the master builders

Some of the really good stuff about the Lego Batman Movie, with spoilers:

  • Batman’s 9-pack
  • Bruce Wayne being Dick’s favorite orphan
  • Barbara Gordon went to Havard for Police
  • All of Alfred Pennyworth
  • Dick was really excited to think that Batman and Bruce Wayne had coadopted him and that he had two dads
  • Batman just wears his mask even when he’s Bruce at home
  • When Sauron fell over in a completely anticlimactic way exactly the opposite of in Return of the King
  • Commander Jim Gordon just pressing the Bat-Signal button over and over again when the Joker attacked
  • Batman was still a Master Builder as a tbt the Lego Movie
  • The shark repellent (I totally called that)
  • Batman’s trophy shelf, including the bombs
  • Ralph Fiennes was in this movie but didn’t do the voice of Voldemort who was actually a character???
  • The Joker and Batman’s entire relationship
  • Barbara Gordon being a badass when she saved Alfred and just being a badass in general
  • The music and the soundtrack
  • I can’t believe I was fricking Rick-rolled by a movie about sentient Legos
  • They saved the city from falling apart by having super strong abs
  • Basically the entire overcontrivedness of the entire film that was a wonderful parody of the cultural icon that is Batman™
  • Daleks but they couldn’t call them daleks
  • It was so great I really recommend it

RIP Jonathan Demme (1944-2017) - The acclaimed Oscar winning director of the masterful classic The Silence of the Lambs (1991) and Philadelphia (1993) died today. Director, writer, producer and actor, Demme was one of the most versatile filmmakers and professionals in the industry, and that also applies for the many films and themes he worked with which includes light comedies as with Melvin and Howard (1980); dark comedies (Something Wild (1986) and Married to the Mob (1988)), dramas like Beloved (1998); remakes of classics - The Truth About Charlie (2002) and The Manchurian Candidate (2004); extensive passages to musical genre, from New Order and UB40 clips to Talking Heads mega-documentary Stop Making Sense (1984) and more recently Neil Young - Heart of Gold (2006) and Ricki and the Flash (2015); and several kinds of documentaries, from Spalding Gray’s monologues in Swimming to Cambodia (1987) and Demme’s own cousin in Cousin Bobby (1992) to cover figures from politics like Jean Dominique and Jimmy Carter. Very few directors in recent years were responsible for developing a unique style that captured our attention and made us see films in a different way. Interspersed shots between hand held and stead camera (courtesy of regular director of photography Tak Fujimoto) and those close-ups with characters looking directly into the camera were part of his trademark; along with his great team of supporting actors who frequently appeared in his movies: Charles Napier, Obba Babatundé, Tracey Walter, Paul Lazar, Jason Robards, Kenneth Utt (producer of his films) and Roger Corman, with whom Demme made his first films. Despite an extensive resume which also includes TV series direction and some acting roles, Demme highest peak in the 1990′s is what most audiences will remember: for presenting Hannibal Lecter in presence, style and reverence in The Silence of the Lambs; and with Philadelphia, breaking taboos as the first AIDS mainstream film in a time where the topic was usually avoided. Other credits include Handle with Care (1977), Last Embrace (1979), Swing Shift (1984), Rachel Getting Married (2009) and A Master Builder (2012).


Finally finished, my humble model of Max‘ and Caroline’s flat from the show 2 Broke Girls. I hope it’s not too picture heavy, I’ve tried to keep them as small as possible.

The entrance area and Caroline’s place:

Caroline’s bed folds into the wall:

Max’ room was a little tricky, I had to change the way of one of the walls because it didn’t make sense with the building’s structure:

The bathroom, including the little meadow:

The never-shown front wall of the flat is mostly improvised, but I could catch a glimpse of the curtains:

Hope you like this! This wasn’t a big model, but the detail was quite difficult and often impossible to build. All the more fun!

Disclaimer: This blog is in no way affiliated with the Lego company or any company involved in the show “2 Broke Girls”. Mentioning these titles only happens in references to the original product. The models depicted are a hobby and do not serve commercial purposes.

