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[[request prompt: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR WRITING ❤ you’re my favorite writer ever !!!! So could you please do a Peter x reader where the reader is being hit on by older guys in a busy coffee shop and she is really uncomfortable and she says she has someone with her and they ask who and she points to a random person and goes and sits with him and its Peter nose deep in a chemistry book and she tells him what’s happening and they both instantly fall for each other and it’s fluff at the end and he asks her out again.]]

this is going to be both a test post and a new update to see if Tumblr is being a douche to me and my stories after its latest update (。◕‿‿◕。) ♡

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Boys today have no class, you think to yourself as you awkwardly twirl at the ends of your hair. While you were waiting in line at your local coffee shop, you could feel two teenaged boys ogling you like you were some piece of meat. They kept on whispering about how cute you looked all while discussing ways to get closer to you.

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strong corded muscle flashes in the moonlight, crisscrossed by shadow. i can’t see his eyes (and i don’t think i ever have). when he turns his back on me i make a study of his shoulders, their slope under the weight of moonshine, the dancing muscles underneath his smooth tan skin. what’s wrong?

he shakes his head – the light slides over his hair like it would over still water, or over the mute death of a gun. he never wants to talk. my eyes watch his narrow hips, his long fingers, his smooth ribs like he might backfire on me. i would let it die – how many of my words have had their death throes and inspired crime scenes on this floor – but for once, he opens his throat and sings.

i don’t know. i feel like my body is a mausoleum. do you understand?

i think i do. and i want to spit apologies like watermelon seeds: i am sorry all the lean meat under your skin whispers of rot, i am sorry your skin is warmer than your heart. i am sorry i can’t make you feel alive. but the words stick in my throat like fish bones and so i only say sleep. it will be better in the morning.

and either because i am a good liar or because he wants to be deceived, he rolls over and closes his eyes (so i still don’t see them). his skin on mine is warm, but not as warm as it should be.

but it is no warmer than mine.

- 10:13 blues // abby, day 238 // prompt for anon

Wedding Crashers

Cynthia-Rose arrived just before Jesse and Beca’s wedding with fiancée Denise in tow.

Stacie: *beaming and drawing CR into a hug* Oh my gosh, Cynthia-Rose it’s so good to see you. I’ve missed you so much. You look amazing! Bellas for life, right? *glances at Denise* Hey.

Komissar: For de third time, tiny maus. I was not the hitting on your Jesse. What would I want with a pretty little girly man?

Beca: Oh yeah, well he’s nowhere near as pretty as you!

Komissar: *reaches to touch Beca’s cheek* Aw, how cute, you’re still confused.

Beca: I’ll show you who’s confused when I’m cooking you breakfast in the morning!

Aubrey. Oh-em-aca-gee, who invited Das Sound Machine?

Amy: *shrugs* I thought it’d be fun. Spice things up since you nixed all of my great ideas for the bachelorette party. I still think crocodile wrestling would have been more fun. *pouts*

Flo: In my country, they have a saying, “Eat the crocodile before it eats you.”

Lily: *whispers* Meat is always better when It’s fresh.

Emily: Where did my aca-mom go?

Aubrey: Stacie, stop flirting and find the maid of honor, please.

Stacie: *finds Chloe drinking in a corner with tear-ruined makeup* Feeling jealous again?

Chloe: I don’t know why I can’t make her flustered any more. I’m pretty confident in all of this, you know?

Stacie: *grins* And you should be babe.

Denise: *sees Jessica and Ashley cuddling quietly in a different corner* Hey babe, didn’t you say all of the other Bellas were straight?

Cynthia-Rose: *sighs* I guess I owe Amy fifty bucks.

Wednesday. Mid April. 2017. Manhattan. 11:37 pm.

It’s a cold night with a light drizzle. Dim lights gently touch the street. I walk by a couple giggling about something. Most likely an inside joke.

I began to think about my relationship, or lack there of. “Meat” I whisper.

I step into my favorite diner. I sit at the bar. And began scanning the menu.

“What would you like?” the waitress asked.

“Apple pie,” I said. The waitress nodded and went into the kitchen.

I began to scan the diner. There’s a couple in the corner sharing a late night milkshake. A women reading a book and drinking a cup of coffee. Besides that it’s mostly empty. I turn my focus to my phone. Not much happing there either.

The waitress returns with a slice of pie and places it in front of me.

“Here you go,” she said. “Anything else?”
“No. Thank you,” I said. She nodded and walked away.

I eat half my pie before I hear the bell ring. Its Meat. I turn back and try to focus on my pie. She sat down next to me. I feel my breath leave my lungs. She orders a coffee to go.

She looked at me. “Hey Puthy.” She says. I swallow.

“Hey” I say with a smile.

“Here you go.” The waitress says.

The waitress gives her a coffee. Meat pays for the coffee and walks towards to the door. She turns and smiles again. Then she’s gone.

“Meat…” I whisper to my self “fucking Meat”


This is my first nsfw writing so any comments are welcome.

Day 2 prompt: Bite

Lucy hummed as she made dinner. It was a nonsensical tune that unfolded through her cozy little apartment and out the window. It was a kind of hum that Natsu had come to listen for as he walked up to her home. It meant that she was cooking. She knew he was out there getting ready to come in and wondered why he paused.

It should be noted that Lucy did not invite Natsu over for dinner but she always made enough for him. And for him to take home to Happy.

The timer on the stove dinged signaling the roast was ready. Lucy stopped humming and bent to open the stove.

“Hiya Lucy!”

“Eep!” she squeaked and almost lost her grip on her roast. He had come through the window again! She set the the savory food down on the stove and turned to face her boyfriend.

