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Jon is born with silver hair and purple eyes and Sansa is the one to take after her Aunt Lyanna.

To be honest, it took me a while to figure out how this would be different from any other “Jon is raised somewhere other than Winterfell” AU, but then I realized how much Sansa have the Stark looks might impact her time in King’s Landing. Also ended up exploring a little of Sansa and Arya’s relationship if they’d stayed together.

This just keeps growing and growing, so there will definitely be a part 2.

Trigger warnings: physical assault via Joffrey and Robert Baratheon lusting after girls young enough to be his daughter.

Echoes of Yesterday

Though it meant an end to her naiveté, to having her idealistic dreams crash down around her, Sansa didn’t long trust in her princely betrothed and his mother, the Queen. After King Robert began lavishing her with uncomfortable amounts of attention and waxing poetic about her resemblance to her Aunt Lyanna, his wife’s veneer of gracious courtesy proved itself a flimsy thing. The queen made little effort to hide her scorn, and soon enough, the ladies of court and the crown prince followed suit. Though Joffrey didn’t yet make his penchant of cruelty clear, he seemed to delight in every sneer and discourtesy. It was Cersei’s snide remarks that made her realize it was desire and not just nostalgia that motivated the king  to look at her the way he did, to lean too close and compare her too often to a woman dead before Sansa’s birth.

It wasn’t long after the Hand’s Tourney that everything came to a head, an evening when Robert leaned just a little too close, wine heavy on his breath as he said yet again invoked her aunt’s name, “You’re so much like her, girl. Like sweet Lyanna was born again.”

That was the moment when everyone’s masks began to fully crack, when there was a flash of pure hate and disgust across Cersei’s haughty features, where there was an anger like she had never seen in her father’s face, as he hastily excused them and had Jory escort her to bed.

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anyone ever played any of the bratz games for gamecube?

The Signs as South Park Characters
  • Aries: Henrietta (the female goth kid)
  • Taurus: Butters
  • Gemini: Shelly Marsh (Stan's sister)
  • Cancer: Mr. Garrison
  • Leo: Bebe
  • Virgo: Wendy
  • Libra: Mr. Mackey
  • Scorpio: Chef
  • Sagittarius: Towelie
  • Capricorn: Token
  • Aquarius: Jesus
  • Pisces: Satan

Copy and fill out with what your character’s dialogue would be if they were a Follower in the Elder Scrolls! (original post)

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For Da-Las because reasons

Initiating conversation:

  • “Yes?”
  • “You have my full attention.”
  • “Yes, my love?” If married
  • “Anything for you, my love.” If married
  • “Greetings, marsh-brother/sister.” If Argonian
  • “What is it, dryskin?” If non-Argonian and non-Khajiit, low disposition
  • “You test my patience, warmblood.” If non-Argonian, low disposition
  • “Out with it.” If Low disposition
  • Greetings, friend.” If High Disposition

Exiting conversation:

  • “Talos guide you.” If wearing Amulet of Talos
  • “Safe journey, marsh-brother/sister.” If Argonian
  • “Hist guide you.”
  • “May the Hist guide you, friend.”
  • “Farewell, dear.” If married
  • “Hist guide you, love.” If married
  • “Hist guide us.” If following
  • “Onward, then.” If following
  • “I was done talking anyway, dryskin.” If non-Argonian and non-Khajiit, low disposition.
  • “Begone, warmblood.” If non-Argonian, low disposition.
  • “Finally! Xuth!” If low disposition

Asked to follow:

  • “My blades are yours.”
  • “My blades, at your back.”
  • Lead on then.”
  • “Together, we are unstoppable.” If married
  • “Let’s go then, love. Together.” If married

Asked to wait:

  • “I’ll stand guard.”
  • “I’ll keep watch.”
  • “I’ve got the area covered.”
  • “I’ll make sure nothing gets past.”
  • “Okay. Don’t be too long.”
  • “Alright. Come find me when you’re done.”
  • “Don’t be too long, love.” If married
  • “I have you covered, love.” If married