Some Stuff I Love Abt the LEGO Batman Movie

- “Come on guys, you’re making me look bad in front of Batman!”
- The joker’s crying face (BATMAN YOU MADE HIM CRY)
- “You mean nothing to me. No one does.”
- The fact that the horn for the Batmobile is the old “nanananana BATMAN” song
- “Remember kids, if you wanna be like Batman, take care of your abs”
- The water effects!!
- “What is the password?” “Iron Man sucks!” “Thank you.”
- The bats that fly around whenever Batman comes into the bat cave
- The fact that Bats still wears his cowl around the house
- The warm lighting effects from the fireplace in Wayne manor!!!
- Batman denying that he was looking at the family photos
- “And that weird one [phase] in 1966”
- “Master Bruce, its morning” “HISSSSSSSAAAAAAA”
- “[Beatboxing] NO”
- Batman loves his dressup parties <3
- Bruce’s helmet hair
- Harley supporting the Joker when he’s bummed out about the breakup-I mean, Batman saying he’s not his worst enemy
- The orphans singing at the Winter Gala
- “My name’s Richard Grayson, but all the kids at the orphanage call me Dick.” “Well kids can be cruel.”
- “I mean, all I want is to get adopted so I can finally stop being…alone”
- Harvard for Police
- The fact that Barbara is a strong WOC love interest!!!
- The fact that Batman is still a master builder as a nod to The Lego Movie
- The scuttler is a huge doggo!!
- “Blink blink blink blinkity blink blink blink”
- “I’m off the menu. You won’t get to fight any of THIS anymore!”
- The Joker leaning into the shot during the interview
- “But we can’t just let him run around loose,,,in a prison,,,”
- The fact that Alfred reads parenting manuals and puts a parental lock on the computer
- “And I must say that I’ve grown rather fond of the young Lad” Alfred likes Robin D'awww!
- “Does Batman live in Bruce Wayne’s basement?” “No, Bruce Wayne lives in Batman’s attic.”
- “Dress up parties are for adults only”
- Robin still has no idea that Batman is Bruce Wayne
- Robin is totally excited about having two dads!!!
- “It’s raining Dads!”
- Robin’s stunned face after the Batmobile jerks to a stop
- The good ideas tracker
- “Don’t call me dad.” “Yes papa!”
- “I’m gonna have to make up an excuse to leave this party without anyone noticing…bye.”
- Batman in denial that he’s proud of Robin
- Batman shyly hitting on Barbara
- “Ooh, a briefs man! Me too.”
- The Joker is GAY


Life-sized Lego Luke Skywalker - Time Lapse Build

The Force can be manifested in many ways… Lego Master Builders designed and built this 6ft Luke Skywalker from 36,743 Lego bricks in 277 hours.

You want to read this ;)

D=Drabble A = Angst // F = Fluff // M=Smut (maybe in the future)

when there is no letter it’s mixed ;)

BTS scenario:

Jungkook: Noona? part 1, part 2, part 3

Unpunctuality (A)

Adventure trip part 1, part 2,

Taehyung: Attraction (A) part 1, part 2, part 3,

part 4,

My sunshine (A)

In your favour (feat. Hoseok) part 1,part 2,

Jin: Your safety star (F)

Burned out (A)

Distance, Closeness (A)

Hobi: Valentine’s mistake part 1, part 2, part 3,


Yoongi: Favourite song part 1, part 2, part 3

Almost (A)

Second chances (A)

Puppy (F),(D)

Jimin:Sweet dreams (F)

Someone like you(A)

Rumors, Aftermath

Don’t (A),(D)

Namjoon: Carelessness (A)

The master builder (F)

Guardian Demon (D)

Ot 7: Privacy part 1, part 2,

Got7 scneario:

Yugyeom: Treat you better (A)

Jackson: It wasn’t me part 1, part 2, part 3

Forever (A)

The bodyguard (D)

Jaebum: Just one game

Mark: Bad day (F)

Youngjae: Accidentally (D),(A)

Bambam: Idiot Nr.1 (D)

Exo scneario:

Chanyeol: Useless Jealous, Satisfied (A),

Baekhyun: You don’t own me (feat. Jongdae) part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13/Final, Epilogue

My little light (D)

Junmyeon: Step-Problems

Luhan: Heavenly (D)

Interview (D),(F)

Jongin: Don’t let go (D)

This chart is so mind-bogglingly nitpicky that I just have to go through it, at least for the ones I know. For the ones I don’t, feel free to make your own contributions.

