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What would it be like to become the mother (or a close babysitter) for the UT UF and SF Babybones?

I’m going to choose babysitter because I headcanon that the skeles don’t have a mom. 



Easiest and chillest baby you will ever babysit in your entire life. If you’re watching tv, he seems content with just watching with you and sometimes, he even falls asleep on you, which is the cutest thing in the entire world….until he drools on your lap. You could swear that the does this on purpose, but he’s just a smol marshmallow that you don’t care. Even as a child, he’s someone you could talk about your problems to (age appropriate, non heavy problems, like how they ran out of your favorite ice cream at the store. Never dump adult heavy stuff on babies, they are very impressionable), and Sans will look at you with big understanding eyes, shrug, and cuddle with you until he falls asleep. 


Paps is the a really hyper baby that is constantly moving around, but he’s very well behaved, you just have to watch him. Though even as a kid, he’s very lonely. He’s that “weird” kid, that tries to be friends with everyone, but is turned away from every group, yet keeps his optimism. He’s so naive, that the meaner kids will always take advantage of, like inviting him to “play” hide and seek, make him count, then completely ditch him, yet Paps would never catch this and will continue looking for his “friends”. At home, he likes to color, and even though he doesn’t draw within the lines nor does he get the colors right, he will always show it to you with a bright smile. To put him to bed, all you have to do is read a him a bedtime story and give him his favorite stuffed animal to sleep with. 



Red is a grouchy baby that gives you a difficult time for the sake of being difficult. He scream constantly and throw tantrums when you two are out in public too long, he likes to stay at home in a familiar environment. He doesn’t like to be pushed out of his comfort zone which is at home napping or playing with his toys. But he has his sweet moments like when you tuck him into bed and he’s clinging onto your thumb with his small hands as he falls asleep. Or when, no matter how he seems to hate you, you’re the familiar face that he trusts whenever you two are out in public, so he clings onto you tightly. You’re one of the few people that he trusts and even though he would never say it, he loves you and is grateful for you. 


Honestly, Fell is a little shit, but he’s not the worst. We’ll get to that in a minute. He’s completely autonomous, and will not listen to you no matter what you say. He wants a slice of cake before dinner? He’s getting that slice. You won’t buy him that toy at the supermarket? He’ll hide it under his shirt and steal it. His relationship with you is like Lilo and her sister from Lilo and Stitch. Even when you try to be patient and understanding, there will be screaming matches from time to time. Fell never cries during the screaming matches, but he will hide in his room away from you to cry. To comfort him, you have to let him come to you. After he’s finished feeling sorry for himself, he’ll make dinner on his own and set aside a plate for you. That’s his way of apologizing. 



Now Black. Black is the worst babybones to take care of. He’s demanding, things have to go his way, and he must be kept on a routine at all times. Even when the slightest thing goes wrong, he’s screaming at the top of his lungs like he’s being murdered. He’s extremely picky about what he eats and has a bit of a sweet tooth, so he’s always wanting candy at the store. The only way to calm him down is to give into his tantrums because that kid is stubborn as hell. Yet despite all that, he’s a fierce protector of you, even as a kid. If another parent or babysitter is giving you crap about how you take care of him, he will step in and roast the shit out of them and stand up for you. Afterwards, he’ll pretend that he’s only protecting his pride. He hates bedtime, but he falls asleep quickly while you hold his hand as you sing him a lullaby.  


Rus is just the sweetest kid you’ll ever meet, enough to give you a cavity. He’s thoughtful and empathetic, never giving you any trouble. If he’s old enough, he’ll help you cook, and if he’s not, he’ll sit on the chair and point out various vegetables and meats you’re cooking. He’s the type of kid who will always puts his own toys away and afterwards, he’ll help others put their toys away too. He’ll say please and thank you and is always polite. When he senses that you’re having a bad day, he’ll try to cheer you up by drawing you a picture or hug you until you feel better. But despite all that, Rus is very critical about himself. If he does a small thing wrong, he’ll break down and beat himself over it. He’s sensitive when it comes to his self esteem and and gets nervous around crowds. It’s your job to teach him that it’s okay to make mistakes and not to be so hard on himself. 