“There is this thing called a door. You should use that instead of the window when it’s open.” she glowered at him across the kitchen. He had the nerve to not even look sorry.

“If I used the door I wouldn’t get to make you jump and squeal. It’s funny. Plus you’re cute when you’re annoyed.” He grinned at her showing all of his pointy dragon canines. Lucy huffed and turned back to her work.

“Set the table, Natsu,” she huffed.

“Are you actually upset?” Now he sounded mildly concerned.

“No just plotting my revenge.”

“Oh and how’re you gonna get away with that?” His eyes glittered with mirth as he set down a glass and crossed his arms over his muscular chest.

I’ll think of something. Anyway, soups on.” Lucy put the food on the table and sat across from him. She sliced off a piece of meat and put it on the empty plate reserved for Happy. She loaded it with potatoes and green beans. She then proceeded to slice off a piece for Natsu. He had already dug into his veggies.

“You’re awesome Lucy.” Or that’s what she thought he said. His mouth was full so what actually came out was more like, “RR AW AOM OOY.”    

“I know,” she smirked as she watched him tear into his meat. She paused a moment more before doing the same.

“Mmmmm,” Lucy hummed happily and closed her eyes to savor the taste. The roast had turned out perfect for the first time since she had learned how to cook. The meat was perfectly seasoned and so moist and tender. The juice slipped off her chin to hit her breast. When she opened her eyes she noticed Natsu staring at her with a hunger that was very different from the one he looked at his meal with. Lucy smirked at him.


“Nothing just thinking that you are more of a carnivore than I am.” Natsu shifted in his seat, his gaze dropping to the speck of juice on her chest. Lucy smiled coyly at him and realized exactly how she could get her revenge. She took a slow bite of the meat swallowed it down and licked her her lips while never taking her eyes off of him.

“ You’re right Natsu. I am a carnivore,” She scooted her chair back and strolled around the table trailing her hand along the surface so when she got to him her hand trailed up his arm and across his back. She pulled his chair out and swung her leg over his lap so she was straddling him. Natsu was getting more and more excited as she stalked him. His eyes were wide and his glorious muscles tense. His pants were getting visibly tighter and by the time she came to straddle him, she could feel his whole length through his pants.

Lucy leaned in and made sure her cleavage pressed against his chest, “Except my favorite kind of meat is you,” she whispered. Natsu wrapped his arms around her.

“Tsk tsk, we can’t have that now can we” she purred. “Hands behind the chair,” she ordered as she took off her leather jewel studded belt. She took a napkin and wrapped it around Natsu’s wrists before binding his hands behind the chair. She kissed his shoulder nice and sweet before leaning back.

“ Well you have me at your mercy. What sort of revenge are you planning Lucy?’ Natsu was entirely to aware of his surroundings. Lucy changed that.

She started with his shoulder again, A bit of a sloppier kiss and then bit him. Natsu hissed his breath out. But she didn’t stop. She then sucked on the spot and he moaned. She could feel his dick straining beneath his clothes and toyed with him, running her fingers along the edge of his waist band as she made her way up his shoulder and neck all the way to his mouth.

He kissed her as hard as he could without breaking his restraints It was a kiss that sen fire into the pit of her belly and made her want him more. She felt like she was swallowing flames. All the while she had been running her hand over the length of his member through his clothes.

She stopped kissing his mouth and let her own go exploring. She kissed and sucked and bit her way down his neck onto his chest she sucked on his nipple and gave it a tug with her teeth.

“ oh fuck Lucy,” he groaned. But still she didnt stop. She made her way down his pink happy trail and stopped when her moth came to his pants.

Lucy looked up at her captive, who was clearly trying not to break her belt. His skin glistened and his eyes shined.

“Do you want me to continue, Natsu?”

“Please,” he begged.

That was all the encouragement Lucy needed to yank off his pants and free his thobbing erection.  She restarted her assault on his inner thigh and made her way up to the base of his cock. She caressed his rocks and gently bit him at his base and then licked the spot. She continued this all the way to the head.

Natsu’s eyes rolled back as she took him into her mouth and started to move and bite and suck and lick all at once. He didn’t know how she did it but he wasn’t going to question her. He felt himself about to give way to his building orgasm when she stopped and stepped away.

“The hell Lucy?” he asked

She smiled and said, “This is revenge and you don’t get to cum so easily.” She was trying to frustrate him so much he’d give in and break his restraints to ravage her. The sight of him before her at her mercy almost painfully engorged and frustrated was enough to flood her panties beneath her skirt. She slowly, so Natsu would see every move, pulled her skirt and low cut shirt off. His eyes narrowed when he saw how ready she was. She took her bra and panties off to and stood in front of him. She looked good and she knew it

This time when she straddled him she slid his length into her ready folds. Natsu threw his head back and groaned, straining at his restraints. Lucy started to move slowly. So slow it drove him crazy. Up to his head and pause. And then slam him in fast. She got through this combo three times before he decided he was done playing captive.


The belt fell to the floor as natsu grabbed Lucy much to her delight and set her on the floor. Natsu grabbed her ankles and put them on his shoulders. He then began to move.In this position he knew he was hitting her Spot that drove her wild.

“AHH Natsu FUUUCCKK YEESS!” he slammed into hard be cause she liked it hard. Everytime he slid home she rewarded him with a moan.

He could feel her starting to quiver and cries grew sharper. He pumped into her faster and felt himself begin to build.

When she came she roared his name.


It sent him over the edge as her walls pulsed around his shaft and she bellowed his name.

