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Sophia looks so grown up, I can’t take it😭


I’ve been going pretty hard on gesture drawing the past few days. ~1-2 min each. My two favorite gesture drawing resources are New Masters Academy and the Croquis Cafe on Youtube. :)


Working on a Giselle variation!


Working on a Paquita variation!


Avery Gay La fille mal gardee Variation

Sophia Lucia Solo Master List

I wanted to make a master list of all of Sophia’s solos! Watch her grow up as you watch these solos. More solo master lists to come! Inbox me your requests!

“Itsy Bitsy Spider” (Age 4)

“Good Ship Lollipop” (Age 4)

“Baby Face” (Age 5)

“Like To Fuss” (Age 5)

“Great Balls of Fire” (Age 5)

“All That Jazz” (Age 6)

“ABCs Of Love” (Age 6)

“Imagine” (Age 6)

“Little Me” (Age 7)

“Hey Daddy” (Age 7)

“Good Girl” (Age 8)

“Bird Dance” (Age 8)

“Let Me Entertain You” (Age 8)

“Total Eclipse” (Age 8)

“My Own Rhythm” (Age 8)

“Sweet Dreams” (Age 9)

“Dream” (Age 9)

“Tap Diva” (Age 9)

“Big Spender” (Age 9)

“Pulse” (Age 9)

“Requiem” (Age 9)

“Turn To Stone” (Age 9)

“My New Reality” (Age 10)

“Superstar” (Age 10)

“Control” (Age 10)

“Never Never” (Age 10)

“Dream Catcher” (Age 10)

“Vienna” (Age 10)

“Syncopated Soph” (Age 10)

“Canon” (Age 10)

“Titanium” (Age 10)

“I Will Always Love You” (Age 10)

“Treasure” (Age 10)

“Over The Love” (Age 11)

“All This To Say” (Age 11)

“Wishbone” (Age 11)

“Vogue” (Age 11)

“Ghost” (Age 11)

“Secrets” (Age 11)

“Seul Au Monde” (Age 12)

“Me And The Devil” (Age 12)

“My Faith” (Age 12)

“Arwen’s Vigil” (Age 12)

“Fluid??” (Age 12)

“Over You” (Age 12)

“Fall Over” (Age 12)

“I Will Not Forget You” (Age 13)

“Come Undone” (Age 13)

“Youth” (Age 13)

“Odalisque Variation From Le Corsaire” (Age 13)

“Swanhilda Variation” (Age 13)

“Medora Variation From Le Corsaire” (Age 13)

“Variation From Swan Lake” (Age 13)