the master bedroom

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Okay but imagine you CEO Bucky comes home late after a long day at work and find you sleeping on the couch reading a baby book. He picks you up in his arms, kissing your forehead taking you master bedroom. Lazily you open your eyes and you can't help but smile to see him " You are late." You say nuzzling into his neck " I know, crazy day at work. But enough about me, how my girls spend the day?" He lays you in bed, kissing your pregnant belly " It was a normal day, but we miss you." (part 1)

“I know babe, I missed you too. I can’t believe i am going to be a father.” He says still with his hands on your belly. He gets up of the bed picking a small gift bag and heading into you “ I couldn’t control myself.” Inside the bag there is a few baby clothes and more adorable the other and stuffed animal “ This is adorable.” You say looking at the tiny clothes, especially a yellow dress with little daises. You are so distracted looking at the clothes that you don’t realize ( part 2)

You don’t realize that he is on his knees on the end of the bed “ Babe what are you doing there?” He takes a deep breath before saying “ You made me so happy when you told me that i was going to be a father, you gave my life a new meaning. I always thought that my life would always be the office but you change everything for me. Thank you so much, i love you princess.” ( part 3 the end. Sorry i just love CEO BUCKY AND HE NEEDS TO BE A FATHER TOO)


Daddy Wednesday™

Places a rug randomly in the middle of the foyer so the room doesn’t look so big and empty…..

I can’t stand chopped up houses, I like my big open great rooms so I can keep an eye on all my Simmies.  But then, I’m left with big giant empty rooms….

I’m proud of myself on this build for breaking out of my rut!  I actually put the stairs somewhere different (totally stole the idea from EA) AND I moved the master bedroom to….


The other side of the house!  

Shocking, I know.


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can you upload the second floor of Sage's apartment? i don't know what to do with that big space

No because it’s not completed. There’s just two bedrooms for the kids plus the master bedroom which only consists of a bed. Hence why I didn’t show the master. Lol 

I suggest adding bedrooms, a play room, office, gaming room etc. There’s lots of things you could do to use up the space (: