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Our country is in dire need of massive investments in infrastructure, but what Donald Trump is proposing is nothing more than a huge tax giveaway for the rich.

1. It’s a giant public subsidy to developers and investors. Rather than taxing the wealthy and then using the money to fix our dangerously outdated roads, bridges, airports, water systems, Trump wants to give rich developers and Wall Street investors tax credits to encourage them to do it That means that for every dollar they put into a project, they’d actually pay only 18 cents and we would contribute the other 82 cents through our tax dollars.

2. We’d be turning over public roads and bridges to private corporations who will charge us expensive tolls and earn big profits. These tolls will be set high in order to satisfy the profit margins demanded by elite Wall Street investors. So—essentially—we pay twice – once when we subsidize the developers and investors with our tax dollars, and then secondly when we pay the tolls and user fees that also go into their pockets.

3. We get the wrong kind of infrastructure. Projects that will be most attractive to Wall Street investors are those whose tolls and fees bring in the biggest bucks – giant mega-projects like major new throughways and new bridges. Not the thousands of smaller bridges, airports, pipes, and water treatment facilities most in need of repair. Not the needs of rural communities and smaller cities and towns too small to generate the tolls and other user fees equity investors want. Not clean energy.

To really make America great again we need more and better infrastructure that’s for the public – not for big developers and investors. And the only way we get that is if corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes.
Albrecht Durer

Drawing on the latest research, this luxurious volume presents an exciting new interpretation of Durer, both as a man and as an artist. Durer’s prints and drawings inspired centuries of artists both during his life and after his death. Yet his talent as a painter and colourist, and his enthusiasm for the scientific world have not been widely appreciated. Durer’s influence was both international and intergenerational; indeed Picasso claimed to have been inspired by the sixteenth-century artist. Reproduced in stunning detail and including illustrations of Durer’s most famous prints and drawings, a catalogue raisonne of his paintings, and biographical research, this book presents a Durer for the twenty-first century. Producing more self-portraits than any other artist of his day; mass marketing his best-selling prints; even inventing his own monogram logo; Albrecht Durer was commercially astute long before today’s generation of slick self-promoters and savvy mega-bucks artists. There are 55 extant Durer’s, of which 17 are in dispute. Using the very latest scientific research, this book puts all arguments to bed resulting in the definitive catalogue raisonne of the paintings. Not since 1971 has such a feat of painstaking research been attempted. After an almost 40-year wait, the truth behind the man and his art can finally be revealed.

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Did some number crunching to see if there was a method to the madness behind Pokemon experience yields. It turns out that a Pokemon’s experience yield (which along with level and other factors determines how much exp it is worth) is roughly equal to the Pokemon’s BST / 20 times a constant, rounded to the nearest whole number.

For most Pokemon, the constant is either 4, 7, or 9, scaling with evolutionary stage (Bulbasaur is 4, Ivysaur is 7, Venusaur is 9) and general power (most legendaries are 9). There are some special snowflake mons though:

Chansey, Blissey, Happiny, and (Mega) Audino all buck the trend with their own personal constants. Their yields are probably hand-chosen; the only one with a round number for a constant is Happiny (with a 10).

For whatever reason, Zigzagoon, Poochyena, and Wurmple all have ugly constants; 5.09…, 4.6…, and 5.74 respectively. Their relatives all use 7 or 9.

Slaking’s constant is 7.5 instead of 9 like one would expect, probably to compensate for its inflated BST. Likewise, Archen uses 3.54 and Archeops uses 6.24. Slakoth uses 4.

A few Pokemon have unusual but standard constants:

Clawitzer’s constant is 4, which gives it a bizarrely low experience yield of 100. (By contrast, Dragalge’s yield is 173 with less BST).

Aurorus’s constant is 4, which explains its bizarrely low experience yield of 104. (By contrast, Tyrantrum’s yield is 182 with identical BST).

Type:Null, Silvally, and every legendary Pokemon in Gen 7 (including events) has a constant of 4. This is why Gloom has a higher yield than Solgaleo.

Many strong but unevolved Pokemon have 4 instead of 7, such as Sneasel, Qwilfish, and Tangela. This causes them to give less experience than technically evolved but less threatening Pokemon like Pikachu and Jigglypuff. This is especially bizarre for Qwilfish, as other Pokemon that cannot evolve, such as Solrock, Tropius, and Pyukumuku, have 7.

Blinded By Love


Yo fandom people! So Deadpool was freaking awesome, and I was super inspired by it. I feel like Vanessa will eventually leave Wade, but I feel like someone super sweet would win the Merc with a mouth over.

Warning: Swearing (obviously because Wade just can`t contain himself)

Originally posted by thirdstrike

“Motherfucker!” Wade yelled as he slammed the front door.

“Wade!” came a yell from the kitchen.

The merc tore off his mask, and headed to the kitchen.

“Y/N, where`s Al?” he asked as his second roommate came into view.

“Out. Playing darts or something. I think she was fucking with me” a chuckled escaped.

Wade laughed at the new roommate. She was a friend of Al`s from the community center who was blinded by a mutant gone rouge- fucking X-Men bullshit- when Al met her a few months ago, Y/N was homeless, and Al offered her a place to stay.

It turns out that she’s pretty damn hilarious, and super fucking hot.

Wade had refrained from any inappropriate thoughts because him and Vanessa were forever…like Careless Whisper forever.