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cutest warm marshmallow thing………that’s it………I’ve figured out what my art is like it’s like a marshmallow

what i think when i see the members: updated version

Taeil: “aight… i kno that u r thicc and all… but… i still want to hug u and wrap u in a blanket… and laugh at all your weird jokes…”

Hansol: “oh hey hanso–*gets whiplash from seeing him Not With Blonde Hair™* *also wonders what his favorite kind of coffee is since he seems to like it so much* *sees him out there livin the high life* :’]”

Johnny: “the nicest, softest palm tree–truly. A GIANT DORKY MEME. is probably made of marshmallows, melted chocolate and some sprinkles for good measure”

Taeyong: “FLUFFY PINK KITTY!!! MEME CHILD!!! THE CUTEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!11!!1 NEEDS HUGS!!!1!!!!1!!!!!!!1!”


Kun: “this guy needs to have a photography collab with ty track, jeno and ten. then they can take lots of literally perfect pictures and sell them all and make a whole ton of money, which they can then use to finally go to chicago for a season of nct life like they all keep talking about”

Doyoung: “soft bunny. also a salty bunny. a very cute bunny. nice bunny. smart bunny! savage bunny! the best bunny!!”


Jaehyun: “;^; the sweetest, nicest, most talented bread boi T^T such a cute bean :’’’] bUT. IS ALSO A MEME. ILL GO TO NEPTUNE WITH YOU JEFF!!”



Yukhei: “it should not be allowed for anyone to be that squishy-looking, whilst also being THAT FUCKING TALL. THE FUCK??”

Mark: “your hair is so fluffy and your eyes are so big and sparkly and youre just so cute but i know you really just want to be cool and you ARE actually really cool and youre also so dedicated and hardworking and youre lowkey an inspiration and i wish i could one day personally say thank you because i think youre really great and i adore you to bits and pieces and i kinda want to know if you still dont know how to cook eggs and also how many cups of coffee did you drink before the cherry bomb mv shooting??”

Renjun: “*sobbing* i will give you icecream… a million moomin plushies… aNYTHING… just pLS… LET ME LIVE…. YOUR VOICE IS TOO BEAUTIFUL….. I CANT HANDLE IT D’:”

Jeno: “u, my dude, have some really pretty eyelashes. AND SOME LIT DANCE SKILLZ™. im glad u think ur funny now. bc its true”


Jaemin: “*jams sadly to chewing gum* i eagerly await the day you make your reappearance, young whippersnapper”



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BRO werewolf rangers where instead of finding the coins Zordon's some big werewolf who transforms them at the quarry to fight Rita cause he's dying and now they gotta deal with being both human and wolf and there's hella ANGST over partially losing their humanity. And like Kim and Jason are the ones who have the most trouble dealing with it over the others. Like one day Kim almost loses herself and goes feral. Also Trini's still small in wolf form and it annoys her even though Kim loves it lol

Bro Zordon biting all of them n stuff and all of them being confused as to why Jason is the one who takes on the role of the alpha. Jason and Kimberly kinda refusing to accept the fact that they’re also werewolves because they think their lives are already hectic enough n they try to work together to figure out the whole thing. It scares Kimberly more than it scares jason cuz the whole thing with Amanda still happened and she’s kinda just like, “It makes sense because I’m a terrible person.” and UGh 

Kimberly snapping one day and going feral and once she calms down her and Trini talk about it and there’s lots of angst 

Trini being a little fluffy wolf that all the kids love when they decide to just prowl around town one day and they all think she’s a german shepherd or something. Zack gets them all name tags to give them ‘undercover names’ and trinis says Marshmallow and Kimberly just thinks its the cutest thing ever and constantly makes fun of her for it lol 

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Bokuto and Akaashi go camping together, and Akaashi teaches Bokuto how to toast the perfect marshmallows. They lay and look at the stars, and Bokuto is actually calmed by the darkness and peacefulness. Then they go into the tent and cuddle, telling each other sweet nothings and kissing until they get sleepy.

