the mary dose

After reading @may-shepard‘s awesome meta on the intertextual potential of ACD’s The Parasite, I was inspired to look at what is being said when we see, ‘scary Mary’, in the background of the scene where Sherlock talks to the kids at the hospital.  

I have 8 screencaps to share with you that I think might contain some potentially interesting information.

So, we first see, ‘creepy Mary’, behind John when Sherlock says, ‘the solution’. So, possibly this is a hint that this double Mary is somehow the solution to something.  Possibly the strange things that happen in Series 4.  This may be a reminder not to forget that while we see a sweet and supportive Mary in front of John, we can still see a creepy, nebulous Mary behind him.  This could mean we must not forget that she is a morally grey character and not purely a good one like the end of TST seems to imply.

Also to have the word, ‘affair’, here is possibly of interest to us if we see Mary, John and Sherlock as a sort of love triangle.  The most remarkable part of this love triangle might be that Mary is still someone whose intentions we have not understood.  Someone truly as mysterious and as dangerous as she has seemed all along.  

At the same time, ‘the only feature of interest’, in the case of the Mayfly Man (mid-wedding speech) was, ‘John Watson’.  So, maybe John is the solution.  That’d be nice.  Sherlock’s love problems will be solved by John.  Also, this could point to the idea that Sherlock only cares about John (in this triangle) and not about Mary.

Now, we have this killer who poisons and is called, ‘Blessington’.  This is a very saintly-sounding name, someone who sounds good but isn’t.  Mary is also a very, ‘good’, sounding name, reminiscent of the Virgin Mary in Christianity.  Now, if we go with the theory (I think it’s @jenna221b‘s but I can’t remember.  Please correct me doctors if you know better) that Mary is dosing our protagonists with TD12 to mess with their heads then this idea of Mary being, ‘a poisoner’, fits in really well.

By saying these words and showing us, ‘scary Mary’, maybe Sherlock (the show) could be giving something away.  Maybe the, ‘ending’, will involve us seeing that Mary is truly, ‘the poisoner’.  

So, five main suspects.  Could this be a reference to the number of villains we’ve encountered on Sherlock?  No idea, I’ve never counted.  Let’s do it now.

ASiP ~ Hope/Moriarty

TBB ~ Shan/M

TGG ~ Moriarty

ASiB ~ The Woman/Moriarty

THoB ~ Frankland/science

TRF ~ Moriarty

TEH ~ Moran

TSoT ~ Mayfly Man (subtextual John)

HLV ~ Magnussen/Mary

TAB ~ uhm, men?

TST ~ Norbury

TLD ~ Culverton

TFP ~ Eurus

Now, neither m-theory nor villains are my forte so I can’t say with certainty to whom this number might be a reference.  I feel like the, ‘villains’, on the most symbolic level are just the 5 main characters: Sherlock, John, Mary, Mycroft and Moriarty.  Moriarty being the obvious villain, Mycroft being always suggested as a person who is behind the scenes orchestrating things, Mary who straight up shoots Sherlock, Sherlock as his own worst enemy and John as the reason his heart is always broken.    

Whoever the other four may be, one thing is true here, it does not matter because it’s Blessington/Mary who was/is the poisoner.

Added emphasis on the poisoning.

One murder, this could be about John since well, he’s right there in the foreground while his potential killer lurks in the background.  If we go with the theory that John’s been hurt and having a dream, then we could see him as the, ‘murder victim’.  He seems to get shot in the face at the end of TLD, so there’s that, too.

Now here we switch to 10 suspects, all of them guilty.  Then meaningfully John says, ‘Sherlock’.  He is trying to interrupt him to keep him from giving away the end of the story which is interesting as a meta concept if Sherlock, the show, really is giving something away with this dialogue and images.  But, anyway, this juxtaposition of guilty people + Sherlock is interesting in that it may be implying that something here is also Sherlock’s fault.  Is this about Mary’s presence in John’s life being due to Sherlock leaving John?  Is this about Sherlock’s own crushing guilt not at Mary’s fake AF death but about the fact that leaving John for two years left him open to marrying a villain?

