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American Football

Honestly - American Football

Honestly, I can’t remember teen dreams
All my teenage feelings and their meanings
They seem too see-through to be true
All the whos are there but the whys are unclear

Picture this, a long-awaited, sickening kiss
How does it feel to know
Explain how you’ve re-written history
These things change despite the complicated beginning to all of this


I never thought instrumental math rock could be so infectious, but then BATTLES put their new album up to stream. One of my favorites off of it, FF Bada, has small bursts of pulse filled instrumentals that layer so well that the lack of final climax works in its favor.

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Scared Enough - Brave Bird

If you like twinkly emo mixed with math rock/alternative, then Brave Bird is the band for you. Fitting right in with their emo revival peers Tiny Moving Parts and TWIABP, Brave Bird blend a mathy indie rock sound with the vocal stylings and lyrical content typically found in midwest emo and screamo, to great success. While they did break up in 2014, they left behind a handful of demos and EPs, and one full length record. If you enjoy indie or emo bands at all and you just want a little bit more of an edge, then this is the band for you. 

FFO: Tiny Moving Parts, TWIABP, You Blew It!, Dikembe, Dowsing


jamming an improvised rendition of one of my favorite riffs by Chon on bass with the digitech xt and my usual set up.