the meaning of the name makes me cry though

EoS Theory

So I don’t know if someone has pointed this out/noticed yet…

I was born in Italy and therefore am fluent in Italian so Lorcan’s last name immediately caught my eye I had a fit in the middle of maths. His last name Salvaterre roughly translates to ‘saviour of the lands’ in Italian. (If you want proof, put salva terre into Google translate and even though Google translate sucks you get the idea, I’m not making this up)

So as I carried on reading EoS I kept on coming back to his last name, I thought maybe he would aid the crew and save the lands from Erawan. 

Clearly this did not happen I cry so this leads me to think that either we don’t know enough about Lorcan’s past or he will play a very important part in ToG6. This is just a theory but Sarah being the Queen of Foreshadowing I refuse to believe that his last name was a mistake or just coincidence. 

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means: when Starfire was lost in the blizzard and felt so disoriented and alone that even her alien body couldn't ward off the cold of a Russian storm, even though she has survived the cold of space, she uttered Robin's name in the moment she knew there was a chance that she collapsed and might not make it. through everything, she has faith that he'll somehow find her and save her just like he always does. and at that same moment, Robin wants to run after her because he knows she needs him and is just so worried. their bond is so strong it makes me want to cry.

My sister never cried

by reddit user aloneinthefray

When we were kids and she fell, scraping her knee, she would just giggle.

“I’mma get a band-aid, a pink one!” she said.

When her first long-term boyfriend dumped her, she laughed and offered me her arm as we made our way home.

“Guess this means we’re the hottest single chicks in school again.” she whispered gleefully into my ear, making me laugh, too.

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3. Name three favorite writers

  • @walkerbaby could probably combine all my least favorite things in a fic and still make me love every single word
  • @iniquiticity‘s writing is Beautiful, their world building is amazing, and their use of metaphors and language make my cry because it’s so awe inspiring
  • @thellamaduo puts so much thought into every thing they’ve ever written? and the finished product just makes so much sense and works so well?? i’m???

4. Name three authors that were influential to your work and tell why

  • @lol-phan-af has to be mentioned, I mean, 177(6) was definitely influenced by 1-800. I wasn’t intending on making it a chat-fic, but i loved 1-800 so much I kinda though, you know, why not? And so it was born
  • @writelikeitsgoingoutofstyle kinda influenced me in the type of stories i’ve taken on recently? Like, mine are Nowhere near their level, but something about their fics kinda made me want to go “i wanna try my hand at something full length” A fic being incomplete always terrified me because I had never really finished anything before, so like,,, 
  • @walkerbaby is going to be mentioned again because her fic is the one I’ve kinda read and been like, ‘huh, so That’s how dialogue works”

5. Since how long do you write?

  • I’ve probably been writing fanfic since I was 11 or 12 (i’m 19 now), and that’s definitely when I started to Write. I took creative writing classes when I was like 7 and 8, but I don’t think those really did that much lmao

time for my “favorite little things from hamilton in no particular order” list

  • “why do you write like you’re running out of time” 
  • the way Hamilton always says his name in his own theme even though it interrupts other people’s themes
  • Hamilton’s “just you wait” juxtaposed with Burr’s “wait for it”
  • “aaron burr, sir”
  • the person in the Cabinet Battle who goes “not my alcohol” in the background
  • “civics lesson from a slaver, hey neighbor / your debts are paid cuz you don’t pay for labor”
  • the way the use of the same actor for Lafayette/Jefferson and Hercules/Madison gives both meanings to “I fought with him”
  • and how laurens/phillip saying “i died for him” makes me CRY
  • “you walked in and my heart went BOOM”
  • “handsome, boy does he know it”
  • how drunk they all are during the Story of Tonight reprise, these giant fucking revolutionary nerds
  • “Martha Washington named her feral tomcat after him-” “THAT’S TRUE!” because he is a giant fucking nerd who needs you to know about this historical fun fact.
  • “You’ll understand the reference to another scottish tragedy without me having to name the play” and then he names the play. and all the characters. and the setting. DO YOU GET IT ANGELICA IT’S MACBETH.
  • the way the play never lets you forget that Hamilton was an immigrant
  • the way the play makes it clear that no one else ever forgot that Hamilton was an immigrant
  • “ya best g’wan back where ya come from!” in a clear mockery of a caribbean accent
  • “sir, i don’t know what you heard, but whatever it is- Jefferson started it.”
  • the way Eliza sings “helpless” during Satisfied
  • “Let me be part of the narrative” / “I’m removing myself from the narrative” / “I put myself back in the narrative”
  • Eliza beatboxing for phillip during take a break
  • comma sexting
  • “Here’s an itemized list of 30 years of disagreements.” / “Sweet jesus.”
  • “I’ve been in Paris meeting lots of different ladies / i guess i basically missed the late eighties”
  • Literally anytime Jefferson goes “Waaaaaaaaaaat”
  • “Pick up a pen, start writing.”
  • the way that the cabinet battles are probably almost exactly how it went down
  • “how do you write like tomorrow won’t arrive / how do you write like to need it to survive / how do you write every second you’re alive / every second you’re alive”