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“She’s tough. The one thing I never wanted her to be was the token female who was just scared and everyone was protecting. She doesn’t need protecting. The first time you see her she has a machete, which I think is really cool. She’s tough, she holds her own and she also wants to find answers and she wants to know why she’s here.” — Kaya Scodelario on Teresa


“Don’t give up, Chuck. We’re gonna solve this thing, get out of here. I’m a Runner now—-I promise on my life I’ll get you back to that room of yours. Make your mom quit crying.” And Thomas meant it. He felt it burn in his heart.


“Newt is second in command after Alby. He is kind of the nice and approachable guy. He’s very friendly and open towards everyone. He doesn’t really have any animosity towards anyone and kind of looks after everyone a bit. He’s a, I think he has settled in to life in the glade and understands how everything works, but I don’t believe he enjoys being trapped. I think he’s still aware that it’s a prison. That he’s sent there. I don’t think he really enjoys it. So when Thomas comes up and shows a completely different approach and a different way of thinking I think it excites him. Even though he kind of wants to enforce the rules of the glade upon the people because of his rank I think he, I think he’s desperate to get out.”(x)