That….. is the cutest thing I’ve ever read OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

soft bokuaka ;_; <3

vanilla cupcake

Happy year of the sheep (goat)! I was also born in the year of the sheep, so I feel like this is a good reason to make these adorable sheep cakes. 

I also wanted an excuse to use a dome cake pan that I got from winners (a Canadian discounted store) for frigging $2. SAY WHAT! 

This fluffy sheep cake is a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, and chocolate to make the face and the antlers. This cake is moist, and full of vanilla flavour, thanks to vanilla extract AND vanilla bean paste. It’s a great recipe. Use it as a base for all your creative baking concoctions!

I also made little baby sheeps with the small cupcake pan. Aren’t they the cutest, all hurdled together?

You can use marshmallows to create the fluffy sheep fur, but if you can use buttercream, why don’t you? Buttercream is the best thing ever. Give me a spoon and I’ll eat it all day long. 

Basic Vanilla Cupcake

makes 12 regular sized cupcakes, or 24 mini cupcakes

2 sticks of butter, softened

¾ cup of sugar

2 eggs

¼ cup milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

½ tsp vanilla bean paste

1 ½ cup all purpose flour

1 ¼ tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt


  1. Preheat oven to 350F. Line your cupcake pan with liners.
  2. Cream together butter and sugar until fluffy. Add the eggs, milk, vanilla extract, and vanilla paste.
  3. Sift together flour, baking powder and salt. Add it to the butter mixture and mix until it just comes together. Be careful not to overmix.
  4. Fill the cupcake liners until they are ¾ full. Bake for 17-20 min. Check with toothpick to see if it comes out clean.
  5. Cool in pan for 5 min, and cool completely on a wired rack before frosting them. 

to make the fluffy sheep fur, fill the piping bag with plain tip (any size of your choice) and pipe your buttercream on. you can also use mini marshmallows to get a similar presentation.

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I love your reactions ❣❣ and I was wondering if you can do one of there Anniversary like as a couple ❤️ please if it doesn't take a whole lot sorry I'm new at this 🤗

Hi! Sorry this is late
Hope You like it
I was really surprised that I didn’t have something like this already

BTS On Your Anniversary

He would surprise you when you came home from work with a giant bouquet of flowers and a handmade cake he spent all day on. He would want to make it the best day of your life, trying to make everything perfect.

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He would surprise you at work with a bunch of flowers. It would make all of your coworkers say their “ooh’s” and “awh’s”
He would honestly be the sweetest thing you would ever know. He would always be smiling and showing his dimples. He would give you lots of kisses, but save the best for when you two got home later that night ;) ;)

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This little Marshmallow would be the cutest and sweetest thing ever. He would buy you literally everything and would tell you to keep them all. When you told him the only thing you needed was him, he would be so happy and he would give you too many kisses to count

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He would write you something, maybe a song, or even just a poem. He would leave it on your counter before he went to work so it was the first thing you would see when you woke up.

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He would go all out and either get all fancy and book a reservation at a 5 star restaurant, or he would play it chill and have a picnic date or even just a date at home. Whatever you wanted

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he would be super excited and he would be jumping everywhere. He would wake you up really early just to tell you how much he loved you, which was also a reoccurring event that would happen throughout the day

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Jungkook would be the sweetest little thing. He would show up to your house with all of these gifts and he would be blushing like crazy because it's 7 in the morning and you were still half asleep and adorable standing there in his shirt when you opened the door

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Hope you liked!
~Admin Luna 

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trini pretends to drink coffee black, but really just likes hot chocolate and one day kim comes to see her in her room and she's holding her favorite harry potter "The muggle struggle is real" mug filled with hot chocolate with a dash of cinnamon and cayenne and some mini marshmallows and whipped cream and in her surprise of kim coming in there is a little dot of whipped cream on her nose. It's a mental image kim will never get out of her mind.

Oh my god. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever read???

Kim doesn’t even tease Trini about it, though. She probably just has the biggest smile on her face because she’s smitten and kisses Trini on her forehead and then steals some of her whipped cream. And whenever it starts to get colder out, Kim makes a point of making her and Trini hot chocolate and they just sit together wrapped up in a blanket and read their favorite books or watch some tv together.(also Kim always makes sure it’s in Trini’s “the muggle struggle is real” mug every time)

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Love your writing. Could write a headcanon about KBTBB guy reaction to their children bring home a stray puppy?


