the meeting in a dream


where can we write a petition to have the Isle of the Lost / Auradon incorporated into your parks? Disneyworld would be an easy solution for some of your vandalism and trespassing problems. That abandonned swamp that used to be Discovery Island / River Country?  Yeah the SAME one that people constantly try to make youtube videos of where they trespass then get themselves banned for life from your parks? Well here is my pitch, Disney.

With the popularity of Descendants and the sequel Descendants 2 you could make a LOT more money by opening an Isle of the Lost / Auradon resort in this unused property. Why not? What would you be losing, honestly? Discovery Island would make the PERFECT Isle of the lost. Imagine with me - - boat rides over to the Isle where kids meet up with Uma and her crew and can meet all of the Disney Villans and VK’s that they dream of meeting during the year. This would make customers immensely happy, seeing as how you abandoned your idea years ago about creating the Villain version of Disney World. Many customers wish their kids could meet their favourite villains. Hell, there was a girl named Lilah ( i think? ) that had cancer and was terminally ill and her dying wish was to meet Ursula. She couldn’t because your parks do not have year round meet and greets with villains ( outside of the few more so popular characters ).

Need more reasons? Okay. Imagine all of the fun things you could do. Hades Souvlaki restaurant on Discovery Island, Uma’s Fish and Chips, some sort of water ride or at the very least a sword fighting show. You could even do sword fighting / fencing lessons with characters for the kids with foam swords. Do you know who would love that? Everybody! That’s who. Disney you are missing out on a huge way to capitalize on Descendants and Descendants 2. 

To summarize -

  • you would use up currently abandoned space that would deter trespassing and be able to open up a new resort.
  • disney fans of all ages would love it.

  • auradon resort could open where the camping grounds / old river world location is.
  • villains would get their time to shine for those that cannot make it around disney during halloween.
  • Disneyworld could make the PERFECT testing grounds for this idea ( which i believe would do great)
All fans of all ages feel free to reblog / boost this idea so it can make its way around to Disneyparks. Also feel free to add in your ideas for the parks and resorts around Descendants :) what would YOU guys, the actual fans like to see that is villain related?
Why i love jack so much

Out of every youtuber i think my fav is jack. He is such a sweetheart and makes me happy. My dream is too meet him and give him a hug. He deserves more then money. He deserves all the love on this earth. He is my YT crush and he is my hero. Whenever i feel down i wait until a video is uploaded by him. Thanks @therealjacksepticeye for making great videos.