Spoken to whilst waiting:

  • “Are we ready to move out?”
  • “I’m still waiting.”
  • “I’m still here, friend.”
  • “Ready to move when you are.”
  • “Still here, dearest.” If married
  • “Ready to go, love?” If married

Asked to move/interact:

  • “I’ll assist, if I can.” - Asked
  • “Let me see what I can do.” - Command given.
  • “That’s beyond my skill.” - Command denied.
  • “Ask me that one more time and I’ll have to report you to the guards.” - Command is a crime that doesn’t match her morality level.
  • “It is done.” - Command completed.

Asked to trade items:

  • “Of course. Here’s what I have.”
  • “My things are your things, and vice versa if needs be.”
  • “I will shoulder your burdens, love.” If married
  • “I hope you aren’t using my generosity just to give me all your bits of dead dragon.”


  • “Tamriel is a lonely place to walk alone. Trust me, I have done it.”
  • “If you need my blades again, seek me out, friend.”
  • “I’ll be back home if you need me, love.” If married

After dismissal:

  • “Our paths cross again, friend. Do you require my blades?”
  • “How goes it, friend? Do you require my assistance once more?”
  • “My blades and I yearn for adventure, love. Do you need me?” If married


  • “Xuth!” (Xuth is an Argonian swearword.)
  • “I do not fear death!”
  • “You will fall to my blades!”
  • “You can run, but you can’t hide!” Lost sight of enemy
  • “I might have one eye, but I can still take you!”
  • “Die, warmblood!” Non-Argonian enemy
  • “I promise to make this swift!”
  • “*hiss*”
  • “Trouble ahead.” Spotted an enemy
  • “Don’t start something you cannot finish!”
  • “Veesk!” When facing a ghost/spirit/non-vampire undead
  • “You left me no choice!”
  • “Skulk back to the shadows, coldblood!” Vampire enemy
  • “I’m sorry, marsh-brother/sister.” Argonian enemy
  • “Hist take you.” Argonian enemy
  • “Skulk back to your master!” Dark Brotherhood enemy
  • “Give the master of the Void my regards.” Dark Brotherhood enemy
  • “Dragon!” Dragon spotted
  • “Die, Dragon!” Dragon enemy
  • “Lost them.” Losing sight of an enemy
  • “Mages like you are unfit for this world!” Mage enemy
  • “Die beast!” Animal enemy
  • “Time to unleash the beast!” Werewolf form activated
  • “It ends here!”
  • “Victory, for now.”
  • “Done and done.”
  • “You will not touch him/her!” If married
  • “Let’s get them!” If married
  • “Let’s go! As one, my love!” If married
  • “I’ve got your back, love!” If married
  • “Find cover, friend! You are wounded!” Player on low health
  • “I’ll cover you!” Player on low health.
  • “Xuth! Bastards!” Player dies
  • “Get away from him/her!” If married, player on low health
  • “Get away from my husband/wife!” If married, player on low health
  • “Heal up, love! You are bleeding!” If married, player on low health
  • “*loud hissing* To Oblivion with you bastards!” - Player dies, is married to player.

Other Dialogue (Specific cities, locations, situations, etc.):

