the media disgusts me

Reblog if you'd read a story about mythical creatures helping people with disorders and disabilities that doesn't end with them simply being "healed"

I want to see what the demand for this would be if I write this.

Someone said that this was “offensive”, so they unfollowed me on social media. The disgusting, unconstitutional ban by 45 was a diversion. We cant lose focus. My saying, the fuck word doesn’t kill anyone. Having no health care will. If we don’t speak up, Americans (including veterans) will be unable to receive health care. That is offensive. Silence equals death.

Ok so im riled up and feel really sick so im just gonna say this bc as a bi person myself im really serious about the erasure of gay characters. Erasure of lgbt characters (and the erasure of any marginalized groups from media) is very damaging and needs to be taken seriously and not just brushed off as ‘people can have their own hcs just chill lol’. I struggled SO much with being bisexual (and still do a little.)  But i’ve come to accept my identity in part because of characters in media, and seeing them made me realize i wasn’t disgusting or selfish or abnormal. So tho it can be silly and fun (believe me I have fun playing with these characters) its so important remember the weight characters’ identities have and the impact they have on others, and how harmful it can be when you try to erase that

This is directed only at @BS_NO so there is zero confusion as to who I’m talking to.

We are never going to agree on much. And that’s ok. But you need to understand some things here. It’s called action (you) vs reaction (everybody else). You said you “blithely” did some things? Really? Isn’t that a bit understated, Nip? So this complete stranger, endorsed by Sam, finally gets through to your addled brain. But when aaaaallll these other women ask you … no BEG you … to stop, you just got nastier and more “blithe”. That’s just rich, isn’t it? You are right about the shamefulness of it. Passive aggressive? Damage control? I don’t pretend to know your motivations now. You dare to put your taunting, lies and intellectual property theft that YOU chose to do to Mackenzie up against anything anyone else has done just trying to get you to stop? Really? How about saying IM SORRY. I WAS WRONG. Stop telling everyone else to take a look at themselves when you were the one posting the hate and lies.

How many of your Instagram posts got taken down by Instagram Support just in the past 24 hours? But that didn’t get through to you???? Your non apology disgusts me. Your ability to try to attach others to this “excuse” DISGUSTS me. Your Doxing DISGUSTS ME. Your attacks on me personally on other social media boards just yesterday DISGUSTS ME. What you’ve done compared to what everyone else combined has done DISGUSTS ME! I did not say a word to you. Not on Twitter. Not on Facebook. There are two sides to this story and your minions only got one side. And you think that’s right? It justifies all of the hate you threw out at Mackenzie? At me? You need to grow up and learn how to behave. I will never do what you’ve done to anyone else. Not the slander. Not posting fake Anons just to try to spread lies about NSTs. None of that was said. There were no screen caps of it. And once again your games were exposed. I live an ethical life. I took an oath for my career and I cannot even fathom doing all of the mean girl things you’ve come up with. No bullshit? Really? Everything you post on that account is pure bullshit. You know it and we know it too. Once again you’re just thumbing your nose at people. Why have that account if you’ve turned over a new leaf? At least change it to TOTAL_BS.

THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO ATTACK PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T THINK THEY’RE NICE. THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO DOX PEOPLE! Nice has nothing to do with it! It is not acceptable to justify your behavior by saying if someone was nice they wouldn’t “need” to be doxed. STOP BLAMING THE VICTIM FOR YOUR UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. All that you posted was a veiled threat. And most of it isn’t really true. But I do know that Sam and Cait and everyone else is sick of the fighting and bullying and harassment going on. And most of it was started by you and your followers. You start it and incite it and then they pile on. Then the reactions just spin out of control. These women believe your shit. So everything else that happens from the “but Cait and Sam lied to us” or “TPTB made them do it” to calling Mackenzie a whore and Sam a whoremonger was started with you. So the hostile reactions that inevitably come next were all started by all of you. There’s zero proof of any of this. So that’s called lying once again.

Mackenzie does not deserve your treatment. I do not deserve your treatment. My family, friends and business clients do not deserve your treatment. Because I don’t know what you’re going to do next, I can’t share my life with anyone on FB, TW, IG, LinkedIn or anywhere else for real fear you will turn around and use it against me. YOU did that, not me. I do not accept ANY new friend or follower requests because you have so many sock accounts I can’t run the risk that you would terrorize me or them because you are so full of hate and revenge. I don’t understand why you need sock accounts but clearly you were trying to justify them somehow. So fuck you and your excuses that “nice” has anything to do with it. It’s not “she did this so I’m going to lob a nuclear attack”. You are so beyond the limits of what’s acceptable it’s really scary. You destroy people’s lives why? Because yours is so miserable? I could care less who you are, what you do, where you live, etc. I can only react to the things I see. I don’t need to look any further. So why do you justify doing this? It’s wrong and it needs to stop NOW!