You and Yoshiro had been walking in the park when you had spotted a tiny little puppy left abandoned in a plastic bag. Your son, distraught had instantly taken a liking to the little thing and as you were about to call animal services, your five year old had grabbed your hand and pleaded with you to let him take the little puppy home. Unable to deny your son anything you had been left with no choice. Eisuke wasn’t very pleased at the recent addition to his family. 

“We’re not keeping her Yoshiro. Don’t get too attached.” Eisuke said to his son firmly, reaching out for the phone. The little puppy was wriggling about in your son’s hold and Yoshiro was on the verge of tears. “Don’t you dare start the waterworks with me either. I will not have my son cry over a silly dog. Yes Kenzaki, I need you to call animal services, my son seems to be under the impression that we are running a kennel up here.” 

“Daddy I’m not letting you take her away!” Your son pleaded, the tears rolling down his cheeks. He turned to run into his bedroom, but Eisuke reached down and snatched the puppy from his arms before he got the chance. It was no secret that animals seemed to dislike your husband, this little puppy however seemed to be different. The minute it was transferred into Eisuke’s arms it started to lick his face and jump all over him. His face instantly softened.

“I suppose it wouldn’t hurt for us to keep her for a little while.” Eisuke changed his tune as the puppy nibbled at the finger he had offered her. Yoshiro began to jump up and down in glee. “You’ll have to look after her Yoshiro, she is your responsibility now just as you are mine. If you neglect her I shall not hesitate in sending her away.” Your son nodded, eager to prove himself to his father.

“Thank you daddy you are the best!” Yoshiro grinned. From that day forth Yoshiro took care of that puppy perfectly never neglecting her once. He named her Gem and she was treasured by all three of you equally. Eisuke’s bond with Gem had quickly dissipated however when he had left his dinner unattended one day and returned to find an empty plate.

“I buy her gourmet dog food and this is how she repays me!” Eisuke roared as Gem licked the the crumbs off his plate. 


The last thing you had expected to find hiding in your daughter’s playhouse was a puppy. It was a nice day outside so you had let Ying go and play out in the back-garden for a change. She had been playing with Inui in her little pink plastic house when all of a sudden she had came out holding a tiny little rottweiler puppy in her small arms. Her toothy grin had warmed your heart and the pure joy in her eyes made you smile as well. “Mummy do you think we can keep him?” Your four-year old came bounding up to you whilst the puppy was happily licking at her face. “I’ve always wanted a puppy.” 

“I don’t know sweetheart. It’s up to daddy.” You said to her softly. She looked down sadly at her feet. Soryu spoiled her rotten but he could also be quite strict with her sometimes. You had no idea whether he would let her keep him or not. You reached down and took your daughter’s small hand into your own. “Why don’t we go ask daddy right now?” Ying nodded at the suggestion.

You knocked on his office door and waited patiently on him unlocking it. Ever since Ying had come along he had been extra cautious in trying to keep his work separate from the pair of you, the notion of his little girl walking in on him having meetings with other scary men and shifting through illegal goods was something that horrified your husband, so a lock had been put on his door to stop her from barging in unexpectedly. Soryu clicked open the door and his eyes instantly found their way to Ying.

“What have you got there sweetheart?” He knelt down to her level, examining the puppy that was snuggled into the crook of her neck. Ying looked so happy and you hoped and prayed that Soryu would let her keep the puppy.

“It’s a puppy daddy! Me and Inui found him in my playhouse.” Ying spoke excitedly. Soryu scooped her up into his arms carefully, the puppy being picked up with her. Your husband held the pair of them easily in his arms and he still had one to spare to wrap around your waist. “Can we keep him?”

“I think our little one is already very attached to him.” You whispered into Soryu’s ear, just low enough that your daughter couldn’t hear. 

