the marker maker


Saw a sketchbook yesterday at Blick’s that was said to be 100% bleed proof, so of course I had to get it and test it out.
It works brilliantly! The colors are all very vibrant and they blend nicely, and, the paper does not bleed one bit 😏 It’s a Crescent Rendr Sketchbook! Check em’ out sometime if you enjoy working with markers!
I also managed to get these progress shots of the first drawing in it of my characters, Cal and Saizar~
*Do not use these images or characters in any way-thank you!*

Dadtaro and 9 year old Jolyne.
  • Setup: Jotaro is driving Jolyne to his work because he needed something for his field report. So she tagged along. Inside Jotaro's car, Jolyne is in the passenger seat and grows bored. In the middle section of the car where the cup holders are varies pens, high lighter, and pencils. (Why? Because Jotaro never knows when he needs to write something down.)
  • Jolyne: *she picks up a high lighter and starts to color in her nails*
  • Jotaro: *he glances over to see what she's doing and gets a thought* Smell it.
  • Jolyne: *she gave him a weird look but she looks at the highlighter and carefully sniffles the tip*
  • Jotaro: *he quickly pushes her head down towards the marker and it makers her face*
  • Jolyne: *she gasps and frowns at her father with the mark across her face* dad!
  • Jotaro: *he holds in his laugh but his shoulders move to the motion of a laugh*

Kryptek kydex tungsten carbide fire- steel striker I recently made up for a US LEO .

This version has a removable fire steel holder to take a 6mm thick ferro rod with shock cord tether . The main striker unit has double sided cyflect Glint & Glow markers and multi -cam 550 cord  lanyard .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from