the maybe dead cats

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Out and about in Shibuya, my dad and I came across this whimsical kitty cart. At first I thought the cats were fake, since they were absolutely still and in such unnatural positions. But, upon further inspection, I realized that they had to be real–no dolls looked that lifelike. We were both pretty alarmed for a while, thinking maybe the cats were dead. But then, the owner of the cart started to crinkle a bag and their ears perked. Nope, not dead–just super lazy. I’m not sure what the owner’s intent is with this cart full of cats, but it sure is adorable~ ;D 


I can has hipster points nao?

All designs are completely original, except for the “too awesome to exist tour 2012” idea, which was taken from here. (I hope the original creator doesn’t mind, it was a great idea!)

Now I just have to decide which one I’m wearing for Hipster Day tomorrow.

What do you guys think?