the meaning behind the ring

The Layers of Meanings Behind the Rings

VictuuriWeek 2017 – Day 7 – Victor Prompt – Promises

So for VictuuriWeek day 7, I’d like to talk about the rings and all the various promises they hold. This post is written as a complimentary piece to @lazuliblade‘s amazing meta here (2 metas for 2 rings) so please make sure to read that one as well! In this analysis, we’ll be looking at the various tie-ins the series has to the various layers of meaning represented by the rings.

I’ll be going in the order of how they’re mentioned in Laz’s post so please enjoy!

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Do you have trivia on Izaya?

I decided to do this just because. Got some help from Ruka and sloppily threw this together. WARNING FOR SPOILERS FROM NOVEL 13 AND BEYOND.

  • Izaya has called Kadota “Dotachin” since high school [source]
  • Izaya got ‘noticed’ in high school by Kine as someone who could work for awakusu (although he didn’t start really working for them until after).
  • In regards to the awakusu, Izaya is hired more as a third party by Shiki who believes in the power of information over brawn
  • According to Shinra, Izaya has a very brittle heart. Which is why he avoids getting it hurt by instead choosing to love ‘all of humanity’.
  • Mikado seems to be the only character from Durarara!! that Izaya regrets/wishes to get into contact with again after the events of Durarara 13. [source]
  • Izaya is younger than Shinra but older than Shizuo and Kadota [source]
  • Izaya explains in volume three that the girls who follow him were abused by either their families or their lovers. (Girls such as Saki)
  • When asked if there was meaning behind Izaya’s rings and jacket Narita joked that ‘there may be meaning! or none at all! I haven’t decided yet!’ [source]
  • It’s been said time and time again but Narita has specifically said that although Izaya loves all humans equally, in terms of sexual desire he is ‘normal’. Translators think this was Narita’s nice way of saying he is heterosexual. [source]
  • In Izaya’s novel it is implied that Izaya refuses to seek rehabilitation for his broken body because it is his way of accepting the fact that he ‘lost against Shizuo. In contrast Shizuo doesn’t think either of them won or lost because both of them lived. [source]
  • In Izaya’s novel, the boy pushes Izaya in his wheelchair while Izaya drinks Barley tea out of a wine glass. [source]
  • In volume 13 Izaya was prepared to die to prove what a monster Shizuo  is. 
  • At the end of Durarara and into Izaya’s novel it is implied that he has become traumatized by his fight with Shizuo [source]
  • Izaya pays Namie 260k a year [source]
  • Izaya is ‘repelled’ from Aoba due to their similarities [source]
  • When he met Aoba Izaya was pretending to be his cram school tutor [source]
  • When asked if Izaya has any love experience, Narita said that was a spoiler which fans believe was a reference to mikage. [source]
  • Orihara isn’t an uncommon surname. Narita chose it to stress Izaya’s ordinary origins. [source]
  • Izaya, however, is a very unusual name. While it was meant to be related the prophet Isiah there is a lot more complications to it. I’d suggest reading up on it here
  • In volume 6 Izaya was stabbed on his birthday [source]
  • Izaya hates dead fish eyes [source]
  • Izaya likes any food that can tell him about the personality of the person who made it [source]
  • He dislikes compressed/canned/junk food [source]
  • Narita has said that Izaya loves food and eats out often. [source]
  • In elementary school Izaya was a straight A honor roll student [volume 9 iirc]
  • His family members are: his grandparents Orihara Torakichi and Natsu, his parents Orihara Shirou and Kyouko, and the twins. [source]
  • His parents worked for a trading company and were overseas frequently and for long periods of time. It is noted that his parents work wasn’t a factor in the formation of who Izaya is, but that lack of contact with them might have helped in that formation. [source]
  • Izaya is the reason why the twins turned out like they are [volume 9]
  • Izaya’s record is spotless save for a corrective guidance due to ‘stabbing Shinra’ in middle school. Corrective guidance being not juvenile delinquency but something more like a ‘plan’ to prevent it from happening again [source]
  • Izaya’s cover for his information brokering is that he is a Financial planner [source, also Durarara SH]
  • While most information brokers get information from the source (night club workers, etc) Izaya has done better by instead using other information brokers as his sources/network. [source]
  • Izaya gets alot of his information from Shinichi Tsukumoya.
  • Shishizaki-senpai was the only person who could catch Izaya.
  • He was viewed as a loner in elementary school. But whenever people realized he was left out they’d often fight over him. [source]
  • Izaya initially thought ‘Shizu-chan’ was a girl. He later adopted that nickname and used it when he met Shizuo. [source]
  • When he is using a fake name Izaya always claims he is 21.  [source]
  • On Izaya’s anime driver’s license it says he wears glasses. I don’t know how much I believe this though since the name on the license was ‘Nakura’.
  • Izaya fears death more than anyone and reveres heaven more than anyone. But he’d rather spend eternity in hell rather than to become ‘nothing’ [volume 2? or 3 iirc]
  • Izaya doesn’t deny his involvement in causing the ruin of other people. He acknowledges that he pushes people knowing what they will do but chooses to do so in order to see if they will exceed his expectations. [Volume 3 and later to Akabayashi]
  • Izaya weighs himself after every daily shower [volume 9]
  • Both Shiki and Namie refer to Izaya as ‘Loki’ at different points

