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I never thought instrumental math rock could be so infectious, but then BATTLES put their new album up to stream. One of my favorites off of it, FF Bada, has small bursts of pulse filled instrumentals that layer so well that the lack of final climax works in its favor.

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Scared Enough - Brave Bird

If you like twinkly emo mixed with math rock/alternative, then Brave Bird is the band for you. Fitting right in with their emo revival peers Tiny Moving Parts and TWIABP, Brave Bird blend a mathy indie rock sound with the vocal stylings and lyrical content typically found in midwest emo and screamo, to great success. While they did break up in 2014, they left behind a handful of demos and EPs, and one full length record. If you enjoy indie or emo bands at all and you just want a little bit more of an edge, then this is the band for you. 

FFO: Tiny Moving Parts, TWIABP, You Blew It!, Dikembe, Dowsing


THE MATH ROCK BLOG will be interviewing Michigan based screamo band THE REPTILIAN next week somewhere in London whilst they tour the UK with their buddies in Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) 

If you happen to have any questions please send them to us HERE starting with the line:

“REPTILIAN:” and then your question.

We’ll pick some of the best ones to be put forward to the dudes.

An update on the staff of The Math Rock Blog:

Last week, we had some saddening news here at The Math Rock Blog.

Our co-founder, Gary, has been admitted to hospital after being diagnosed with Leukemia.

He is surrounded by great friends and family and I know that Gary can fight through it!

He’s one of the best dudes that you’ll ever meet and he’s one of my best friends!

At first I didn’t think it was my place to tell you guys, but I haven’t seen him using the internet much (he checks in some times to update us), however I think that you guys should know the situation with what’s happening.

Here’s a picture of Gary in the hospital ward:

- Zarif.