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Georgia Bill Could Make Niqabs And Hijabs Illegal In Public
The legislation would amend a law originally created to fight the Ku Klux Klan.

“In 1951, Georgia passed an anti-masking law to keep Ku Klux Klan members from committing anonymous racist violence while wearing white hoods. Now, just a week after Donald Trump won the presidential election and amid an uptick in hate crimes, a Georgia lawmaker wants to expand this law to target Muslim women.

House Bill 3, written by state Rep. Jason Spencer ®, aims to alter the language of Georgia’s anti-masking law to include women. This would make it a misdemeanor for anyone to wear any type of hood or veil — including niqabs and hijabs — while driving and in public spaces, according to a report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Currently, the law reads:

A person is guilty of a misdemeanor when he wears a mask, hood, or device by which any portion of the face is so hidden, concealed or covered as the conceal the identity of the wearer and is upon any public way or public property or upon the private property of another without the written permission of the owner or occupier of the property to do so.
Spencer, who did not return a request for comment, hopes to insert the words “or she” into the above law, expanding the restriction to Muslim women, the Journal-Constitution reported.

The bill would also add this line to the current law: “For the purposes of this subsection, the phrase ‘upon any public way or property’ includes but is not limited to operating a motor vehicle upon any public street, road, or highway.” It would also forbid Muslim women from wearing veils in government ID photos.

We have a new president, but not a new Constitution. The bill is unnecessary and unconstitutional, and we intend to oppose it if it goes forward.
Edward Ahmed Mitchell, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Georgia
Local Muslims are well aware of the upcoming bill, and community leaders say they won’t allow it to move through the legislature without opposition.

“The bill is a bad solution to a nonexistent problem,” Edward Ahmed Mitchell, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Georgia, told The Huffington Post. “[These Muslim women] are not endangering themselves or anyone else. We have a new president, but not a new Constitution. The bill is unnecessary and unconstitutional, and we intend to oppose it if it goes forward.”

Georgia’s proposal echoes anti-Muslim legislation in places like France, where religious veils have been banned to some extent in academic institutions, public service jobs and on beaches. But more importantly, it falls in line with the widespread targeting of Muslim women fueled by increasing Islamophobia across the country.

Muslim women have been heavily affected by hate crimes in the wake of Trump’s victory. Georgia’s CAIR office said it received reports of Muslim children being viciously bullied in schools and even a Muslim teacher receiving a note that said she should hang herself with her hijab.

“We believe that outreach works better than outrage,” Mitchell said. “We intend to reach out with an open hand. We build bridges. If that fails, and our government leaders attempt to interfere with our rights, we will defend our community by any legal means necessary.”

The Huffington Post is documenting the rising wave of anti-Muslim bigotry and violence in America. Take a stand against hate.”

Masked Jealousy (Chanyeol X You ft. Suho)

requested by akkie-ku :)

It’s been 2 weeks since you’ve hung out with your boyfriend, Chanyeol. You still contact him every day and talk to him through the screen of your phone, yet those phone calls only last 20 minutes.

Because you miss Chanyeol so much, you decide to surprise him at Music Core on Saturday and cheer him on.

You wake up early in the morning to prepare lunchboxes for your Boyfriend and his members. Although you’re not the best cook in the world, you try your best to make bento boxes because you know how much Chanyeol loves them. You feel giddy inside as you start making each of the member’s faces with eggs, sesame seeds, tomatoes, ham, and peas.

Once you’ve finished and are ready to go, you pack the boxes into a bag and walk towards the building. You only live 5 minutes away, so you decide you might as well get some fresh air and exercise.

The staff all recognize you and you are easily allowed access without any suspicions from the fans. You dress just like a stylist, so no one even gives you a second look. As you approach EXO’s dressing room, you hear many voices chatting away, and the occasional laughter.

Taking a deep breath to brace yourself from whatever will be thrown your way, you knock on the door.

A couple seconds later, Suho appears with a smile on his face.

“_______-ah! What are you doing here?” Before you could even greet him, he hugs while patting you on the back.

