the mechanical monsters

The other day, this man arrived at XCOM. Look at him. 

“Fucking wanker calls himself ‘Diamond’,” you might say. I agreed with you. But XCOM needed bodies, so we took him.

You and I were both wrong. Sure, he’s smug. But Diamond Jay Walker’s got it where it counts.

He’s on an op. Team’s doing well, taking some fire but giving it back better. Everyone’s finish up the turn when from the flank appears a goddamn Sectopod.

If you don’t know what that is, well, it’s a goddamn two story tall walking tank. Stuffed full of guns. Super heavy armor. Death on two legs.

Most men would run for cover. Try to find a way to survive.

Not Diamond Jay.

Diamond Jay brought anti-armor rounds.

Now, that alone might not be enough, but he’s going to try. He levels his plasma shotgun, pulls the trigger.

Critical hit. Half the mechanical monster’s  health is gone.

Most men would stop there. Not Diamond Jay. He picked up a little cross class talent. 

He fires again.

Critical hit.

The Sectopod explodes.

And that, my friends, is why Diamond Jay Walker gets free drinks whenever he damn well pleases.

He’s a goddamn hero.

can we talk about

so I was thinking about the lions last night, the equivalent of sentient spaceships.  There’s a lot of talk about ‘feeling what your lion feels’ and Hunk even uses the phrase ‘my lion feels scared’, which, granted, is probably just him but the point is ‘feels’ equates ‘emotion’ so its not just sensory input.  The lions could be very advanced AIs.  But -

let’s talk about the Myzax robeast.  The giant hulking mechanical monster that we watched Haggar transfer a being’s consciousness into.  A very obvious machine, with a living creature’s soul inside.

Just like the lions.