the max cat


Having a hard day? Turn up the sound and let Max lull you.

Magnus Bane Is Amazing

but can we talk about how Magnus wanted everything to be perfect for Max/Alec.

Here when he saw that Alec was trusting him with throwing party to Max he decided that it has to be perfect. He did everything that was in his powers to make it an unforgettable experience for everyone.

He even went out of his comfort zone for this.

He welcomed Maryse in his home with smile even through he knew that she hated him. But he knew that it would mean so much to Alec for his mom and him to get along.

He made a theme in Spain theme because he thought that  Maryse and Robert would like that.

He didn’t want any scenes or drama at this ceremony. He wanted everything to be about Max.

He showed his cat eyes to Max even thought it’s really touchy subject to him. But for little Lightwood he did it. Just because he asked. He could just answer him but no, he went all the way.

He bought/bring a gift to Max. Just because. He didn’t have to.

He looked so scared that something wasn’t perfect before Max has to arrive. But fortunately Alec calmed him down.

But he still give himself little something to get through night.A little present.

And even thought he did everything right one little cat disturb his perfect party. And he hated it so much.

(he did so much more just these things but I wanted to show you just some)

Magnus Bane is amazing, caring, selfless being and deserve all the love and care in the world.

  • Todd: [opens fridge]
  • Todd: Why is Shark Kitten in the fridge?
  • Dirk: Last night you were giggling and said 'This is really gonna confuse me tomorrow'. Apparently, drunk you plays pranks on hungover you.
  • Todd: This explains so much.