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Doggy Dayz // Open

Mila had taken the day off work. Well when you work for yourself, you can take any day off work. But every year the day after Valentine’s Day, business would slow for a week or so. Everyone had already spent mega-bucks on weddings and date nights, that no one was going to go out or plan anything for a bit. 

So when Bilbo bugged them with his leash, Mila smiled and took Bilbo out to the Commons. Bilbo was having the time of his life, smelling everything and trying to make new friends. Mila loved to spend time with her best bud. BUt fetch got a little too serious when Bilbo ran off after a squirrel.

“Billy!” Mila hollered after him. She chased after him shouting that he’s harmless to bystanders.
Niall Horan's latest career move might really upset Simon Cowell
He's ready to fly solo as he reportedly follows in bandmates' footsteps with his own recording contract
By Claire Rutter

One Direction star Niall Horan has reportedly signed a huge solo record deal, but it’s not with Syco boss Simon Cowell .

The 22-year-old, who has been exploring his golf business since the band went on a hiatus, has now reportedly followed in the footsteps of his bandmates Liam Payne and Harry Styles by inking a mega bucks deal.

An insider has claimed that Niall has landed a deal with Universal Music, who targeted him after their deal fell through with Harry.

“This will come as a real blow to Cowell who has been talking to Niall for months, wanting him to sign a deal with his label Syco,” a source told Daily Star Sunday.

“He made a number of big money offers to try and persuade Niall to sign up but, in the end, Universal came in and put even more money on the table. They’re chuffed to have got one over on Cowell and have taken one of 1D.”

Universal have reportedly been impressed by Niall’s solo efforts and were willing to fork out ‘whatever it took’ to seal the deal.

Niall is said to be “thrilled” at signing a solo deal, but it was only a matter of weeks ago that Cowell, 56, revealed he was hoping to make an announcement about Niall “soon”.

“I think they’re all gonna do great. Niall is the most loyal. We are expecting to announce something soon with him. I’ve always known he’s loyal,” Simon told People.

The X Factor boss “You know what, we’re talking to all of [the 1D guys] at the moment. You know what the great thing about these boys are, well not all of them, just most of them, they’re incredibly loyal. And you don’t always expect that. Niall, Harry, Louis are amazing.”

Meanwhile Niall has reportedly been “telling pals he is really excited about his new music and this solo deal”.

A representative from Syco has declined to comment on this story.