I know some people claim that Izaya’s favorite fruit? Is a red apple? I have never seen a source for this (and trust me, I’ve looked) so yeah I don’t believe that whatsoever. (Not gonna say it is bs but unless someone shows me a source it doesn’t sound reliable). But I think that is pretty much all I have/can think of from the top of my head in regards to Izaya. Read volume 9 for more!! (No seriously, if you’re an izaya fan you need to read volume 9 if you haven’t already)

OUaT - Thoughts on Proposals & Weddings

All hiatus long I’ve been thinking about the Captain Swan proposal spoiler. When I first started thinking about a CS proposal and wedding, I was wondering if anything could be extrapolated from the Snowing and Rumbelle proposal scenes to give a clue as to how a CS proposal might go down. It seemed a natural progression to also look at the Snowing and Rumbelle wedding scenes to see if anything could be taken from those scenes as well to predict what could happen in a Captain Swan wedding.  Now that we have a hint that that a CS wedding could happen this season as well, I decided to put everything down in one post and get it out there before it’s too late.

Two caveats before I start rambling on – First, Emma is A&E’s original princess, OUaT is her origin story and her journey to finding her happy ending by finding her family, her home, and her TL.  Because of that, I think it would make sense for Emma’s engagement and wedding to break the mold, if there is one, and have each of those occasions be something completely unique to her and Killian instead of a mirror or parallel the one that have come before. [Not that I’m letting that stop me from making this post!]  

Second, I’m using Snowing’s first wedding for the basis of this comparison/analysis because it is the one we were able to view in its entirety, and the more spiritual union versus the second, interrupted wedding, which seemed likely to have been performed more for the public.

Ok, now on with, well, with whatever this is…

Summary of Analysis Applied to Emma & Killian:

  1. The location of the proposal, whether the proposal itself is spontaneous or planned, should be some place that is symbolic of Emma and Killian’s power as a couple.  
  2. The “ring” (i.e., the item exchanged at the moment of the proposal), I think, will be something that holds meaning to Killian, and something Emma already knows about and how much it means to him.  
  3. The location of the wedding, again, whether the event is spontaneous or planned, should be somewhere that is symbolic of hope and restoration to both Emma and Killian.  
  4. Finally, the person performing the ceremony should be someone whose persona represents the core value of Emma and Killian as a couple.

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And this? Ragnar gave me this.

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Could I maybe ask for 24 with Taemin for the affection drabble game? :)

Originally posted by celes-tae

Lee Taemin: “Sharing pieces of clothing, such as rings, shirts, jackets, etc.”

If she’d like to point out something that they did often in the relationship, she would say sharing clothes. It all started when the two had noticed that even before dating one another, the two had rings that looked similar, as if life had decided to join them by one small piece of jewelry that showed both their similar tastes and the meaning that was behind it. Taemin had always used said ring, being one to like to wear the articles of clothing that meant a lot to him and she joined soon after, imagining that it was some kind of promise for their love that blossomed more and more every day. It was a tradition, even if they didn’t make it one.

Just like one of those nights that she had decided to look through Taemin’s wardrobe for some kind of shirt that she could use whilst she was staying at his apartment. He was laying on the bed, one leg over the other as Taemin searched on the internet whatever was on his mind. Although she hadn’t said it, he looked the cutest with his black hair moved back by his own hand and a pair of sweatpants clinging to his hips, a tank top covering his torso but showing his collarbones and shoulders that looked extremely manly, for some reason. Her fingers reach for a certain button up, thinking that it was one of those that the stylists gave him that were incredibly soft, but as she pulled it over her body, she felt a sudden wave of breeze and when her eyes landed on her reflection in Taemin’s mirror, she laughed out loud.

Taemin’s option in clothing had gotten friskier, he had been in the industry long enough to transform from a pretty, cute boy to a complete adult with that sexy aura, but she never thought that he’d actually keep one of these outfits. She had seen him wear this on stage –and it looked pretty, if she might add-, one of those button ups with a slightly wider v cut in the chest that showed his good physique, if only it wasn’t that deep, then half of her bra wouldn’t be showing and she wouldn’t be laughing. Then, she turned around, seeing how Taemin looked up from his phone to look at her before a frown appeared over his features, followed by a smile.

“What the fuck?” Those words were the ones that had been going through her head but they went past Taemin’s lips before she could say them. At this point of their relationship, he had seen her naked a few times and he was indeed thankful because he loved his girlfriend a lot –and her body as well- but it wasn’t the most comfortable of clothing to wear when going to sleep. “In my defense, it doesn’t look that deep when it’s on my body.” He talks about the amount of skin that is showing in the chest area and she rolls her eyes, placing her hands over her hips.

“I seriously can’t believe that you’ve become a cocky asshole that has to show every single part of his body because he’s hot as fuck.” She jokes and she hears Taemin chuckling as she takes off the shirt and tosses it on his closet, picking up one of his sweaters before throwing it over her body. She makes her way towards him and his arm is sprawled over the bed sheets so she could lay her head over it, instantly cuddling closer to his body.

“That’s because I am hot as fuck.”

She pats his head lovingly before a smirk appeared over her lips. “Sure thing, dreamy boy.” Then, she closes her eyes, almost sensing that she was perhaps lightening up the situation so she could have a great laugh. The two teased each other to no end and she loved it when Taemin retorted to her remarks, maybe not so much when they were fighting, but normally it was okay. “I saw how you were looking at me in that shirt and it’s fair to say that I am better than you.” She opens her eyes and looks at him, tracing the outline of his collarbones in that tank top and he scoffs.