“Oh Fuck Lucy!” his dick pulsed and filled her as he came as well. He held himself steady for a moment then moved her legs from his chest and laid his head on her chest. She stroked his hair for a bit before smiling and saying, “You broke my belt.”

“Worth it” he breathed. And he put his face next to her breast and bit.

“OUCH,” She yelped.

He grinned.

“I like revenge”

The Adventures Of An Asexual Office Worker

In which Kunimi does not get paid nearly enough for this shit.

AKA: the infamous 90s diet coke AU started by @pussycat-scribbles

Though really, all I did was read through all the ideas and added an exasperated Kunimi who’s just done with everything.

I might continue this. We’ll see. I just really hope I did it justice.

Part II can be found here.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a mistletoe kiss for Youngjae please? c:

“Youngjae-ah, what are you doing?” Jinyoung asked as he was opening a cardboard box with scissors.

Youngjae looked up at his hyung with a smile. “It finally came hyung!”

Jinyoung sat next to his younger friend on the couch. “What finally came?”

With a hardy laugh, Youngjae dug through the package peanuts and and pulled up his $10 purchase. “My precious,” he whispered as he lifted it in the air.

“A headband?” Jinyoung asked dumbfounded as Youngjae placed the headband on his head.

“Hyung, this is no ordinairy headband. This is a mistletoe headband,” Youngjae said as he pointed to the mistletoe that was dangling in the air.

“Are you planning to kiss that one girl you’ve been talking to?” Jinyoung chuckled as Youngjae responded with a shy laugh. “So what’s your plan?”

“Okay!” Youngjae clapped his hands together. “I’m going to show up at her house and go in for the kill!”

“…That’s it?”

“Well— yeah.”

Jinyoung sighed. “You should make a kiss more special than that. Especially if it’s your first kiss with her.”

Youngjae frowned. “So— did I just waist $10 on this— headband?”

His hyung snickered. “Not necessarily. Here, I’ll help you plan something else out.”

“A barbecue dinner?” you asked as you placed your cellphone on the other ear.

“Yeah,” Youngjae continued on the other line. “Jinyoung hyung said that he’s making barbecue tonight and he wanted me to invite you. I mean— I wanted to invite you and he said I could—”

“I’d love to come,” you laughed, trying to make Youngjae less uneasy. “I’ll be there around seven o’clock because I still need to buy a few more gifts.”

“That’s fine! Do you want me to wait for a call so I can buzz you in?”

“I’m with Mark right now, so there’s no need to. I’ll see you at seven!” As you exchanged goodbyes with Youngjae, you ran up to Mark and squealed.

“You’re coming to the dorm because Youngjae invited you, huh?” Mark asked. You looked up and were very surprised as if your best friend was psychic. “Jinyoung just texted me,” he snickered.

You hit him lightly on his shoulder. “Don’t freak me out like that,” you sighed as you sat down next to Mark and slid down the bench. “Quick question— does Youngjae like me?”

“I think the real question is—” Mark coughed as he sat up, “when are you guys going to stop acting stupid and realize each other’s feelings?”

“Excuse you!” You sat up with your face completely red. “I’m not acting stupid, this is a real question!”

“So was mine,” Mark raise a brow. “You guys have been in this flirting stage for almost a year now and it’s driving everyone insane!”

You leaned on Mark’s shoulder and sighed. “I don’t know what to do. Is it weird if I make the first move?”

“I don’t think it’s weird,” Mark said as he patted your head. “You really shouldn’t worry though, okay?” You lifted your head up, still full of worry. “Use this barbecue dinner to your advantage. Maybe today is the day you two know what the other is feeling.”

“Alright, alright.” You stood up from the bench and turned to Mark to help him up as well. “Is it weird that I already bought something in an attempt to get closer to Youngjae?”

“What do you mean?” Mark asked. You bent down to reach into one of your shopping bags and pulled out a headband causing Mark to laugh. “You bought a mistletoe headband?”

“What? Too much?” you asked.

You were about to put it on before Mark stopped you. “Don’t do it now,” he panicked. “That would mean I would have to kiss you,” he laughed. “I love you, but not like that.”

You nodded as you put it back in your shopping bag. “So— did I just waste money on that thing then? I mean— Can I use it at the dinner tonight?”

Mark looked at his phone and saw Jinyoung’s text. “I’ll think of something so you don’t put that silly headband to waste,” he smiled. “Let’s just finish up buying gifts for everyone first.”

“You made it!” Jinyoung smiled as you entered the dorm with Mark. He pulled you in for a hug and motioned you two to take off your shoes. “You’re not late or anything, I’m actually just beginning to plate the barbecue.”

You walked into the living room as Mark quickly ran to the bathroom. You were then greeted by Jackson and Bam Bam who were watching a rerun of Roommate. “Oh,” Bam Bam jumped in shock. “Noona, I didn’t know you were having dinner with us today.”

Jackson elbowed Bam Bam to shut up, making you laugh. “Yeah, Youngjae invited me,” you smiled as you sat down next to Jackson. The boys went ‘oooh,’ making you laugh again, but this time causing you to blush.

“Yah!” Youngjae screamed from his bedroom. You turned your head and saw Youngjae who was dressed up rather nicely with a dress shirt and black skinny jeans. You looked back at Jackson and Bam Bam who were wearing hoodies and sweatpants.

The boys on the couch continued to laugh as Jinyoung threatened to swat them with the pair of tongs in his hand. “Enough fooling around,” he nagged as he placed the freshly grilled barbecue on the coffee table. “Where’s Mark and Jaebum?”

“I’m here!” Mark said as he sprinted from the bathroom. “I think Jaebum’s still at the building talking to some of the staff about next week’s schedule.”

