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87 for Ryder/Jaal ;)

Jaal x Ryder 87: “That’s distracting.”

Bah! Sorry this took so long! So busy at school and work. :( I had a lot of fun thinking up different ways these two could distract one another! 

It had taken Ryder a long time to plan their evening away. It wasn’t just finding the location - which had been the hardest part - that had proven a challenge. She had to coordinate time away from the others and a believable enough reason to pitch shore leave on Kadara in the first place.

On second thought, that might have been the hardest part.

The tram ride from the port to the slums was quiet. Although she was full of energy, alternating between pacing the length of the car and pressing her face to the window to check their progress, the same could not be said of her companion.

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you guys I figured it out
  • Bioware Exec 1: ok so it turns out that Mass Effect fans REALLY LOVE having their hearts crushed into tiny pieces by our games. How do we translate this into Andromeda?
  • Bioware Exec 2: don't worry I got this
  • Bioware Exec 2: we make a highly enjoyable but very flawed game with characters the fans all fall in love with. Then we release it in a way that gets it brutally mocked online and poorly reviewed so that sales are bad. Then we put the series "on ice" so that they get almost no chance of seeing those characters ever again and the entire franchise is in question.
  • Bioware Exec 2: the character that'll break their heart in Andromeda... is Mass Effect itself
  • Bioware Exec 1: holy fuck

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whats ur opinion on ororoxt'challa

Joan: I’m personally not about it, and a lot of the reasoning for that is the way their first meeting was retconned, the new version of events is super creepy and yikes. But I do love their mutual respect for each other, there’s a lot about their friendship I love. I used to really ship them together until that retcon. I think of it like (for any Mass Effect fans who follow this blog) the same way I felt about James Vega/Shep. I really really wanted it but then the version I actually got in the Citadel DLC was so wrong, both morally and otherwise, that it made me completely turn on the ship.
That plus the fact that once T’Challa and Ororo got together Ororo was immediately delegated to supporting character on the BP books, and basically removed entirely from the X-books is why I don’t like the relationship. I don’t know how Anabee feels though.

Ana: it’s late where I am and I’m on mobile so I can’t answer all that well, but tl;dr I think they could have given us something really really great but marvel messed up with the retcon and it has since made me wary of them together…!

So that big character piece I did for the Mass Effect coloring book from Dark Horse? I went ahead and colored it myself :)


Very early on on the Mass Effect Andromeda. We had a week called Mass Effect Week. Which gave each of us an opportunity to come up with any cool idea for the game. This was the proposal I came up with…

Since the Mass Effect one, fans have been fascinated by the universe, and created many fan art, most of which was of the Kids. As a generation Ark going to Andromeda to start a new life. There are bound to have kids of every race aboard for the mission. Krogan running around with kids on his back, Salarian teaching their young on data analysis, Asari teaching the class a lesson on the Milkyway and so on. This would have been a great opportunity to have more life on the Ark. Give the players what they have been asking for. Put more at the stake, giving the player a much more important reason to fight for.