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She said “tomorrow, when you go to the parade or the fair. say shabbat shalom....”

So, I was raised in a lesbian household. My birth mom is Jewish, my other mom is Catholic. I grew up Jewish and we attended a very lesbian congregation. Our rabbi is a lesbian herself. When I was around 10 or 11, a little before gay marriage would be legalized in NYC, she gave us a dvar torah the day before pride. She said “tomorrow, when you go to the parade or the fair. say shabbat shalom. just go up to someone, if they seem jewish or not and say it. You may find someone who has been struggling with their religion. Someone who feels that they cannot be Jewish and gay at the same time. And you will touch them. You will teach them there is a place for them in this community. That being Jewish and gay is possible and there is a place for them. When I was a young girl, it would’ve meant the world to me.” To this day her words touch me. I came out as bisexual when I was 14. As I’ve grown older I’ve begun wondering if I may be a lesbian, or at least only situationally heterosexual. I’m not sure at this point and that’s fine. What’s important was that I was given this community. My moms got married under a huppah, whose fabric we ended up using to make the tallis for my Bat Mitzvah. Jewish life and gay life have always been intertwined for me and I’m so glad that I had that established at such a young age. I can be both, you can be both. Being religious and loving your heritage is not something exclusive for straight people. I am as proud a Jewish woman as I am a queer woman and I hope I can one day say “shabbat shalom” to someone else, and make them know what I know.

Please read this is something very important to me!!!

Hey everyone! I’m sure not many will see this, but I’m hoping people will! Mine and my husband’s anniversary is coming up really soon and I want to do something special for him! He’s done so much for me these past few years! So I’m all asking people on social media to help me with present!

Write on a piece of paper(any piece of paper will do!):

Caitlin’s love for you is so big it reached (insert your location here) ❤

Take a picture of the piece of paper with a fun background setting. It can be something from your city like a monument or a cool restraunt, you can be in it, even just your backyard with your dog! Then send it to me please❤❤❤ screenshots from snapchat with geotags will work great too!!! I’d love anything!

You can just put the piece of paper up to the sky and snap a quick picture if thats what works best! In the end I’ll make a huge collage for him!

Send them to me in a message or reblog this to help spread the message!!!!

I have also set up an email if you want to send the picture that way:

Thank you so SO much!



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(I have no idea what happened to my scanner, but the colours looked awful. I tried to adjust the drawing digitally). Anyway, here’s another character design for my Hades and Persephone comic project: Hera, goddess of marriage and maternity. She’s a wildly mistreated/ ridiculed character, but I always imagined her as a goddess who beared a lot of suffering and despite her appearance as a little bit of an arrogant matron, she’s very emotional (both in a positive and a negative way).

Dalish Marriage Vows

I’m still writing a post detailing my personal headcanons on what Dalish Weddings and Elvhenan weddings would be like. In the meantime, I wrote out some Dalish Marriage Vows, which I based heavily upon some traditional irish marriage blessings. 

Women’s Vows:

Ara lethal'lin, lasan ara'lan sul saota
Lasan ara'sal, sule ha'lam'sal'shiral

Telas ema em, ar giran ara'lan
Y la'var nuvenir, sul'eman emma asahn sul'ema
Telas raja em, ame lan'revas
Y jusul'anan na i'viren isalas
I thai juem on'el rodhe, garal o emma da'lav

Ara dir'vhen'an

Ma juveremas sael'prear or emma dil
Sael davathe or emma hyn
Sasha mar melin julahnan fra nydha
Sasha mar inan juithan fra dhea
Juame mar shalasha, la ane emma
Telam'aven judirtha or em'an
Var vas druast i'em'an, i alinen tel'juhartha ebalasha
Juleanathan i myathan na ove min'sal'shiral, i su uth'then'era

Man’s Vows:

Ara lethal'lan, lasan ara'len sul saota
Lasan ara'sal, sule ha'lam'sal'shiral

Telas ema em, ar giran ara'len
Y la'var nuvenir, sul'eman emma asahn sul'ema
Telas raja em, ame len'revas
Y jusul'anan na i'viren isalas
I thai juem on'el rodhe, garal o emma da'lav

Ara dir'vhen'an

Ma juveremas sael'prear or emma dil
Sael davathe or emma hyn
Sasha mar melin julahnan fra nydha
Sasha mar inan juithan fra dhea
Juame mar shalasha, la ane emma
Telam'aven judirtha or em'an
Var vas druast i'em'an, i alinen tel'juhartha ebalasha
Juleanathan i myathan na ove min'sal'shiral, i su uth'then'era

Vows Without Gender:

Ara lethal'len, lasan ara'lin sul saota
Lasan ara'sal, sule ha'lam'sal'shiral

Telas ema em, ar giran ara'lin
Y la'var nuvenir, sul'eman emma asahn sul'ema
Telas raja em, ame lin'revas
Y jusul'anan na i'viren isalas
I thai juem on'el rodhe, garal o emma da'lav

Ara dir'vhen'an

Ma juveremas sael'prear or emma dil
Sael davathe or emma hyn
Sasha mar melin julahnan fra nydha
Sasha mar inan juithan fra dhea
Juame mar shalasha, la ane emma
Telam'aven judirtha or em'an
Var vas druast i'em'an, i alinen tel'juhartha ebalasha
Juleanathan i myathan na ove min'sal'shiral, i su uth'then'era

As you can see, the only thing that changed between bride and groom, is the gendered pronouns of lan, len and lin. 

The Translation

My clan mate, I give you myself to make one from two
I give you my soul, until the end of life’s journey

You cannot have me, I own myself
But while we wish, I give what is mine to give
You cannot command me, I am a free person
But I shall serve you in the ways you need
And the fruit shall taste sweet, coming from my hand

My promise

You shall have the first cut of my meat
The first sip of my wine
Only your name shall I cry during the night
Only your eyes shall I see in the morning
I shall be your armor, as you are mine
No bad words shall be spoken of us
Our bond is sacred with us, and others shall not hear my grief
I shall worship and praise you through this life, and into uth'then'era

Today I am remembering this day in 1987 - when the Names Project aka Aids Quilt was first displayed. With 6 friends I took the train from NYC to Washington DC to march and demonstrate in front of the White House demanding approval and access to HIV medication. From there we walked to the mall to see this amazing quilt. Each panel the size and shape of a coffin. It was overwhelming to say the least. Of the seven of us on that trip, I am the only one alive today.

“Please. She’s just a baby. We’ll do anything, anything. Just don’t harm her.”

The Marvelous Marriage - Violet Baudelaire

-The Puttanesca Project

Submission by mithingthepoint

[Two brides under a chuppah, New York City, 2014. Photo credit Christa J Newman.]

Even though it’s legal for us to be married in NYC, we wanted to acknowledge all the queer Jewish couples who don’t yet have that right around the world. So before we shared the wine, we poured some out.

Gsnk Fic: "Only You"

I’m sorry, I’m not very good at fics but here we go:

The teacher announced that the class will have a “marriage project.” The students freak out and frantically look around, slightly worried. She goes student by student and she hand-picks the pairs.
“Mikoshiba and Kashima.” They blankly stared at each other in surprise. As the teacher got to Sakura, she clasped her hands and hoped to get paired with Nozaki.“
"Nozaki and—” Sakura held her breath, “Seo.”
Her jaw dropped. She lowered her head to conceal her face. Nozaki’s head slammed onto his desk. Seo took all of this lightly and as one big joke so she casually slapped Nozaki on the back and assured Sakura that she’d take care of him and make sure he’s “boyfriend material.” Worried of the trouble Seo would cause Nozaki, she felt a bit relieved that Seo was looking out for her and treated it as the project it was.
“Wakamatsu and Sakura.” The teacher had Hori make sure everything went smoothly. It lasted a whole week and they got bonus points if they did something appropriate on the weekend.
Sakura thought she was going to be alright with Waka. He was a bit of a worry-wart but she could handle him. Also, Waka apologized to Nozaki several times about the situation even though it wasn’t his fault but Nozaki said it was fine. Mikorin and Kashima were double trouble. Hori made sure Kashima didn’t go overboard on anything. Kashima wanted to be “married” to Hori-chan-senpai anyway.