“…I’m trying to think of something to say, hold on.” Those words escape his mouth and she laughs, interlocking her hands with his only to look at the rings they shared, someday those rings will be accompanied by another one, one that represented the love that will continue forever. She presses her lips softly to his and when she pulls away, she looks up at his eyes, only to see the glint behind them. “All jokes aside, you’re beautiful and amazing and I am lucky to have you.” I am the lucky one, she thinks in her head as he brings her hands up so he could kiss them, earning a giggle from her.

“If we’re not joking anymore, then I have to confess that I love those types of shirts on you.” She winks at him as she refers to the one she had tried to wear and Taemin has a blush over his cheeks, chuckling lightly as he runs his cold fingers over her arms.

You love me, no exceptions.

Yes, I love you, Lee Taemin.

I love you too.


Another wonderful moment for Mina, I think this is the first time in the series where Mina genuinely puts aside her desires to help another person. Even if she is getting closer because she likes him, she still takes the time to listen to her crush and really consider them as their own person. Hearing his feelings of wasting away without something to really fight for ends up resignating strongly with her, considering she is going through that herself. From her finding this connection with him we see her try to reach out to him in a heartfelt way, asking him what the real meaning behind his promise ring is.

Then when things get series mina is reminded about his problems with school, and guessing from what she learned about him:

She transforms into his old teacher. This will stop her from getting closer to him but okapi is the one person mina knows he will listen to. 

Its the first heartfelt sacrifice in this series and while small it helps build the way to minako’s actions in sailor moon.

Shinra: The Shittiest Santa Ever

Gifting:   @itsnotloveifitsjust
Santa:     @screamingrose


     Izaya stirred and nuzzled his face closer into his pillow.

    *cli-click shwing*

    This time Izaya sat up in bed. That was definitely the sound of the front door opening. He tried to wake the drooling body next to him to no avail. Shizuo was too far gone in dream land, besides, Izaya could handle this on his own.

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This year's Grand Prix Final banquet

Yurio is still suffering. Every time his eyes land on Yuuri and Viktor, they are oblivious to the world and being disgustingly happy and in love. It helps that Otabek is with him the whole time. Actually, they spend the entire night talking.

Phichit is just happy that he get to meet all of the figure skaters from past and current competitive world. He takes hundreds of selfies and posts about twenty of them.

Everyone wants to talk to Viktor about his comeback but he refuses to give out the details. He would much rather brag about his amazing fiancé who broke his free skate world record. Yuuri is embarrassed but he doesn’t exactly mind it. Some people want to know the meaning behind their matching rings and Viktor is quick to tell everyone that it’s an engagement ring (cue blushing, adorable Yuuri and Viktor dragging him to the bathroom for a quick kiss)

Chris is at the banquet with the mystery man/his boyfriend. Watching this year’s finalists and Viktor, he decides he will stick around for one more year as well.

JJ is happy that he won bronze, and tells everyone that he will win gold at the Four Continents and marry Isabella. He talks to his former coaches, and Celestino congratulates him while Yakov tells him that he did a good job picking himself back up.

There is no drunken dance-off. Yuuri doesn’t drink a drop of alcohol because he is terrified that history will repeat itself. But when some people start asking for an encore of “Stay by Me” so they do it.


Luhan got asked about the ting on his ring finger
LH: I bought it that time, there’s one more…
(fans interrupted)
LH: What?
(fans asking where he bought it from)
LH: From Korea, Korea, do i have to say the brand? hahaha
Fans/MC: What’s the meaning behind it?
LH: Becuase I’ve seen it, I tried wearing the ring o a different finger but the rest of the fingers are rather thick an its not nice when I wear it. And I couldn’t possibly wear it here right?


Do you remeber that time when Luhan first time wears Cartier bracelet and approximately one month later we saw Minseok’s Cartier ring! I always tought that after Luhan left EXO he always wears Minseok’s ring but NO! He wears his own one! OMG! They have couple ring and I believe with all my heart to that fact!

And do you know description of that Cartier’s Love set? Here; A child of 1970s New York, the LOVE collection remains today an iconic symbol of love that transgresses convention. The scew motifs, ideal oval shape and undeniabla elegance establish the pice as timless tribute to passionate romance. Studded with diamonds, yellow gold or rose gold: how far would you go for love?

Pic cr: exoluminfan

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Hello. I want to ask what are your personal top 5 favorite Nyongtory moments that shows that it could be more than just bromance? Thanks!