Jinyoung nodded his head as he knelt to the table handing everyone their utensils. “Well then, I’ll leave him some meat when he returns. In the meantime– DIG IN.”

“Youngjae-ah,” Jinyoung said as he began to clear the table, “can you help me wash the dishes tonight?”

Youngjae looked up as he swallowed his last piece of meat. “But..hyung..” he whispered as he kept side-eyeing you.

“Just trust me on this, okay?” Jinyoung whispered back as he pulled Youngjae up with his freehand.

“I’ll be right back!” Youngjae yelled from the kitchen. You nodded as you leaned back and propped yourself up by leaning your hands on the floor, sighing in happiness as to how content you felt.

Mark quickly nudged you, almost making you fall to the floor on your back. You glared at him as mouthed ‘it’s time’ to you. He stood up, pulled you up, and dragged you to his shared bedroom with Mark.

“Where are you two going?” Jackson yelled as he laid his head on Bam Bam’s lap on the couch.

“We’re going to have a serious discussion!” Mark yelled back as he close the door behind him. He leaned his back against the door and exhaled. “The bag with the headband is on my bed.”

“Wait–” you said as you walked to Mark’s bed through all the clothes on the floor, “you want me to wear it now?”

“That’s what I meant by 'it’s time,’” he said as he crossed his arms over his chest. You bent down and grabbed the headband in the bag and walked towards him. You were about to put it out when he snatched your hand. “I told you, not in front of me!” he laughed. 

He moved out of the way so that you were facing the door. He was right behind you when you put the headband on your head, the mistletoe dangling right in front of you. “Mark, I don’t know if I–”

“Hang on!” Mark interrupted as he quickly took off the headband, put something around your head towards your neck before putting the headband back on. Before you could speak, he put the blindfold above your eyes. “Alright, you can go out now.”

“How can I go out when I can’t see a thing?” you bickered. You heard the door click open and a hand grab your arm. You assumed Mark was leading you to the living room where you would wait for Youngjae.

When you got out, the room was rather quiet. You couldn’t even hear Jackson or Bam Bam talking or snickering as to why you have a mistletoe hanging from your headband. Surely, something was going on.

“Ready?” Mark asked behind you. You jumped a bit as you nodded your head. “One…two…three..”

And as you opened your eyes, you laughed at the sight.

“You bought one too?” Youngjae laughed as he pointed to the mistletoe headband you were wearing.

“It was on sale at the mall!” You pointed at his and continued laughing as you were practically crying. “You bought one?”

“I ordered it online!”

Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Jackson and Bam Bam who were recording the situation that was happening. So that’s why they were so quiet. You looked beyond Youngjae’s shoulder to see Jinyoung and Mark high-five in the background. Ah, so it was their doing.

“Well,” Youngjae coughed. He looked at you and smiled.

You blinked twice before smiling back at him. “We don’t have to.”

“Tradition says otherwise,” he chuckled as he moved closer. “Plus I don’t mind.”

You moved a step closer as well. “I don’t mind either.”

And as Mark and Jinyoung gave you the signal to go in for it, Youngjae let his hands cup your face before he pulled you in for a kiss. His lips were softer than you expected, but he was practically trembling. You could tell he was just as nervous as you were for this moment.

You grinned in the kiss and let your hands gently grab his wrists, assuring him that he shouldn’t worry. His lips stopped quivering as his hands uncupped your cheeks. He brought his hands down as you slid your hands from his wrists to his hands to give them a squeeze. He chuckled in the kiss, making you laugh a bit.

The two of you pulled back from what had seemed to be the longest kiss you’ve ever had. “That was so short!” Bam Bam screamed as he and Jackson stopped recording from their phones. “Can you do it again?”

“Could you also move a bit farther?” Jackson asked. “You guys aren’t in the center of the picture.”

Everyone laughed as you let go of Youngjae’s hands. You noticed that he still held your right hand. You looked over at him and he caught your glance. “Oh,” he mouthed as he noticed that you were looking down at the both of your hands. “I’m sorry I–”

You leaned in quickly to kiss his cheeks as everyone was distracted. “It’s okay,” you smiled. “I like it.”

He smiled back at you and squeezed your hand. “I like it too.”

Sweater Weather- Matt Espinosa Imagine for Anon

Sweater Weather- Matt Espinosa Imagine

I was just laying in bed, watching some reality show on TV and scrolling through my dashboard on Tumblr. I was home alone because Matt was out with the boys having a “guys night”. I could only imagine the amount of trouble they are getting themselves into.

All of a sudden I heard the door open and footsteps walking in. Then I heard multiple voices echoing throughout the first floor of our loft. I rolled my eyes and smiled at myself.

“Oh God” I muttered as I heard my name coming from someone’s mouth. I decided to turn off the TV, close my laptop and join the group downstairs. I mainly just wanted to say hi to Matt and to see who was here. I walked out of the room and closed the light.

I walked down the stairs and I guess the boys heard me. I walked over to Matt and the room became silent, you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet. As I walked to him he checked me out, something I was used to by now and I hugged him.

“Hi baby” I whispered in his ear.

“Hi” he whispered back rather harshly. I kissed him trying to see what was wrong but his face was still tense, his fists clenched into slight balls. I looked him in the eyes, his brown eyes darkened with anger.

I didn’t understand, I turned around to see Nash, Cameron, Taylor, Aaron, Carter, Jack and Jack sitting on the couch, staring at me. Jack G had his mouth open and Aaron’s eyes were wide. Taylor was smirking ridiculously and Nash was whispering something to Cam. I was still so confused until I looked down. All I was wearing was Matt’s sweatshirt, but on me it fit like a dress. There was no need for pants. I guess I could’ve worn shorts but Matt never complains and I didn’t expect any company.

