the maybe dead cats

The Evillustrator: I had this sudden urge in the middle of gym class to draw Nath and ended up drawing an angry tomato child. I did the whole thing in pen and watercolor and was just like; “where was all this ability to draw with pen back during inktober???”


Ok, it wasn’t something I was supposed to do (because I honestly have too much things to do right now hahahaha) and I blame @queen-of-perplexity​ and @kitshunette​ for this. (well I have this feeling I blame you a lot these days).

Let’s imagine. There is this cute baby cat on the street. Nobody knows his name, nobody knows who is his owner. He’s just the cat of the street. One day, he’s dead. A truck hit him (yes I know it’s sad).

This cat is now a ghost and for no reason, he decided Andrew will be HIS human. This one is the good one. (no, this cat is not Neil).

So, from here:

  • This ghost cat is always wandering in Neil and Andrew’s flat. The other cats don’t really like him but well, what can they do against a ghost?
  • Neil doesn’t understand why his cats sometimes are staring at….. nothing. But nothing is the ghost cat. (no, Neil is still not the ghost cat)
  • Andrew can see the ghost cat. He tried to ignore him but he can’t. The ghost cat jumps on him and asks for cuddles.
  • Andrew is annoyed. He thinks this cat he’s stupid. How can he cuddle a ghost cat?
  • But he doesn’t say it to the cat, so the cat sticks around and sleeps near Andrew all the time.
  • Andrew says nothigng about the ghost cat to Neil.
  • But one day the ghost cat is missing. Andrew tries to act as if it’s not important but eventually he’s looking for the cat in all the corners of the flat.
  • Neil asks him what’s wrong.
  • “Did you see the ghost cat? He’s missing.”
  • Neil arched an eyebrow. “What ghost cat? Wtf Andrew?”
  • Andrew did not find the ghost cat anywhere. He thinks he’s gone. Well, it was a ghost. No big deal.
  • But he’s still watching his real cats, trying to see if they are staring at the void. But no.
  • The ghost cat is really gone.
  • One day when he’s older, Andrew meets the ghost cat again, sleeping on the couch. He says nothing and just tries to cuddle him.
  • The ghost cat stayed here until Andrew’s death.


  • Andrew trained the ghost cat to scare Neil. Like, sometimes, Neil can hear a meow and it’s not Sir nor King. Or he can feel something on his legs but… there is nothing.
  • Andrew casually says “maybe this flat is haunted by a dead cat”.
  • Fact is, the flat is really haunted by a dead cat.

Goodbye world.

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imagine stuffy British Government officials being overjoyed at Christopher’s retirement, because he’s vain and snobby and looks deliberately bored all the time and never remembers their names…only to get Cat, who is simply awful at explaining things, never tells them anything ahead of time and barely writes reports afterwards, and if they go ask him for anything in particular he just stares at them vaguely (and they thought they were done with that), and they get the irritating impression that he just doesn’t understand why they aren’t keeping up.


Your Lie in April uses visual metaphors and symbolic imagery to add layers of meaning and foreshadowing to the story. In fact, if you know what to look for, they foreshadow the ending in the very first minute of the show.

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about shipping on this blog and on mic:

when it comes to any ship, there is 99.9% chance i won’t write smut because it’s just not really my thing. 

but i love fluff and everything leading up so.

as far as what characters here are ‘shippable’, it’s not all of them so i’ll break it down.

branwen: highly unlikely. i really just don’t see it ever happening.
davisha: possibly, with the right woman, but it’d obviously be AU
cian: never. they’re a cat.
enli: maybe but he’s dead so you know.
yoluta: pls give her all your ladies.
symbeal: likewise but with your men folk.
nocome: give her all your supernatural/monster people.
jihiko: also good to ship with ‘cause she loves everyone
church: really really depends but probably is just gonna be an asshole

when it comes to mic, she’s going to be super selective. i’m not opposed to ships with her but she’s the one i’d like to talk about anything first. definitely open to talking, i’m just a little more cautious with her because of past experiences. 

I’m not quite sure where I’m going with this story. Other than to say I’ve been thinking a lot about death as some of you would know and it’s been rough kind of playing these songs over and over again and meditating on this and mulling it over and allowing myself to contain it and allowing these subjects to reside in me. I’ve been thinking about all the animals that we had that died and a lot of my family and friends have died and thinking about their past lives and future lives but also most importantly, the lives that I knew in my lifetime and how I carry all of that with me every single one of those experiences, those personal histories,  those stories, those relationships, whether it was my mother, or King Solomon as a Siamese cat. And how all of that, those stories, I’m not so sure about former lives or future lives, but their lives in my own personal very short history were very important. And that I somehow, I carry that with me as a, a living person while I live and breathe and move and have my being that I somehow contain their stories and their lives. Um and that I feel less and less sort of possessed and depressed by death as I think of it in this way and more and more encouraged by death because then I see it all as companionship, that I contain it all and it resides in me. And that I can, in my life, be a living steward in memory of them, and celebration of them. And then maybe someday when I’m dead, one of my reincarnated cats will remember me and be part of their lives, I don’t know. But that’s just rambling

Sufjan Stevens

Massey Hall, April 29th, 2015

11 Questions

1. Always post the rules 
2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you 
3. Write 11 questions of your own 
4. Tag 11 people

I was tagged by @turqouiseorange!!!! and literally when i got the notif/opened the post my face was a combo of these: 😱/😍 i was literally so happy and excited, apparently the way to my heart is a simple ask game tag ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ who knew?

Kai’s questions and my answers:

1. What is your ideal future?

good lord this is hard. i honestly think something like what dnp have, not to be cheesy. not necessarily a romantic relationship, although i’m not 100% against it. but some sort of domestic partnership. also probably at least 30 dogs and cats. and a bunch of dead houseplants. and maybe i’ll feel less lost and more like my life has meaning.

2. What is one goal you want to accomplish within the next year?

self love. i’m working on it and i’ve definitely improved a lot, but it’s hard work to learn to love yourself when you’ve spent your whole life having society tell you you’re not good enough. i want to be good enough for me.

3. What fictional character do you think resembles you the most, and why?

i think honestly tina belcher fully encompasses me as a human. she tries so hard to love herself. she has all these underrated one-liners that are so funny and go so unappreciated. she’s very determined, even when it seems her awkwardness and clumsiness will get in her way. she’s a lil boy-crazy, but the second a guy treats her like shit, she’s not taking any of it. i’ve adopted a lot of her nervous tics (laying on the floor, moaning, hyperventilating), i just realized that i cut my hair the same way she does (sans bangs), and i used to write friend-fiction. we’re literally the same person. i’m not kidding.

4. What type of music do you like to listen to in order to make you feel better?

sometimes i start with a sad playlist and cry for a while, usually a live rendition of all too well or the ep version of sick of losing soulmates. then. when i’m truly ready to feel better i’ll take a shower and put on my current shower playlist which usually consists of a combo of my newest discoveries (currently linkin park’s new album, bea miller, and darren criss’ ep) and some old disney and broadway music. then i’ll take a drive and listen to the entirety of the 1975’s i like it when you sleep album. by the. i usually feel better.

5. What was your favorite T.V show when you were growing up?

hannah montana was my shit. also lizzie mcguire. oh, kim possible!! i wanted to be her so bad. i wanted a naked mole rat, ron and kim were my first otp, i was convinced that i would wear a dress just like hers in so the drama to my senior prom. she was so cool.

6. What was your first introduction to social media? How long ago was that?

okay i know this doesn’t technically count as social media but the memory i have most vividly in my mind is of my first gmail account. my mom didn’t really let me on the internet (except to play that kim possible flash game on with rufus where you had to make burritos and stuff at bueno nacho). it was the summer before 5th grade and i was at my dad’s house all summer. i went to my best friend’s house every day and we would take turns on her dad’s computer, but she was always checking her email and i was just playing on like a total 4th grader. long story short, she convinced me to make a gmail account, i had loads of fun emailing my friends all summer, then i went home and of course my mother the Professional HoverMom™ had somehow found out and was pissed. the end

7. If you could have any animal in the world as your pet, what would it be and why?


8. What is the most important thing to you right now?

i have no idea. who knew this question would be the hardest one? i think i’ll have to say myself. i’m working so hard on me right now. i want to love myself unconditionally, and i want to be the person that i want to be. and i have to be the most important thing to me. before i can help others or love others or expect others to love me, i have to help and love myself.

9. Is there someone or something that has dramatically changed your life?

the first thing that came to mind was @inspiredfortomorrow. he just helped me through some really hard times, and he taught me so much about life and self care, and i honestly don’t know where i’d be without him.

10. What is your favorite time of the year, and why?

fall. it’s so romantic. there’s that feeling of nostalgia in the air, sweaters and boots and apple cider and hayrides and carving pumpkins and football games. thanksgiving and fireplaces and leaves falling and walmart (is that just me). fall is everything to me.

11. What is your favorite type of drink, and what is the ideal scenario you’d have it in?

i love tea. it’s so calming. i have really bad anxiety, and while i wouldn’t necessarily say that an anxiety attack is ideal, i love how peppermint tea makes my anxiety melt away. i just wrap myself up in a special blanket, grab teddy bear, and brew a cup in my favorite mug. it has healing powers, it’s magical.

My Questions:

1. what tv show are you currently bingeing? who are your favorite characters?

2. what is your guilty pleasure?

3. what’s your biggest character flaw?

4. did you have an imaginary friend as a kid? what were they like? what was their name?

5. if you could tell your past self anything, what would it be?

6. what’s your favorite flower? why?

7. recommend one of your favorite books. what is it about? why do you recommend it?

8. what is a quote that has resonated with you? why is it important to you?

9. what’s your favorite emoji?

10. what’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

11. which planet is your favorite and why?

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