  • “I like Whiterun. Smells faintly of animal here. It makes me feel safe.” Whiterun City
  • “Jarl Balgruuf and I go a little ways back. Unlike most other Jarls, he welcomed me into his city with open arms. He asked me to be a Thane of his court once, but I politely declined.” Whiterun City
  • “I feel for this town. Little in the way of defense… Dragons would burn it in an instant.” Riverwood
  • “Ah, Riverwood. Quiet, great place to retire from adventure, temporarily or permanently.” Riverwood
  • “I’m no fan of the Empire, but it is better than these fanatics. They give Talos worshipers a bad name.” Windhelm
  • “I’m no fan of Dunmer in general, but they deserve better than this.” Windhelm
  • “This place reminds me a little of Argonia, from what I remember of it. Sometimes I miss it, but I cannot ever go back there.” Morthal and surrounding areas
  • “Anyone who tries to fight me here will be digging their own grave. Saxhleel have always excelled in swamps.” Morthal and surrounding areas
  • “This city might look great, but underneath it is just Riften with expensive clothes.” Solitude
  • “Solitude might be the jewel of the Imperial crown here in Skyrim, but for how much longer, I wonder?” Solitude
  • “The only two things that make this city tolerable is the Temple and the Bee and Barb.” Riften
  • “While we’re in Riften, why not consider donating to Maramal? Divines know he could use all the help he can get.” Riften
  • “Hmm. Fresh sea air, and just a stone’s throw from the water. If only it were warmer…” Dawnstar
  • “There’s some foul evil work here… like a Hist tree gone rogue.” Dawnstar, before Waking Nightmares is complete
  • “I feel sorry for this place. They say it used to be the jewel of Skyrim, once. What I’d give to see that.” Winterhold
  • “Mages should stick to their College. A free mage is gah xajhithi. Very dangerous. (”Gah xajhithi” - very dangerous, great danger) Winterhold
  • “Coming here takes me back to the times I used to adventure in old Dwemer ruins. But there is plenty of hostility here, too.” Markarth.
  • “If a guard here tells you everything is under control, do not believe them, friend. Even the stupidest fool could see what is going on here.” Markarth
  • “I’ve seen graves but… This place just shows you how pointless this war has become.” Falkreath
  • “To the Nords, the ground we tread here is xal. Many veeskei watch our footsteps here, warriors long passed.” (”Xal” - sacred, “veeskei” - ghostly eyes, lit. ghost eyes or “eyes of the ghosts”) Falkreath
  • “Dwemer ruins. We’d do well to be cautious.” Passing by Dwemer ruins.
  • “The Dwemer left behind wondrous things, but just because something seems within your reach here, don’t be mistaken in thinking it is. The Dwemer were known for their complicated puzzles and deadly defenses.” Inside Dwemer ruins.
  • “The Nords/Your people sure loved their/your crypts, didn’t they?” Passing by Nordic ruins.
  • “They say that if you die in these crypts, your veesk joins those already here. Forever.” (”Veesk” - ghost) Within Nordic ruins.
  • “Dwemer ruins are one thing, but even I would pause to think before going into a crypt.” Passing by Nordic ruins
  • “Caves. Could be interesting, could be dangerous.” Passing by a cave.
  • “I sense trouble here.” When near a bandit camp
  • “I smell magic. Evil magic.” When near a place inhabited by hostile mages.
  • “Part of me is glad to see the Dunmer brought to their knees like this, but… part of me is upset, too. They deserved retribution for enslaving my kind, but not a volcano blowing their home to pieces.” While on Solstheim.
  • “So… this is one of the fabled Telvanni towers? This is what magic should be about, creating…. not destroying.” At Tel Mithryn.
  • “This… This place brings back many memories. I wonder if my friends are still here…?” Near Frostmoon Crag.
  • “This… This place brings back many memories. I have friends here, I think they would like you.” Near Frostmoon Crag, if player is a Werewolf.
  • “You and I are… very alike.” - Player enters Beast Form.
  • “I knew there was a reason I loved you.” - If married, player enters Beast Form.
  • “I hate vampires normally, but I’ll make an exception for you.” - Player transforms into Vampire Lord.
  • “This changes nothing between us, love, as long as you don’t turn those fangs on me.” If married, player turns into Vampire Lord.