“So Y/N, have you been working out” Cam said as he stared at my legs.

“You’re so tan Y/N” Johnson said while looking at me.

Aaron chimed in “is that Matt’s sweater Y/N? It looks good on you”.

Seriously? Is this actually happening right now? I could hear Matt breathing deeply behind me. He sounded angry. I heard him walk towards me and felt his hands wrap around my waist. He began kissing my neck and hugging me close into his body. He found the sweet spot on my neck and kissed there, hard. I was trying my best not to moan but how could I not? Matt being so possessive and doing everything in front of the boys.

I heard the boys chuckle and Carter began whistling. “Uh oh Matt’s jealous” Carter said as he started laughing. The boys teasing him just made Matt more protective.

“Babe, please can you go put something on” he whispered in my ear.

For some reason I was enjoying this, I turned around to face him “and if I don’t?” I said coyly.

“Y/N, please don’t do this. All I ask is just some shorts, maybe leggings who cares. Your my girl and the last thing I want is them staring at you like you’re some piece of meat” Matt whispered to me. He face softened up a bit and I could tell he genuinely wanted this.

“Okay” I said as I kissed him and went up stairs. As soon as I shut the door to our room all I could hear was whispered muffles from downstairs. I quickly found some leggings and returned downstairs. Matt was sitting in the love seat on the far end of the room. I sat in his lap and joined the conversation. The rest of the night went perfectly, good conversations and funny jokes were shared. The awkwardness in the room quickly faded away ending in a great night with a very hot and jealous Matt Espinosa.

my b-day gift harry smut

We’d only been at the bar for over an hour and I noticed that the guys were all acting really sketchy. They all kept looking at me like I was a piece of meat and whispering things to each other. Sure, I didn’t mind them obviously checking me out but it was a little weird considering I was dating Harry.

I had a couple drinks and shared a few dances with the guys. I was just finishing up my dance with Niall as Louis came up, grabbing my hand. The other guys followed close behind him.

“Hey, we’re really sorry but we gotta get going love.” He said, pulling me in for a hug.

“What? It’s only 11 o’clock, the party’s just getting started.” I stated, pouting my lips, hoping to change their minds.

“I know but we’ve got to be up early tomorrow to record. I’ll make it up to you I promise. We all will.” He leaned in, giving me a kiss on the cheek. “Sooner than you think.” He whispered in my ear, backing off with a smug smile.

I continued to pout as the other guys each gave me a hug, apologizing before they left. I was upset, as it was my birthday and they were all leaving. Now it was just Harry and I amongst my girlfriends.

“Babe you never told me you had to record tomorrow.” I furrowed my brows towards him, taking a sip from my drink.

“It’s your birthday babe, I’m not going anywhere.” He pulled my face closer to him, pressing his soft lips into mine.

“You’re the best.” I smiled into his lips. 

He smirked before throwing back another shot and ordering another drink. I tried my best to have a good time but I couldn’t help but notice that Harry kept looking at his watch as if he had somewhere else to be.

“What is it?” I asked, nervously.

“Nothing.” He smiled, placing his hand on my thigh.

“Well you keep looking at your watch.” I started thinking that maybe he wanted to leave to but was just sticking around because he felt obligated.

“We should leave. I have a surprise for you.” He finished off the rest of his drink and placed the empty glass down on the table.

“Another one?” I was shocked. Following his lead, I left my glass behind as Harry took hold of my hand, guiding me through the crowd. We left the bar and Harry drove to some fancy hotel.

“Why are we here?” I questioned. We lived together, there was no reason to come to a hotel, especially one that probably costs more a night than our rent for three months. 

“You’ll see.” He said as he pulled a blind fold out of the back seat and covered my eyes.


He cut me off. “Shhhh. Just go with it.” 

I heard him get out of the drivers seat and it was silent for a few seconds before he opened the door on my side and escorted me out. For the next few minutes I heard a variety of sounds like the lobby music and the sound of Harry swiping our room key. I still couldn’t figure out why he had brought me here.

We entered the room and I heard Harry place the room key on a table a few feet away from me. There was some shuffling but then it went quiet.

“Babe?” I asked, nervously biting down on my lip, unsure of what was going on.

A pair of unfamiliar lips pressed into mine. I figured it was the alcohol screwing with my head until I felt a pair of hands grasp my waist from behind. I jumped and pulled away from the kiss hearing a very familiar laugh, Niall’s. I ripped the blindfold off only to see Liam standing in front of me and Louis behind me. Zayn and Harry were standing on either side of the bed while Niall sat on the edge.

“What the fuck is going on?” I looked around at each of them, confused. Especially at the fact that they were all stripped down to their boxers.

“Fuck Niall you ruined it.” Louis said, grabbing the blindfold from my hands and flinging it at him.

Niall continuously laughed, as usual, catching the blindfold. “Sorry mate.” Typical Niall.

"Happy birthday babe.” Harry said, making his way to me and pressing his lips into mine.

“What is this?” I kissed back, keeping my eyes open as they shifted between the guys.

“Don’t pretend you don’t want it.” He smirked, placing light kisses along my collar bones and up my neck.

“What are you talking about?” I had an idea but I wasn’t going to say a word until I heard it from his mouth.

“I see the way you look at Liam.” He looked over to Liam who was rubbing his hand slowly over his crotch as he eyed my body up and down.

It was true. I’d always had a little thing for Liam I just never knew that Harry had known.

“This is my gift to you. One night, to have them all.” He whispered in my ear, sucking on it gently.