Well I love them there are just so many moments..not being really specific but
1: Every time GD’ stares at Ri..whether on stage or off stage ..Like you can see the love in his stare..Its a special kind of stare. .the one you only give to ur loved one..
2:The way GDRAGON laughs..smiles and brightens whenever he is around Seungri. .and most importantly how he is always Clingy or act cute may I say? Like a child around Seungri.
3:Wanting to kiss Seungri. GDRAGON ISN’T JOKING. .He really wants to kiss Seungri. .and its not even FOR FANSERVICE..
4:The fact that G DRAGON always talks about Seungri. .even when it has nothing to do with seungri. .and Seungri always talking about GDragon. .
5:Seungri saying “MY BOYFRIEND IS GD”..Others may take it as a joke but I believe me crazy but seungri’s personality is just like one of those people that can’t really keep a secret, they will somehow let it out. .cause he has a big mouth haha. .and Seungri usually just says whatever without thinking. .so yeah..theres something there!! PLUS seungri always posts nyongtory photos.
6: Those rings that G DRAGON has been clinging to since last year..and Seungri has the same rings as well (though he doesn’t usually wear them) like seriously there must be some meaning behind those rings for the dragon to cling to them like that. . (Plus he wears them on the wedding ring finger)
7:There is always news/ reports about GDragon and Seungri. .when they go out to dinner. .when they do or say something. .like just why report them without reporting about maybe g dragon and Top going out to dinner or doing this and that?? ( I heard Korean media is banned on reporting about same sex idol relationship scandals. .so maybe like they do a beat about the bush kind of report since they can’t really publicize it??)
Oh well so many other reasons..O seriously believe there is more to Nyongtory than just fan service.

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Can i ask what will RFA member do when they want to marry MC? (i mean like asking for permission to MC's parent, preparing or proposing) thankyou! (( gonna use this for my ff tbh ))

( oohhh good luck with your writing, and I hope these hcs help! )


- Probably get some confidence lessons from Zen before doing anything. He wouldn’t be able to propose to you if he couldn’t say the darn sentence!

- The two of you had been dating through his college years, and now that he was graduating, he wanted you to be with him in that chapter of his life too. And the rest of his chapters. 

- His ring wouldn’t be fancy. It’d be a soft silver band. He just hoped you’d look beyond the ring, and see the meaning behind it. 

- He’d schedule a secret meeting with your parents and ask them. He’d remember Zen’s confidence lessons and explain what his plans where after graduation. 

- Your parents already loved him as their own son, and admired his traditional approach. They’d be ecstatic to have him as part of the family, and they know he’d treat you well. 

- He’d propose to you on Lolol lol. Defeat a boss together and then you’d get a marriage request. You know Yoosung doesn’t so anything solely for the benefits. He’d then kneel infront of you in real life with the ring and propose. 


- He’d get you a simple but elegant diamond ring. 

- He would be banging his head against the wall. He was a famous actor! He could act anything! Why was he getting so bent out of shape over a question!? 

- He’d try to do it at home, in a restaurant, and even a rehearsal, but each time he’d chicken out. He’d be so nervous! 

- Eventually during a performance where he’d be swarmed by his fans, he calls you out to him. 

- Then in front of all his fans he kneels down and proposes to you. 

- Then in front of his fans he proclaims that if anyone publically hates his fiancee or harasses her, he’ll quit his job. 

- You never have to deal with angry fans ever. 


- She vents to Zen about her worries. How do girls propose to each other? Is there a different way than from the traditional kneel and ring? What if your family is against it? What if you two fall out of love? Who’s suppose to propose?! 

- Zen would have to distract her with some coffee and soothe her and then let her have some alone time. 

- Zen is a great wingman btw. 

- He’d text you that Jaehee has something urgent to talk about. And you’d hurry home to see what was wrong. 

- Jaehee would finally confess her feelings and thoughts and worries. This was a lot to take in at once, but the fact that Jaehee had been thinking this for who knows how long… it was so endearing. 

- You kiss her during her rambling and silence her. 

- You both think a spring wedding would be nice. :3


- He is SO nervous about this, but he doesn’t outwardly show it. Jaehee would be the first to pick up on his emotional turmoil, when he was reading documents upside down, answering his calls willingly, and spacing out even during a meeting!

- Jaehee would contact V, and get him to talk to Jumin. They were best friends so surely he could do something!

- V would hurry to Jumin as soon as he could and talk to him about what was bothering him so bad. Jumin would give in and admit that as much as he wanted to marry you, he was scared. Not because of rejection, or that he was unworthy, but that you two might divorce sometime down the road. He didn’t want you two to end up like his parents. 

- V would assure that you are nothing like his mother, and he is nothing like his father. You two love and understand each other. Your relationship was based on love , trust, and communication. Not money, corporate ties, or elitism. 

- Hearing that from V really helped put his fears aside. He’d do it tonight. 

- Later that night he’d present to you the book that he read to you on the first night you stayed over at his place that Rika gave him. When you opened the bookmarked page something fell out and landed in your lap. It was a highly expensive diamond ring!? You’d look up at him, only to find him kneeling before you asking you to marry him. 

- Later he’d go and confront your parents about asking you to marry him. It would definitely go over smoothly considering you’d be marrying someone as well off and collected as Jumin. They were happy for you!


- He’d approach your parents with some fake background story of being an amazing computer repair technician and computer engineer to have them trust him so fully. They viewed him as…unconventional, but then again so were you. As long as it was for the right reasons, and he made you happy, they supported it. He assured the wedding would take place in a space station.

- That didn’t reassure them. 

- Once he got home he started to sell some of his babies. You’re shocked and ask why. He then would look up at you with a serious face and say pointedly, “ Well with my salary alone it’ll be  YEARS before we get to the space station, let alone a wedding dress and a pastor.” he explained. 

- It takes a few moments to register what he said, but you immediately squeal and hug him shouting “YES NYA!~” 


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Please write about the "just let me buy you something" with Harry! It doesn't have to be long but I need it!