  • soulmates can basically see what the other is doing in their dreams, but it usually only works if one of them is asleep and the other is awake
  • as children it’s pretty rare to have frequent dreams, but the closer you get to meeting your soulmate the more likely you are to see thru their eyes. there are also soulmate dreams that happen when both soulmates are asleep, and some soulmate couples who have a strong bond can interact with each other in those dreams and remember them when they wake up
  • as a kid you never really had the dreams that some of your friends talked about, but you figured it was good because it meant your soulmate was sleeping well!!!!!
  • it wasn’t until you were almost done with high school that you started having more dreams…… short ones but dreams nonetheless, and in most of them you knew your soulmate was practicing for something
  • and you also knew he was in seoul now….. whereas before in your rare dreams you knew he was in japan somewhere
  • knowing he was close to you was comforting but also worried you, because …… it made the concept of meeting him realer and for all your life you had gotten used to the distance between you
  • meanwhile, yuta has always been a sucker for the idea of meeting his soulmate, and when he got into sm he knew he was going to be closer to his soulmate
  • when he first met his members he told all of them that his soulmate was in seoul and they were like …….. cool? i guess?
  • but even though you’re closer now, it’s only after he debuts that he really starts to dream about you, mostly because he has to nap so much that whenever he dozes off for half an hour he’ll see you having lunch with friends or studying for a test or in class
  • and to see through your eyes, knowing that you’re living a normal life happily and pursuing an education, makes him really proud even though you haven’t met
  • right when he wakes up from naps he’ll babble to whoever will listen about what his soulmate is doing, mostly because he wants to hold onto the dreams and hold onto you in some way
  • leading up to his debut and after his debut, your dreams become more frequent, too, but you’re dreaming of him at odd hours rehearsing and you’re wondering what on earth your soulmate could be doing
  • until one day you have a dream of performing in front of a large audience and when you wake up still full of adrenaline you realize your soulmate must be an idol?!?!???
  • and suddenly it all clicks …….. the fact that he’s been rehearsing for something for so long …….. the dreams in mirrored rooms …… the blurry faces of the boys he rooms with in that small apartment
  • but even though you’ve realized this, you still dont know who your soulmate is!!!!! because try as hard as you can you can’t remember his name
  • as nct 127 gets more and more successful you get used to the dreams of cameras and huge stadiums and foreign countries, even though you worry that your soulmate isn’t getting enough sleep
  • you wish you led a more exciting life so your soulmate could have dreams as exciting as yours are, but little do you know yuta treasures your ordinary part time job and slightly dingy apartment
  • then ……. one day you’re shopping and you see a cardboard cutout of a beautiful idol ….. and for a moment you try to figure out where you know him from but then you suddenly know that its your soulmate
  • for a while you don’t know what to do with the information
  • because ,,,,,,,,, as much as you’d like to go to a fansign or something to meet him ,,,,,,, you’re really afraid because nakamoto yuta of nct 127 is an idol and he looks like he isn’t real and you’re just you ,,,,,
  • and what if you go and he doesn’t recognize you? or even worse, he rejects you?? you can’t imagine how many crazy fans have claimed to be his soulmate and you don’t want to be grouped in with them
  • you don’t mean to, but the fear messes with your soul bond, and you stop having the soulmate dreams….. and also yuta isnt seeing your life in dreams anymore……. or he doesn’t remember the dreams anymore, but either way he misses you and he’s worried about you
  • finally tho your best friend gets tired of seeing you moping….. and she tricks you and drags you to an nct fansign event!!!!!!!
  • when you realize where you are and you see yuta in real life your heart stops!!! because how can one person be so perfect ??? and how can that person be your SOULMATE????? you really try to run away but your best friend is like “listen im getting my album signed and you are coming with me”
  • as she moves down the line of boys (boys you remember from your dreams, boys a part of you feels like you know from all those years yuta spent with them) you get more and more nervous and your heart is beating so hard in your chest
  • until finally you’re in front of yuta …. and he’s laughing at something the boy next to him said and you’re honestly about to pass out until he looks at you and you make eye contact and suddenly …… you feel this calm wash over you
  • and nakamoto yuta smiles the cheesiest grin in the world and leans forward and goes “i knew my soulmate was beautiful, but how can someone be so lovely~~~”
  • you feel your entire face go red and suddenly you’re being shuffled along to the next boy and yuta is smiling at the next fan in line
  • you’re almost worried that he was using a generic line on you when a staff member taps you on the shoulder and asks if you can come to the backstage waiting area until the end of the fansign
  • and ur like ??!??!??!??! and instinctively look over to yuta, who catches your eye and gives the smallest lil wink and you…… honestly how did you end up with such a greasy soulmate……….
  • but of course you go with the staff and settle in to wait to meet yuta ,,, trying to keep calm but your hands are shaking as you try to scroll through instagram
  • meanwhile yuta can’t contain his excitement, because the second he saw you he knew you were his soulmate!!! and to know you’re waiting for him makes him bounce a little in his seat like a kid again
  • doyoung is like……… chill tf out
  • but as soon as the fansign is over yuta practically sprints to the waiting room, and before you know it he’s pulling you into his arms and lifting you off the ground like it’s a drama or something
  • as soon as he puts you down he introduces himself and when you tell him your name he’s like “ah… pretty~~” and you honestly don’t know if he is actually like this or if he’s still in idol mode
  • you only get to spend like 20 minutes together before his manager is like “yuta we have to go” but you exchange numbers and he promises that he’ll tell you the second he has any free time
  • it’s like a week and a half before he calls you asking if you’re free, but he texts you as much as he can and you feel like you’ve already been friends for years by the time he’s picking you up at your apartment in a hat and mask
  • but when he takes your hand and the two of you walk to a little restaurant down the street, it feels right ,,,,, and when he kisses you on the cheek at your door ,,,,,, it feels right
  • after the first couple of dates he dials down the greasy lines, but when you’re together he always wants to have physical contact of some sort, whether it’s holding your hand or wrapping an arm around you
  • when you’re over at the dorm he pulls you into his lap and glares at literally anyone who looks at you … and ur like “yuta stop it you’re my soulmate why would i bother with taeyong”
  • he enjoys biting/kissing your ear and it always makes you squirm and scold him which makes him enjoy it even more
  • always apologizes to you for not being able to take you out on extravagant dates because he always has to keep it low profile to avoid scandals, but you tell him that as long as you’re with him it’s okay…… then immediately cringe after you’ve said it because he starts to squeal about how sweet you are
  • but even though he loves when you’re affectionate he loves it just as much when you’re like “yuta. those pants are hideous” or text him photos of his mushroom hair laughing at him or EVEN BETTER when you gang up on doyoung with him
  • brings you back little gifts from every single place he travels to and you have a little bookshelf full of them ,,,,,,,,,,, pretends he hates being little spoon but secretly really enjoys it,,,,,,,,, buys you stuffed animals and is like “for when i can’t cuddle with you~~~”
  • once you’ve been together for a while you guys start to share dreams, and he honestly thrives off of it when he’s on tour because it’s like you’re with him
  • in interviews or streams he’s always doing corny shit and then texts you like “did u see me on vlive today???? did u??? did u????” and ur like “yes”
  • really really good at picking up on your moods and is really good at making you happy, whether it’s with a cute selfie or a late night phone call or he sneaks out to come see you
  • and even though you mess around with him sometimes, you’re always there for him when he’s not feeling his best or is worried he’s not good enough for nct or sm or even you……  the second he doesn’t send a heart emoji with his “hello” ur like “what’s wrong my osaka prince?????”
  • he really regrets having to be apart so much but promises you that when the two of you are older he’ll buy a pretty house wherever you want to live and you’ll spend the rest of your days together

