the meaning of chad

Max: hey you boys dare me to wear a dress for a video?

Joji and Ian: No.

Max while applying lipstick on, already in the dress: You guys are so crazy! I can’t believe you are making me do this!

How them 2000s live actions kids shows be
  • Normal Girl: *internally* I'm just a normal high school girl. I suck at math. I hate my parents. When someone asks me about my opinion on complex socioeconomic issues, I just go "What the heck!?" and start "texting" or something like that. My life would be just like yours, except for one thing: I have an amazing power... I can talk to cetaceans!
  • *at the docks, a bell tolls as our normal protagonist hears the voices of cetaceans bubbling in her mind*
  • Normal Girl: *staring deeply into the ocean*
  • Best Friend: Ahoy! What're you doing?
  • Normal Girl: Just staring into the oceanic abyss, thinking about how much I hate my parents. *internally* I have to keep my ability to speak to cetaceans secret or else... uh...
  • Best Friend: Haha, I feel that, friend. What a colorful life we teens live, our seaside environment awakening a rumbling darkness within ourselves of which we mull on our own with nothing but the unbounding depths of the ocean as our one escape. An escape which serves to only maim our fragile egos with newfound adolescent anxieties.
  • Normal Girl: What are you even talking about?
  • Best Friend: I don't know. I haven't slept in a week. Let's go to the mall.
  • *at the mall*
  • Normal Girl: *internally* My town might as well be called Lamesville. Nothing ever happens here, but the mall can be pretty fun. It's only place in the whole town with anything in it that isn't fish or excessive amounts of woodlice.
  • Best Friend: ...So I'd just dance and I'd dance until my feet broke. When that happened, I'd just get up and dance on my broken feet. And I did this until they were raw and blood was everywhere. I kept waking up in the morning extremely exhausted after this dream. I decided to record myself one night and it turns out I was dancing in my sleep. I haven't slept since I saw that. *leans in close to the normal girl* I'm afraid of what I'll do in my sleep.
  • Normal Girl: Wow, sounds weird... I guess. *sips coffee*
  • Best Friend: OMIGAWD! It's Chad Alphakid. He's coming this way!
  • *the normal girl and her best friend squee*
  • Normal Girl: *externally* That's Chad Alphakid. Who is he? He's only the hottest most coolest boy in this entire lame city. I've been crushing on him since I was like twelve.
  • Chad: Uh, okay.
  • Normal Girl: Did I just say that out loud!?
  • Chad: *sits at the table* Listen, I don't care what you or your friend think of me. I need help!
  • Best Friend: Have you murdered somebody?
  • Normal Girl: Do you need a girlfriend?
  • Chad: No, it's the ocean. The sound of her waves crashing against the shore is like a faultless siren song. There isn't a single night where I don't have visions of floating within her cold embrace. The allure of her boundless depths beckon to me like a lover. I'm afraid that if I don't get help soon, I'll find myself taken away by her to a fate unknown.
  • Normal Girl: *internally* Great, this is a chance to finally use my power to speak to cetaceans to my benefit! *externally* But why do you need us to help you?
  • Chad: You guys are the biggest fucking degenerate weirdos in this washed up town. If anyone knows how to deal with this, it's you two.
  • Best Friend: Haha, truuuuuu!
  • Normal Girl: I'm not a weirdo! I'm a completely normal girl.
  • Chad: Dude, you fucking talk to fish.
  • Best Friend: You do talk to fish.
  • Normal Girl: I don't talk to fish! *internally* I talk to cetaceans, they're mammals, not fish. Also, that's supposed to be a secret, dammit!
  • *at the shore*
  • Chad: Ah, Mother Ocean! Take me!! Take me!!! *attempts to run into the ocean, but gets held back by the normal girl and her best friend*
  • Best Friend: Simmer down, aqualad!
  • Chad: Why did you fools take me here, if not to release into the embrace of sweet Mother Ocean!?
  • Normal Girl: We talked it over and we decided that the best way to get you over your obsession is make you hate the ocean.
  • Chad: Does it involve you talking to fish?
  • Normal Girl: Yes, I mean no. I mean, fuck! Cetaceans aren't fish.
  • *the normal girl sits at the edge of shore, her eyes rolls up in her head as she proceeds to make fucked up porpoise sounds*
  • Normal Girl: *falls over limp*
  • Best Fried: She died.
  • Chad: Does this mean that I'm free to wade into Mother Ocean and meet my fate among her ever chaotic waes?
  • Best Friend: *lets chad go* Yeah, dude. I'm too far gone to care about things anymore.
  • Chad: *strips off all of his clothes* Good. I now understand that there was no avoiding this. This was always a forgone conclusion. My fate is with the waves. Sayonara, weird best friend guy.
  • Chad: *runs into the ocean*
  • Best Friend: *kicks the normal girl's body* Guess she really is dead.
  • Best Friend: *walks home as the night encroaches* My closest friend is dead, and Chad is probably dead too. I wonder where my fate lies?
  • Best Friend: *yawns* Maybe I should go to sleep and just dance myself to death finally. No, I don't think I could go to sleep even if I wanted to anymore. I'm probably going to die from exhaustion in the next few days, not having felt rest or comfort again. Or maybe I'll just stay awake forever. I feel like I was supposed to have an epiphany here, or some type of awakening. But, there's nothing. I feel like everything I've ever done has been pointless. God, I'm just really tired.
  • *back at the shore*
  • Porpoise: *beaches itself*
  • *a gray fleshy version of the normal girl crawls halfway out of the porpoises mouth*
  • Normal Girl: There goes my corpse! *drags her weird porpoise body towards the corpse* Why did I die with such a dumb expression on my face? Lame! I hope Chad didn't see.
  • Normal Girl: *looks around with beady eyes* No one's here. I can finally do this.
  • Normal Girl: *kisses her dead body on the lips* Blargh!
  • Normal Girl: *spits out blood* I bit my tongue when I died. Gross. I guess I can cross making out with my dead body and becoming a mermaid off of my bucket list, though.
  • Normal Girl: *sighs*

history of the entire world, i guess   pt. 2 {Sentence Starters} 

  • “Ok, fair enough.”
  • “Wow, that worked?”
  • “Wow, that guy’s rich.”
  • “Wanna print a brain?”
  • “Here’s 95 reasons why!”
  • “That’s just where he lives.”
  • “Christianize all the kingdoms!”
  • “No, but at least there’s beaver.”
  • “Technology is about to go crazy.”
  • “Look at this chad! It means lake!”
  • “Yes, I do actually want to do that.”
  • “We gotta start pillaging some stuff.”
  • “Why didn’t we think of this before?”
  • “By the way, where the hell are we?”
  • “Nah, don’t worry. We already got this.”
  • “Surprise! Flying robots… with bombs!”
  • “Now you can buy your way out of hell.”
  • “You could make a religio — ! No don’t.”
  • “Let’s get in the car and drive to a party!”
  • “That’s bullshit. This whole thing is bullshit.” 
  • “Well, I guess we’ll have to find another way.”
  • “Wait, no, that would be the end of the world…”
  • “Well, blame something on them and go to war!”
  • “Wanna get enlightened in the middle of nowhere?”
  • “Let’s overthrow the palace and cut all their heads off!”
  • “So, you think you can conquer the Byzantine Empire?”
  • “Which one is good and which one is an evil virus of Satan?”
  • “’Wait!’, said Christopher Columbus, probably smoking crack.”

Imagine making Theo watch Classic Disney movies with you.

Request from @tayla139

Theo had none that every second Thursday of the month belonged to you. You never had your phone on and you stayed inside all day, he never knew why, but he was certainly curious.

Well it came to the second Thursday of the month, your phone was off and you were shelled up inside.

You were inside your house, all the curtains closed, the lights off and VHS player hooked up to the TV. You put in the first tape, Cinderella. You smiled as the tape started to play, the intro music playing as you sat down in excitement.

You looked down at your table, you had popcorn, m&m’s, Reese’s pieces, some
Brownies and milk duds.

Out of all of them, the milk duds were your favorite, you put your hand in the bowl and took out a giant hand full. You were half way through the movie, Cinderella’s dress had been transformed into a glorious ball gown.

