the meaning of chad

Max: hey you boys dare me to wear a dress for a video?

Joji and Ian: No.

Max while applying lipstick on, already in the dress: You guys are so crazy! I can’t believe you are making me do this!

Domestic life with joji

- Him making a surprise vid to propose to you with all his friends
- Tummy kisses
- Him singing you to sleep when your sick or on your period
- Arguing over who has to do the dishes
- Hearing him in the next room over recording
- Playing with each others hair
- Traveling together
- Being really nervous to meet Ian, Max and Chad bc they mean so much to him
- Him walking around the house with no shirt on
- Bathing together
- Back hugs
- Shopping for videos
- “What the fuck is all this getting used for???”
- “You’ll see”
- Him teaching you Japanese so he can talk freely around you
- Begrudgingly cleaning up after vids
- Sharing music
- Gently love making but also really rough sex when he’s in the mood
- Going on walks, especially when its raining

I hate how some people will justify stalking joji to find “rares” by saying “oh he’s famous so it doesn’t matter” or “he’s so hot though”.

it doesn’t matter if he’s “famous” or attractive. stalking is stalking. going out of your way to find pictures of a person who doesn’t even know you is straight up weird.

Also y'all are always whining about how people say shit about Chad and always say “noooo don’t be mean to Chad he’s human too” but some ppl will tell anisa to kill herself, call her ugly, and say she doesn’t deserve Ian.

I get that y'all wanna fuck them or whatever but respect their privacy, some of you aren’t even legal or close to being legal. if “daddy joji” did bang you he’d be in jail charged with statutory rape (now I’m just being extra oops).

just for the love of God respect their privacy. I doubt y'all would want someone going through your friends/family’s accounts trying to find pictures of you.

(also don’t call into a radio show and use your one chance to ask joji something and ask some dumb shit like how tight ian’s ass is, do you know how hard it is to get through and actually speak to him?)

You can’t convince me that Carlos and Doug wouldn’t be best friends (despite their little interaction in the movie). Think about it, Carlos recites the periodic table to himself when he’s nervous and it’s pretty obvious that Doug is also a giant nerd. So what I’m getting at here is, dorky bffs that like to talk about science and their jock boyfriends

okay but remember how in BOTFA Azog uses these contraptions to relay his orders across the entire battlefield?

that kind of implies that at some point his entire army of orcs would have had to sit down and study what exactly each signal meant. just imagine that:

“Okay gang, now left wing down, right wing ¾ up. what does that mean?”
“Lunch break?”
“For Sauron’s sake Chad, how many times! Lunch break is left wing 1/3 up, right wing halfway up we’ve been over this!”

nice to see that ian and chad have finally managed to weed out the idiots who should never have become ‘fans’ of either of them to begin with. what confuses me the most is that they knew what they were getting into. ian and chad have never shied away or tried to cover who they are and what they do. they’re literally famous for their controversial edgy humor. there was never any grey area here for someone to be confused or conflicted about the type of content they make or the things they say/do once they’re playing the role of their youtube/social media personas. and yes, this includes the things they say purely for ‘shock’ value too. i mean, look at chad’s youtube name. ‘Anything4Views’. the clue’s in the name, right?? so being an overly sensitive, easily offended person who was brought up on tumblr-’education’ and ‘morals’, and then choosing to become a fan of either ian or chad is kinda like having one limb and then choosing to fucking sAW IT OFF…… but once they realise that it’s fucking painful they stop halfway and decide that maybe sawing your own leg off isn’t such a good idea after all. like why the fuck did you do that to yourself??? lmao. idk… maybe now they’ve finally learnt a lesson from this. lesson #2: don’t forget to subscribe to tyler oakley :)) 


Chad: “- Man, I can’t believe you’re dating a model..  who is naked on a billboard… that’s like…weird!”
Chad: “- I mean, let’s face it, you’re like… a slice of really dry bread and she is… she’s an éclair filled with vanilla cream, covered with chocolate ganache!”
Danny: *laughing* “- Have you been flipping through your mom’s old cook books again?”
Chad: “- Yeah, I’m hungry, dude… by the way, our landlord is going to freak out when he sees this…”


Red Hot Chili Peppers

NurseyDex: A Ride On The Wild Side

My brain wouldn’t stop chanting “Bad Boy Dex! Bad Boy Dex!” today.

“Hey Nursey!” Nursey shoves another textbook into his backpack as Mandy slides up to his locker. “Did you hear who is outside?”

“Nope.” Her eyes grow wide just as her best friend Jenny rushes up and nearly knocks her over. Those two are never far from each other. 

“That public school kid from across town showed up five minutes before the final bell on a motorcycle. A very loud motorcycle.” 

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Sex and cuddling with Chad Gable would include

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◊ Chad loves you on top

◊ He pull your body on top of his and bury his face in your chest

◊ Chad will leave marks all over your skin

◊ He likes to give you the control before he’ll flip you two over and take control

◊ Very athletic which means he can go for awhile

◊ By the end of the night you’re pretty exhausted

◊ But that means morning sex

◊ Which is slow and loving

◊ Basically giggly sex


◊ Chad loves to lay his head in your lap

◊ Basically you’re the big spoon

◊ He loves it when you play with his hair

◊ Or hum to him

◊ When you’re really tired he’ll pull you close

◊ Let you sit in his lap and fall asleep

◊ You two alternate positions about 30 times per cuddle ses

Day 6: Wes
The fandom phenomena of Wes Weston was something that surprised me, to say the least. Apparently he’s hardly canon? But this made it all the more fun to work with his character 🏀
Wes, to me at least, looks like student president material; wholesome, Honour-student-bound, in multiple student clubs, head well set on his shoulders. But maybe a bit of a neat freak, secretly keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer everywhere he goes, that kind of stuff.
Once Danny Phantom becomes known, his uncanny resemblance doesn’t really bother him until his parents and the jocks start hustling him about it. And by the jocks we mean Chad. “I know you said that you’re not Danny Phantom-” “I’m not.” “Right… but y'know, if you WERE, y'know, like, I can totally keep a secret!” “SIGH”.
Dash doesn’t jostle him too much though, seeing as he’s basketball captain and at least level with him in student status.
I can see him using his resemblance to get more votes as valedictorian, but only being annoyed enough that he lets out a loud sigh to collect himself if someone mentions “Phantom” around him.
I can see him looking up paganism or stuff for defense once the ghosts roll into town, though. Just knowing small protection charms or spells and keeping a talisman or two that he is 100% certain will ward off evil spirits. So then, the fact that the ghost incidents never occur near him also adds on to the jocks’ (and I still mean Dash’s) suspicions.