the mascot totem

You know what the Ilvermorny House names remind me of?

The Washington Redskins, that American football team with the ridiculously racist team name that they refuse to change because of it’s part of the teams “history” (and the millions it would cost to rebrand but ANYWAY).

Honestly considering the total lack of respect for and belief that Native peoples were even, you know, human for the majority of Americas history. An Irish woman founding a school in early America would probably have seen nothing wrong with plundering the sacred totems of the Native tribes to use as cute mascots for her houses.

And considering America today when people started to object and protest the schools use of the totems as mascots there would probably be a whole lot of racists dicks defending their continued use because they were part of the “important history” of Ilvremorny.

Congratulations JK, you managed to capture American institutional racism perfectly. Too bad you joined in.