the mashugas


The Mashugas adopted another stray kitty today & soon discovered she has the adventurous & genius traits.

According to Sylvia-Marie, the cat’s intelligence is attributed to the fact that she is no ordinary cat – but instead an international super spy, traveling from place to place solving lost pet cases.

Therefore, it only made sense that they call her: Agent 99.

I'm terrible at naming things

So recommend cat names for the Mashugas! I’d like something clever and bizarre. Currently it’s called Dinah. Like “someone’s in the kitchen with…” I wanted a Rex cat but I’ll have to find a close substitute. I was thinking of naming it Pyewacket cause I LOVE Bell Book and Candle. Also spoiler alert Sylvia Marie is training to be a witch!

Recommend names and even cat downloads


Frankie & Sylvia-Marie Mashuga are living large… flamingos that is!

As you can imagine, their conservative neighbors really hate them for their garish & kitschy tastes! They are so dreadfully tacky… I love it!

& Being that they are such a whacky couple (Sylvia-Marie has the insane & excitable trait. Frankie is childish and inappropriate) – they definitely belong in Lucky Palms!