I nearly choked. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was so unlike Harry to allow something like this to happen.

“No love. Anything you want.” Zayn said, taking hold of my hand in his, squeezing it to reassure me.

I looked at Harry dumbfounded. He smirked and nudged his head towards the other guys.

“Who do you want first?” He asked.

“Harry I -" 

Liam grabbed both my wrists in one hand and pulled me closer to him. “He asked you a question. Why don’t you be a good little girl and answer him.” The others laughed.

"Um I don’t know.” I was slightly uncomfortable with it all, still thinking it was some sort of joke.

“Well if you don’t know well have to chose for you.” Louis said, holding out his hand as Niall tossed him back the blind fold. He wrapped it around my eyes and everything was pitch black again. I was swept off my feet and placed on the bed. 

“You’re going to have to guess which of us is doing what.” Louis said.

I nervously bit the inside of my cheek, hearing them shuffle about, to confuse me. I felt a pair of hands make their way up my legs and stopping at the hem of my dress. A different pair of hands took over and began to roll up my dress. I wiggled a bit to allow easier access as they slipped it off over my head. 

A pair of lips began lightly kissing the left side of my neck. I pictured the guys facial features, trying to match them with what I felt against my skin. These lips were full and soft, much like the one’s that had kissed me only moments ago. 

“Mmm Liam.” I moaned.

He laughed. “Good girl.” His kissed turned into love bites, trailing down my chest.

Another pair of lips met the right side of my neck. His kisses were sloppy and I could feel him smiling in between every other kiss he placed.

“I can feel you smiling Niall.” I laughed.

He burst into laughter, hitting his hand on the bed. He tried to muffle it but he couldn’t hold back.

“Sorry, sorry.” He blurted out. It took him a few seconds to finally shut up.

Two more pairs of lips started kissing at my ankles, making their way up my thighs. I felt stubble on either side so I knew it was Zayn and Louis. Now to figure out who was who. The lips on the right made their way up my thighs much faster than the pair on the left. He tucked his fingers into the hem of my panties, breathing closely to my core. Whoever was on the left was much more gently, slowly making their way up my body. 

“Louis?” I grabbed the head on my right, running my fingers through his shaggy hair. I knew it.

“Zayn.” I reached out to feel for his head, feeling shorter hair on the sides and longer hair on the top.

“Wow, you’re good at this. You sure you haven’t been fucking my boys behind my back?” Harry joked, coming between my legs and grabbing hold of my throat. He pressed his lips into mine, quickly sliding his tongue in my mouth, showing me who owned me. He kissed down my neck and sunk his teeth into my skin. “Mine.” He said, making sure everyone knew this was a one time thing and everything would be back to normal after tonight. Moments later he got off of me and I heard them all shuffling around again.

“Ok is this it? I guessed right. Now what?” I was anxious for what was to come.

“Oh trust me love, we’re not even close to being done with you.” Liam spoke, but now from the opposite side of me. I had to give them that, they were trying their absolute best to confuse me, too bad they weren’t doing such a great job. His hand moved under me and with one snap, he undid my bra. I removed it, throwing it to the floor.

“Mmm.” Someone on hummed against my breast before they began sucking on my nipple. Again, I felt stubble so I knew it had to be Louis or Zayn, as Liam was already on my right. I lifted my hand to again run it through their hair but someone grabbed me before I could even reach them.

“Nuh uh. Not this time. No cheating.” Harry’s voice spoke from beside me.

Fuck. I thought to myself. Well I’d already narrowed it down to two options and they hadn’t told me what would happen to me if I were wrong so I gave it a shot.

“Louis.” I said, confidently.

He pulled at my nipple with his teeth before replacing the pain with a  quick kiss and removing himself.

“Okay, I was just kidding before. Are you sure you haven’t been doing anything behind my back?” Harry said, pinning both of my arms behind my head.

“Babe, I swear I-” He shut me up by kissing me. 

“I believe you.” He laughed, releasing my arms.

I rubbed my wrists carefully as they were slightly sore from Harry’s grip.

I felt someone scoot between my legs again and place kisses in between my breasts, down my torso and stopping at the hem of my panties. They pulled at them playfully with their teeth before releasing them. Their hand slid down to my crotch and back up before pulling my panties down my legs. I kicked them off of my ankles as whoever was between my legs brought their mouth close to my heat. 

“Mmm.” I moaned, wanting to grab the hair of the person who was placed between my legs but I resisted. Seconds later his warm tongue grazed my slit before making his way to up to my sensitive nub, sucking gently, circling it with his tongue.

“Oh my God!” I shouted, again refraining from grabbing his hair. I did however notice their skin was soft against mine which meant it had to be Harry or Niall. I gave it a few minutes before I could make a decision. Whoever he was, he swirled his tongue around my clit a few times before taking it in his mouth. He sucked harshly, making me squirm beneath his mouth. I needed to do something with my hands or else I was going to lose it. I went to move them and two of the guys quickly pinned them down. I wiggled in their grip.

“Fuck, let me go! Let me go!” I whined.

“First tell us who is it?” A  voice whispered in my ear.

I thought about it and Harry had gone down on me plenty of times before but this time felt a little different. I didn’t want to respond until I was sure. Unexpectedly, two fingers were shoved inside of me, pumping in and out, making me feel so good that I couldn’t even remember who’s voice I’d just heard.

“Oh fuck, Niall!” I subconsciously blurted out. 

“Oooohhhh!” They all shouted, as if I’d gotten it wrong. The guys released my arms.

“Ha look at dat, looks like I please yer girl better than you can without even touching her.” Niall’s voice spoke from beside the bed.