You’d decided to tag along with Harry to the jewelry store so he could get one of his rings resized.  Seems his rings didn’t fit so well now that he was getting meatier.

You walked over to where all the diamond rings were prominently displayed, studying each of them intently while Harry spoke with the owner of the shop about his issues.  

You glanced down at the diamond ring on your finger.  It had been your mother’s ring.  Your dad had bought it for her for Christmas when you were 12 years old.  You picked it out.  When she passed away, the ring became yours.  

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Essay 2: The Farkles

 Okay, so today I’ll be writing up two essays. One on Farkle’s mental state the second one is this: The homelife we’re painted for the Minkus household. Everything I will bring up will have direct quotes from the series! I am abstaining from putting in any supposed siblings because they’ve never come up and that adds a whole different ballgame (for example: why are they not shown in the family portrait in Farkle’s room?) For the basis of this essay, in spite of what the writer’s have said, I’m going with the assumption any other potential children were written out.

Anyways, with this essay I’m going to go through sequential order. With that in mind please note that some of what we know about the Minkus daily routine does seem to change or, perhaps, not be as happy as we’re told. I’ll explain why later with my personal thoughts as to why that factors in.

As a secondary note, I’ve mentioned before that it becomes quickly apparent in the show that Farkle’s home creates as much (if not more) stressers in his life than Maya. Like Maya he does not talk about his family or want his friends to know much about them. Furthermore, Maya actually seems to know more about how families should behave more than him! And it’s evident from the beginning Stuart puts pressure on Farkle not only to succeed but also that his home life isn’t good enough (this is part of the reason I decided to do these two essays in one day).

So let’s proceed.

Topanga: Maya, oatmeal.

Maya: No thanks, Mrs. Matthews.

Topanga: Oh, I wasn’t asking. Farkle, you too.

Farkle: Thank you, but my mother already made me eggs- homefried, toast, marmelede and a strawberry cut in the shape of a star.

This is probably the happiest bit of homelife we get for Farkle. And later it will be complicately contradicted by the events of money. It does look like, however, that on occasion Jennifer does take the time to make Farkle a decent breakfast. Now, there could be a few reasons for this difference later:

For example, we know that the writers may not have yet decided that Farkle was a Minkus (they did say they later decided he was but we don’t know exactly when in the process they made this change). Even if it’s post that change there’s a strong likelihood that this was meant for a very different Farkle, as we know they’ve taken some of Corey’s requests to be allowed to grow very seriously.

However, I have a better theory for how/why it is like this with the context we have in money that I’ll come to later. But we do, at least, have one known happy instance with Farkle’s life at home.

Stuart: Sorry, I’m late, everyone. I was having helicopter problems, because I have a helicopter… Do you have a helicopter, Cory?

Cory: Nope. Do you have a Topanga, Minkus?

Stuart: Nope, because she chose you. I run Minkus International. I have a helicopter. And she chose you.

While this scene is largely meant for nostalgia’s sake– you can’t reintroduce Minkus without going into something like this– it needs to be looked into a bit deeper. Here is Stuart who, throughout GMW, will shows a lack of care for privacy or tact. He literally just walked into his son’s classroom and decided to show off how much he has as well as admit a certain dissatisfaction with his marriage.

When it comes to the former we know that by money Farkle disagrees with this sentiment. He wants to give their money away and questions what they did to earn so much. However, at this point, we do know that for Stuart it’s always been about being the best. He walks in, shows off, expects people to know what he is and how great he is. This is something he impressed upon his son.

As for the latter, as much of a joke as it is, Stuart’s trend of bemoaning his loss of Topanga is a constant thing. He tells his son that the woman should have been his mother and there will even be a tensity that I’ll get into later in I am Farkle.

So within five episodes we’re already deviating from that happy family breakfast. We’re already shown that, yeah, Stuart loves his son but there seems to be a certain unhappiness about his life.

Topanga: Now, Stuart, aren’t we a little too evolved to still be competing?

Stuart: Of course [chuckles nervously] Go!

Topanga: Between the two of us Riley and I have twelve-hundred-and-sixty As!

Stuart: Well, that’s remarkable, Topanga. Between the two of us, Farkle and I have twelve-hundred-and-sixty-one.


Again, meant for another nostalgic joke. Except there’s some issues here. We actually see that Topanga does not actively pressure Riley. She wants her to do well, but she’s not forcing her to make those grades. However, Farkle on the other hand seems to only know what success is at this point. His only objective seems to be to be at the top.

This is important because this is one of the primary instances of continued pressure we know Stuart puts him on. It won’t be until the latter half of season two that he manages to put this to the side in Stem.

STEM!Farkle: You do want another A, don’t you?

STEM!Farkle: [Sees Riley didn’t drop the marble, immediately passes out. Twice]

STEM!Farkle: You know what this is? [clings to Norton’s leg] It’s a redo, man! I didn’t fail! She failed, not me, I call a redo!

STEM!Farkle: Our failure isn’t on you, Riley. [quietly, like he’s not used to saying it] It’s on me. I should have had more faith in you.

This whole exchange between him and Riley is important on two different levels: One, character development. Two, the amount of stress Farkle is constantly under in order to succeed and the stressers it puts on him. Not once, but twice in under two minutes he faints because he comes to the conclusion he failed. He got less than an A.

