (m/f) - bagpipe
munnspill (n) - harmonica
trekkspill (n) - accordion
tromme/trommer (f) - drum/drums


å synge - to sing
å spille - to play
å opptre/fremføre - to perform
å stemme - to tune
å lytte/høre - to listen/hear
å strømme - to stream
å komponere - to compose

There are definitely a lot more, so if there’s a word you’d like to know that isn’t on this list, feel free to ask me! c: