the meadowlark

I was absolutely floored when keialaar sent an early Christmas present to me – a portrait of my Mikkaelos by meadowlarking!

Keia!! Thank you so much! I was so excited and touched. I screamed then got misty eyed. :]

And, Meadowlarking – you did such an amazing job. Not only does the art look amazing, but you captured his essence so well! Lookatdatfaise. I couldn’t be happier with this. :3


Happy 10th Anniversary to “Desecration Smile”.

I love the feeling when it falls apart.
I’m slow to finish but I’m quick to start and
Beneath the heather lies the meadowlark
And I’m… Slow to finish but I’m quick to start.

Never in the wrong time or wrong place.
Desecration is the smile on my face.
The love I made is the shape of my space,
My face, my face…”    Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Desecration Smile”. 

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers from “Desecration Smile” alternative video. - 2006.

Part 1 & 2

That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles by Iggycat 

grapefruit, rosemary, and rain by aphbirdie

Deceptive Suits and Misleading Jackets by Yura-chan 

Red Sky at Morning by natcat5

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Emerald Orbs by LovelyToMeetYou

Casablanca, Cowboys, and Cards by A Vampires Butterfly

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What Friends Are For by OutToGarden

Consideration by DarthAnimus

My Skin by Skadiyoko 

Now You’re Dancin’ With a Swing by binnibeans

Homecoming Confessions by Half Demon Alchemist

Promises, Promises by Mooncatcher

Observation by chibitalex  

does he cry through broken sentences by scabsthekid

Small Stuck Sorries by Meadowlark 9 

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Stitch by Stitch by USxArthurxKirklandxUK

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Emotions Never Lie by the-literalist

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The Gentleman’s Story of Utopian Love by Smart-chan 

Short stories and drabbles:

USUK writings by arthuhr

The Hero and The Gentleman by Crimson Zephyr

100 Themes of Love by USxArthurxKirklandxUK

Collected Ficlets and Drabbles by spiralingdown

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I read this fic a long time ago but Hermione loses her memory and believes that she is married to Ron or in a position similar to that but she's really married to Draco and they have kids... In the end it turns out she fainted right before the ceremony so she leaves Ron to find Draco. Is this at all familiar?


Edit: I was thinking this, but I couldn’t remember the specifics.

delicate-cherry: Destiny by Annie Lockwood. It has a sequel called Serendipity.

theferretandtheotterDestiny by Annie Lockwood?? Maybe?? Idk? 😂❤️

mildred-meadowlarkDestiny by Annie Lockwood! It’s awesome.

Destiny By: Annie Lockwood - T, 31 chapters - Hermione’s wedding night is everything but perfect for the young witch. Her new husband and long-time friend, Ronald, is passed out drunk and she thinks upon her life leading up to that night. Hermione falls asleep, despondent and alone. When she wakes up the following morning, she is still in bed with her husband. But it isn’t Ronald Weasley.

Ashes and Wine ― The DELENA Album - best delena songs and songs that should have been delena’s (skip to disk three for songs that aren’t from the show)

Listen on Spotify (you need an account but it’s free :) just make one with fb or with your email address. Takes 2 minutes. THIS MIX IS WORTH IT)

or just add the songs listed to your delena playlist (if you think there are any of your favourites that I missed pls message me xx


