the meaning of the roses ; )

As an INFP Have You Ever #6

“I don’t know them, I have only heard about them, but I don’t like or trust them,”

A lot of things can be said for our type. We are very good at hearing things and putting things together, and even though we are known as the ones that look through those “rose colored glasses” there seems to be that handful of people that when their name comes up or you see them you just don’t trust or like them. Or your feathers just get ruffled. My INTJ friend always says “your favorite person was there”. I automatically grumble, he laughs and enjoys my disdain as he knows me inside and out. I mean I have been wrong at times, but when my gut says snake, it’s usually right and it only gets better and more fine tuned as I age and gain life experience. My INFJ mother and I call it being the “Personality Blood Hounds” able to sniff out what is wrong before it comes to a head.
I think this is hard for INFPs because we do have the tendency to let people go and being that we can see both sides of that “coin” makes us more blind to things than others at times. Plus we are known as the type that gives chance after chance. But having that feeling for someone that you have only heard of, that usually is when I follow my inner voice that warns me to stay away.

Have you ever felt this way? Can any of my fellow INFPs relate? 

Roses (An Adlock Drabble)

“Daddy… I know why Uncle Sherl likes me!” Rosie suddenly said one day, grinning as John came to fetch her after spending an entire day at Baker Street.

Amused, the doctor picked her daughter up, booping her nose before asking. “What do you mean?”

Rosie’s grin grew wider. “She told me Uncle Sherl likes roses. And I’m called Rosie. So he likes me too.”

John’s eyebrows knitted, now fully confused. “Roses? She—? Where is your Uncle Sherlock?”

“He went in there with the pretty lady.” Rosie pointed at the detective’s bedroom, pouting that her dad didn’t smile at her ‘fun fact’.

“Do you know the name of the pretty lady?” John asked, already with an inkling.

Rosie nodded. “She asked me to call her Aunt Irene. She comes here a lot and plays with me. They make a lot of funny noises when they go in there. Granny Martha tells me they do big boy and big girl stuff… Are they playing a game, daddy?”

John eyed the door with a sigh. “Erm… go downstairs for a bit, dear. I think I’ll have a word with your Uncle Sherl and Aunt Irene.”

There’s something amazing about this life. The very same worldly attribute that causes us pain is also what gives us relief: Nothing here lasts. What does that mean? It means that the breathtakingly beautiful rose in my vase will wither tomorrow. It means that my youth will neglect me. But it also means that the sadness I feel today will change tomorrow. My pain will die. My laughter won’t last forever but neither will my tears. We say this life isn’t perfect. And it isn’t. It isn’t perfectly good. But, it also isn’t perfectly bad, either.

Yasmin Mogahed 🌷

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am I the only one who finds it weird that Rose "Experimented with sexuality" but she only got out with men? like, maybe it doesn't mean anything but for me it's weird

We don’t know for sure that she did only experiment with men. And even if she did, all that means is that she was straight.


Title: Day 2; Family
Summary: Alisha is very composed. 
Rating: SFW, AU
Day/Prompt: Day 2; Family

 (Enjoy another super clichéd part of the HS AU. I’m not crossposting to AO3 yet, I’ll do that once all is finished and I can flesh everything out. Also the prompts are not necessarily a whole story, though they have a continuity, also sorry for any errors.)

Rose had improved quite a bit in the last few weeks, Alisha thought, even if she was a bit spacey from time to time. It reminded her a bit of Mikleo whenever Sorey came crashing into their student council office with a new historical fact. Sorey liked to do that a lot, much to the embarrassment of her fellow Student Council member (and to her personal amusement, she had to admit). Anyway, Rose had improved (as had their friendship!), that didn’t mean she was done with her tutoring, and with an upcoming test in just two days she needed to be in top-form!

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If it's not too much, how about all the Beta Kids?

Oh. Oh fuck.

Um, okay, easy part first: the Heir and the Witch cancel each other out, by which I mean John and Jade. That makes Rose and Dave the tiebreakers. Dave’s a Knight, +3, and Rose is a Seer, -2. Now, add them all together and you get +1. Divide by four for the average…

0.25. That is pretty fucking close to 0, the Waste. But also 0.5, the Fuel. I honestly don’t know which way to go for this one, so I guess I’ll do both.

See, one of the reasons the Beta kids’ session succeeded (eventually) is because their classpects were so evenly balanced. Too much one way or the other, and you end up with an inevitable failure. Same with the Alpha kids, and both Trolls. All those sessions had with an average class value of 0.

Now for the other, far more difficult part: the aspects. Breath + Time = Sand, Breath + Space = Force, Breath + Light = Cloud, Time + Space = All, Time + Light = Lore, and Space + Light = Star. Taking Sand, Force, Cloud, All, Lore, and Star into consideration, I’m gonna have to go with…

*sighs in exasperation* I know that people will tell me this isn’t one syllable, and that I’m breaking my own rules, but I really feel like Heaven is the perfect quadrispect for these, and the closest I can get to Heaven having one syllable is Zion.

So the Waste of Zion is one who finds everything they were looking for in life. They achieve the promised land, and live happily ever after.

Doing jack shit.

And you know what? I kinda feel like this fits! Let’s take a look at the epilogue: what do the Beta kids do once they win Sburb? Not a whole lot!

Of course, what are you supposed to do in heaven?

Me, I prefer the other hero. the Fuel. The Fuel of Zion is one who creates a crapton of heaven. Way more heaven than anyone could know what to do with. Now THAT fits! Because these kids don’t just rebuild their OWN society, they do the same for the trolls! AND the Carapacians! Nobody thought to do that; nobody was thinking: “hey! What about the Carapacians? What’s gonna happen to them?” I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen: They’re gonna make heaven! HEAVEN FOR EVERYBODY!!!

And that’s pretty sweet.


If you can separate Usnavi and Alexander Hamilton you can separate Natasha Rostova from Eliza Schuyler

If you can separate Roxie/Rose/Dunyazad from Ghost Quartet and Sonya from Great Comet you can separate Natasha Rostova from Eliza Schuyler

If you can separate Lexi from Smash and Amélie Poulain you can separate Natasha Rostova from Eliza Schuyler

Just because Pippa was more famous for Hamilton doesn’t mean Natasha is not a separate entity because that’s fucking disrespectful to the fact that Great Comet is a whole nother musical so it would be nice if Natasha isn’t tagged as Eliza and vice versa.

I really wish rose had left more for Steven other then that video which didn’t really explain anything or give him anything to work with

I mean she knew she was going to “die” for months if her pregnancy worked the same way a humans would that should have given her plenty of time to write some letters make some more videos something solid for Steven to remember her by

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I'm really curious about the possible inclusion of new Ravus cutscenes in FFXV! I mean, we never learn exactly *how* he joined/rose to the rank of high commander? I can't help but wonder if it was his choice to join the Imperial Army, to actively fight against King Regis, who seemingly 'betrayed' him and Tenebrae; or, if the enlistment was forced upon him? To possibly isolate him from Luna? (I'm so sorry for the long rabble, but I just curious what other people thought!)


For me, I feel like him joining the Imperial Army was a bit of self-preservation. (well, family preservation? for his AND Luna’s sake)

Like… hm…

I feel as though Ravus joined so that he would be able to learn more about what makes Niflheim tick. Not planning to overthrow them, but not out of revenge thirst against Regis, either. And I think it put him in a position to be able to protect Luna.  “Look, she’s the Oracle, she’s gonna heal people. Just let me assign people to her, I’ll make sure she doesn’t run away, but she isn’t staying locked up in Fenestala Manor, either”

I think he probably was able to make sure that the leash she was kept on wasn’t shorter than it was. I’m sure her own strength and fighting contributed to the freedoms she had, ofc, but I think Ravus’ influence was a major factor.

I really think he did it mostly for Luna. It also put him in that position that when it came time to overthrow Insomnia, he was able to get his hands on the Ring of the Lucii, which sure seemed to be his longterm goal. And to that end, I fully believe it’s because he wanted to try to fulfill the prophecy to spare Luna’s life. Hell, he probably wanted her to marry Noctis, too, even if he didn’t fully approve. I think he didn’t want Noct to die cause it woulda made Luna sad, and he woulda rathered they live long and together in darkness than die saving the world.

….I have Ravus feels the more I think about him lol

[ Although I am not as active as I once was, I wanted to post this today for two reasons. First, this past week I was given the opportunity to join my boyfriend and his family in Florida as a birthday gift (today is my actual birthday) and during that week I bought myself this beautiful tattoo as a gift to myself. Second, this is to sort of show you all what Valentina means to me - this rose is for her, my muse, my creative outlet, the one born of years of ideas piled into one being. This tattoo is to remind me that creative ideas can grow and blossom and become beautiful, just as she had.

Thank you all for loving her as much as I do, and I promise to continue to work on her and present her to you one day in the future. ]

okay so much so much

Gael Garcia Bernal on the wall PREACH IT BROTHER




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Isn't it illogical that Pearl in Rose's Scabbard not only just watched how Steven almost fall into death but didn't think for a moment that Steven IS Rose and so she just watched actually how Rose fall into death? I mean, if Steven didn't catch that one root, he would be now dead and his/Rose's Gem probably cracked or shattered. So actually, shouldn't Pearl's reaction in this episode more be like "Fuck that sword, I have to save that little living piece of Rose which is left behind"?

gotta decide pearl. is steven rose or not… do u care if he dies or nah

Rosamund means Rose of the World

She’s beautiful. She has that cold city girl vibe too when you first meet her. With the smile that could make the boys give roses on valentine’s day, she’ll walk pass by you elegantly. And if you pay more attention, you’ll know that she has complicated personality. She don’t simply tell you everything about her at the first day you met her. But trust me, I have the feeling that she also can tell her embarrassing story when the time comes.

I will tell you, apparently she lives her college life peacefully. But I won’t tell you which year she is now. Because Gosh, what’s the important thing about years on college, right? Has she date yet? Sorry boys, you’re too late! But you guys still have chance to give chocolate on her bags secretly, ‘cause why not? Lmao. Just, don’t stare at her too much because somehow, she hates being the center of attention.

I haven’t tell you her name, right?. She has beautiful name given by her parent. But I also won’t say it. I prefer call her Rosamund. It means ‘rose of the world’. Or, if you find it difficult, you could simply call her Rose.

in beauty and the beast, in the song “be our guest” lumiere says “ten years we’ve been rusting” so ten years has past since the spell was places on the beast.
the witch said that he needs to find love before his 21st birthday, and when belle arrives at the castle the rose is already wilting, so he must be near approaching his 21st
so if the spell was cast ten years ago that means that the witch placed the spell on a 10/11 year old boy!!!
what the fuck witch!!!!!