the meaning of christmas


He gotta give him that air you know

Happy Christmas Eve Potterheads❤💛❤💛

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Mean Girls x the @taylorswift school of dance.

WELL, I’ve been enlightened to the beautiful miracle that is Korrasami month??? Who could’ve guessed? Get ready for a lovely month of sketchy fluff for everyone’s favorite power couple…

Important thing about the purge universe is that tv exists in the purge universe, I mean it’s just our world with Purging so like obviously, but have you considered that this means that like how sitcoms have Halloween episodes and Christmas episodes, they would also now have purge episodes

I would pay God direct cash if I could get hooked up with the purge universe’s episode of the Big Bang theory where Sheldon in a full bazingaed blood rage decapitates Howard with a dull prop bat'leth as the audience laughs uproariously


“…This plushie blob fish from Dan, which I think is an accurate representation of my soul”