the mechanics of man



I love butch femme culture

I love dressing to the nines with my wife and stopping traffic downtown because people are open mouth starring at us. 

I love it when the waiter puts my gin cocktail in front of my femme wife and then puts her neat bourbon in front of me. I wink at the waiter and switch the drinks. 

I love being the only (young) couple who knows how to waltz at weddings. We put on a show. 

I love how she looks in a pencil skirt. She loves my tie collection. 

I love how she kisses me on the forehead while I’m fixing things around the house.

I love it when a man asks me a question about car mechanics and I refer the question to her, my car high femme. 

I love that she puts a happy note in my lunch every day. 

I love how she has my measurements memorized so she can buy me nice shirts when she goes thrifting. 

I love how she still gets excited when I buy her flowers. 

I love when she bakes brownies and she always sets aside two for me, her sugar butch. 

I love how she inspires straight women to ask for more and expect more from their husbands/boyfriends. 

I love being a chivalrous butch and worshiping her as my queen. 

I love subverting gender norms/expectations. Anyone who knows us knows she is the boss. 

100 Themes

1. Insanity
2. Winter
3. Fire
4. Water
5. Air
6. Earth/Nature
7. Purity
8. Corruption
9. Fear/Paranoia/Phobia
10. Doll
11. Man-Made
12. Mechanical/Robotic
13. Steampunk
14. Circus/Trickster/Jester
15. Oriental
16. Untamed/Savage
17. Tribal
18. Food
19. Horror
20. Hybrid
21. Chess
22. Key
23. Moon
24. Sun
25. Mythological
26. Skeletal
27. Angelic
28. Guilty/Criminal
29. Simple
30. Complex
31. Neon
32. Pale
33. Undead
34. Monster/Mutant
35. Royal
36. Under the Sea
37. Crystal
38. Ancient/Antique
39. Armored
40. Glow
41. Time
42. Mask
43. Holiday
44. Godly
45. Music
46. Half and Half
47. Monochrome
48. Poison
49. Outer Space
50. Silenced
51. Ribbon
52. Runes
53. Shadow
54. Magic
55. Spots
56. Wings
57. Voodoo
58. Art/Paint
59. Horns/Spikes
60. Tar/Ink
61. Eyes
62. Post-Apocalyptic
63. Natural
64. Psychadelic
65. Spirit/Ghost
66. Dream
67. Camouflage
68. Mimicry
69. Pattern
70. Shell
71. Flower
72. Fairy Tale
73. Rainbow
74. Blood
75. Flawed/Broken
76. Mirror
77. Healing/Healer
78. Disaster
79. Storm
80. Heart
81. Smoke
82. Hollow/Empty
83. Needles
84. Splash
85. Emotion
86. Out of Place
87. Texture
88. Cyberpunk
89. Gift
90. Wonderland
91. Tropical
92. Cards
93. Game
94. Love
95. Toy
96. Symmetry
97. Asymmetry
98. Insect
99. Stripes
100. Rain

I’ll be picking my way through these as the year goes on, but if there’s one in particular you want to see, feel free to drop it in my ask box and I’ll prioritise it!

I changed a couple of things, but I pulled the list from here

Lol. Summary of my 2015
  • January: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • February: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • March: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • April: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • May: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • June: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • July: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • August: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • September: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • October: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • November: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • December: *fangirls over lesbians*