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Hey, I love your gods&monsters series, could you write something about Apollo? ^Preferably something with a positive vibe, something romantic... But that's totally up to you, anything about Apollo makes me happy

Apollo has many sons.

He only ever has nine daughters.


He has his first when he’s young, too young to know better.

Daphne is beautiful and coy, and leads him on a merry chase. He catches her, and finally silences her laughing mouth with his own. They sleep together, and she leaves bite marks up his neck.

Her father, the river god Peneus, finds out about them. Apollo had not known it was secret. Peneus is a hard, selfish god, and he slits Daphne’s throat for her impurity. Better a dead daughter then one who does not listen.

Apollo finds out too late. He arrives to Daphne dead on the side of her father’s riverbank, stomach swollen in a way Apollo doesn’t remember it being the last time he saw her, which was – which was – it couldn’t have been that long, could it?

He cuts open her stomach, throat too tight to call for his sister’s help, heart too tight to bear anyone else looking at Daphne’s slack, bloody face.

The child is still warm.

The child is still alive.

He cannot bring himself to bury Daphne, to sentence her to an afterlife beneath the earth. Instead, he transforms her into a large laurel tree, so her beauty will remain eternal. He presses a hand against her trunk and says, “My hair will have you, my lyre will have you, my quiver will have you.” Apollo looks down at the baby, too small, tucking into the crook of his arm. “Our daughter will have you.”

He calls her Calliope. Their daughter weaves laurel leaves into her hair every day of her life.


When he is older, but not wiser, he gets drunk on the top of Olympus. It is not the first time, nor the last, but this time it is different.

This time Hestia, goddess of the hearth, of warmth, of family, places her delicate hand around the back of his neck and leads him to her rooms.

Months later, he lands his chariot, the sun finally set. His arms are shaking, and his legs are covered from burns when the sun grew tired and tried to consume him, but could not. Hestia stands before him, something held in her arms. “What’s wrong?” he asks roughly, throat dry and the skin of his lips cracking. Hestia rarely leaves Olympus.

“I am no mother,” she tells him, and he doesn’t understand until she places a warm, squirming bundle in his arms. He holds it to his chest automatically. “Her name is Terpsichore.”

She leaves before he has the chance to question her. He looks down, and the baby has his golden eyes and her dark hair. “Hello, little one.”

Calliope is fully grown now. Apollo leaves Terpsichore in her care, and promises to come when called.

“Yes, Father,” Calliope says, rolling her eyes as her little sister grabbing fistfuls of her curly hair. There’s an ink smudge across her face, and her home is bursting with books. He should really talk to Athena about letting Calliope use one of her libraries.

He kisses both their foreheads before leaving.


Apollo falls in love with a Spartan prince, graceful and strong and with a wide, pretty mouth. He falls in love with a mind that can match him, with a smile that leaves him breathless. Hyacinth captures his affections and attentions utterly, and for a few short years Apollo is enchanted, for a few short years Apollo feels a love deep in his chest that is only surpassed by the love he has for his sister.

Then Hyacinth is killed.

He shows up at his daughters’ door, and Calliope and Terpsichore take one look at him and usher him inside. He can’t bring himself to speak, but he’s covered in blood that isn’t his own, is pale and shaken and mourning.

They clean him and care for him and settle him to bed, although he cannot bring himself to sleep.

Less than a week later, there is a mortal woman there looking for him. Her eyes are red, but she stands tall and her lips are pressed into a straight line. A toddler who shares her dark coloring clutches her skirt. “I am the Princess of Sparta, and wife of Hyacinth.”

Apollo hadn’t known Hyacinth had a wife. He hadn’t asked. Surely he would have noticed – but then again, perhaps not. Love makes people stupid. “I am sorry for your loss.”

“As I am sorry for yours,” she says in return, which surprises him. “Sparta must have a prince. I am to be remarried.” She brings the little girl forward, and she can’t be more than a couple years old. “This is Urania, the child of myself and my husband. I have been ordered to kill her.”

Apollo flinches. He knows such things are done, but – she is Hyacinth’s daughter. “I will take her.”