This fandom is scared of you. That might make you think you have some kind of power over them but you will lose. Your friends should be afraid if they ever accidentally cross you of what you will do to them. A bully lashes out at every perceived slight. But they end up alone.

Actions speak louder than all of your mea culpas and your meager attempt to throw others under the bus with you. You don’t speak for others. Only for you. You do not get absolution because you think you’re “like” others. You were the root cause of this. Keep rereading this the next time you go after Mackenzie or Tony or anyone else. I am 100% positive that you can’t show them kindness and simple human decency. The fact that they do keep showing up tells you they are important to Sam and Cait in some capacity. So why intentionally hurt them? It makes no sense. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for bringing out the negative towards you. You are a bully and a harasser. And I do believe you cannot bully a bully. This is the only way to get you to listen. No one wants to have to be forced to be ugly. They just want you to stop this abhorrent behavior. The escalations need to stop!

Shippers who truly JUST want to see the happiness between Sam and Cait and can do JUST that get all of our respect. We all love seeing it. For most of us, it’s enough. Those that turn the misogyny on and off just because it’s convenient do not get respect. It’s up to you and your actions as to where this goes from here. I still have positivity and hope. Everyone gets another chance to be better. To do better. You just have to make that choice. And leave Mackenzie ALONE!!!


So everyone is talking about how Justin beiber got arrested. Honestly, there are more serious things to discuss. This 8 year old boy saved 6 people from a fire and died trying to save the 7th. This 8 year old boy gave his life trying to save his family. We should be paying respect to this brave soul instead of talking about some idiot getting arrested. The media disgusts me.


Let me ask you something. A random boy comes up to you at school. You’ve never seen him before but he has stalked you from afar. He asks you for a kiss on the cheek, feeling flattered and being polite, you accept. He then proceeds to trick you into full on kissing him on the lips and his mates document it on camera.

How would you feel?
Would you feel used? Violated? Taken advantage of?

Ashton is a famous teenage boy yes, but this doesn’t give you the right to trick him into kissing you. Are you that desperate for a kiss from him? or are you desperate for the attention that comes along with it? The media have absolutely disgusted me in how they portrayed the girl as a ‘hero’. Can you imagine if it was any other famous teenage girl? Lorde perhaps? The boy would be called a 'pervert’ and 'creepy’ for doing such a sneaky thing. 

Some people will say I’m going over the top and it was just a quick 'peck’ on the lips. This may be so but its also about the attention the girl is getting to do such a 'oh-so-brilliant’ idea and that it will now influence other teenage girls willing to get their 15 minutes of fame with some lip action on the side. 


Don’t ever do this.
okay bye

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Why did you vote for Trump\support Trump and his campaign? I'm not sounding biased in anyway, I just want to know your reasoning why.

I do not live in the USA so was not able to vote, but I supported Trump over Hillary because:

1) The evidence on Wikileaks is overwhelming. It astounds me that people just chose to ignore it and voted for her anyway. Wikileaks has never once been wrong since it was established, and the so-called ‘investigation’ by the FBI (led by a friend of Hillary’s) was an obvious conflict of interest and a complete waste of time. I hope Trump pursues it further when he becomes President next year.

2) Media coverage during this campaign has been ‘deplorable’. The clear Hillary bias has disgusted me so, naturally, seeing the media lose was refreshing. Professional journalism means taking a neutral view of any issue and leaving your personal opinions out of it. I hope this election causes the media to take a long, hard look at itself.

3) The way Trump supporters have been treated is revolting. Being constantly insulted and having nobody listen to their views or even try to understand why they may be voting for Trump. Instead they just get labelled as racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes etc. If one side spends the entire election campaign insulting you, of course you are going to vote for the opposite side.

4) People are tired of career politicians. Regardless of whether they are pro-Trump or just anti-Hillary, voting Trump was a simple way to shake up the system and say ‘Hey, we are tired of the way this country is being run and we want change’.