Marriage Dialogue

  • “That’s… Lady Mara’s Amulet? You… you’re not taken?” - Wearing Amulet of Mara, not married.
  • “An Amulet of Mara? You are looking to marry?” - Wearing an Amulet of Mara, not married.
  • “You’ve… been kind to me, set me on a better path. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. How about you?” - If asked “Interested in me?”
  • “It’s settled then. Us, together, taking Tamriel by storm.” - Agree to marriage.
  • “Oh, my apologies. I hope you find someone to care for you someday, my friend.” - If player rejects marriage.
  • “I can’t believe it. Us, married. But, where shall we live? My place is yours, unless you have a better idea?” - Asking where to live.
  • “It will be our little uxith.” (”Uxith” - nest) - Suggesting where to live.
  • “Why would you… Do I mean nothing to you?” - If player stops wedding or fails to show.
  • “I see. I suppose everyone gets nervous or over excited about a wedding. It isn’t everyday you get married, is it? Go on, talk to Maramal. I’ll wait here for you.” - If asked for a second chance at marriage.
  • “No use adventuring on an empty stomach. This should sate your appetite for now. I can cook you another tomorrow, my love.” - Asked to cook
  • “Of course. Here’s your half of the profits, dearest.” - Asked about store profits.
  • “Ah, my love. Back home from an adventure.” - Player returns home.
  • “Ah, my love. Back home from an adventure. Our little hatchlings have  missed you.” - Player returns home, player has adopted children.
  • “This house is lovely. Any home owned by you is bound to be.” - About player house.
Alternate Ending Theory

Wouldn’t it be possible to warn the townspeople about what was going to come? Max has the option of warning that one homeless lady outside of the diner. Nothing says she can’t warn everybody else too. There’s also the dark room and the lighthouse that could possibly serve as safe zones before the storm hits. It just feels like there could have been a third option.

Submitted by @ikimashotk

Me too. At first I didn’t thought about the possibility of warning everyone but after reading a theory about it I really like that idea. It is also a very logical one, plus Arcadia AND Chloe would be okay. So why didn’t they took it?

Portals in Ruins - The Farsea Marsh Portal

In the western part of Cormyr sits the Farsea Marsh and its sister, the Marsh of Tun.

Each holds the ruins of a civilization that predates the elven kingdoms of the Realms.

What happened to these two civilizations, or the one common civilization, no one knows. However, the ruins in the Farsea Marsh were later put to use by someone – perhaps a wizard from Netheril. No one knows for sure, but someone placed a portal deep within the ruined structures.

The marsh is filled with pestilence and plague – a remnant of whatever that lost civilization wrought. The sickness keeps adventurers out of the ruins, so nobody discovered the portal until very recently.

Once someone learned the destination, the discovery generated a lot of excitement in Cormyr and among various other interests nearer by.

The portal is a two-way continuously active gate that leads to a ruined town on the eastern side of the Dragonsword Mountains in Mulhorand. The ruins are at the foothills on the north-eastern side of the range, within a day or two’s journey to the Road to the Dawn.

The portal is set inside a doorway of average size and meshes with the architecture of the ruin so as to look like a doorway into a room within the structure. The portal in Mulhorand possesses an arch 10 feet high and 8 feet wide, standing amid partially standing buildings and scattered stone. No one remembers the name of the town in which this portal is located, and as of yet no one in Mulhorand knows that it has been discovered. If the people knew, they would probably be worried about conquest forays from Cormyr.

Cormyr claims control of the portal in the Farsea Marsh in the name of Azoun V, the infant king, but maintaining control of a site west of the Stormhorns is difficult given the current state of the nation. 

The best that Regent Alusair can do is maintain a presence, and this she has done in the person of Jingarnd Jolles, a Purple Dragon Knight of unimpeachable devotion to the crown. He commands a small force based outside the marsh, as close to the ruins as possible. Scouting patrols ride the marsh, but they watch for any sign of sickness carefully.

No one has forgotten that men die just from riding through this swamp.

To fully utilize the portal, some permanent solution to the marsh plague must be found.

Other interests also vie for control of the portal, including Zhentarim based in Darkhold, orcs and other warlike humanoids from the Stormhorns, a mutant race of lizardfolk living in the marsh that is somehow resistant to the pestilence, and disloyal or self-serving nobles within Cormyr.

All of these threats keep Jolles and his knights busy.

