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4.8.17 Adda Coffee & Tea House (63/100 days of productivity)

Currently studying in a cute tea house! I’m sad that my roommates weren’t able to join me, but it turned out for the best in the end. There isn’t a lot of table space here but I managed to find a spot with an outlet and a view of the menu board. I’m having what is probably the best matcha latte I’ve come across so far in my cafe studies. I just finished catching up on the new unit of my Buddhism class! 

This is super easy to make and so good!


- 1 can of coconut milk
- 3 tablespoons of raw sugar
- 1 teaspoon of vanilla
- 1 tablespoon of matcha powder

Combine all ingredients with a mixer, and freeze for 4 hours. Top with the toppings of your choice. I prefer fruits and nuts, but I think dark chocolate would work nicely.

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Yoongi, 30, 62, 118/119 (Drabble game) Please?

Yoongi, 30 “you’re mine, got it?” + 62 coffee shop+ 118 getting hit on + 119 jealousy

Every time the bell jingles, your gaze automatically wanders to the frosted glass doors, looking for a particular grumpy looking blonde who can’t quite open his eyes fully till he inhales at least two cups of your signature matcha macchiato. Today he’s bundled up warmly with a fleece scarf concealing the lower half of his face, and his windswept hair looks like its been hastily stuffed under a beanie. He joins the end of the line that seems longer today, and although he’s too far away, you can practically hear his grumble of annoyance for every extra minute he has to wait for his caffeine fix.

The line shuffles along painfully slowly until he’s the next customer in line and your tongue is itching to ask him for his number today, your rehearsed pickup line already on the tip of your tongue. You’ll slip it in just after you open the cash register to pick out his change of exactly a dollar and twenty cents, before he thanks you with one of his rare smiles and shuffles away with his hands clasped around your specially crafted beverage.

“Can I have a house special matcha macchiato?” The voice does not come from Yoongi himself, but the orange haired man standing in front of him. Not many know about your specially crafted matcha macchiato, and Yoongi’s the only regular customer who orders it on a daily basis. Startled, you start to reach for a cup to mark his order, but you realise that there’s only a few scoops of matcha powder left in the tub, only enough for one order.

You hesitate and glance in Yoongi’s direction for a second, but he remains so still that you can’t be sure he isn’t asleep on his feet. You return your gaze to the man with sunset coloured hair and taking a deep breath. “I’m sorry sir, that’s not on the menu and we don’t craft special requests during peak hour.”

You brace yourself for a heated reply, but he only shrugs. “Oh damn. Should I come back when it’s off peak then? When do you get off, cutie?”

You can almost feel your cheeks heat up at his unexpected compliment, and you’re floundering for a response, well aware of the complaints coming from the tail end of the line at the holdup.

“Move the fuck on Jimin, some people actually have things to do today,” his timbre voice draws your eyes to him, and he’s glaring at Jimin now, fully awake. 

“Geez grandpa, chill. Vanilla latte please,” Jimin holds up his hands in defense.

You quickly ring up his order and mark it on his cup, secretly relieved. When Yoongi steps forward, you smile at him brightly.

“The usual, Yoongi-ssi?” You glance warily at Jimin, but he’s already heading towards the collection point.

“The usual,” he’s as taciturn as ever, and this morning he gives you exact change instead of the ten dollar note, so you miss your chance to get his number. Disappointment strikes a chord in your heart as you hand him his receipt and the next customer moves on.

“Hey, I’ll do cashier for a while, you look dead on your feet,” your co-worker, Yura tells you as she nudges you aside. You smile at her gratefully and start to head towards the fridge to put together Yoongi’s matcha macchiato.

“Min Yoongi!” You call out as you place his steaming hot drink on the counter, watching him nervously as he shuffles up to collect it. He slides a piece of paper across the counter to you as he claims his drink with his free hand, taking a gulp of it almost immediately.

“Oh, you can keep the receipt, Yoongi-ssi,” you say, starting to slide the piece of paper back towards him when you realise that he’s scribbled something on the other side of the receipt. It’s a series of numbers- his phone number.

Yoongi lowers the cup from his mouth after a long pull of the steaming liquid.

“You’re mine, got it? No one else can have you,” he says, and you assume he’s referring to the beverage, but his eyes are fixed firmly on yours. 

“Are you free later today?”

omg I’m sorry it took this long!!! i’ve finally cleared all my drabble requests and i’m currently working on our anniversary AUs now yay! thank you all for waiting so patiently! 

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Asha Tea House – Iced Matcha Latte with Boba

(Location: Berkeley, CA)

I love this drink. I’m surprised they didn’t advertise the fact that their boba is honey boba, since I can definitely taste the taste of honey in Asha’s pearls. While the pearls are good, the matcha latte is gold. The one boba drink that you want to say is powdery is matcha milk teas, because that’s basically what matcha is. The fine specks of finely ground matcha blends really well with the milk for a creamy texture that has strong tea flavor. If anything, the tea taste is so strong that it can afford to be sweeter (even at full sugar). It tastes just as good as the last time I’ve had it, and the honey boba gives this drink a boost in its score.



Shirokuma adventure 🍵🍶

Yesterday was my first time visiting shirokuma, japanese dessert house in jakarta. I heard many people says this restaurant are made for those people who really loves greentea or matcha. All of the menus are made of matcha. Either it is food, snack or beverages. Well the do have french fries though, and they have a greentea hot dog, too bad i can’t have a taste. But i’ll make sure on my next visit i’ll tried that.

Okay, those are shirokuma specialty.

1. tasting plate
Soft cream, matcha cake and shiratama anko

2. Matcha cake parfait
Soft cream layered with matcha cake, mochi, shiratama balls, chuncky red beans and matcha jelly.

3. Matcha shiratama float
Iced matcha latte topped with soft cream and shiratama balls.

For soft cream they have 3 variant: matcha, twist and something with i can’t remember.

Well, this is absolutely a matcha heaven house. Make sure to pay a visit here.

Located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, near P&B. have a taste, have a break, chillax 😁.



The Rolling Tea Cart spent New Year’s Day strolling through San Francisco’s famous Chinatown. We enjoyed tea tastings at authentic Chinese teahouses, tasting oolongs, green and white teas, puerhs and house blended matchas. Our tea connesieurs were very knowledgeable and offered dozens of natural teas including some worth over $1000/ lb.