“Fuck off!” Harry replied from between my legs. I knew that probably ticked him off real bad.

“What? No. That wasn’t my answer, I just-” A hand, Harry’s I assumed, rubbed up my now very wet core and slapped it.

My body twitched in pain as my hand instinctively tended to the area.

“How could you not know that was your own boyfriend? You’re a very, very bad girl.” Liam spoke as his lips met mine. I used my free hand to rub up Liam’s back, running it through his hair. His tongue slipped in my mouth and swept alongside mine. My body ached to feel him inside of me. His hand slipped between my legs, pushing my hand aside. Slowly he began rubbing his thumb in circular motions on my clit.

“Ohh Liam” I moaned as my eyes rolled to the back of my head.

“Yeah baby, daddy’s here.” He whispered, pushing two fingers inside me.

“Oh my God!” I clawed down his back, sure to leave marks.

After a few minutes of him teasing me with his fingers and me destroying his skin with my nails he stopped.

“Mmm baby you feel so good. Get ready for daddy, okay?” He whispered.

I nodded, licking my lips as I creamed from his words, imagining what he was going to do to me.

He grabbed my face and breathed heavily down my neck. “I can’t hear you.”

“Yes daddy.” My voice cracked.

“Good girl.” I felt him move away as another person got in between my legs. They started kissing my stomach, palming my breasts with one hand as I felt the tip of their cock at my already soaked entrance. They placed small pecks on my lips before parting them with their tongue. I wrapped my arms around their neck, pulling their body closer to mine as they abruptly shoved their cock inside me.

“Oh my-” I was cut off by their lips, reclaiming my mouth.

It felt amazing to finally have someone inside me but I had no idea who it was and there was no way to tell. I ran my hands down their back, feeling their figure, trying to go by that. Their thrusts were quick and hard. I broke our kiss and whispered in their ear.


“Yeah baby, that’s me.” His lips met mine again.

I had to admit, it was a little strange, the whole idea but it was hot as hell and I took advantage of it.

“Tell me how you like it baby.” He layed kisses along my collarbones.

“Mmm, I like it rough.” I began massaging my own breasts and Niall bucked wildly against me.

“Fuck Harry, you sure got your hands full with this one eh?” 

I grinned.

“Tell me, where d’ya want my load baby?” I heard the anticipation in his voice.

I playfully dropped my mouth open.

“Oh you dirty, dirty girl.” He leaned forward, pressing his lips against mine. With a more hard thrusts, he pulled out and bringing his cock to my mouth as he released his salty liquid all over my tongue. I quickly swallowed it all, smirking as I knew Niall would shocked by what I’d done.

“Holy shit, that was the hottest thing ever. You’re so lucky man!” He pushed my hair behind my ears and kissed me on the forehead before getting off of me.

A new person got on the bed and wrapped their hands around my waist, pulling me up and rolling me on top of them. 

“Ohh that’s how you want it huh?” I grinned, happy to show off my skills.

Whoever it was, they were quiet as I slowly began bouncing up and down on their shaft. I heard small, faint moans leading me to believe it was Zayn.

“You like that Zayn?” I giggled, increasing my speed slightly.

Someone began caressing my left breast in their hand before taking my nipple into their mouth.

“Fuck.” I whimpered as their hand ran up my back and tugged my head backwards by my hair.

Another mouth met my other breast, following the same movements as the guy on my left.

“C’mon baby, you can fuck him harder than that.” Louis’ voice whispered in my ear.

My tongue slid across my bottom lip as I bounced up and down on Zayn as hard as I could. His hands grabbed hold of my ass, squeezing tightly implying he was close. 

“Fuck!” He whined as I quickly got off of him and grabbed his cock, putting it in my mouth just in time to feel him fill it with his release. I licked up every drop, swallowing the remains. Zayn’s hands slid up my waist as he sat up, bringing my lips to his. 

“You’re so sexy.” He pecked my lips a few times before biting down gently on my bottom one. I smirked into his lips, running my hands down his back lightly. I got off of him and staggered once my feet hit the floor.

Someone grabbed me and pushed me into the wall, pinning me by my wrists. Their tongue trickled up my neck before meeting my ear.

“Enjoying yourself baby?” Harry asked. I’m sure this wasn’t easy for him, seeing me with 4 of his best mates. 

“Mhmm.” I smirked, rubbing his crotch, showing him how bad I wanted him.

“Nuh uh pretty girl. Not yet.” 

Yes, it was nice to fool around with the other guys but I craved Harry’s touch more than anything. The way his body felt on top of mine as he hit my g spot with every slow but powerful thrust. I could almost feel him inside of me. I pouted as someone grabbed me by my arm, spinning me around and pushing me face first into the mattress. It took me by surprise but I loved every second of it. I could only assume it was Liam as he seemed to be the most dominant of the bunch. His hands moved down my back before landing on my ass cheek. He squeezed it in his hand as he quickly entered me.

“Oh fuck, Liam!” I gasped.

The guys all laughed.

“What? What did I do?” 

“Sorry love, but you’re sadly mistaken.” Louis’ voice spoke from behind me as his hand came down hard on my ass. 

“Ow!” I shouted, as he grabbed and held both of my arms behind my back.

“Bad girls gotta be punished.” He laughed.

The tingling from his first slap barely went away before I felt another one, this time even harder. His thrusts evened out the pain as his cock hit my g spot repeatedly. This was always my favourite position.

“Oh my God Louis!” I screamed into the pillow beneath my face.

He let go of my wrists, allowing them to collapse on the bed. I grabbed fistfuls of the sheets and bit down on the pillow as Louis brought me close to my climax. I tried hard to concentrate on my orgasm until Louis pulled out and I felt his warm liquid cover my back and ass cheeks.