5) This ties in with point number 3 to an extent. The political correctness culture that has grown over recent years has made it extremely difficult to have conversations about difficult or sensitive topics. For example, Muslim immigration. Political correctness demands that we ignore any concerns and just allow everyone to enter the USA because ‘holding any other view makes you racist, bigoted and Islamophobic’. No topic should be exempt from fair discussion and everyone has the right to an opinion.

it disgusts me that western mainstream media only care about attacks or wars or anything when it involves western europe/north america like they give two months of news coverage on the paris attacks but when 2000 people die after a boko haram attack in nigeria it’s reduced to half a page in the paper and on TV you might not even see it and the same fucking thing is happening right now with the attacks in istanbul. i get that it might be further away from us or something but these people need our support too and if we don’t know what’s going on in the world, how can we show support? if the media make it look like these attacks are less important or less atrocious, we may start to believe that. my heart goes out to all the people in istanbul affected by this attack and i hope you are all okay


I casually told my ex who is originally from Afghanistan that I’ve noticed that middle eastern guys in Denmark are very, VERY into black women (because they really really are and you cannot deny this sort of facts), and I couldn’t understand why there was so much hate between black women and arab/muslim women on twitter. I harmlessly joked that middle eastern women might not be fond of the idea of black women “stealing” their men, and maybe that’s where the hate stems from. Even though I have never experienced any hate coming from the middle easteren community, I had heard (on the internet) that black people were for some reason hated in the middle eastern community.. I actually wanted to have a conversation about this subject because I wanted to know if that was true and why..

Anyway, I guess he felt the need to only focus on the lame joke I sent and tell me what disgusting views (according to him) middle eastern men have towards black women.
I refuse to believe this bullshit. I refuse to think that every fucking race sees black women in this disgusting light. I refuse to think that middle eastern men sees black women as sex objects only. Someone tell me this isn’t true.
This person is someone I’m supposed to be cool with, and he basically expresses that I was nothing but a fetish/sex object to him. This is a guy who have met my older sisters, little sister and my mom but still feels the need to tell me how he sees black women. One of my older sister is actually in a serious relationship with an Iraqi guy, and my ex knows this.

I’m hurt, disgusted and embarrassed to have dated this guy for 6 months. I’ve never in my life thought I would ever be involved with a person who used me to satisfy his racist fetish..

He did apologize later after I spent 4 minutes and 2 other long messages putting him in his place and called him out on his racist, misogynistic, ignorant bullshit. But shit.. That was the weakest apology I’ve ever seen. “Ok. Sorry, you’re right.”,“I take it back. Everything I said and stuff” was all he had to say. How sincere is that? It was more like a “Please shut up already”-kind of apology. And how can I not take it personal when I’m the only black girl he has been with? I’m the kind of girl who don’t feel comfortable having casual sex unless i’m in a committed relationship with that person, but I would never fucking slut shame women who are into casual sex. How did being with me get him to viewing black women in this disgusting light? Is it me? Is it social media? wtf..

To my middle eastern followers, is this really true? Is this how you see black women?

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I'm glad Sebastian is off Twitter :(

yeah me too, but tbh i’m pretty sure he does see stuff like that. it’s all over social media. 

it’s just disgusting to me that he can’t even have an opinion about a character he has been playing for years, a character he is insanely dedicated to, a character he has proven to care about deeply, without being called a homophobe. chris has made the exact same statement regarding stevebucky and yet people are out there praising chris for fighting for lgbt issues while sebastian is apparently a homophobe because he doesn’t ship a fictional pairing. it’s honestly such a big reach, and it’s especially sad considering sebastian is one of the least problematic celebrities i know of. he rarely says a word out of line, was visibly and vocally uncomfortable when elizabeth and emily were asked a sexist question, clearly showed dissaproval at frank grillo’s racist remark on chelsea, is incredibly generous and warm to fans, posed for a cute photo with a guy who was sad because his boyfriend broke up with him, and yet people are out there picking apart every single word he says just so they can call him Problematic™.

this sjw mentality is getting so tiring. i find it incredibly important to be vocal about and fight for LGBT issues, issues regarding race or gender, issues regarding culture, but this mentality of overanalyzing every single thing someone does and finding a problem in every word they say or every move they make is so toxic, honestly not everyone is out there purposefully trying to offend every minority in the book. people make real mistakes and they should be pointed out, but it has turned into a witch hunt where everything is a problem and everything is unforgiveable.

let’s also not forget that sebastian literally said he’s okay with that interpretation of stevebucky, that movies exist to have indivudual readings. he is respecting our reading of the movies, so the least we can do is respect his, especially when he’s been so dedicated to building the character of bucky barnes and creating his backstory and bringing him to life. i’m so sad that this his words have been twisted into something they never meant.

So let me see if I’m right here, first the media attacked Taylor for supposedly having too many boyfriends and using them for songwriting material and now they’re attacking her for having too many female friends and using them as a “strategically manipulative ploy” to make herself look good? she’s taken such a feminist stance and surrounded with herself with friends that make her happy and inspire her but the media sees it all as just a PR stunt and they can’t just let her be happy? I’m so disgusted!

My mom has World News Tonight on while we were eating dinner. The top story was the shooting, but the coverage was all about the guy’s mental state. Poor white guy shoots a bunch of women because they won’t sleep with him and it’s “Oh no, he must have had some sort of horrible mental disorder, what a tragedy he died”. Mention of the women he killed and what a tragedy THAT was?? None.