Guardians of the Galaxy [spoilers for the 2nd one]:

Who is more competent - Okay it’s true that Gamora is a trained assassin, and is frighteningly good at it. That does not REMOTELY make Peter Quill “semi-competent”, and he in fact has several other skills which he wishes to deploy despite interference from the other Guardians, like say, diplomacy. And while Gamora’s sheer battle prowess is formidable, Peter’s ability to improvise on the fly has saved himself and the Guardians AND the Galaxy.

Who gets captured - Well in the 1st movie nobody, but in the 2nd movie it was Peter, wasn’t it?

Who saves the day and gets the credit - uh, it was all of them. I distinctly remember that official pardon which all of them received (followed hilariously by Drax and Rocket respectively asking if murdering and stealing stuff was still okay).

The Lego Movie - this one misses the point so hard it’s actually worrying.

Who is more competent - Lucy, surely. But her hypercompetence was a blessing and a curse - she knew how to make the most incredible things Emmett had ever seen, but it got her and the entire resistance movement absolutely nowhere in the fight against Lord Business. Emmett isn’t semi-competent, he is completely useless… because he is being told constantly that he has to be special in exactly the same way that Lucy, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman,Vitruvius etc. are special. But he doesn’t, and that’s the most important lesson that Lucy and everyone else learn from him. He is special because he knows how to work as part of a team, which is something no other Master Builder knows how to do, until he teaches them.

Who gets captured - everyone.

Who gets the credit - Depending on your interpretation of Emmett and Finn’s final speech, the answer is either “Lord Business” or “everyone”. Almost like no one specific style of creation is necessarily superior to any other.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Who is more competent - I find it odd that Vox chose this specific movie/book, because it’s the one where Harry swordfights a Basilisk all by himself. Either way, Hermione is more competent academically, but Harry is more competent in Defence Against the Dark Arts, and in several other ways besides. Hermione’s own speech at the end of the previous book should have put this comparison to rest, but Vox insists on using it anyway.

Who gets captured/defeated - You got me there. This was the one time Hermione was rendered entirely incapacitated.

Who gets the credit - Harry and Ron. You know. For discovering the entrance to the chamber of secrets by themselves, saving Ginny by themselves, fighting a basilisk, defeating Voldemort for the second year in a row… fun fact: Hermione and Voldemort were never ever in the same room together between the time when he was hidden under Quirrel’s turban, and about five minutes before Harry kills him for good. I’m not sure what credit Hermione deserves aside from that which Harry and Ron already gave her - for giving them basically all the information they needed to solve the mystery.
Unless you think Hermione could have or would have taken Voldemort down by herself, but that’s another discussion.

I’m gonna skip the Matrix cause I’ve only seen it about once. But as far as Inspector Gadget is concerned, if I recall correctly the entire joke is that Penny is the competent one and the inspector himself solves the mystery by accidentally bumbling his way into it.

Star Wars: A New Hope:

Who is more competent - Unpopular opinion: It’s Luke. I’m not gonna tell you that Leia is incompetent, cause she’s not by a long shot. She has a decent strategic mind, and she’s a good shot when she needs to be (though she was heavily outnumbered). But Luke was a better pilot, which kind of came in handy for the legwork part of the operation. The actually-blowing-up-the-Death-Star bit. Different skills sets = different value at different times.

Who gets captured - For this movie and this movie alone, it’s Leia. Luke and Han are captured in subsequent movies.

Who gets the credit - Luke, for blowing up the Death Star. Han and Chewbacca, for being directly involved in ensuring Luke’s ability to blow up the Death Star. Leia got the credit during an earlier scene for delivering the plans to the Rebel Alliance. You know. The part that she was actually involved in.

What exactly is the problem here?

As we approached this magnificence, a thin silvery arc rose into view above and millions of kilometres beyond the southern axis. My blood cooled and my heart seemed to thud to a stop. Slowly looming in an orbit slightly downstar from the Capital, staggered in perspective like the entrance to a tunnel, eleven great rings had been arranged in neat, precise parking orbits.


The combined might of the Master Builder’s weapons - all but one - had been moved to within a few million kilometres of the centre of Forerunner power, separated by a minimum of distance and looped together by the slenderest curves of hard light.

[The Didact] expressed something beyond alarm - more akin to horror - and I had difficulty stifling an outburst.

They should not be here! Halos should not be allowed anywhere near the seat of governance. Even the Master Builder forbade such a thing.

Something has gone very wrong…