the maze runner cast dance


I can’t help me, I love it!
The Maze Runner Cast Dancing Compilation!

are u see it? they are soo sexy

The sweetest of nonnies forgot to hit the anon button when sending me this, so I shall post it here instead because it is too darn good not to.

so you know that maze runner cast dance thing that they do,,,..specifically Dylan O'Brien …. hypnotizing, right ??? what about stiles being an actor on some movie set and such, doing those moves with his hips and such and… gruff & professional (shy?) derek hale, cameraman or makeup artist or propmaster idk, sees stiles dancing and is MESMERIZED. turned on and hypnotized and really wanting to experience those seductive hip motions up close and with fewer clothes ?! 

And Derek constantly finding himself thinking about stiles’ hip thrust-y motions whenever he sees stiles anywhere on set and becoming super flustered and blushing like crazy, dropping things everywhere and losing the coolly professional demeanor he usually maintains on set because he can’t stop his mind from wandering into the realm of very much not professional thoughts about stiles ??? thoughts that may or may not include sex-type things? specifically being fucked by stiles and feeling the impact of those powerful thrusts for days afterwards but also going on dates and getting to know this ridiculous, funny, charming guy better??! 

Ohh and stiles starting to notice this gorgeous guy with killer stubble and eyebrows on set and salivating over his.. assets whenever Derek bends over to pick something up and then seeing him blush makes his heart flip-flop in his chest and makes him imagine how far down that blush travels, how exquisite that blush would be with Derek under him (bc Derek blushes are no appreciated enough and are so very important??!) but also imagining his cute lil blush on ice cream dates and wanting to make him laugh so he can see those pretty multicolor eyes sparkle and dance!?? cue awkward eye contact and flailing and blushing and getting flustered and nervous around each other on set all. the. time. 

YES. YES YES YES PLEASE GIVE ME 10K OF THIS. I WILL READ THE FUDGE OUT OF IT AND THEN CURL UP INTO A BALL AND DREAM ABOUT IT. Blushing, shy Derek and cocky, I’ve-got-all-the-hip-moves-Stiles is my favourite. 

Does Stiles ever deliberately tease Derek? Is there a dancing scene and Stiles pretends he is having trouble with it and asks Derek to help him practice because conveniently everyone else left for the night? (Stiles paid them off. It basically cost him $2000 to dance with Derek for an hour, but it was so worth it.) 

Does Derek bring Stiles coffee to keep him awake? And not the crappy stuff they have on set, but this really good coffee Derek gets from this little shop on his way to work? The coffee is ridiculously expensive but Derek doesn’t care, he just loves watching Stiles’ eyes flutter closed and that little smile he does when he takes that first sip, grinning at Derek after, offering him a pleased, quiet thank you.