She smiles. “I thought you might.” She kisses the girl on both cheeks, hands her to Apollo, then leaves as quickly as she’d came.

Urania watches them with big liquid eyes that she got from her mother. He stays with his daughters for a year after that, playing with Urania and watching Terpsichore dance and listening to Calliope’s beautiful poetry. Urania loves the stars. She stares up at them each night, and Apollo patiently explains the name of each one.

When she is fully grown, he begs a piece of ambrosia off Hestia and feeds it to her.

Urania is his daughter as surely as if his blood ran through her veins. He cannot bear to watch her age and die.


Marpessa chooses Ida over him, but it is too late. She already swells with his child, and he could use that to keep her. He could force her to stay at his side, she loves him, she said so, it would not be such a cruel thing.

But she is not wrong in her assessment. Apollo is immortal, and will not grow old with her, will not change with her, will not die with her. Ida will.

There’s fear on her face, and he thinks she deserves it, for proclaiming to love him and choosing another. But he is not interested in keeping her captive for a lifetime.

“Have the child, and give it to me,” he commands, “and I will leave you to your life.”

Ida is furious in his jealousy that Marpessa will bear a child for Apollo before she bears a child for him, so there is that comfort, at least.

Artemis delivers the child to ensure it goes smoothly. She’s beaming as she holds her niece. “What will you call her?”

“You choose,” he says, running the back of his finger over the babe’s soft cheek.

His sister considers the squalling child for a long moment before she says, “I think you should name her Thalia.”

“Thalia it is,” he says.

She’s mischievous, and reminds him of himself on his worst days. She grows, and pulls pranks on nymphs and deities. Her older sisters are constantly straining to keep her out of worse trouble.

He gets a frantic message from Calliope that Thalia has gone missing, and he eventually finds her at the edge of a scorched battlefield, the soldiers long gone but the bodies and stench remaining. He’s furious at her for going to a place so dangerous, but when he marches up to her he sees something that he hadn’t expected.

She’s hallway through a story about pranking a wood nymph that he knows is at least half lies and a quarter exaggeration. Curled up on the ground, clutching his stomach as he laughs so hard he can’t breathe, is Ares.

Apollo hasn’t seen the tormented god of war this carefree since he was a child.

Thalia finally notices him, and cuts herself off, paling. “Oh, uh. Hi Dad.”

Ares is downright giggling. “Hello Thalia,” Apollo crosses his arms and glares, “You shouldn’t go wandering away from your sisters.” She winces and nods, ducking her head to look up at him through her eyelashes, doing her best to look contrite and innocent.

It might have worked, if Apollo hadn’t taught her that look himself.

He sits down on the ground next to Ares, who doesn’t acknowledge his presence beyond shifting enough to use Apollo’s thigh as his pillow. “Well,” Apollo says, “keep going.”

Thalia lights up and launches back into the story, and when she finishes she continues into another which is mostly true and somehow even more ridiculous.


Because he’s an idiot with a death wish, Apollo ends up spending a month with Hecate in the underworld. He stumbles out one night when she falls asleep, because he feels if he doesn’t leave now there’s a possibility that he never will.

One of the most horrifying moments of his life is looking for the way out, and finding Hades instead. The god of death looks to him, walking around naked in his realm, to the direction he came from, and says, “That was you? Are you crazy?”

“It … it was a good time,” he says faintly.

“Obviously,” Hades shakes his head, and slices his hand down in the air in front of them, creating a doorway for Apollo out of his realm.

Apollo gives him a clumsy salute and steps through.

Roughly a year later, he’s playing his lyre when a little girl with black skin and grey hair and eyes appears in front of him. It’s terrifying enough that he accidentally snaps one of his strings.

“Lady Styx,” he says, voice higher pitched than normal. “Is there something I can help you with?”

The child snorts and reaches her hands into absolutely nothing and pulls out a baby. She holds it out to him. “Hecate says this is your problem now.”

Improbably, the babe already has a mouth full of too-sharp teeth. Her eyes shift between every color, unable to decide, and there is something a little too knowing about her face for one so young. Artemis says he too was born knowing too much.

