the marshes

Cosmere Gentle Giants

Galladon: good friend, knows when to draw the line and will watch out for you. he just wants to be a peaceful farmer and apply all his useful agricultural knowledge. needs a hug 14/10

Kiin: fun uncle! with the connections he has you’re set. went through a pirate phase but its okay because now he’s calmed down to pettily opposing a king and cooking for friends and family. would open a cold one with him 10/10

Ham: with heart of a philosopher he engages his companions in all manner of questions. he is lighthearted man working the underground to provide for his family. his wife is lucky 16/10

Marsh: realist. this boy knows what he is about. takes crazy risks to do the right thing. extremely wronged, made to do things against his will by an evil god. needs a friend and also happiness for once pls 17/10

Rock: a friend and boy! he knows how to turn a crowd, good food and good tales are sure to lighten the mood of even the most determined grump. pranks rude nobles and shares stuff with his buddies. lover not a fighter 13/10

Susebron: god tier big boy. very confused because he has been raised by mean monks. still learning to read and also talk good. kinda awkward but thats okay he’s learning. needs continued guidance and support 15/10