A knock came from the door, you let out a long exhausting sigh and stood up, pausing the movie as you did. You walked over to the door, looking through peep hole.

Theo stood there with a smile on his face, leaning up and down he down on his feet as he did. You pulled the door open and looked at Theo with a irritated smirk.

“Theo, I told you I was busy today.” He only bit his bottom lip and looked at you with those puppy dog eyes. “I missed you.”

You smiled, “you saw me yesterday.”

Theo looked to the left, trying to come up with another excuse to why he is at your house. “Every Second Thursday you lock yourself up in the house. I wanted to know why.”

You pulled the door open further and let him in the house, he walked in, seeing the Disney movie paused. “You watch movies?”

“Disney movies.”

He sat down on the couch, looking at the multiple snacks placed in front of him. “Why Disney movies?”

“They are amazing. My father, when he was alive, would watch Disney movies with me every second Thursday. When he passed away, I held that tradition.”

You felt awkward telling Theo this only after 3 months of dating. You moved your hair behind your ear as a sign of uncomfort.

“Mind if I join you?” You were shell shocked, you didn’t expect him to react this way. You thought he would judge you about this, but instead he was open.

You smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek, “I’m going to turn on dad’s favorite movie.”

Theo reached for Reese’s and nodded at you, you pulled out the VHS tape and put it into the player.

You stood up and sat down next to your boyfriend. You pressed play on the tape, watching as High School Musical flashes onto the screen.

Theo reached for you hand as he continues popping Reese’s pieces into his mouth, “ what’s this one called?”

“High School Musical?”

“Does that mean they are gonna start singing?” You nodded turning to see your boyfriend shaking his head.

“No. No. No.” Theo was preparing to stand up and walk out, but you quickly laid on him, resisting him from standing.

“What are you doing?” You smiled and looked up. “You are watching this movie.”

“They are gonna sing!” You nodded, “yah that’s why it’s called a musical!!”

Theo, again, tried to stand up, you kept pushing your weight on him. Hoping he would want to stay, he looked down, smiling at you once more. “Nope you can’t force me.”


Theo knew the word bet was one of your most used words. You then put your butt on his lap, not allowing him to move what so ever.

Soon after, Theo and you had gotten comfortable, Gabriella and Troy were about to watch Sharpay and Ryan perform.

Theo laughed at the outfits they wore and made occasional comments about Mrs. Darbis, only about her style choice or how she looked like a 60’s hippy.

Theo had actually been pretty into the movie, he was humming some of the tunes like a tiny child. His favorite has been Getcha Head in the game, he would occasionally say, “getcha head in the game.”

Theo reached for the remote and paused it, “so wait. Sharpay is like actually a victim.”

You turned to look at him, confused on why he thought so. “She has been doing drama for quite a long time and she only wants the best for arts, yet gets judged harshly for it. Not only that, she was in the arts before the cool Jock dude was.”

You smirked at his opinion, soon realizing he might be right. You unpaused the movie and watched as They sang the ending song, you hummed the tune under your breathe. Theo noticed but he didn’t want to really say anything, he watched you in awe.

Now that he knew of your love for Disney movies, it was almost like you had changed. To him, you had become more attractive. Once the movie ended, you turned to look at Theo, he only sat there.

“Can we watch it again.”

“Nope, it’s not a marathon if you watch only one movie. Onto Beauty and the beast.”

“Can we at least talk about it.”

“What would you like to talk about?”

“Why do all of Troy’s friends have a damn stroke when he wants to do something other than basketball?” Theo threw his hands up in the air, he was angry at the basketball boys.

“Because, unfortunately, back then it was out of the ordinary for a jock to be a nerd as well.”

“I mean Chad was an MVP until I heard his opinion.” Theo actually got into the movie and it made you smile, “Who was your favorite character?”

“Ryan.” Theo stated blankly.

“Why?” You laughed lightly, wanting to understand why.

“He gave no shits.”

You smiled at him, “can you go get me a bottle of water?”

Theo nodded, moving you off of his lap, he stood up and you then heard it. He started to hum the familiar beat to “getcha head in the game”

You laughed at him, which only made him louder. “Are there any sequels to High School Musical?”

You nodded and Theo instantly had a smile to his face. “Can we watch them?”