A child of Apollo and Hecate can only be a mistake, something that will never fit quite well among others of her own kind.

He sighs and take the baby. “Very well.”

“I like the name Clio,” the child goddess says before leaving him.

Thalia tells him it’s too small and to give it back. Urania is fascinated, and takes over most of the child’s care, which is likely for the best since Calliope is neck deep into a new epic, and would be cross if she needed to pull her attention from it to rear a child.

As Clio ages, she stays just as unsettling and strange. Hephaestus shows up around the time she starts breaking into Athena’s libraries, even though stunts like that get people worse than killed. “I don’t know why she gave her to me,” Apollo says as they watch the teenager devouring a stolen tome on the history of the Persian Empire. “Hecate raised you, I don’t understand why she didn’t want to raise her actual daughter.”

“You’re a better parent than she is,” he says thoughtfully. Apollo gives him an unimpressed look, but he says, “I’m serious. Your girls are turning out to be quite lovely – all of them.”

“Of course they are,” he says, nose in the air, but grins when Hephaestus elbows him the side.

By the time she’s an adult, Clio is easily one of the most accomplished scholars to ever exist. She and Athena regularly get into academic debates that last weeks, and scare off anyone from daring to come closer.

She stays strange, and too smart, and Apollo loves her utterly.


Apollo is lying on the beach when a large wave overtakes him and drags him into the sea. He struggles for the surface, but can’t seem to shake the waves, and is dragged to the sea floor. He’s a god, so he won’t suffocate, but he’s terrified when the water drags him down to Poseidon’s palace and deposits him in front of his wife. “Apollo,” she says, “I can see what your daughters will become.”

He has no idea what she’s talking about. “Excuse me?”

Amphitrite grabs his jaw and pulls him closer. He doesn’t dare resist. She looks into his eyes, then smirks. “The god of prophecy doesn’t know that which he has wrought. How … ironic.”

“Is it?” he wonders. He really hopes she doesn’t kill him.

“Quite,” she smirks, and with a flick of her wrist she’s naked before him. “I wish for one of your daughters to be mine as well. Lay with me.”

“Uh,” he says eloquently, because Amphitrite has never given her husband any children, he hadn’t even known she could. If he sleeps with her, Poseidon might kill him, regardless of how many people the god of the sea sleeps with that aren’t his wife. But if he refuses her, she might kill him, and it’s not like having sex with Amphitrite is any sort of hardship. She’s as gorgeous as she is terrifying. “Okay.”

He’s deposited back on the shore the next day, feeling oddly used.

If Poseidon has any opinions on Apollo knocking up his wife, he doesn’t voice them.

Amphitrite doesn’t foist the baby upon him as soon as she’s born. Instead years pass, and one day a dark skinned, amber eyed sea god shows up at his door. There’s a teenager at his side, who has Apollo’s coloring and Amphitrite’s bone structure, and hair that shimmers golden-green in sunlight. “Glaucus,” Apollo greets warily, “and who might this be?”

“I call her Erato,” Glaucus says, “I’ve raised her since birth. It’s time for her to join her sisters.”

Erato is not as terrifying as her mother. Instead there’s a sweetness about her that she must have gotten from Glaucus. She’s shy at first, and spends many days looking out into the sea. But his daughters are persistent, and soon she’s laughing and joining them. There’s something dreamy about her, and she loves love, writes romantic ballads and beautiful poems, so much so that Aphrodite commends her talent.

Erato is also the most like him in the area of her love life, meaning she leaves behind a constant trail of heartbroken men and women.

Calliope complains about the constant wailing around their home, and Clio proves she has some of her mother’s talent with magic when she casts an unplotable spell around their home so former lovers stop following Erato home. Of course, she forgets to tell both Apollo and her sisters about this, and it’s very confusing for everyone until Clio remembers to tell them where the house is.

His daughters’ home is a place of constant music, poetry, and literature. He thinks he’s starting to suspect what Amphitrite was talking about.


Not all hunts are easy things.

