the max

shoutout to neurodivergent people with low empathy. 

shoutout to neurodivergent people who’ve been demonised for not being able to care or worry about others. 

shoutout to neurodivergent people who cringe when people use ‘psychopath/sociopath’ as insults to call out bigots. 

shoutout to neurodivergent people who are stereotyped as evil and cruel.

shoutout to neurodivergent people whose only representation in pop culture are serial killers and villains. 

shoutout to neurodivergent people who are told that they don’t deserve love or long term relationships or a happy ending. 

we are important and valid. we are not inherently evil. and we deserve to be loved just as much as anyone else. 

  • Max:You’re scamming him?
  • Chloe:I was thinking more like flat out stealing from him?
  • Max:What? No way.
  • Chloe:Why not? We already stole a Rachel!
  • Rachel:Hey guys.
  • Max:No, we didn’t. Rachel’s a person, she can do whatever she wants.
  • Rachel:I wanna steal.

ok but imagine max and chloe building ikea furniture though
•chloe refusing to read the instructions
•them taking a break every 5 minutes
•chloe wearing one of those tool belts like a fucking nerd
•"what do you mean this isn’t where it goes"
•max trying to read the instructions but getting confused by them while chloe is raging in the background
•"goddamnit fuck u ikea"


The Her Universe Geek Couture Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 (Gallery 1 of 4)

This year was filled with extremely impressive designs! Please click on the images for information about each design design. If you post any of these images individually, please link back to me! <3

This was my third year shooting Comic-Con for For more of my photography from SDCC, check their Facebook page or my Tumblr. I’m also on Instagram!