“Hey, Oppa!” You would hug him back but your hands were full from carrying all the bento boxes. He lets go and pats you on the head. He sees you carrying food and takes the bags off your hands and motions you to go into the room.

“________?” When Chanyeol first sees you, he thinks he is hallucinating, but slowly comes to the realization that you were standing right in front of him. Hastily, he stands up and wraps his arms around you.

Feeling embarrassed, your cheeks go red. You hear the members spouting out many things, some of them saying “aww” while others telling you guys to “get a room.”

Chanyeol doesn’t care about what his members say as he takes your hand and stares into your eyes.

“What are you doing here, jagiya?”

“I-I came here to cheer you guys on!” You half lied. The real reason you came was because you missed Chanyeol so much, but you weren’t about to reveal that to everyone. Trying to change the subject and avert the member’s attention to something else, you clap excitedly.

“Oh yeah, I bought you guys bento boxes! It’s to make sure you guys are energized before you perform today!”

“Really?” “Yo, give me” “Suho, why are you hogging it all to yourself!” “Food, Food, Food”

You hand each member their own lunchbox and give the last one to Chanyeol.

“Thanks, _______-ah,” he says softly while giving you a wink. He takes your arm and was about to have you sit next to him, when Suho suddenly starts laughing.

“Yah! _________! How could you make me look so ugly, where are my eyes!” You laugh at Suho and stick your tongue out at him.

“At least I don’t look like a pig while I sleep!” Suho retaliates. You gasp and take his drink.

“Fine, no energizer drink for you then.” You try to run away but he’s one step ahead of you and catches your shirt. He stands up and tries to take the drink away from you, but you reach your hands away from him.

Meanwhile, Chanyeol stares at the both of you, getting jealous because he wants to spend time with you but all you have been doing is running around serving the members. He gets up off is seat and walks towards you, taking the drink from your hands and giving it to Suho.

“There, you have your drink, now let me spend time with my girlfriend.” Chanyeol takes your hand and drags you to the other side of the room.  You look at him and see that his eyebrows are furrowed, and his smile was now a frown.

“What’s wrong, Oppa?”

Chanyeol doesn’t say anything to you and sits down on his chair. He takes out his phone and starts playing games.

“Aren’t you going to eat? I made these Bento Boxes, just for you!” You try to talk to him, but you have no idea why he became so mad and silent.

“No, I think you made them for someone else.” He doesn’t look at you when he talks and seems to be more focused on the game then on you.

“Are you mad at me?” You poke at him to try to soften him up. He continues to play his game, not responding to your touch. Then, you stick your head between him and his phone and pout.

“Answer me, what’s wrong?” You look at his eyes and see a flash of sadness that is then masked by the angered gaze. You have come to the conclusion that he’s probably jealous that you spent more time with the other members than with him, but you couldn’t help it if they were all so needy. You sighed and decided to do what you knew would make him forgive you.

Although you were extremely shy to do PDA in front of all the other members and felt uncomfortable when others were watching you, you didn’t care at the moment because you just wanted the sweet Chanyeol back.

You give him a peck on the lips and use your puppy dog face on him. At first, Chanyeol is flustered because you’ve never initiated anything in public, but he gradually relaxes his facial muscles. However, being the stubborn boy that he is, you see him trying to compress his smile.

“I’m sorry for not spending time with you, but I came here today because I actually missed you so much, and I only came for you, not anyone else, I swear.” You smile at him and put Chanyeol’s bento box into his hands.

“Open it, I made yours super special!” Chanyeol opens the lid to reveal a bento full of hearts. All the food was heart-shaped and on the bottom, the words “I love you” was spelt with sesame seeds.

“Wow” is all that comes out of his mouth. He smiles at you and puts his lunchbox to his heart.

“I don’t think I can eat this, it’s too…beautiful.” You scoff at his exaggeration and punch him lightly.

“Well you have to eat to get energy for your performance, so eat!”

“Yes, Ma’am! But _______-ah…maybe I should get jealous more often so that you will kiss me more.” Chanyeol wiggles his eyebrows at you. You feel your cheeks going red and slap him on the arm.  

The two of you continue to laugh and talk to each other as if the two of you are the only ones in the room.

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