Apollo feels the moment his sister is wounded, the arrow through her abdomen as painful for him as it is for her. He’s in his chariot, and he can’t leave it, if he leaves his chariot unattended the sun will consume it, and then consume the earth. “Calliope!” he snaps, and his eldest daughter appears by his side.

“Father?” she asks, huddling into him and away from the sun. “What’s going on?”

“Artemis is hurt, I have to help,” he says urgently, and places the reins into her hands. “You can do this.”

She pales, but steps forward, keeping a white knuckled grip on the chariot. “Go.”

He kisses his forehead, and goes to his sister. Her huntresses have set up an honor guard around her, defending and dying as cruel faced giants draws closer. “ARES!” he screams, and he doesn’t know what they’re fighting for, what this war is about, but it doesn’t matter. “WE NEED YOU!”

The god of war appears, and he’s clearly come from some other battle, covered in mud and other worse things. He throws himself into the battle, but it’s not until they gain more aid that the tides turn in their favor.

He first sees Erato on the field, water swirling around her as she slices through them all, the power of her mother making her golden eyes glow. Clio is at her back, the glittering magic Hecate passed on to her filling her hands.

Thalia has long curved knives flying from her fingers, and all who face her don’t figure out they’re dead until she’s already left them behind. Urania is letting loose arrows against the giants and though she’s not his by blood, not a goddess by birth, none would know it watching each of her arrows hit true and take down another enemy.

Terpsichore uses her honed abilities of dance differently here on the battlefield, twirling and ducking around enemies with her sword flashing as it slices through all who go against her. Celestial fire licks up the sword, and the daughter of Hestia and Apollo is laughing as she dances through the battlefield.

He wants to yell at them, to tell them to get off the battlefield, to get to safety. But it is thanks to them that the fight is being won, so he says nothing.

Ares looks around, grimaces, and catches Apollo’s eye before he disappears from the battle. They must be invoking his name. Apollo is only grateful he managed to stay as long as he did.

The giants are all dead by the time Apollo manages to make it to his sister’s side. She’s pale and covered in blood, her huntresses seated around her and trying to stop the bleeding. “What were you thinking?” Apollo demands, grabbing her hand and pushing her hair from her forehead. Terpsichore comes forward and lays her burning sword against the wound, sealing and cauterizing it at once. Both Apollo and Artemis scream

“They – took – a – child,” she pants, leaning in for his touch, for his comfort, and he has never been able to deny her anything. He pulls her up, biting back a scream at the pain that rips through them both, and props her up against his chest. “A – nymph’s child. Zeus’s child. They killed – it’s mother. That – that sort of injustice will – will not be – tolerated.” She lays her head back against his shoulder, tears leaking from the corner of her eyes, and Apollo almost wishes the battle were not over, because he wants to murder something.

“I’ll get it,” Erato says, and a moment later she returns with a toddler in her arms. She has the copper skin of Zeus, and pale blonde hair. “What do we do now? Zeus does not care for his children.”

“I think it’s time you became a big sister,” Thalia says, and Erato looks stricken. “Right Dad?”

He looks to his sister, who nods. “I can think of no better place for her. She cannot stay with me – a hunting party is not place for children.”

“Very well,” he sighs. “Does she have a name?”

The girl attempts to hide behind Erato’s hair, then says, “I am Euterpe.”

“Welcome, Euterpe,” he says.

It’s then that the sun finally sets, and Calliope stumbles into existence next to them. She’s covered in deep, bleeding burns, but it’s not as bad he feared it would be. She’s certainly faired better at her first time driving the chariot than he had. “What’s happening? Is everything all right?”

“We have a new sister,” Thalia says brightly, even as Clio rushes forward to tend to her burns.

Euterpe, thankfully, seems to inherit none of Zeus’s madness. She has a singing voice like a clear bell, and soon surpasses even Calliope’s talent with the lyre.

He knows, technically, that Euterpe is his half-sister. But it takes him no time at all to regard her as his daughter, to love her with same simple ferocity as he loves her sisters.