It’s easy to say that it’s because he’s also one to try to be at the top, especially with his constant rivalry with Smackle… But there’s something to what Turner said in New Teacher that, “what a kid learns is what a kid becomes”. And what we constantly see with the dynamic of Farkle and Stuart is Stuart trying to best people.

In Maya’s mother we know for a fact that Farkle feels like he has to lie to Stuart in order to make him proud. Stuart didn’t get the girl (Topanga), so Farkle’s been feeding his father wild rumors about him having the girls chase after him. Stuart is so proud of this and Farkle looks super sheepish when trying to encourage the girls to agree.

If this was just a need to succeed, Farkle wouldn’t feel the need to lie to his father in order to have his approval. Yes, I do believe that Stuart would love him either way, but we do see him be briefly disappointed in Farkle on later occasions. 

And here’s something to note on that matter: Stuart and Jennifer are both known to love Farkle, why were neither at the Buggy Awards? There’s a matter of them having to be paid, so discounting  budgeting– why was it never an option to Farkle to invite either of his parents? Why were they not at his debates, the theater performances, the spelling bee, etc? The answer is two-fold for this one:

One, Farkle doesn’t want them to come and see him lose.

Two, as seen in Money they’re rarely around.

Farkle: My father says your wife should have been my mother!

Enough said on this one. This is the second time Stuart is brought up in the series and the first time Farkle actively mentions him. And it’s in a fairly weird place for it since, in context, it’s completely off-topic. But then again Farkle does have a habit of saying some seemingly off-the-chart things that appears to directly correlate with the fact that he’s constantly worrying about a variety of things.

Lucas: Oh my gosh, Farkle, how much was that?

Farkle: Seventy-eight thousand dollars, but I got it for free.

Lucas: How?

Farkle: Because that’s the ring my mom keeps throwing at my father. She usually wants it back by Thursday.

A few questions here: How is it they don’t miss the fact their son has the ring? Most likely answer, to Stuart that’s nothing. He can just replace that, which is something he and Farkle will likely later come into disagreement about. Would this make the Minkus’ aware that their son is aware of their fighting? Or does he listen and grab up the ring later.

I go with the latter because the ring comes up again in I am Farkle and Jennifer is surprised to see it elsewhere (a joke, but still it’s IMPORTANT because it comes up not once but TWICE), We know the Minkus residence is essentially a skyscraper that is so large that Farkle hasn’t explored it all. This is important in this instance, because Farkle is aware they’re fighting. They are likely loud enough he can hear it from wherever he  is.

Not only that but their fighting is such a common occurrence that it’s weekly. So it escalates to the point of Jennifer metaphorically calling their marriage off/separating once a week. Because generally that is the meaning behind someone returning a ring to you: They’re breaking off that relationship. This means that things are constantly bad enough at home that when Farkle sees his parents this is essentially what he expects.

IAMFarkleJennifer: He made us come right over. He didn’t want to go home. He didn’t want to do anything except be here with you.

MoneyFarkle: I just like being with you guys in your places.

It’s interesting that it’s a constant reference Farkle leans more on his friends than his own family. His first thought wasn’t his parents after finding out he might have autism, it was going to get comfort from his friends. He didn’t know how to react or what could help him without them by his side. Funny, huh?

Even more so, Farkle isn’t lying when he says he prefers his friends places. While in season one he had more stalker tendencies something I noticed is this: During any big ‘family’ moment he seems to be hanging outside of Riley’s house. Not in it, outside of it. He’s there on Corpanga’s anniversary but, more importantly, he’s there on Christmas.

 Unlike Maya we’re not given an obvious reason of why he’d show up and if it was a matter of being friends Lucas may also inexplicably appear. Sure, it was again for the nostalgia of messing with Shawn, but it’s strange he was even there in the first place. He seems to have in mind to see the girls, but when proposed with the idea he might not be a real boy goes home with the intent of investigation– not spending time with family.

As for that matter, the constant ‘clone’, ‘robot’ etc jokes are something his parents are aware of. Farkle’s also never seen his birth certificate. Why is this? Sure, it makes for a joke, but it’s rather alarming when he’s constantly concerned with who and what he may be as well. It moves from a joke to a case of is there something more going on? But as there is no detrimental proof that is merely speculation as opposed to actual fact.

Stuart: I’m Stuart Minkus, the original genuius, very happy to welcome my son to the club. I’m sure his mother who is unexceptional would like to say a few words representing her people.

Jennifer: Yeah, I’m unexceptional. But who listens to me?

Stuart: Everybody.

There we have it: More of Stuart’s superiority complex and the first time we see Farkle’s parents on screen together. Both with overly large, fake grins. This is also the only real interaction we see of them before their thoughts shift primarily to Farkle who, again, they do both love: So why is that important? 

Stuart actively says he sees Jennifer as lesser. Jennifer gets up to  pull Stuart in a show of intimidation and even shares  that same grin to Cody (who she is also actively trying to intimidate). And in just a few moments we learn that Stuart married Jennifer because “she made him”. Hmmm.

Now, I always handle these scenes with a couple grains of salt. GMW is big on bad humor– see Corpanga’s parenting– and bring up nostalgia points, but given everything we’ve seen until this point it’s not wrong to say there was some force put into this marriage. They made the person Stuart marry Jennifer who was known for handcuffing people to boat houses and trying to force Cory and Shawn apart. This wasn’t done for a ‘let’s make her come back to watch Cory squirm’ nostalgia moment.