Dex is a nervous ball of energy. Nursey is being his (un-)chill self. 

1.4k of yelling and fluff under the cut

“What was that?”

Dex looked up startled. He hadn’t noticed Nursey entering the haus behind him. “What are you talking about?”, Dex asked in honest confusion, mentally trying to slow his quickened pulse down. 

“I saw you flirt with that Lax Bro, you know.” Nursey’s eyebrows were pulled together in annoyance, but apart from that, looked calm as ever. Or as he would say “Chill”. Fucking Nursey, Dex thought.

“FFFFuuuuuck the Lax Bros” he yelled instead on reflex. Somewhere from upstairs a damped repeat could be heard. Probably Shitty.

Nursey didn’t look impressed.

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Some of the Fiercest Bitches in the Game.

I DIDN’T SKIPPED TYRA, Y’ALL. THEY DIDN’T INCLUDED HER IN THE VIDEO, I AGREE, SHE’S KINDA MEAN AS A PERSON, BUT I LIKED HER ON SEASON 2. Chad didn’t have a close up neither, but yeah, you shady bitches blaming on me, lmao.

Nights with you Pt 2 E.D

Originally posted by thedolangifs

Y/N’s Pov~

It’s been, well a while. Since Ethan and I went on our little “Night Out” and to say i was an asshole to him, was an understatement. I, didn’t know what to do, i didn’t know what to say, all i could think about was, what could have happened if i had, said yes. Yes to the time he asked me out, when he poured his heart out to me, and i simply said no. 

Honestly, i don’t know what i was thinking back then. He was perfect, he still is and he always will be, to me. 

And that night, reminded me of what i lost. I lost what could have been “perfection”. I wanted to scream out, kick, throw a tantrum as a toddler would, tell him how much i love him. But from what i saw on that night, his feelings were fizzled away. All i wish, is that i could turn back time, and say “I Love You Too” because i did. I just valued our friendship, which is now basically nonexistent, seeing him once a month, if even. Not even intentionally just bump ins, at the store every now and then.

You wanted your friend back, fuck that. You just want him.

Not “Chad” you didn’t love him. You never did, he was just a distraction, so you could pull yourself away from Ethan. Every time you kiss “Chad” you wish it wasn’t him, you wish it was Ethan.

I mean, who wouldn’t the boy is perfection. And “Chad” is everything less than perfect. He was terrible to you, bringing a different girl every night, not giving a shit about you.

I don’t even know why i picked him over Ethan. I could have had my “Prince Charming” but instead i got quite the opposite. I got the abusive asshole.

And, the night with Ethan, made me realize how much that “Asshole” had changed me. So, that night i ended it. He didn’t care, Chad just went right back to fucking whoever.

And me? I was now living by myself away from Chad.

I spent my days thinking “What could have been?” and what i should have done differently. I could have Ethan, spend my nights with him. Create new memories, instead of reminiscing on the past ones. I could call him, but i was scared. I would just make the situation worse, and have him hate me for realizing how much i love him. I had the chance that night. I could have tried. But i didn’t. I should have. And I will always regret that decision.

So here i was. Walking around our “park”. The park we went on our little night together. That night, i felt normal i felt as if i had my Friend. But, i pushed him away, that’s what i was best at.

As i continued to walk through the old park, where we had shared plenty of “play dates” together as children, with his brother. All of the memories flooded my mind, all i could think of. Is what i could have done. I don’t even know why i’m here, it’s just making everything worse. 

I was nearing “our” swing set. The one we had been on together, just a few months prior. And there it was. A sight that could make my heart stop, right then, right there. 

It was Ethan. 

And he wasn’t alone. He had a girl with him. She sat in his lap, as he continued to swing the both of them, laughing along to some joke he made. Kissing, cuddling. Everything i wanted. With him.

That should be me. It could be me. But it’s not me. 

I tried to rush past the swings, hoping not to grab his attention. But, he saw me. 

“Y/n! Hey!” i heard as i rushed past the swings, hoping the world would end right then and there. All i wanted to do was crawl into a whole, and never return.

“Oh, hey.” i replied meekly.