Three Musketeers

It was odd to be at home after living in Blackwell for so long. Not having to wake up so early just be the first one to get most of the hot water. To enjoy a bed that was bigger than a twin mattress. To feel a sadness of not being able to play her violin since everyone was sleeping soundly. To not see a bashful photographer eagerly waiting to play along with her guitar.

She didn’t think she would ever say it but she missed Blackwell. Maybe not the school itself but the people within it. Especially a certain someone who she wanted to see soon. College would be around the corner in no time and she wanted to spend some time with Max. Maybe finally have the courage to…just to have that courage.

“That’s the third time you’ve sighed. What’s got you in a bunch, lil sis?”

Kate jumped from her spot on the window sill eyes wide as she watched her older sister walk into the library. Her sister had a way of talking just like her father did. Calm, gentle and the most soothing sound she had ever heard. Kate smiled thoughts of being five and running to her big sister. Climbing with all her might just so Sarah could read her favorite bed time story.

Beauty and The Beast.

“I just…I think-I’m thinking.”

Sarah titled her head to the side fixing her glasses “Oh, really? What about?”

Kate shrugged her shoulder leaning into the big planed glass. It was a rainy day the gray clouds covering the mountains in shadows. It should have looked dreary but it was a different kind of beauty. The sparks a lightning make the entire view spectacular from her spot on the window. It was she iced that her house was on a hill, she got to see everything.

“Remember when we would roll down the hill when it snowed?” Kate said a smirk on her lips. “You fell, every time.”

Sarah narrowed her eyes “That’s because I was chasing a little blonde haired girl who had knack for taking off.” The older blonde plopped into the leather chair next to the window feet kicked up to rest against the sill. “You didn’t understand the dangers of falling down a hill were. I did.”

“Yet you were the one who ended up all bruised and red faced. Why would you still take me down that hill?” Kate murmured

Sarah sighed wistfully “You were my only baby sister at the time. I had to prove to pop and mom I could do the big sister thing.”

Kate frowned her head turning to face her older sister “How…how are you and mom?”

“Pregnant at twenty-four with long time secret boyfriend. I think mom had heart attack and came back, lil sis.” Sarah said hand falling onto her stomach a smile placed on her face. “No matter how she feels this wasn’t an accident.”

At this Kate gaped at Sarah “W-What?”

Kate stood still as Sarah stood up and walked close to her. The older sister took Kate’s hand with her own and placed it into her belly. “That’s your niece.”

Kate snapped her eyes up “My…my niece? You’re having a girl?” The younger boldness said excitedly.

“I am. I found out about two weeks ago.” Sarah pushed back some of Kate’s bangs affectionately. “You Uhm…you aren’t disappointed are you?”

Kate looked confusedly up at her sister “Why would I be disappointed?”

“I might be the older sister but Kate you’ve…you’ve always had this sureness about you.” Sarah replied eyes drifting out the view in front of her. “I just…mom was always about you and I thought maybe you’d be mad.”

Kate shook her head bun almost falling out with the force of the movement. “No, Sar, never. I-I think you are so brave to go and do what you want. You have your career there’s nothing to be ashamed a about. I’m proud of you.”

“We got engaged.” Sarah whispered eyes downcast now “The wedding will be after the baby is born.”

Kate had to hold in a squeal in biting down onto her finger. She pulled Sarah in for a hug making sure her sister knew how much she loved her. When they pulled away Kate was beaming with happiness for her sister. Wondering when her time would come too.

“I’m so excited, Sarah. Oh my, goodness.”

Sarah chuckled sitting back into the chair “Its a secret okay? Don’t tell anyone. Promise me.”

“Promise.” Kate replied seriously

Silence fell between the two blondes as the rain pattered against the roof. The library was more like a study specifically for the three girls in the house. Bookshelf’s adorned both sides of the wall with the window settled right in the middle. It was a quite place, safe place and if Kate was around more she would have known. That everyone in her family considered this spot her own.

