the mazamas

this road trip through the northern cascades is not even a week old and already it is surpassing expectations.

We began east on Highway 2 out of Monroe, chased the fall leaves up and over stevens pass, experienced Octoberfest in the bavarian town of Leavenworth, and last night made it to the base of hart’s peak outside the town of Mazama.

Made camp just at the edge of dark, and the clouds paused just long enough to get a good look at the dark sky.


The El Triunfo

In part of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas mountain range in Mexico lies the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, an amazing 294,493.5 acres of tropical deciduous forest, montane rainforest in the lowlands followed by pine oak forest. Along the highest ridge of the reserve is one of the largest extensions in the country of evergreen cloud forest. These humid environments favor the abundance of arborescent ferns, (Cyathea) some reaching up to 49 feet (15 m) tall. Short rivers flow into the Pacific Ocean on one side and the rivers on the other side of the divide start one branch of the grand Grijalva-Usumacinta River ending in the Gulf of Mexico.

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paigeisbreakingbad  asked:

I seriously love your blog. It's by far my favorite! I'm moving to portland for school in the fall and have always wanted to take my love for the outdoors to the next level but have never had company that was willing. How did you get started in mountaineering? Where did you go for your first trips? What are some good sources to buy equipment for someone trying to get started?


Thank you for the message!  And congrats, you’re moving to a beautiful part of the country.  If you’re interested in the outdoors and mountaineering, I’d suggest checking out the Mazamas:

I got started with mountaineering through them.  The Basic Climbing Education Program is a really great first step.  The class is offered in the Spring and you’ll learn how to rock climb and do some beginner level mountain climbing.  It’s so much fun!  They also have organized hikes.  It’s a good way to meet like minded people as well!  Let me know if you decide to join up, I’d love to help you in any way possible.  


In African-American Communities, Growing Interest In Home-Schooling
When it comes to teaching their children at home, African-Americans often cite different reasons than white families.

The key question, she says, is why these families are deciding to leave traditional schools. Research suggests black families often choose to home school for very different reasons than white families.

“White home-schoolers, the No. 1 reason they give when asked is religion,” Mazama says. “For the black families, it was not the case at all. It was racism.”

This is particularly interesting, she says, because African-Americans are consistently the most religious subgroup in America. They pray more. They go to church more.

“And yet, religion was not No. 1, not No. 2, not No. 3.”

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