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Leave Room for Ace!

Just a LawLu with a sprinkling of ‘TittM’ references, in which Rosinante lives. Because Law needs someone to bitch to. 

Happy birthday to our Future Pirate King <3

“He’s driving me nuts!”

“What, Luffy-kun?”

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The Great Tumblr Algorithm

So I just noticed that a couple of my posts have been marked by the great and powerful Tumblr algorithm as NSFW and man, does it ever crack me up. Since it’s Friday and we can never go wrong with a bit of a laugh, ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to humbly present, my collection of NSFW Tumblr posts:

From the latest:

Yuzuru Hanyu Presents: The Perfect Elements - Yuzu you are too perfect, hence NSFW, nobody that perfect should even be allowed to exist, let alone allowed in the workplace

Elena Radionova EX Valse No.2 in C Sharp Minor || 2017 TAT Anniversary - Elena, guuuurl, you are too sexy for the Tumblr, reel it in, won’t you?

Yuzuru Hanyu x Marin Honda: Romeo and Juliet - Yuzu, Marin, go get a room please

Translation: Tabidachi no Toki ~Asian Dream Song~ ft. Yuzuru Hanyu - I’m at a complete loss for this one. Maybe my translation was simply way too crappy it’s not fit for public consumption? 

Yuzuru Hanyu: His Top 3 Favorite Skating Techniques - right, to be fair, if people even think they can attempt such a single Axel at work it’d be quite, quite unsafe.

Yuzuru Hanyu: Worlds 2016 — Worlds 2017 - I’ve been told that this gifset might give people feels. Maybe that’s why. Feels are dangerous.

Evgenia Medvedeva FS Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close || World Championships 2017 - Janny, you too are guilty of being too attractive for your own good.

Noooooow, are you ready for my greatest NSFW hit? Hold on to your hats, ladies and gents, because here it is:

Ghibli Aesthetics: Whisper of the Heart (1995) || Real Life or Fantasy? - I shit you not, repeat, I SHIT YOU NOT. The great Tumblr algorithm has divined that Ghibli movies are NSFW. My entire life has been a lie.

Let me Hear your Battlecry Part 3

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Well well well, it would appear the little Strawhat menace has managed to become marginally interesting.

Cocking his head to a side, Doflamingo saunters into the brat’s path, tongue flicking out to lick at the corner of his lips.

Maybe this will be worth leaving the island for after all.

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Hey guys! Here’s the second chapter. This chapter will be split into two parts, because it ended up being a lot longer than I originally intended, and I didn’t want you guys to have to read such a long chapter. The second part will be up at some point tonight; I just need a break for a bit!

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i will Not be self-destructive and doom myself to heartbreak! i will be a good christian boy and sit alone in my room marinating in my repulsion from my own body!

under the cut are #360 rp icons of ashley benson. i take literally no credit for any of these icons. the only thing i take credit for is gathering up all of these from hollow art bc hollow art has been crashed for literally the past week so like?? and uploading them here for me to use and for anyone else that wants/needs them. 

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klaineaholic  asked:

For your 300 challenge — something cringeworthy per your request (blame it on the examples you gave): warm wet hairball (I have cats and I love them but they are gross sometimes so I thought I'd share the joys of cat-parenthood)

[ETA: a keep reading this a.m., because wine made me post without doing so last night, I’m sooo apologizing. I also need to start giving the flurps titles. -N.]


It was summer, and underground bunkers don’t circulate air as well as one would think, though it is unclear why one would think this at all, but these are important facts to know, as Sam was practically sweating through his thin, form-fitting t-shirt whilst reviewing some old case notes, which is what he does for fun, making him somehow more attractive, despite the occasional sweat droplet dropleting off the tip of his nose and hitting the paper, flurping up the ink.

He shook his damp hair away from his face, executed with teenage-Bieber fan precision, and here is what his mind was chewing on:  

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