“Your turn to spill, gingerbread.” Sarah said breaking the silence between them.

Kate huffed “I only had red hair as a baby. It changed.”

“Still my little gingerbread girl.” Sarah cooed.

“Fine! Please, just stop.” Kate pleaded cheeks turning a bright red from embarrassment. She hesitated on way to say next instead whispering “It’s just not easy to say.”

Sarah slyly smirked when Kate turned away “That’s what I thought.”

Kate watched two drops of rain slide down the window. She watched them trail a path wondering if they would ever connect. Ever cross paths. Right when there were going to hit the edge they merged and then disappeared. The blonde reached to mess with the cross around her neck. Missing the way her older her sister watched her intently.

“I might…I might like someone.”

Sarah arched a brow “Oh and what’s Someone’s last name? Something?”

“You are not funny.” Kate murmured face becoming red. “It’s Uhm, its Max.”

“Hmm, Max. What does he look like?”

The words hit Kate harshly and she instinctively clenched her cross tightly in her hand body becoming stiff. She couldn’t blame Sarah for not knowing. The name Max could go either way. Kate just didn’t know… She didn’t know what to say. She never liked many people and then came a freckled photographer. With deep blue eyes, shy smile and loyalty so strong she would rather hurt herself.

Max Caulfield turned Kate Marsh’s world upside down. She was still trying to decide if that was going to be a good thing or not. Kate braced herself, the ridicule at Blackwell giving her a thicker skin than she could have ever known.

“M-Max…its a…she’s a…she.” Kate admitted shutting her eyes tightly and waited.

She missed her sisters tender smile.

“That’s okay.”

Kate peeked one eye open “You sure?”

“Whatever you choose, you are always going to be the blonde girl who liked to play with her apple sauce and fling it at pop, to me.” Sarah said softly keeping her gaze on Kate. “Don’t let mom scare you. Me and pop, we love you. Don’t even get me started on Lynn.”

Kate relaxed a smile gracing her face “I-I guess your right.”

“Is that what had you all bothered?” Sarah inquired eyes roaming over her sister.

“Yes. I only realized it when she left to go back to Seattle.” Kate said hand trailing over the rings on her finger. “It was a week after graduation. She wanted to see her family.”

Sarah titled her head forward “And?”

“I miss her.” Kate said simply.

“Are you going to tell her?”

“I want-”

Both sisters literally jumped out their skin when the wood door slammed open. Small thumps of feet echoed along the floors. Kate beamed when she saw her little sister tear her to them. The littlest Marsh had to skip to a stop to avoid crashing into Sarah. Kate watched amused as Lynn looked between them both, little green eyes narrowing.

“Katie who are you tellin’ on?” Lynn asked

Kate opened and closed her mouth a few times. She shut it when she heard Sarah laughing which made Lynn more confused.

“I-I’m not telling on anyone. It’s not…that’s just- nothing its nothing.”

“Oh is that her name now?” Sarah interjected.

“Who’s name?” Lynn asked excitedly.

“No one’s.” Kate rushed out.

“You don’t trust me?” Lynn asked eyes becoming teary.

Kate shook her head pulling Lynn close to her “No, no. I just don’t know how to tell you.”

“You can try. Sarah said I could be her flower girl.” Lynn grumbled rubbing at her eye.

Kate looked over Lynn’s head “She knows?”

“She’s a Marsh and we get underestimated too much. She’s smart.” Sarah replied leaning back into her chair.

Kate looked back down to Lynn “I can try explaining would that be okay?”

Kate didn’t get a verbal answer but she got a physical one as Lynn nodded excitedly. In an instant Lynn was climbing into Kate’s lamp, sitting between her legs, both now against the window sill. Sarah chuckled because once long ago it was Kate who had done the same to her. Kate narrowed her eyes at her older sister seeming to know where her thoughts went.

“So tell me.” Lynn implored

Kate took a deep breath “I like someone.”

Lynn turned her head so she could stare at Kate “You do?!”