Joseph: donnovan, meet me on my island at 5 o'clock. Pack my battle axe and my poetry and be prepared to abandon your religion




Craig: running is a fun way to clear up last nights bad choices! I had cheese cake!

robert: i wanna hit you in the face as hard as i can, i dont wanna do that

Hugo: principal morris, one of the second graders is on fire and i dont think he’s gunna make it this time.

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i just woke up from a nap and i dreamed about meeting tom in a meet and greet and i remember acting all shock and said "omg u know what i forgot" then tom asks "what, darling?" and i said "my wedding dress"

omg me tbh if i was too nervous akshsjshs

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could you do headcanons for a soulmate au where subaki and f!corrin are soulmates? thanks!!

  • Subaki spends so long dreaming about meeting his soulmate- as a child he believes all the romantic stories, as an adult he’s looking forward to somebody who could love him for him (even if he knows the stories about the soulmates gone wrong- he tries to avoid thinking about that)
  • He still worries that he’ll not be perfect enough for his soulmate (his family doesn’t help, feeding the idea of soulmates while also have their terribly high expectations)- growing up part of him could come to resent the idea of soulmates (or just his family’s treatment of it)
  • Subaki alternates between thrilled that his soulmate is Corrin (somebody respectable, loved, talented, beautiful, ect. Instead of somebody he’s judgmental of) and terrified because he needs to be good enough for that
  • Subaki is still swept away by the idea of soulmates (even if he tries to hide it) and can be dramatic about it- if there is even an inkling that Corrin isn’t interested in soulmates or him he’d feel rather crushed but wouldn’t let that deter him too much

Okay, so my opinion on wolves is that they are huge fluffy deadly doggies.

They’re good predators, they’re bigger than I am on their hind legs, they’re fluffy, they’re the epitome of a good family hierarchy, they’re gentle with their children, excellent hunters and overall amazing animals.

I call them huge fluffy deadly doggies to remind myself that though they are cute, they are an animal I’d never want to anger. There’s power in those jaws, I ain’t messing with that.

I still want to meet one though ;w;
That’s my biggest dream, to pet a wolf. Domesticated, but still a wolf. I don’t want my hand bitten off, thank you very much.