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Nearly halfway through final year and it’s dawning on me how much more serious everything is becoming. Not in terms of boring but in terms of responsibility and accountability for the knowledge that is being facilitated in my courses. This is the bridge between preparation and application. This is truly where mastery begins. No more fooling around if I’m planning on getting somewhere meaningful.

I’ve had salty people laugh at me at results screen for having thousands of ARAM games, just above a hundred normals, and no Ranked. First off: I’ve mostly only played normals to get mastery tokens since the levels 6/7 came out. Second: I play ARAMs and rotating game modes as I find them more fun. Third: I haven’t played ranked since I made my account years ago as I don’t really find any use for the borders, while masteries you can at least flash as a joke when you do something stupid.

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I just had the worst thought of my life: Pokemon Z releases exactly 12 years from now. Lysandre isn't in it.

The villain ends up being a 12 year old child instead who looks a lot like him…

Lemme add to this because now I have the idea in my head that pkmn Z takes place 12 years after X/Y:

They keep referencing the Professor, but when you go to the lab to get your pokemon, Sycamore isn’t the region’s professor anymore, it is now Trevor

The Champion is now an adult Serena or Calem 

Bonnie is the Gym Leader of the Lumiose Gym

Korrina is now in charge of the Tower of Mastery

Sadly Ramos has passed, a grandchild runs the Courmaline Gym now

The Elite Four has been reworked since a new champion has been in charge for some time, Malva lost her status. She still works as a reporter for a shady news network

Xerosic has since been released from prison, Emma keeps close tabs on him

I have more I can add to this I’m sure, but this is what I have for now.

Last Call for Vodka Update

I’d already been planning an update before this weekend’s Bering and Wells revival sprang up. It was my birthday on Friday so I offer a loose follow up to Chapter 32 for this year’s reminder of getting older. Thanks for reading. Check it all out here.

Got a high tolerance when your age don’t exsist

She’d managed to perfect the look of understanding over the years, even when she didn’t.  Missing the ending of her era and the 20th century altogether meant that she would never fully be versed in the new world. But she was HG Wells after all and there was no way she would not put her best effort forward.

Claudia had been an excellent tutor on many of the current technical advances.  She would never equal the mastery that her young friend had, but her skill was beyond sufficient and she now could gather information unfettered when needed.

Steve and Leena had introduced her into modern philosophies of life, death and everything in between. Buddhism had been found mostly in the Orient during her time, a region that she now wished she had visited more. (But that would have meant trips with Kipling which would have been intolerable.) Steve, with his patience and insights was a wonder.  Leena, with her old world ways mixed with the modern was the other side of the coin. She wouldn’t go so far as to call herself a Wiccan or a Druid but her beliefs coupled with her ability to read auras fell more along those lines than any modern religion.

Arthur, of all people, had been her guide in the classical arts.  He had overheard her humming one of the arias from Schumann’s Genovena one day in the office and inquired about her study of romantic artists of her time. They had taken several trips to Chicago for both the opera and the symphony since that day.  She would never forget the moment they shared in front of A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Seurat. For the first time in a century she cried over who and what she had lost during her time in the bronze.

Pete, with the assistance of Claudia and the supervision of Myka, had nearly overwhelmed her with modern pop culture and sports.  Movies, music, slang, social media-everything he could think of.   She tolerated the brutish sports, like American football and hockey (a favorite of Myka’s) during the fall in exchange for the art of tennis and baseball in the summer.  They had planned two trips to Wimbledon so far that had been dashed by life or death artifact retrievals. But Helena was determined to see the Williams sisters play in person before they retired.

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//Stuff I’ve learned after a few games with Rakan:

 Going AP Rakan isn’t very viable since it’s far more beneficial to get Coin of Ascencion and Redemption, 2 items that don’t give bonus AP but give mana regen. Coin is insane with his ult giving him a huge speed boost that works well with his ult, and redemption is just good in teamfights since he’ll be good in those diver comps. I have tried going AP oriented with my A runes and masteries (windspeaker keystone) but his heal and shield isn’t fantastic enough to get windspeakers. His q is good in close situations and the little heal s very good in those cases, but in lane it’s difficult to land (in par with the Morgana q, except shorter hitbox, shorter range, a little faster).

Trying to poke or exchange with his Q isn’t very possible since the range is short. It’s probably better vs mele champions, or after using his w for a quick heal and dash with e. If you try to poke with q, chances are you’ll be in the enemy ADC range to get poked. His e however is fantastic and can change the tide of a teamfight with his ult paired with it. It’s pretty good in lane especially if you have a Xayah. It’s not really meant to do dmg and at full cooldown, is decently spammable which I think is cool.

He’s definitelly a late game oriented support which I think is amazing. He exists for the late game and once he’s there, if played correctly can be nearly unstoppable because of his mobility and cc. I think it’s important to get the 40% CD on Rakan. Courage of the Colossus is good on him. 

The build that has worked for me so far is: Coin of Ascencion (core item), Redemption, Ruby Sightstone, (Tabi or MR boots or Lucidity boots). I personally like Ardent Censer as an item and will get it on Rakan is we’re winning. If not, Locket of the Iron Solari and a sustain item with HP that will keep him alive in teamfights like Randuin’s Omen or Spirit Visage.  I think Frozen Heart and Knights Vow are also very interesting, if the ADC isn’t frequently dying. If he has difficulty staying alive, Knights Vow is definitely a better pick over Ardent Censer paired with another item that will keep him alive like Locket, Randuin, Spirit, or even Warmog(depending on runes and eneny team dmg). 

Anyway, this is just my initial thought on him as a support main. I’ve only played him for a few games and will probably try different builds to see what’s better.


After an incredible amount of patience and convincing, I’m glad to have witnessed Renaud’s mastery of the martial arts! Embracing the way of the fist only took a bet and some teasing but I am proud non the less to share my knowledge with him! 

Congradulations @manasong for getting level 50 Monk, and finishing all ARR classes!!!

a good man is hard to find
  • what people think that means: there's not a lot of good men out there
  • what it actually means: the sole requirement to become a good man is mastery of stealth

“Fall completely into the non-dual truth of your being (as boundless awareness) and grace will fully integrate/permeate every aspect of your life.”  -Anon I mus