At least not purely. They chose this because they knew the household it would make. On one hand, you have the constant superiority complex of Stuart Minkus. Willful and somewhat arrogant. Then you have Jennifer who was considered a villain trying to break the boys up and knew how to be manipulative. These are two people that are strong-willed and independent, when they work together it does seem to be a great fit–

However, that would mean working together and bending to each other and that’s where the problem seems to come in. While they do seem to have a united front when it comes to raising their son, it’s not unreasonable to say that otherwise the marriage is built on a partnership rather than love. That partnership is likely part of the reason Jennifer doesn’t mind throwing the ring at Stuart, it’s a sign she doesn’t need him.

But if that relationship is a partnership rather than based on love than the following saying becomes more pivotal:

Farkle: You guys are my best friends. Promise me one thing: Never let me not understand love.

Before wrapping this up it’s important to touch on a few details in Money. Most of it’s always been mentioned, but I think the most important moment in Money comes from the following quotes:

Farkle: Don’t know. When he does this kind of stuff… He’s not around the house very much.

Farkle: My room is stupid. It has everything I want except for the most important thing-

Lucas: Us?

Farkle: How could you put a price on that?

Farkle: Because you have your own helicopter and I have my own train. And we never see each other. There’s a lot of people in the world, dad, and they might not be as successful as you but they come home. They come home every day.

Remember when I said that Maya is more used to having people around than Farkle is? Well, this is it. This isn’t a one time thing they exchange, it’s a constant theme of Money. It’s even said by Maya to Farkle and he agrees with it. Farkle has a lot of money, he has everything he could ever want– Except for one thing: A family.

Yes, his parents love him. He knows this. He knows they both are doing everything they can for him. Farkle’s aware his father does what he does for the best of the family and that’s why he constantly explains to his father he respects him and tries to make him feel better. But it’s just as in I am Farkle that the ones Farkle considers his actual family are his friends. There’s a reason he thinks his friends need to be part of his room and he chooses to replicate Maya’s room:

It’s one of the first real times he saw people as people. As groups of families who love each other.Seeing people go home is such a new and novel idea to him he decides he wants to see it every day and makes a live stream of it.

If he was used to his parents coming home to any extent this would never had been a thing. Which is why I said I had a thought behind Jennifer’s breakfasts in season one. Outside of retcon, is it not beyond the spectrum of thought that Jennifer makes these breakfasts on a day when she’s leaving the house? Why was she not mentioned in money? It doesn’t seem impossible that during those times Jennifer and Stuart momentarily separate Jennifer goes out as well. And on those days making a breakfast for Farkle may be fulfilling her motherly role while explaining the situation.

Of course, that part is mere speculation, but it’s food for thought.

💕 10 FUN ways to build stronger bonds & grow closer! 💕

Q: My chapter has recently had some problems with sisterhood. It just seems like we aren’t as connected as we should/used to be and there’s a lot of gossip that goes around behind each others backs. Any tips on how to build a stronger sisterhood?

A: Being kind to each other year after year is a challenge for most chapters. The importance of respect, dignity and the principles of your creed must be reenforced constantly. Your sisterhood “message” needs to be preached frequently and consistently, so all the members remember what’s most important. Education, ceremonies, rituals and traditions are the top ways to keep sisters on track.

Your chapter leadership sets the tone. They should be monitoring bad behavior and nipping it in the bud. Ultimately, chapter success or failure rests with them. A loose ship springs leaks. It sounds like your organization is not water tight. Getting your officer’s and advisor’s attention would be step #1 in mending your chapter. 

I have a several posts with ideas for strengthening sisterhood bonds. Retreats, games, events and activities with a focus on getting closer are very helpful. There should be a mix of “discipline” for inappropriate negative behavior. And a series of positive programs to promote togetherness in a healthy way. All memberships need refreshing and reminding of their core values.

💕 Please check out these posts:

• 8 Tips for Simple Sisterhood Strengthening 

• 6 Seeking Sisterhood Closeness Games 

And here are some more ways to have fun while building stronger bonds….