“We can keep him.” Soryu told Ying with a wide smile on his face. He set her and the puppy down on the ground and turned to you. “I’ve been thinking about getting a guard dog for a while now and a rottweiler is a good breed for that. When he gets bigger he will be able to help me protect our little gift.” 

It took you all a good few months to choose a name for the puppy but you eventually settled on Gang, which meant strength, and that dog proved to be strong indeed. Every since the day Ying found him Gang would sleep at the edge of her bed protecting her obediently. On the eve of her sixteenth birthday an enemy of Soryu’s had crept into your daughter’s bedroom to hurt her. Gang had saved her life that night and Soryu was eternally grateful.

“I owe you a great debt Gang. My precious daughter is safe and well because of you.” Soryu said to an now old Gang. The dog responded by sniffing his hand for a food. “Oh I suppose you deserve a treat huh? how about we get _______ to make us some omelette?” 


You and baby had taken your eight-year old son out shopping as his uncle Eisuke had given him a large wad of cash to spend on his birthday. When you came out of the the local game store a flash of gold had ran passed you, and your son had chased after it, running through traffic and mobs of people. Your heart had taken a dip and Baba had let go off your hand and chased after his precious son. When the pair of them returned your son was thankfully unharmed, but there was a little golden mop of fur in his arms, a little golden Labrador puppy. “Don’t run away like that ever again Tsubasa, mummy just about took a heart attack.” Baba warned his son. 

“Mummy I think it’s a stray, can we keep him?” Your son looked up at you expectantly, the little dog burrowed into his chest and you noticed a patch of matted fur across it’s back. It hadn’t been taken care of properly at all. You had always wanted a dog growing up, this felt right. With a smile encroaching on your face you had been ready to accept the puppy into your family when a middle-aged man with a balding hair cut had ran up to the three of you.

“Oh thank goodness you found him.” The man snatched the puppy out of Tsubasa’s arms and instantly the dog began to whine and cry. If this man was the owner he hadn’t been looking after the poor thing properly. “I’ve been searching everywhere for him.” Your son’s heart seemed to break in that moment and it hurt you to see the happiness leave his eyes.

“He doesn’t like you! You haven’t been taking care of him, his fur is all dirty and he has sore paws!” Your son exclaimed. The man’s brow creased and tutting he had vanished down the street. Tsubasa had looked ready to chase after him but Baba had pulled him back.

“We can’t keep him he’s not ours Tsu.” Baba said softly. How rich coming from a thief, you had thought idly into yourself. You thought of that poor dog going home to be miserable and it broke your heart nearly as much as seeing your son in a such a sorry state did. “I’m sorry princeling, but that’s the way it is.” 

“Let’s get home, you have all those new games to play with.” You tried to take his mind away from the puppy but it was to no avail, your eight year old simply crossed his arms and stared off into the distance. You reached out to take Baba’s hand and started walking home, but your husband remained stationary. You looked up at him to see what his problem was.

“I’ve got something to do princess, take our little one home and I’ll see you later. I love you both lots and lots.” He pressed a kiss onto your lips, then placed one on his still moody son’s forehead before taking off down the street. You had no idea what he was up to and a part of you didn’t want to know.

You took your son home and just before his bed time you heard the front door creak open. Your husband’s dinner had gone cold, he had been gone a lot longer than you had expected. He entered the room and your jaw dropped when you saw what he had in his hands, the puppy from earlier. “Look who daddy found!” Baba exclaimed, setting the puppy down on the ground, it ran straight for your son. Tsubasa’s face lit up instantly. “I found him wandering down the street, how funny is that?” 

“Very.” You smiled knowingly at your husband. “That puppy sure is lucky to have found us again. Maybe that’s what we should call him - Lucky.” 


When your son had come home with a little orange ball of fur in his arms your heart had instantly melted. Your son hadn’t just found a stray puppy, he had found the cutest dog ever to walk the earth. It’s little paws were like little marshmallows and it’s ears would twitch up and down with every small noise. “Mama I found her in the garden. I think she’s a stray.” He spoke carefully clapping the tip of the dog’s head. Your four-year old already looked smitten with the thing. “Can we keep him, I’ve always wanted a dog!”