“Probably was messing” Wade replied, grabbed a soda from the fridge, and groaned as he tried to regrow his pinky finger.

“What limb is missing today?” Y/N sighed. 

“Pinky finger. Bastard was slicing his sword like fucking Inigo Montoya” 

“What a prick! Did you murder his father? How`s Dopinder?” she inquired, but stumbled slightly because she hit the kitchen counter.

Wade moved to help steady her, his hands brushing her waist, “woah you good?” he asked.

“Yeah I`m fine. I don`t need babying” she growled, stepping away from the anti-hero. Y/N was still getting used to navigating the apartment, and she hated being dependent on others- she longed for her sight back, but it was an impossibility.

“Okay, I will leave you to it. Dopinder is fine bt-dubs. I told him to kidnap Bantu, but I think he might just try and murder him off the bat” Deadpool left the kitchen and sighed.

Y/N was funny, hot as fuck, smart, and caring, yet all she saw was her blindness- he wished she knew how great she was.

He walked through the living room, and grabbed his stuffed unicorn.

Oh look another Ikea disaster 

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The thing I feel people don't get is that by talking about how Disney is being lazy and reusing models is that Disney in itself is not bad. Disney USED to do really diverse women. Sleeping Beauty doesn't look identical to Belle. But NOW they're lazy.

Disney USED to step out of it’s own comfort zone and try for different approaches to story and animation. Beauty and the Beast was considered too “adult” for young audiences but to this day it’s heralded as one of Disney’s best and was nominated for best picture.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire PUSHED the Disney style into a more comic-book inspired look and left out any cheap gag tools in that film. Most of the humor came from various crew members and never from one cheesy purely for stock humor character.

Disney’s reached the point where anything they produce brings in the mega bucks. Their competition doesn’t even matter anymore since the Academy Awards proved that unless it’s Disney/Pixar, audiences and board members just won’t bother with it. Shit’s hella bleak, man.
Niall Horan's latest career move might really upset Simon Cowell
He's ready to fly solo as he reportedly follows in bandmates' footsteps with his own recording contract
By Claire Rutter

One Direction star Niall Horan has reportedly signed a huge solo record deal, but it’s not with Syco boss Simon Cowell .

The 22-year-old, who has been exploring his golf business since the band went on a hiatus, has now reportedly followed in the footsteps of his bandmates Liam Payne and Harry Styles by inking a mega bucks deal.

An insider has claimed that Niall has landed a deal with Universal Music, who targeted him after their deal fell through with Harry.

“This will come as a real blow to Cowell who has been talking to Niall for months, wanting him to sign a deal with his label Syco,” a source told Daily Star Sunday.

“He made a number of big money offers to try and persuade Niall to sign up but, in the end, Universal came in and put even more money on the table. They’re chuffed to have got one over on Cowell and have taken one of 1D.”

Universal have reportedly been impressed by Niall’s solo efforts and were willing to fork out ‘whatever it took’ to seal the deal.

Niall is said to be “thrilled” at signing a solo deal, but it was only a matter of weeks ago that Cowell, 56, revealed he was hoping to make an announcement about Niall “soon”.

“I think they’re all gonna do great. Niall is the most loyal. We are expecting to announce something soon with him. I’ve always known he’s loyal,” Simon told People.

The X Factor boss “You know what, we’re talking to all of [the 1D guys] at the moment. You know what the great thing about these boys are, well not all of them, just most of them, they’re incredibly loyal. And you don’t always expect that. Niall, Harry, Louis are amazing.”

Meanwhile Niall has reportedly been “telling pals he is really excited about his new music and this solo deal”.

A representative from Syco has declined to comment on this story.

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sorry I've been away for like a month, but what's happening that got everyone excited?? if you don't mind. i know it's about capitol but I can't find what's actually happening...

Niall got papped at the Capitol HQ in LA and the pictures were released a few hours ago. (papped on 4th Sept)

The same day in the early hours the Daily Star released an article that Niall has signed a mega bucks solo deal and it’s not with Cowell.

No official announcement was made but Syco declined to comment, which…. muhahaha.

Remember how Niall was the Modest-Syco golden boy, the only loyal one just a few months ago? :D Because I do :D

Also on Aug 25 Louis Walsh, Simon’s unofficial mouthpiece made some comments which put ANGRY on a whole new level

Walsh stressed that One Direction’s time was at an end, saying that with regards to their reunion, “it’s not going to happen, nope. No, definitely not.”

We create monsters in the music business – they only become famous because they’ve been on the show and we got you those songs. They’re lucky f—–s, but some get a sense of entitlement and believe the hype. Too many artists appear to forget where they came from.”

Asked if that was what happened with One Direction, Walsh said: “Some of them believed the hype and then everyone around them – publicists, agents, managers – were afraid to tell them because they were making so much money out of them.“  

BTW I do think the entire band signed with Capitol, and they signed some of them solo deals, if not all of them.  

Every puzzle piece is slowly fitting together. 1D is leaving Syco-Sony and no one can stop them. :)


More pics from emeraldcitycomicon - this time, the kids and families cosplayers!

Saw lots of kids, couples, and families, both costumed and casually dressed at the show. A real mix.

It was also great that the emphasis was squarely on comics first vs. the mega-bucks movies/toys/games booths that tend to overshadow comics at NYCC and SDCC. Little wonder that so many comics pros I talked to count ECCC as one of their favorite shows!