Seo and Nozaki went out for a walk, much to Nozaki’s dismay. Seo didn’t drag Nozaki by the tie or by an article of clothing like she would with Waka but she sometimes nudged him and would try to get information out of him.
“What’s your idea of a perfect date?”
“When my latest chapter is due. Then I can celebrate another release and start the next one!” He said cheerfully. She punched his arm. “No you big log, I mean as like going out and stuff. Stop constantly focusing on your manga and worry about your future love life for once!” He rubbed his arm softly and nodded at her as those words impacted into his heart. She was right. It was time to start thinking about things like that. Maybe this project wouldn’t be such a flop after all. Seo could help him out somehow.

“Senpai! Senpai! Should we go watch a movie? I’ve wanted to see that one but Seo-Senpai made me watch another alien one…” He sighed. She smiled and agreed and they watched the one he wanted to watch.

A week flew and the “couples” had their ups and downs. They learned more about each other. By the end, most of them wish they had been “married” to someone else or someone they initially would have preferred as a partner.

“Gosh… Nozaki was kind of difficult to work with but he was pretty chill. He cooks great though, and he told me that he really likes shy girls that wear cute accessories. That took forever to get him to say that.” Sakura’s cheeks flushed and she let out a soft “yes!” She thanked Seo for the “extra research” because it wasn’t part of the assignment. She was looking out for her.

“Haha, Mikoshiba was great! He overcame his shyness a little and we got along well! He checks off on my list of an ideal husband A-ok.”
“You’re not too bad yourself, Prince. You’d be ideal for climbing up a tower to be someone’s perfect wife in a heartbeat.” Aaaaand then his face got red after he said that.

“Sakura-senpai was so sweet! She took me out for coffee, tea, cookies, and the movies! We had lots of fun! Some guy in the future will be really lucky!” Waka said proud of his senpai and glad to be her friend.

“Seo… well, she’s not perfect, but I’ve always considered her more of a sister than anything. She really opened my eyes. *Sigh* I really wish I could’ve married Sakura though. She’s a huge help and she’d make a wonderful wife.”

Everyone stared directly at Nozaki before he realized those last sentences he let out without thinking. He put his hand behind his neck, embarrassed, and turned to Sakura, somehow wondering if she felt the same more or less.

She could barely speak. Her knees were knocking, her hands were shaky, her breathing cut short, and her face rose-red.

“N-N-N-Nozaki-k-kun…!!” She darted out of the classroom in two seconds. The class was silent, then resumed to their usual selves and Nozaki silently stepped out to look for her.

“Sakura, Sakura!” He called. She was nowhere to be found. ‘I’m such an idiot…!’ He thought to himself.

He heard a soft sobbing noise outside. There was a girl sitting with her head over her arms atop her knees. Her bows gave her away. Yep. He slowly walked over to her and gently placed a hand on her shoulder.
“Hey, I’m sorry I embarrassed you back there. I said what was on my mind. It was stupid of me. I didn’t mean to hurt you because I’d never want to do that.”
She slowly peaked up to see him. Her eyes were swelled with tears and she was trembling. She tried to say something but she quickly looked down. He embraced her. She felt slightly better but was still unsure as to why he did something like that. He stroked her hair.
“W-Why did you say that back there… About wanting to marry me…? Was Seo that bad?”
He couldn’t help but laugh a little at the Seo bit. Then his eyes softened to her gaze.
“Was I wrong to? I wasn’t lying. You’re a great person and friend and I love having you around. I love when you compliment the food I cook for you and when you willingly help me with my work. Your smile brings me such joy. I don’t know what the feeling is called when I’m around you and I get all fuzzy inside and nervous, but I like it.” She wasn’t sure about the “nervous” part since he was generally composed most of the time but his words sunk in. She covered her face. He took his hands and held hers to his heart. It was beating fast. He could feel her pulse on her wrist racing too.
“I-Is this what l-love feels like…?” Blushing, she shyly smiled and met his eyes.
“Then I am in love, with you Sakura…” He blushed too. Sakura basked in the moment and their hearts synchronized in beats. Their lips touched.



