the mechanics of man

The thing about Bette in Dolly is like the hysteria that’s built in the shubert isn’t just based on her celebrity it’s just…. a perfect welding of star and part she just gets it man she just gets the tricky mechanics of the show so so so well and the combination of her deep understanding of dolly and the genuine affection the audience has for her just fucking…. I!!!! I’m sorry she’s everything I thought she would be but more she’s so good she’s so perfect she literally smiles and the audience loses their shit and it’s for the best reason her performance just LIFTS you and literally when I’m 90 people will gasp when me and anyone else who was there tells them they saw her in hello dolly 

I love butch femme culture

I love dressing to the nines with my wife and stopping traffic downtown because people are open mouth starring at us. 

I love it when the waiter puts my gin cocktail in front of my femme wife and then puts her neat bourbon in front of me. I wink at the waiter and switch the drinks. 

I love being the only (young) couple who knows how to waltz at weddings. We put on a show. 

I love how she looks in a pencil skirt. She loves my tie collection. 

I love how she kisses me on the forehead while I’m fixing things around the house.

I love it when a man asks me a question about car mechanics and I refer the question to her, my car high femme. 

I love that she puts a happy note in my lunch every day. 

I love how she has my measurements memorized so she can buy me nice shirts when she goes thrifting. 

I love how she still gets excited when I buy her flowers. 

I love when she bakes brownies and she always sets aside two for me, her sugar butch. 

I love how she inspires straight women to ask for more and expect more from their husbands/boyfriends. 

I love being a chivalrous butch and worshiping her as my queen. 

I love subverting gender norms/expectations. Anyone who knows us knows she is the boss. 

  • Shiro: Where is Keith?
  • Coran: He went out.
  • Shiro: He's grounded.
  • Coran: Are they not supposed to go out when they're grounded?

Stories I want to write:

-DNR agent in shining armor rescuing endangered dragons from princess’s illegal menagerie
-supernatural cataclysm at a summer camp
-queer coming of age story about a middle schooler and a scientist in a small Michigan town invaded by extradimensional demon worm parasites
-mechanical man rescued from sideshow at the edge of the world, kind of gay
-that one about the faerie serial killer who’s addicted to blood

⚙️🦑Giant Mechanical Squid 🦑⚙️
Mechateuthis is a mechanical giant squid named after “megateuthis”, the largest squid species. It’s arms, tentacles, beak, eye pupils, and mantle fins are driven by 8 hand cranks. Each crank controls a different motion. This imaginative use of steel was made possible by mechanical artist Barry Crawford with the help of a grant from Burning Man Arts & a successful GoFundMe campaign. Barry’s mechanical squid premiered at Burning Man 2015 and now part of Bay Area Maker Faire 2016. What do you think Nation??? 🥇❤️⚙️

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Has anybody ever considered a GilmoreGirls inspired au?

With Bitty as the young father with a baby girl who moves into Samwell, a small town filled with weird but wonderful people.

(Like in my head the kid is adopted because one of his cousins got pregnant and didn’t want to keep the baby, and he moved them away so the baby wouldn’t grow up being looked down by people.)

And maybe he had a boyfriend at the time who was a little older and said he wanted to be a dad, and was willing to make things work but then bailed and Bitty was heartbroken but decided to do it alone.

The cousin would play the part of Christopher sort of, so they’ll play the part of unreliable parental figure who drops unannounced and mess things up.

You have Lardo and Shitty, their quirky neighbours who are a bit nosy, and live in a refurbished barn/studio that is very cool and filled with Lardo’s art, they mean well and are always happy to babysit.

Shitty is the only lawyer in town and has semi retired after making a ridiculous amount of money with big clients, but then having a massive crisis of conscience and decided to leave that corporate world and work with small clients.

Then Ransom and Holster share the mayor position, and spend half the time arguing with each other about the laws and half the time putting ridiculously over the top festivals to attract tourists.

Dex is the grumpy mechanic/handy man for everything in town. He likes Bitty because he isn’t annoying and didn’t act weird when he asked him for help to learn how to cook.

Nursey has a bookshop, and he is always breaking things, so it’s a bit dangerous inside, and he is always calling Dex and the two of them fight a lot about repairs/the state of the shop.

Once Dex brings him a homemade pie, and Nursey blushed so hard he almost passed out. They are dating now.

Chowder is the guy who has a million jobs around town.

Bitty starts working in the bakery/coffee shop as the waiter and worked his way up to management once the owner retired.

Jack is a retired professional hockey player, and the owner of the ice rink, and the coach for the high school hockey team. He is grumpy and frowns a lot and can’t stand the ridiculous traditions in town, but has a massive soft spot for Bitty and his daughter.

Bitty’s daughter is the first girl to join the team, and Jack’s star player. He has a soft spot for her and Bitty, who comes to see almost every practice and definitely every game.

He and Bitty flirt/banter a lot, and Jack’s always dropping by to the coffee shop.

And I dunno, take it anywhere you want to but yeah I just had this vague idea in my head.

Car Troubles

Mechanic!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,120

Warnings: nothing….just yucky fluff lol

A/N: This is for @dancingalone21‘s AU Funny Quote Challenge!! My funny quote was “Are you having a stroke? Do you smell toast?”
Hope you guys (especially Lau!!) enjoy it, thanks to @mamapeterson for the beta and feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

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there are some respects (especially as regards worldbuilding) in which LOTR is a lot more nuanced and detailed than many later users of the genre conventions it helped popularize and so there’s some stuff that Tolkienesque fantasy gets criticised for that Tolkien himself doesn’t actually tend to do

there’s obviously plenty to criticise in LOTR itself, but it’s not always what seems obvious based on later examples of the genre, and it’s fascinating to see how those tropes have mutated