💕 10 Activities for Sisterhood Sharing & Growing Closer: 💕 

  • Key Chain: At your next retreat or sisterhood sharing session, ask each sister to bring her key ring with her. Ask each sister to one by one pull it out and explain the meaning behind some of the items on her key ring. What each girl finds important and why can be very insightful. 
  • Grab Bag Pass: Fill a brown paper bag with the following items: $20 bill, copy of the sorority composite or magazine, piece of jewelry, cell phone, passport and candy bar. One sister in the group pulls an item from the bag and makes an honest statement about it that reveals something about her. For example, she pulls the $20 bill from the bag and says, “If I had $20, I’d buy ice cream for everybody.” Statements can be deep or simple. The first girl to start then passes the object ($20 bill in this case) to the right and that sister makes a statement, until everyone has said something about it. Then another sister can pull out a second item from the bag and continue around the group again. This activity can be done in one large group or smaller subgroups. 
  • Balloon Pop: Ask each member to write down one piece of information about herself on a slip of paper. Then gather the chapter/class into a circle. Have each sister put her paper inside a balloon. Each girl blows up her balloon and throws it in the middle of the circle of sisters. One by one, pop the balloons and everyone guesses to whom the piece of information belongs.
  • Magazine Movie: Divide the group into teams and give each team one ‘creative’ magazine picture. The teams have ten minutes to come up with a movie based on the picture and perform it for all. This skit activity is ideal for a lock-in, slumber party, or weekend retreat.
  • Human Trivial Pursuit: Divide the chapter into two teams, or several sets of two teams. Give everybody six small papers and a pen. On each paper, the sisters write a fact about themselves having to do with the 6 corresponding Trivial Pursuit categories: Geography, History, Entertainment, Art & Literature, Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure. (For example, Claire writes – “I once rode on a dog sled in Alaska.“ for Geography.) Each team collects its papers and mixes them up. Team A reads one of its papers aloud and team B together tries to figure out who the fact is about. Teams alternate turns and get a point for every right answer.
  • Heart-to-Heart Balloon: Have several large light colored balloons blown up and a black marker ready. Gather the sisters in a circle and pass the balloon(s) and pen around the group. Ask each girl to write a question they’d like to ask, or a question they would like someone to ask them, on the balloon. Depending on the size of your chapter or class, it will take more than one balloon. After all the questions are written, pass the balloons around again and each girl chooses a question to answer out loud. This is an excellent way to share feelings, pose questions anonymously and clear the air when chapters are having issues. 
  • Magazine ME: Collect lots of women’s magazines from alumnae/active members, before your next retreat or sisterhood. Ask each sister to cut out the following and paste the words and photos onto a sheet of paper ~ 1) A picture which describes you. 2) Your favorite outdoor activity. 3) A color which describes your personality. 4) A picture which describes what makes you feel most alive. 5) A picture which describes your favorite time of day. 6) A picture that you just like. After the magazine art collages are created, spend time sharing them with the sisterhood. 
  • My Chapter Journey: Pass out graph paper to each sister in the group. Ask each one to chart their personal journey through the sorority with its ups and downs. Ask them to share how they felt at different landmarks along their greek journey. Each sister should graph her own highlights and lowlights. Then discuss each sister’s graph as part of a chapter/class sharing session.  
  • Four Favorites: Give each sister an index card and a pen. Ask everyone to divide the index card into four sections. In one section, each girl draws a picture of her favorite TV show, in another section her favorite state, in the third section her favorite book or magazine, and last, her favorite food. Everyone then walks around the room showing each other their cards. The object is to try and guess what the other sister drew on her card. Do not tell each other whether their guesses are right or wrong; just listen. After everyone has guessed at the cards, go around the circle and ask the sisters to share what their favorites are. 
  • Mystery M&Ms: Pass around a bag of M&Ms and let everyone take as many as they would like. Don’t tell them anything else. Just make sure they don’t eat them. Then, ask each sister to tell one piece of information about herself for every M&M she took! Specify the topics based on the M&M colors. For example: Yellow = big/little, Red = romantic story, Green = a place she’s traveled, Brown = sorority experience, Orange = hometown/family. Sisters can eat their candy after they share their personal details. 

💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕

50 Shades of Raudenfeld Chapter 2

A/N: Thanks for the all the love on the first chapter! I’m going to try and have a new chapter out every week. This is also a pretty long chapter because I wanted to make sure we got some Karma and Amy action. I’m also trying to stay  with the 50 shades of grey theme but also make the story a bit of my own just to fit who Amy and Karma are. Feel free to send me more feedback or suggestions! Hope you enjoy :D  

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151031 The Witness fanmeet at Tianjin UME Theaters by 萌小妞Dream - translation of the video 

(a fan asked about luhan’s ring on his right ring finger) 
luhan: ah, this, I’ve been wearing this for a few years already, about 2 to 3 years already. I bought this at that time, (and) there’s another one…
(fans interrupted)
luhan: what?
*fans: where did you buy it from? is it cartier?
luhan: from korea, korea, do I have to say the brand? hahaha
fans/mc: what’s the meaning behind it?
luhan: because I’ve seen it, I tried wearing the ring on a different finger, but the rest of my fingers are rather thick and it’s not nice when I wear it. And I can’t possibly wear it here right? (points to left ring finger)
mc: so you see, yawen-ge also has a ring on his (left) ring finger
luhan: if I wear it (there), then it would be awkward/weird
mc: it’s because he (zhu yawen) is really married, whereas luhan is because the ring can’t fit into his fingers
luhan: the other fingers don’t look nice

*t/n: posting this up here because some people think that luhan replying “from korea” is regarding the sentence he said before, “there’s another one”, but there were a lot of fans which interrupted him and shouted out different questions, but he most likely was replying to a question which asked him where he bought it from.

anonymous asked:

can you please explain what's going on with that ring?? what is the meaning behind it?

Legend has it around Valentines 2012 Louis gave Harry this ring

he only wore it for a day or two

and then much like the ‘one’ ring, it disappeared into the abyss

it popped up briefly again last year

kind of around this time of year, and then went back into hiding

where will it end up next?

stay tuned

anonymous asked:

any thoughts on misha's second ring?

I’m sure you’ll regret asking me this.

Before I answer I wanna express how disappointed I am that we didn’t get a better look at the ring, this is unacceptable.

That being said, you should keep in mind that I honestly have no idea what ring that is or what it actually means, these are just things I’ve been thinking about while talking to other people/reading other people’s opinions (and in the end this isn’t really conclusive).

Anyway, here we go.

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