Kate looked just as surprised “Is that wrong?”

“No! Poppa had said that he needed to get ready cause’ someone was going to be part of the family? Maybe he was talking about this person!”

He what?!”  The two older blondes blurted out.

Lynn huffed “Katie finish!”

“Okay, okay.” Kate retorted packing that little tid bit into the corner of her head. “So I like someone.”

Lynn turned her head looking at Kate with biggest ‘duh” expression on her face.”Are they nice?”

Kate couldn’t stop the smile on her face “The nicest.”

“Do they make you laugh? Like…like the kinda laugh that happens when Sarah tickles?” Lynn asked a serious look on her face.

“Even better than that.”

Lynn looked awed at that admission and pursed her lips together. “Do they make the monsters go away?”

Kate had to will away the tears that pooled at her eyes. She shook her head at Sarah mouthing “Happy tears.” She pulled Lynn closer to her giving her a warm hug.

“The monsters didn’t even dare to get close to me because of them.” Kate answered back thickly.

Lynn tucked chin to her chest hair falling over face. Kate looked down lost when  her little sister burrowed deeper into her.

“They don’t hurt you?”

Never.”  Kate said instantly wondering where that had come from. “Why would ever think that?”

Lynn sniffled “Mommy said that your school hurt you and poppa said that sometimes people are mean. I was scared.”

Kate felt her lip trembled as she kissed the top of Lynn’s head “Oh, Lynn. No. They make me feel so much better.”

“Yeah?” Lynn asked pulling away to look straight at her sister.

“Think of it like warm apple pie when we have Christmas dinner and we wear our fuzzy sucks. Do you feel it?”

Lynn eyes were wide “Yeah, it’s a lot.”

“But it’s good right?” Kate asked unsure if her words got across right.

The best.” Lynn said awed as she curled back up into Kate.

The two younger Marsh sisters missed Sarah’s teary eyes.

Kate rubbed Lynn back soothing her little sister. She had no idea how much she missed her sisters. How much she missed doing this with them and not worrying about the outside world. At least here they had their world and no one could ever break it. Except for their parents of course.

“Can we go play now?” Lynn all but said as she pulled away from Kate.

Kate looked baffled “You don’t want to know more?”

“No.” Was Lynn’s simple answer.

“Not their name? Who they are? Nothing?”

“No, Katie.” Lynn groaned sounding like it was her mother who was pestering her. “I just wanna play.”

Kate shook her head “Why not?”

Lynn titled her head to one side as she looked at Kate “You talked about em like poppa talks about mom. He gets this really shiny look in his eye and you did it too.” The little blonde plopped both her feet onto the floor. “I asked poppa why he looked like that and he said it was cause he was happy.”

Sarah had to clear her throat to keep from bawling out “And what does that have to do with Katie?”

Lynn rolled her eyes “Katie needs to be happy and whoever someone is, they do it.”

“So nothing else matters?” Sarah asked while staring straight at Kate.

“No?” Lynn asked confusion easily etched on to her face. “You guys are just like poppa. Never making any sense!”

And Kate laughed because she had every right to. She felt giddy, she felt happy and she felt like she deserved it. She pushed herself off the window sill grabbing Sarah’s hand with her left hand and hauling her off her chair. Her right hand darted out for Lynn’s small and she pulled her sisters to her side. Walking out the library.

“How about Three Musketeers?”

Sarah snorted “God, you remember that?”

“It was the best prank.”

“Lynn was months old.”

Kate shrugged “It could still work.”

“There going to flip you know that right?”

Lynn sighed because really she needed her niece to come so she could be all confusing like her family.

“That’s why we’ve got each other.” Kate softly said.

“Are we playing now?” Lynn asked hopefully.

Sarah chuckled “Yes, baby sis. We are.”

Lynn jumped with excitement and the three Marsh sisters went on to prank their parents.

Their clasped hands showing just how close they really were.



Anon who asked for it,  I hope you liked it  Feely type of fluff.