Fast forward 15 minutes and they do a story on a pill to treat sexual dysfunction in women. Basically female Viagra. They interviewed some women who praised it and made it sound really great. “But after weighting the benefits and risks, the FDA turned it down”. WHAT ARE THE RISKS?!?! YOU DIDN’T MENTION ANY RISKS. NONE OF THE WOMEN YOU INTERVIEWED HAD ANY cRITICISMS. DON’T PLAY INTO THIS BULLSHIT EXCUSE ABOUT THIS BEING ABOUT SUPPOSED HEALTH RISKS CAUSE WE ALL KNOW WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON HERE.


Look how happy she was. These two clicked and bonded perfectly. The fact that the media had the power to ruin that disgusts me. I admit in the beginning I wasn’t sure if he would be good enough for her, but I respected it because she was happy. No one should ever get death threats for being in love. No one should ever be violently shouted at just for walking down the street with their boyfriend or girlfriend. I am extremely proud of both of them for making it through 2013 and becoming the strong independent people they are now. I’m also glad they’re friends because Taylor deserves that. She deserves to have a relationship end without completely hating the other person or being crushed by them. She deserves all the amazing friends she has now. She is finally happy again and I couldn’t be more overjoyed about it.

Alright, so, anyone who follows me pretty much knows I barely ever post, and I especially don’t voice my opinions on things like this very often, at all. I’m a very quaint person; I don’t like big fights or debates, but I came across something today on Facebook that kinda just irked me a little.

Now, I’m going to say it, I’m white, too. I KNOW that fact. I was born into a upper class lifestyle that a LOT of people don’t get to experience in their lives. However, I’m posting this, because I know how it is for the opposite side of the spectrum. No, I’ll never be able to live through any of your shoes, and I’ll never REALLY knows how it feels to be Black. But I still know that a human life is a human fucking life, no matter what color, shape, size, WHATEVER it comes in.

I may never be able to feel what its like to be Black, but I definitely, 100% know what it feels like to be discriminated against. I’m a homosexual, trans individual, AMAB. That, right there, is cause for a LOT of hate and discrimination, right off the bat. My current boyfriend, of which today, December the 28th, is our 2-year anniversary, is an African-Native American mix, who comes from a childhood in foster care. He saw his brother shot in the middle of a sidewalk for no fucking reason.

Now, this isn’t just some silly, “oh look haha the white girl doesn’t understand her privilege” post. The person who posted this picture today is one of my old friends from high school. This wasn’t just a “spur of the moment” random upload that just HAPPENED to coincide with everything that’s been going on, recently. No; this old “friend” of mine has been spewing posts ALL over the place, recently, blaming each and every one of the murder victims for their own deaths to the hands of the police.

Trayvon Martin.

Aiyana Jones.

Michael Brown.

Tamir Rice.

Deandre Joshua.

Ezell Ford.

John Crawford III.

Akai Gurley.

Eric Garner.

Shawn Gray.

Renisha McBride.

Dante Parker.

Antonio Martin.

Oscar Grant.

So many names. So many screams, drowned out by the media. It just disgusts me, to think that people could claw and scratch for literally just any point that could make these killings “justified” in their minds. It doesn’t matter how irrelevant the things they’d done in the past were, and it didn’t matter what condition they were in at the time of their deaths; one small mistake scrounged out of HOURS of tireless research, and these victims suddenly became “good-for-nothing thugs who got what they deserved.”

How relentless.

How absolutely, ridiculously relentless, to not even realize what claims you’re MAKING. These people belonged to a FAMILY, at one point. These people had DREAMS, they had ASPIRATIONS. We’ll never know now just WHAT they could’ve done for this world, because YOU went and SHOT THEM TO DEATH. Yes, YOU. YOU who lives through your life still believing that the fucking police are there to AID you. YOU who somehow can’t get it through your thick skull that people will DO whatever they CAN in a position of power to look RIGHTEOUS, including lying, stealing, and even killing. YOU especially who decide NOT to speak up, NOT to do a damned thing about it simply because it isn’t YOUR FUCKING LIFE THAT’S BEING AFFECTED.

so, NO. I’m NOT going to “keep calm” and I’m sure as all hell not going to go “thank a police officer” for doing a shitty job and not taking their actions SERIOUSLY. Not until I’ve lived in a fucking world where people aren’t mowed DOWN just because of how they fucking look.

I’m terribly sorry if this brings up anyone’s anxiety, tonight. This just really bothered me to see, especially after seeing the bullshit “patriotism” website the logo came from. Sorry for the rant, I just can’t fucking take staying so silent about how people are acting, anymore. This isn’t a game. This is life.