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I think my favourite thing about season 10 is that it’s like the Doctor and the Master have come full circle back to the Time Academy. So much has happened between them. They’ve changed a lot. So much has gone on in their lives. But when it comes down to it it’s just Theta Sigma and Koschei back together at an educational institution. 

But it’s a little different now. They’ve grown a lot. The Doctor’s a professor now (and you can bet Missy gets a kick out of that. “You? You, Thete, a professor? You barely passed back at the Academy and they’re actually letting you teach? HAHAHAHAHAHA!”) and Missy has to be kept locked up, but it’s not so different between them. It’s easy to slip back into old habits (nicknames, attitudes, friendship). The Doctor itches to break her out and run off and get into trouble with her - he would if it wasn’t so important, for her own safety, to keep her locked up. 

Missy said she wanted her friend back. Well, she’s got her friend and a Time Academy AU. I’ve had complaints about Moffat before, but I am honestly so grateful that he’s given us this before he leaves. No matter what happens the rest of this season and in the future, the Best Enemies fandom is always going to have this part of their timelines to fill with fics, fanart, headcanons, etc. We’ll always be able to come back to this part of their lives and have the Doctor/Master ship. Whatever happens - I’m not naive enough to believe there will be a happy ending - let’s not let it ruin this time. Let’s always enjoy the Vault Era. 

Bill after meeting Missy:

Bill: Is she your girlfriend?

12: No

Bill: Can she be my girlfriend?

12: You assume just because I keep her locked in a vault and visit her every night that she’s my girlfriend - wait, your girlfriend? No. Absolutely not. She cannot be your girlfriend.

Bill: Because she’s your girlfriend?

12: Because she’s my… it’s complicated.

Bill: Isn’t it always

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Just want to thank you for introducing me to the Shalka Doctor Who Universe. It brought great joy to my life. I didn't know I needed it until it was there.


How I Imagine The Fight Between The Masters Will Start

Simm!Master: You know, the Doctor likes me better.

Gomez!Master: No, he prefers me.

Simm!Master: Yeah, well, he let me get a little kinky with him, remember? *wink wink*

Gomez!Master: Yes, I do remember, but I got to snog him. Twice.

Simm!Master: …..

Gomez!Master: …..

Simm!Master: ….Say again, slut?????

*intense bickering commences, plots to seduce the Doctor get more elaborate*