Disc 1: Season 1 ― 4

1. Say (All I Need) ― OneRepublic (1x01)

2. The Weight Of Us ― Sanders Bohlke (1x07)

3. Brick By Boring Brick ― Paramore (1x18)

4. All I need ― Within Temptation (1x19)

5. It Is What It Is ― Lifehouse (1x22)

6. Come Home feat. Sara Bareilles― OneRepublic (2x01)

7. Ashes And Wine ― A Fine Frenzy (2x03)

8. I Was Wrong ― Sleeperstar (2x08)

9. Skinny Love ― Birdy (2x21)

10. I Should Go ― Levi Kreis (2x22)

11. Make It Without You ― Andrew Belle (3x01)

12. Echo ― Jason Walker (3x02)

13. Distance ― Christina Perri (3x03)

14. Holding On And Letting Go ― Ross Copperman (3x10)

15. Give Me Love ― Ed Sheeran (3x14)

16. Never Let Me Go ― Florence + The Machine (3x19)

17. Twice ― Little Dragon (4x01)

Disc 2: Season 4 ― 5

1. Fear And Loathing ― Marina and the Diamonds (4x02)

2. Feel So Close ― Calvin Harris (4x04)

3. The Thread Of The Thing ― Fay Wolves (4x06)

4. Little Deschutes ― Laura Veirs (4x07)

5. Kiss Me ― Ed Sheeran (4x07)

6. Eyes On Fire ― Blue Foundation (4x08)

7. Speechless - Acoustic ― Morning Parade (4x08)

8. Oblivion ― Bastille (4x09)

9. New York ― Snow Patrol (4x10)

10. Belong ― Cary Brothers (4x23, 6x07)

11. Royals ― Lorde (5x01)

12. Don’t Deserve You ― Plumb (5x02)

13. Satellite Call ― Sara Bareilles (5x03)

14. Fire Breather ― Laurel (5x16)

15. Do I Wanna Know? ― Arctic Monkeys (5x17)

16. Chemical ― Kerli (5x20)

17. Be Alright ― Lucy Rose (5x22)

Disc 3: Season 6 ― 7

1. Light A Fire ― Rachel Taylor (6x01)

2. Salvation ― Gabrielle Aplin (6x02)

3. All Through the Night ― Sleeping At Last (6x02)

4. The Power of Love ― Gabrielle Aplin (6x04)

5. Unbreakable ― Jamie Scott (6x06)

6. Another Love ― Tom Odell (6x07)

7. Compass ― Zella Day (6x09)

8. Lost ― Kris Allen (6x09)

9. Always Take You Back ― Night Terrors of 1927 (6x12)

10. Time ― Mikky Ekko (6x13)

11. You’re Mine (The Chase) ― Meiko (6x17)

12. When You Sleep ― Mary Lambert (6x18)

13. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You ― Cary Brothers (6x19)

14. Fly ― Meadowlark (6x20)

15. To The Wonder feat. Kina Grannis ― Aqualung (6x21)

16. Hunger ― Ross Copperman (6x22)

17. Silhouette ― Aquilo (7x22)

Disc 3: Should have been Delena / Make me think of Delena

1. With Love ― Christina Grimmie

2. I’m A Mess ― Ed Sheeran

3. Never Ending ― Rihanna

4. fOoL fOr YoU ― ZAYN

5. Say It feat. Tove Lo― Flume

6. Running Up That Hill ― Placebo

7. Words ― Skylar Grey

8. Bloodstream ― Ed Sheeran

9. Trouble - Stripped ― Halsey

10. Decode ― Paramore

11. Breathe Again ― Sara Bareilles

12. Losing Your Memory ― Ryan Star

13. You Found Me ― The Fray

14. Stay feat. Mikky Ekko ― Rihanna

15. Fix You ― Coldplay

16. Love Somebody feat. Wafia ― Ta-ku

17. Bumper Cars ― Alex & Sierra

18. Let It Go ― James Bay

19. For The First Time ― The Script

20. What Now ― Rihanna

21. Hypnotic ― Zella Day

22. My Everything ― Ariana Grande

23. Higher ― Rihanna

24. Bloodstream ― Stateless (this is actually a Datherine song but it’s too good)

Disc 4: Should have been Delena / Make me think of Delena

1. Beauty Of the Dark ― Mads Langer

2. A Drop In The Ocean ― Ron Pope

3. In My Veins feat. Erin Mccarley ― Andrew Belle

4. Orbit feat. Ashe ― SŸDE

5. Open Your Eyes ― Snow Patrol

6. Stop And Stare ― OneRepublic

7. Loop ― Paces

8. Close To You ― Rihanna

9. TiO ― ZAYN

10. Touch It ― Ariana Grande

11. Do You Remember ― Jarryd James

12. Hold ― Vera Blue

13. Not Over You ― Gavin DeGraw

14. High ― Zella Day

15. TALK ME DOWN ― Troye Sivan

16. Wings ― Birdy

17. Between ― Courrier

18. iT’s YoU ― ZAYN

19. Never Say Never ― The Fray

20. Mercy ― Shawn Mendes

21. Never Be Like You feat. Kai ― Flume

22. Down ― Jason Walker

23. Chasing Cars ― Snow Patrol

24. Playback feat. Reija Lee ― Paces

Disc 5: Should have been Delena / Make me think of Delena

1. Sex With Me ― Rihanna

2. I Found ― Amber Run

3. Run ― Leona Lewis

4. 1000x feat. Broods ― Jarryd James

5. Clarity feat. Foxes ― Zedd

6. Be The One ― Dua Lipa

7. Bridges ― Broods

8. Keep You ― Wild Belle

9. Cruel feat. ZAYN ― Snakehips

10. Over And Over Again feat. Ariana Grande ― Nathan Skyes

11. How Would You Feel (Paean) ― Ed Sheeran

12. Best Mistake ― Ariana Grande

13. Love On The Brain ― Rihanna

14. Without A Word ― Birdy

15. Unsteady ― X Ambassadors

16. Settle ― Vera Blue

17. Breathe ― Fleurie

18. Perfect ― Ed Sheeran

19. Dream ― Imagine Dragons

20. Hold On ― Chord Overstreet

21. Now Or Never ― Halsey

22. All The Time ― Jeramih

23. Outside ― Tender

24. Only You ― Zara Larsson