“Can we keep what?” A familiar voice sounded from behind you. A pair of arms wrapped around your waist and Ota rested his head on your shoulder, his gaze narrowing in on the little bundle in his son’s arms. “Where did you find that dog? You better not have stolen him, I know Uncle Baba wants to teach you-”

“I didn’t steal him. He was alone in the back garden, daddy can we keep him?” Kaede asked his father firmly and you felt a smile grow on Ota’s face. You had no idea whatsoever what he was going to say.

“Two pets? I think I can handle that.” Ota said. Your son was confused at first, ever since you found out you were pregnant you had made Ota stop with the whole Koro thing. You didn’t want your son to see you being treated in such a way. However Ota still referenced it every now and then to your dismay. “Hehe. This should be fun. I already have a name for her Kaede.”

You knew what was coming. Your son looked up hopefully and you took a deep sigh. “Precious!” He exclaimed. Your son nodded happily and vanished away with the puppy. Your turned to face Ota with your arms crossed.

“I thought for sure you were going to name her Koro?” 

“What! That’s your name silly…” He gathered you in his arms and pressed a kiss onto you lips sweetly. You rolled your eyes at him. Precious quickly became an integral part of your life and even ended up painted on a canvas at one of Ota’s art shows. You were so glad your son had found her that day.


You had somehow managed to drag Mamoru out of bed to take your daughter Hikari to the park. He was still tired and he looked rather like a walking zombie being pulled along by your energetic six year old. She was practically bouncing, it wasn’t often she got to spend a whole day with her old man. Letting out high pitch trill she dragged Mamoru over to a set of swings and demanded he push her. “Jeez kid you sure don’t take after your old man.” He commented as she flung herself down onto the swing. “I liked you better when you were a little baby and slept all day. Much easier for daddy.” 

You snorted as Mamoru pushed her higher and higher on the swing. Despite how tired he was he looked rather like he was enjoying himself. All of a sudden your daughter froze still and the swing gradually stopped moving. “Daddy do you see that doggy over there? I think it’s by itself.” She pointed over to entrance to the park, sure enough a little dog covered in muck was sat. It looked so lonely and sad. Before Mamoru could answer your daughter she had taken off after it. By the time you two had got there she was sitting with the little puppy in her arms. “He was lonely daddy! Can we take him home.”

“Not a chance kid. Put it back where you got it and let’s get home. Need more damn sleep.” Mamoru grumbled ignoring the very adorable face Hikari was making at him.The dog licked at her face and a large smile boomed on your face, Mamoru saw the large grin on your lips. “And don’t you get any ideas. You two give me enough trouble without adding a damn dog to the mix.” 

“I’ll walk him, I’ll feed him, you don’t have to do anything. I’ve always wanted a puppy.” You reached down and took the puppy from your daughter’s arms. The dog instantly wriggled about in your arms. All of a sudden it leapt from you onto Mamoru licking at his face mercilessly. “Aww he’s so cute!”

“Damn thing is attacking me. Jeez this things got more energy than our Hikari.” Mamoru wrestled with the dog until it was settled in his arms. “Guess I ain’t got no choice if both my girls want him. And you better walk and feed cause I sure as hell ain’t. He better not do the toilet all over the house either.”

“What would you care? If the house was a mess you would barely even notice.” You narrowed your eyes at your husband, watching intently as he put the puppy back in your daughter’s arms. “C’mon let’s get home he stinks and needs a wash. The puppy does as well.” 

Mamoru slapped your head playfully as your daughter giggled. The three of you headed home with your new addition. The puppy came to be called Minami, a tribute to Mamo’s old partner. As Minami got older he gradually got a lot lazier -  It was probably Mamo’s influence on him. Once your husband got home from work the dog would instantly fall asleep on his chest. The pair were close and one day Mamoru had been forced to admit that you had been right to keep the puppy. “Kinda glad you girls convinced me to keep the little mutt.” 

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Your bill sitting on a little log watching the world burn is the cutest thing ever he just looks like a Lil triangle marshmallow I just wanna squeeze him and his whittle arms! I bet Dipper forgets bill's all powerful and treats him like a child X3

their conversations regarding that probably end like this