the master doctor x master


                                                     She was my first friend.
                               Always so brilliant, from the first day at the Academy.
                                                          So fast, so funny.

My 2 major OTPs finally combined!
And now they have 4 hearts lol

Doctor Who crossover, I’m soooo into this last season, and its soooo about the Doctor and Missy (Master)… then it came out.

Jessie as Missy (The Master) and James as the Twelfth Doctor. It was quick, I have a lot of work to do.


I had a friend once. We ran together when I was little. And I thought we were the same. But when we grew up, we weren’t

I need you to know we’re not so different. I need my friend back.


Bill after meeting Missy:

Bill: Is she your girlfriend?

12: No

Bill: Can she be my girlfriend?

12: You assume just because I keep her locked in a vault and visit her every night that she’s my girlfriend - wait, your girlfriend? No. Absolutely not. She cannot be your girlfriend.

Bill: Because she’s your girlfriend?

12: Because she’s my… it’s complicated.

Bill: Isn’t it always