the master's academy

Sophia looks so grown up, I can’t take it😭


“Sacred” - Avery Gay, Master Ballet Academy, junior contemporary solo, 1st overall, Jump Los Angeles, May 2017
★ Choreography by Josie Walsh
Out To Sea ~ Ólafur Arnalds




Avery Gay - Shiver

age 12 junior contemporary solo

Master Ballet Academy

24/7 Glendale

Social Simulation

“And over here, kids, is our Society Simulation chamber.” the professor gestured towards a wide array of supercomputers that filled a chamber the size of a warehouse. Each of the computers was the size and shape of a small brick house.

Some of the kids gasped aloud at the enormous size of the room while others waved some of the server engineers, who waved them back. The professor continued as she lead them up the stairs towards a watching room. A smart glass served as an observation port to the computers below.

“Each of these computers is simulating a society of AI people. Their growth as a species from simple bit gatherers to complex civilizations with entire data economies. Our findings have been very interesting to say the least. Here, let me show you around.” she continued. The smart glass lit up and began zooming in on a variety of computers.

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