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Mello masterpost Swedish translated

With Melodifestivalen 2017 coming up, less than a month left now, what is more suiting than a vocabulary list regarding Mello? Here are some good to know words that might be in the shows:

Melodifestivalen - Melody festival
Nummer - Number   (As in Melodi nummer x - Melody number x)
Ett, två, tre, fyra, fem, sex, sju, åtta, nio, tio, elva, tolv - One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve
Nu kör vi - Here we go
Musiktävling - Music competition
Europa - Europe
Vinnare - Winner
Deltävling - Part competition (directly translated, think like semi final except there are four of them)
Andra chansen - Second chance
Bidrag - Contribution (directly translated, but in this context Bidrag is more like contestant. Bidrag is the song competing)
Artist - Artist/performer/singer
Låtskrivare - Songwriter
Telefonrösta - Telephone-vote
Underhållning - Entertainment
Populär - Popular
Poäng - Point/points
Karriär - Career
Upptempo - Upbeat
Stjärna - Star
Energisk - Energic
Fantastisk - Amazing
Genombrott - Breakthrough
Seger - Victory
Turné - Tour
Hjärta - Heart
Framgång - Success, luck, prosperity
Succé - Success
Startfält - Starting field
Genre - Genre (But genre in Swedish is pronounced more like Shanger. Listen to google translate or something pronounce it, it’s one of the most illogical words we have)

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4!!! YEARS!!!


Thank God Almighty I found it !! Pure coincidence. Last time I heard it it was live in Vicetones set on Ultra a year ago but I could not just use track id or something like that to recognize it, speakers were just too loud.



Centuries and centuries ago, when sailors set sail and followed the stars and the ocean to the islands in the Pacific, the region was quickly settled and civilization flourished. As time passed, sailors from around the world came and went, finding treasures and passing boredom under the embrace of the sun. The islands were loved, but there is one, shrouded by mist and protected by the arms of the ocean, that has been neglected not out of dislike but simply because the island cannot be seen by those who have not been chosen. Few are deemed worthy to set foot on its surface, and those who are worthy are held in the highest regard. They are led by elders who guide them from childhood to adulthood, until they are ready to rejoin the islands where they will aid in dispelling evil spirits and employing their skills in manners of aid until they choose to return to the sanctuary as elders to pass on their knowledge. When a student reaches a rite of passage, tattoos are enchanted onto their skin to help enhance certain talents of the bearer. Many are taught to soothe the wrath of the goddesses of fire, shaping lava and calming volcanoes. Others learn the way of the stars, from forecasting the future to simple navigation techniques. Although female and male interactions are limited, students are permitted to join in song and dance every month where they narrate stories of legends and their learnings through fevered movements and wistful melodies. The festivities usually last late into the night, with nothing but a flickering fire fuelling their passion, and the stars above as the audience.

I’m back from Festival and I bought a lot of stuff and made a lot of friends and yelled at a lot of people and got thanked for it (<—life goals achieved LOL). It was really fun and wahhhhh even though I always hate the actual camping, I can’t wait to go back next year :DDD

Also. I accidentally got a boyfriend. Ahhh. Guys. Halp. Plz. Idk what to do with him. How to relationship. I like him. What do I do. Omgggggggggg

anonymous asked:

The NDRV3 girls with a s/o that gets REALLY into the Halloween spirit, and goes all out on the decorations?

With Halloween coming up, this is a perfect request to get~ Thank you!

Kaede Akamatsu:

  • She’s quick to match your enthusiasm!
  • She won’t tease you for it because it’s pretty much the same with her and piano
  • She’ll help you put up Halloween decorations that matches up with your interests and hers
  • Music note decorations doesn’t really fit the holiday but it’s cute in its own way!
  • You can expect her to learn how to play Halloween music on her piano so that she can play festive melodies for you
  • She likes Halloween to a certain extent because she thinks it’s fun to dress up, have some sweets, and watch spooky movies together
  • She’ll enjoy eating the treats as well–she has a sweet tooth after all; she also likes it when trick-or-treaters ring the doorbell for sweets because she likes looking at their costumes too!

