the marlowe theatre

I had the amazing chance of meeting Kit last night at the opening of Dr Faustus at the Duke of York’s Theatre, with his man bun and guy-liner! The performance was incredible and I’m still pretty shocked that I actually got to speak to him and see him. Also he seems so lovely even though he must have have been completely exhausted! (09.04.16)


This was stage door at The Marlowe Theatre! It was amazing to meet everyone and my Year 7 Form Tutor was even there that night! 💜

I did just wanna say though, this is an example of stage door literally EVERY single night. It takes anywhere between 25-45 minutes to see everyone there to get pictures, autographs and have a little chat and if I’m there, i’m more than willing to spend that time to meet everyone! However, some days, when work has been particularly tough and I’m tired/ill/injured or my family have come to see the show and want to spend time with me or I have prior engagements…it’s not always possible to spend that time at Stage Door. I know I’ve said this before a million times but people still seem to get extremely irate, tweet me to say how disappointed they are and even say some absolutely despicable things at stage door that do get overheard and fed back to the actors! A theatre is a place of work and I’m sure if I worked in Asda people would never expect a meet and greet at the tills in the same way they feel entitled to it at stage door! Haha! 😜

I know for the most part, you all get it and I really appreciate those who are gorgeously kind and respectful! 💜🍬💜 (at The Marlowe Theatre)

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