“Oh, Meet Jade! Jade That’s Y/n.” He said as he slowed down his pace on the swings. 

“Oh nice to meet you!” the brunette girl who was sat on his lap replied. Man, she was gorgeous. Perfect almost. Quite tall, long Brunette hair, Blue eyes, and a smile that could light up a room. She was perfect for him. But, you still wanted him, you needed him.

“Oh, Nice to meet you. But I uh, have to go, sorry!” i apologized flashing a fake smile. Leaving the couple quite confused.

I couldn’t help it. I wanted him. Seeing him with her, hurt. Like hell. I just want Ethan Grant Dolan, all to myself. I want to spend my nights with him, i want to wake up every morning next to him. I just, wish i could have changed things. I wish he was mine. But he wasn’t he was her’s.

Hope you guys enjoy! Possible part 3? Requests and ships open♥️

You can’t convince me that Carlos and Doug wouldn’t be best friends (despite their little interaction in the movie). Think about it, Carlos recites the periodic table to himself when he’s nervous and it’s pretty obvious that Doug is also a giant nerd. So what I’m getting at here is, dorky bffs that like to talk about science and their jock boyfriends

i would have Thrived with something like a fidget spinner/cube in elementary school/high school and it’s super exhausting to see these blow up with people who don’t need them and then get called Useless because they don’t do the same things for Those people as they do for those who Actually Need Them

Ruin Joji x Reader

Insp: Ruin by Shawn Mendes

Warning: Drunk Voicemail (Ex), Swearing, Alcohol, Angst

Gif: @internet-cancer

One new Voicemail [ Sent at 1:32AM]

Sent by Unknown Number

Heyyyyy, dis is probably a baaaaaad idea huh! It’s JOJIIIIVLOGS

Hahaa, I really shouldn’t be calling you but hey you didn’t pick up again but welp this is my drunk voicemaillll and I am feeling great hehe! It’s really cold here I mean I didn’t choose to be OUT here. Can you keep a secret, I’ I- I’m sat in a gutter because…haha, I got kicked out your baarrr!~ Some stupid stupid guy he, he kept touching me and I…I punched him, him right in the faaaaaace. He told me in his big bad voice like this : siiiirrr you must leave you, hah, you can’t smoke in here and that he was told I can’t see you.

And I, oh _____ you should’ve seen me I was like noooo siiirrrr. So-so he, hehe, he, sorry oh my, he grabbed my ciggie and I was really REALLY  fucking angry so I hit him! Isn’t that just…just GREAT.

Anyways, I…I didn’t know why I rangz you but I mean hey I have no one else anymore. Ian, Max, Chad- they all left! Poof! Out of MY life and man, oh boy oh boy do IIIII LOOOVE LIFE! Why won’t they let me see youuu, I wanna seeeeee youuuuu, no one will let me see you not not Ian or Max not Chad either I… I need to see youuuu. They just poofed out of my life just like you did…because of me.

I think I’m okay I mean this drink makes me feel good so I drink it a lot like…everyday I think. I should’ve told you i shou-I…I miss you, I mean I I’m not trying to get us together I think but I just, I think you should should know I miss you and it hurts a lot and i’m trying sooooo hard and everytime I think I’ve found the one…she’s not! She’s not the one _____! I look at her and she’s not you so she’s not the one- because, that’s you! You you you you youuuuuu….you the one that …that’ s you!

I miss your face a lot and your little giggles and smiles and all the fucking  sunshine you gave me! I miss your face and your eyes the little sparkle because that’s you you’re my little sparkle…well you were you lit me up hehe!

I should’ve told you I was so FUCKING STUPID haha! I- you you were the bestest thing that had ever happened to meee and it’s so silly because you’re not mine anymore and you you don’t wanna be I…I misses that.

I should’ve told you because you were the bestest thing in mah life and you were so perfect and stupid me so fucking stupid stupid- let you go and everyone else saw how dumb I was except for meeee!

Can…can I call you my princess…just one more time please? Please please please! I- oh my princess,  you are so prreccious and golden and I miss youuuuuuu.

Pleasez, answer my calls just once I, I don’t wanna be alone again princess, take careee prinncesssss! Take care.

[Voicemail Deleted]