Miu Iruma:

  • She teases you a lot initially because she thinks you’re being pretty childish
  • But then she sees how you’re so focused and serious about Halloween and she thinks “wow that’s pretty hot”
  • She would definitely suggest trick or treating just so she can match skimpy costumes with you
  • If you accept, expect her to make a lot of puns, mostly suggestive, about your costume
  • If you refuse and tell her you’ll wear a full-blown costume, she’ll be disappointed and plead with you for a bit
  • She doesn’t hate your enthusiasm, though! In fact, she’ll invent some cool stuff to make sure that no one tops your decorating prowess

Tsumugi Shirogane:

  • She loves Halloween, too, so you two pretty much top everyone!
  • Tsumugi cosplays as characters and put a spooky twist to them
  • She’ll definitely offer to design and make your costume too; preferably a character that matches or is paired with hers
  • She will make sure that you two have the best costumes especially if you’re entered in a costume contest
  • As for decorating the house, she’ll help you out by making spooky decorations for you to hang up
  • Horror movies are a must too! You can leave that to her if you’d like–she’ll be sure to pick the best ones

Tenko Chabashira:

  • She really loves how passionate you are about Halloween and she’ll openly point that out to you
  • She’ll help out in any way she can; she loves seeing your smile when she does
  • She will eventually end up getting into the Halloween spirit as well
  • If you suggest wearing costumes–matching ones–she’ll be really embarrassed and bashful about it
  • Enough coaxing will convince her to do it, though! She enjoys seeing you happy
  • She starts thinking of cute ways to spend time with you, too, such as feeding you sweets, cuddling with you in the couch as you two watch scary movies, holding you if you get too scared… Tenko why is your face so red?

Kirumi Tojo:

  • She’ll be amused at how enthusiastic you are about the holiday and will try her best to match it
  • Leave the baking to her! She’ll bake cookies and other treats to hand to any trick-or-treaters
  • She’ll save the best ones for the two of you, though!
  • Having her help you with the decorations is like a literal godsend; you two are finished decorating in no time and the place looks great!
  • She’s also the type of person to buy some scented candles, such as pumpkin spice, as long as you don’t have any allergic reactions to it
  • She’ll go along on all of your antics and make sure you have a lot of fun because she cares about you a lot

Maki Harukawa:

  • She never really understood the reason why kids liked Halloween so much but she didn’t really have time to think about that kind of stuff when she was a kid
  • So when she finds out that you’re really enthusiastic about something that happens only once a year, she’ll be confused but curious
  • She’ll call you harmless names for liking Halloween so much but she actually thinks it’s cute
  • Not that she’d admit it, of course
  • She would help you out with the decorating; helping you reach high places, positioning where things should be, etc
  • It’s a good opportunity for her to regain the feelings she should’ve had when she was a child, too; your enthusiasm is pretty contagious

Himiko Yumeno:

  • Your enthusiastic spirit might make Himiko feel a bit tired but she also enjoys Halloween!
  • She can only provide a little help during decorating because it tires her out but she gives you encouragement
  • She’ll tell you that her magic is enough to help you out with decorating but it’s pretty much just an excuse not to
  • She prefers spending Halloween indoors and in costume; trick-or-treating is too much work for her
  • So you two will pretty much be on the couch; there are sweets everywhere and you two are cuddled up next to each other wearing costumes
  • It’s pretty much a good deal for her, though
  • She’ll definitely dress up as a witch for Halloween

Angie Yonaga:

  • Angie’s another great person to be around with during holidays like this!
  • When she finds out you love Halloween, she’ll be really happy
  • She will gladly help you go all out with making your house ooze festivity
  • She’ll skillfully carve out pumpkins, decorate gingerbread cookies, and much more
  • Having activities such as gingerbread house building is also a must for Angie! The process is so relaxing and she enjoys spending time with you like this
  • She’d also love it if you would match Halloween costumes with her and even go trick or treating!