Arlene Foster, the First Minister of Northern Ireland, has insisted that same-sex marriage is “not at the top” of her in tray as her own party continues to block progress on the issue. Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party has promised to keep blocking equal marriage in their 2016 Assembly manifesto. The party will continue to block same sex marriage as long as they are in power.

Same-sex marriage is legal in England, Wales, Scotland. This month last year the Republic of Ireland became the first country to legalise same sex marriage by popular vote. Northern Ireland is now alone in banning same-sex couples from getting married, and the government also refuses to recognise such marriages conducted elsewhere. Ultimately, this means that lesbian and gay couples in Northern Ireland are being discriminated against.

The Northern Irish Assembly backed equal marriage by a vote of 53 to 51 last year – but the DUP used peace process powers to override the democratic process and block equality for a fifth time. The party has been accused of abusing petitions of concern, which were introduced to encourage power-sharing and cross-community support, to ‘veto’ marriage legislation despite clear majority support.

The goal is to achieve civil marriage equality in Northern Ireland - that is, access to civil marriage for any two people regardless of their gender. Civil marriage is different and distinct from religious marriage: it is a state-recognised legal contract between spouses, via signing the civil marriage register. It takes place in a registry office or other non-religious venue.

Churches and other places of worship will be able to continue with religious ceremonies and will not be required to conduct wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples. These rights would be protected by law. Allowing lesbian and gay people to get married will have no effect on anyone else’s marriage. It is time for Northern Ireland’s politicians to vote for equality for all citizens.


I have decided that enough is enough. This isn’t fair. Northern Ireland is a beautiful country, but it’s embarrassing how behind we are in terms of equality. I have decided to launch a project ‘Dear Arlene’ to get the attention from our First Minister, Arlene Foster.  


It’s pretty simple! I want to collect as many postcards addressed to Arlene and the DUP party as possible! I want everyone to design an A5 postcard themed on the topic of gay rights/same sex marriage. You can get as creative as you want! You could draw, paint, write, include photographs, whatever you think will catch the eye of the First Minister of Northern Ireland. Tell the DUP how important equal marriage is. I want people worldwide to get involved.  Please don’t include anything offensive, I won’t include anything involving hate.


I want to collect as many postcards as I can before Saturday 6th August. This is the day of Belfast’s Annual Gay Pride parade. I want to go to Stormont Buildings and hand deliver all the postcards I receive to Arlene Foster herself.


When you have designed your postcard simply scan it and send it to
I will then get the finished products professionally printed to be brought to the First Minister.


Saturday 6th August isn’t a very long time span. I need as much help as I can get to spread the word about project ‘Dear Arlene’. Please reblog this post to all your followers so we can try and get as many people as possible on board. Follow this blog so you can see updates and progress. I will post any postcards I receive on the page.


Super Junior/Elf Relationship

Take a typical old bickering married couple, mesh it together with a joking best friend relationship, throw in a caring and protective sibling bond, add some cheesy first love sprinkles in there and top everything off with pure love and rainbows of your significant other. 

They spray us with water guns during concerts and we deny their marriage proposal through fan projects. It literally doesn’t get any better than this. Like seriously. The love we have for each other is insane. 

~Super Junior and ELF forever~