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Analyticisms thanks you!

After almost 7 years and 4,111 posts, we are bowing out. 

Tumblr’s vibrant community has been a fun place to rant about analytics in the social media and digital marketing space but we are running out of things to report. Also, despite Tumblr’s growth it seems to us that there is less engagement and less content created on the platform. 

But enough about us, we wanted to extend a warm and heartfelt thank you to all who followed us and pushed us to come up with these 4k+ posts. As of today there were still 8,690 of you but our thanks encompass those who followed us and dropped out.

A final word: long live analytics!

Monachopsis: the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place

The street was long and crowded with the evening crowd on their way to the market that glowed ahead of them. A Christmas Market, full of stalls that sold mulled wine and trinkets, there would be people singing carols and a decorated tree. It wasn’t so different from the things he might have seen in 1878. 

And yet. 

A family beside him lined there daughters up in front of a decorated lamp post and snapped a picture on a cellphone. The music floated down from speakers above them and carried the distinct tinniness of being recorded. Tessa claimed she couldn’t hear the difference but there was something about live music that set it apart. Recorded sounds weren’t the same somehow. The shops sold trinkets and the shops sold ornaments and the shops sold cases to put your cellphone in. It smelled like cinnamon and snow and people but the braziers burned with electric heat and the way was lit by electric light. 

“Do you like it?” Tessa asked. 

“It’s wonderful,” Jem told her as he took her arm and pulled her a little closer to him in the crowd as they wound their way through the streets toward the Christmas tree. It was wonderful. It was lovely. He couldn’t put his finger on his unease. 

Tessa could sense it. She leaned her shoulder against his and held his hand a little tighter. She didn’t ask. She understood. If anyone understood, Tessa understood. The world turned on around them. Traditions changed and evolved and they could change with them or be left behind to become relics of a long gone time. 

“Let’s go over there,” Jem said. 

They had set up a photo opportunity beside the tree. A well lit spot with giant ornaments against brickwork and pine boughs. You could take a selfie and the signs encouraged you to post it to social media with a variety of hashtags. Bizarre and arcane and incomprehensible but the thought of time leaving him behind had hit him like a blow. He wanted to throw himself into the now. The strangeness of it. The mundaneness of it. All mixed up together. 

This world didn’t have space for someone like him so he would have to carve it out for himself. 

Tessa laughed along with him and kissed his cheek for a photograph that he didn’t post but knew that he would save and look at a hundred times. 

They would carve out a space for themselves together.

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