the master premiere


OH DAMN! This is what I call an epic sageuk. Ruler: Master of the Mask has released its 2nd teaser and it’s 30 seconds packed with gorgeous cinematograpy and intensity. The female lead played by Kim So Hyun is utterly badass, drawing sword against the guards and Yoo Seung Hoo looks utterly epic in the mask which has amazing design. On a side note, my inner ML geek can’t help but notice that that is the place where Wang So slaughtered the monks. This is definitely going on my watchlist.

Ruler: Master of the Mask premieres on MBC, May 10.


Season 2 of Master of None will premiere on May 12.


dUDE no listen


Lucifer literally means “light bringer”

do you realize what this means

The Doctor looks at Clara and plays guitar. But he doesn’t just play any song. He plays PRETTY WOMAN. He spent last season saying she was ugly, and in the first episode woos Clara by shredding Pretty Woman on his wicked sick guitar. MY HEART.