I think it’s interesting that, ‘good Mary’, begins to speak before she is shown.  She begins to speak as, ‘scary Mary’, is still present.  This could be showing us that we cannot trust, ‘good Mary’, because her true identity is that of, ‘scary Mary’.  ‘Good Mary’, is just the façade (as always) and scary, hidden Mary is the true Mary that we’ve been dealing with this whole time.

Now, this brings us into the meaning of the hat.  For a lot of people the hat is Sherlock’s straight façade, for others it’s about Sherlock’s love of John, whichever way we go with hat symbolism it’s worth noting that Mary is trying to tell John something about how Sherlock ought to present himself.  Why is Mary concerned with Sherlock’s appearance in the context of this conversation?  We are discussing poisonings, one poisoner, 10 people who are all guilty (how many people were with real Faith at their TD12 meeting?  No, wait, there were six guests.  And one nurse per guest, making them 12.  Hmmm…  reminds me of D12: six dudes, each with an alter ego), and possibly Sherlock being guilty.  Does the hat represent Sherlock’s, ‘guilt’, here?  Like, if the hat fits wear it?  Maybe this is John processing the idea that, ‘everything/Mary’s death’, is Sherlock’s fault and maybe here’s Mary egging him on.  Maybe this is John thinking, ‘you know who’s guilty?  Sherlock’, and Mary saying, ‘yeah, he should assume that role/wear that hat’.  This could be Scary Mary trying to cement this idea in John’s mind.  

This is the last we see of her.

wifeofbath  asked:

Hello Steph, hope you're having a lovely day. A crazy thought just occurred to me. What if, when Mary hugged Sherlock on the tarmac, she slipped him something that, together with the drugs he took, has messed with his mind and perception of reality? If she did, odds are the drug is TD-12 (because why introduce it if nothing was going to be done with it?). It would explain some of the craziness of s4, together with TFP taking place in John's mind palace.

Hi Lovely!

Actually, this is a theory that I have seen before, at least in regards to Mary sneaking drugs to Sherlock on the tarmac, and one that I kind of expanded upon before. Now that we have this Fuckery Drug in canon, I think it’s possible that Mary may have gotten a hand on some (I speculated here that Mary may have ties to Culverton; in this theory, Culverton created a drug to test on subjects, and I think now that TD-12 was that drug). So yes, I think now that Mary gave Sherlock some doses of TD-12 on the Tarmac, which is what caused Sherlock to go into his fever dream and overdose in TAB, a clue to what is to come for S4. Then, in TLD, Sherlock takes that same drug from from Culverton (I presume TD-12 is some kind of pharmaceutical in this universe, one you can get addicted to like oxy or codeine and need a Rx to get it, ergo maybe Sherlock stole prescription pads from John to acquire this drug? Dunno. Perhaps Mary is still providing it to him through Wiggins), which in turn leads to whatever we’re seeing to become the lie. Sherlock is literally a Lying Detective, because his memories are possibly and most likely falsified because of this drug. NOTHING IS REAL.

I’ve also seen theories that it’s still Tarmac!Sherlock having a dream-ception for another 3 episodes. I think it could be possible, so I won’t rule it out, especially since John doesn’t appear to go through any sort of character growth at all, really, in S4 unless we are thinking that TFP is John’s TAB. And that’s fine, but I’m mostly leaning towards the thought that everything from the start of T6T until the end of TLD is an altered narrative, and the “doctored footage” at the beginning of the first episode is our clue. The second was the titles of the episodes (T6T is originally an old case on John’s blog, and TLD references the “lies”, and then TFP because it’s the first episode title taken unchanged from a canon title, which is the story where Sherlock “dies”). The third is the general fuckiness of the season. I believe some of S4 is real, but most of it is a “mirror” of what is REALLY going on (the truth about Mary’s “death”, John’s own crisis), and then then TFP is John’s TAB, his way of working out how to stay alive and his own struggle with his own self.

I’ve also thought POSSIBLY that S4 is ALL John’s TAB; after Sherlock returns, Mary just kills John and runs off. Stupid, I know but this is my brain trying to understand S4. But mostly, I’m for John’s Alibi, Unreliable Narrator and then John’s TAB.

ANYWAY. Totally rambled on about things you don’t care about. I think S4 is all false memories and alibis and what we see on screen is not actually happening.