I whimpered at the fact that he brought me so close only to leave me hanging.

“Sorry babe, it’ll be your turn soon enough.” He said as he cleaned up his mess off my back.

Someone carefully turned me over, and turned my face to his. He brushed his hand along my cheek and circled my lips with his thumb. 

“Pretty girls don’t pout.” He whispered, slowly slipping his tongue inside my mouth. I grabbed a fistful of his shaggy hair, it had to be Niall. He was actually an amazing kisser and if it weren’t for the new body spreading my legs open, I could kiss him for hours.

A hand massaged my breasts lightly, trailing their fingers down my chest, drawing small circles on my stomach. Their hand slid over my mound, circling my clit a few times with their thumb. I already knew who this was and I was more than ready.

“Liam.” I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth.

“I told you to be ready for me and you are. Good girl. Good girls get rewarded.” He said, slowly untying blindfold.

I squinted my eyes adjusting them to the light which was dim but still too bright for me as I’d be blindfolded for a while. I looked to Liam who was hovering over me, slowly rubbing the bulge in his boxers as he threw the blindfold aside. He leaned whispering in my ear. “I want you to watch me fuck you.” He began lowering his boxers.

My hand slipped between my legs, to give much needed attention to my clit but Liam grabbed my hand and pushed it away.

“Nuh uh baby girl. Let daddy do that for you.” He said, replacing my hand with his. My hand slid up my body making its way to my breast as I started twisting my nipple between my fingers.

Liam leaned forward and started sucking on my other nipple while his hand worked miracles between my legs. He flickered his tongue rapidly against my nipple. 

By this time my whole body was aching for release, craving the ecstasy I knew Liam could give to me.

“Please Liam.” I whimpered.

“Shhh.” He pressed his finger against my lips, leaving it there for a second before putting both my hands above my head gently. His grip tightened as he pressed his lips into mine. I fed off his sweet kiss as he grabbed hold of his shaft, pushing himself inside me quickly.

“Oh fuck!” I whined. My body was already so sensitive from the others’ and Liam’s size hurt more than I expected. I closed my eyes briefly to the pain.

“Eyes up here!” He demanded.

I opened my eyes quickly directing them to his. He had such passion in his eyes, a fiery, burning lust to please me. He knew he could and he wanted to make sure he did. This was a side to Liam I’d never seen. His stamina proved he could keep go for hours but I was about to explode. It was evident to Liam as he slipped his hand between us and began rubbing my clit again as he bucked his hips hard against me.

I moaned under his strength barely able to move.

“Cum for daddy baby girl.” His eyes pierced mine as he quickened his thrusts. It was as if some uncontrollable force came over him and I couldn’t hold on any longer.

I tried to keep my eyes open and focus on him as his hard body hit mine but I just couldn’t do it. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I came to my climax and surprisingly he allowed it. I wiggled in his grip, spasming under his body as my muscles tightened around him.

“Fuck, you’re so tight baby girl.” He moaned, thrusting hard into me but slowing down, indicating his release. He pulled out, rubbing his wet tip along my slit before slowly pushing himself back in. He did this a few times before finally pulling out for good.

I brought my hands over my eyes. Unable to believe that this all just happened.

“Harry?” I looked over to him.

“Yeah baby.” He walked over to the bed and sat down beside me, pulling my hands into his.

“Are you ok?” I asked, hoping he wasn’t mad.

“Yeah baby, this was all for you.” He smiled.

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry baby, they were only the appetizer. The main course is right here.” He smirked, grabbing hold of the bulge in his pants.

I bit down on my lip, anticipating what was in store for me when he took me home. Happy birthday to me.

"My cousin is dumb and I am too," Yowamushi Pedal x Haikyuu!

Pairings: ImaSaka, implied KageHina

Summary: Imaizumi just wants to spend time with his crush Onoda. If only he knew how to get that across to Onoda. Not having to deal with his academically dumb cousin would also be a plus.

Notes: EXTREMELY self-indulgent piece that was supposed to be some sort of fluffy ImaSaka thing but then I started reading Haikyuu!! and became convinced that Imaizumi and Kageyama were related in some way. And then this piece just got dumb, dumber and dumbest I’m not even kidding.


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The Hollow: Part I

Dean’s stomach bottomed out, and it didn’t have anything to do with being at the end of the devil’s arm. It was those goddamn blue eyes staring back at him.

“Why can’t you just get a new meat suit?”

“Because your brother’s got his panties on lock down, and this one is surprisingly stable for the amount of energy in it.” Lucifer rolled his shoulders, eyes slipping away as his attention flopped inward, then snapped back out just as quick. “But, maybe–and I really mean this– maybe most of all, because it bothers you.

“Now, I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday, Dean. My brother might be a little doltish on human subtleties, but I’m not. I can see right through you.”

He dragged a finger down Dean’s chin, trailed it off the edge. Plucked playfully at his chest. Those pink lips crawled up at the corners. “This isn’t what he really looks like, you know? This isn’t his voice. These aren’t his fingers. Or his lips.” His voice caught along the corners of Cas’ signature gravel, misuse of his vocal chords starting to show. “Or his tongue, in case you were wondering.”

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"But Super Meat Boy... won't we get caught? I mean, your girlfriend's downstairs and-" Ganondorf was cut off by a pair of juicy lips thrusting upon his green face. "Don't worry," whispered Super Meat Boy, removing Ganondorf's belt as he spoke, "It'll be our secret." Ganondorf moaned as he realised that this was just the beginning.

who r u and why r u doing this to me