For a while, all is well, is quiet. His daughters are all fully grown, accomplished and beautiful.

Then Demeter corners him when he’s walking through quiet city and pins him against an alley wall. “If Amphitrite thinks she can one up me over this,” the goddess hisses, “she’s sorely mistaken.”

At least this time he knows what’s going on when Demeter starts pulling her dress off. “You can’t raise the child,” he says. He’s not adverse to laying with Demeter, although at this rate it looks like there will be less laying and more standing against a rough alley wall. But Demeter only knows how to love in a way that crushes all it touches. He won’t let her do that to his child.

“Fine,” she snaps, “Now get moving.”

He’s vaguely terrified the whole time, and it mostly reminds him of his month with Hecate. He’s left alone and naked in the alleyway an hour later.

Nine months later, a baby is delivered to his door by a nervous wood nymph. His daughter still has the squashed appearance of a freshly born baby. “She didn’t waste any time,” he comments, settling her into the crook of his arms. “Does she have a name?”

“Polyhymnia, my lord,” the wood nymph says, then bows before fleeing.

He brings her to the home where all his daughters live.

She grows, and she’s the spitting image of Demeter, of Persephone back when she answered to the name Kore. Her voice is lower than Euterpe’s, but just as pretty and when they sing together it’s the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard. She’s quiet, and thoughtful, her big brown eyes watching all around her with a measured stare.

Polyhymnia asks after her mother, something none of the others had done, and Apollo doesn’t know what to say. The truth is too callous, but he can’t bear to lie to her. Instead he begs an audience with Persephone, and says, “Your sister asks after the mother you share. I don’t know what to tell her.”

Persephone has no advice to offer, but she starts spending some of her time outside of the underworld with Polyhymnia. It is enough, and her questions stop, and Apollo tries not to feel guilty that he never really answered them.


Cassandra is unlike any woman he’s ever met, unlike any person he’s ever met, and the flames of love and passion burn inside him in a way they haven’t since his Hyacinth died.

She’s bull headed and irritating, and whenever he tries to complain about it Artemis rolls her eyes and his daughters laugh at him. He supposes he’s not doing a very good job hiding that he’s in love with her. Not even from her, because at one point she crossly asks if he’s ever planning to do anything with her, or if she should accept the offer from the butcher’s son.

They don’t leave her house for five days.

She is curious, hungry for knowledge, hungrier for it then she is of him. She wants to know impossible things, wants to be an impossible thing, and so Apollo laughs and takes her hand and says, “I will make you a bargain. I will give you the gift of prophecy, if you will grant me the gift of your hand.”

He’s never take a bride before. He hasn’t wanted to.

Cassandra is screaming and laughing, and she throws her arms around his neck and kisses him until she’s breathless. He takes it as a yes.

That’s when everything goes horribly, incredibly wrong.

It’s too much, all the horror she sees is too much, and Apollo tries to tell her to focus on the good, to see the happiness of the future. But she can’t, gets too caught up in too many wars, and she wastes away in front of his eyes even as her stomach swells.

He tries to take back the gift, tries to save her, but he can’t. It cannot be ungiven, and his headstrong, vivacious lover fades before his eyes. He only manages to alter it, to change it so no one believes the horrible things she cries to prevent the horror people feel when she looks at them and screams the way that they’ll die.

Artemis helps deliver their child, but halfway through her face goes pinched and worried, and Apollo knows that Cassandra won’t make it.

“I’m sorry,” he weeps, kissing her gaunt face, feeling the sharpness of her cheekbones under his lips, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know this would happen. I didn’t want this to happen.”

She looks at him with glassy eyes, barely reacts when Artemis places their child on her chest. There’s a growing pool of blood under her, but she can’t be saved, she will die, here, now.

Apollo wonders if she saw this coming.

She blinks, and meets his gaze with a sharpness and awareness he hasn’t seen for a long time. “She is your last daughter,” Cassandra says, “Melpomene is the last daughter you will have.”

He kisses her, his last chance to do so.

She’s dead before his lips leaves hers.

Apollo tries to flee, to run from the claws tearing apart his heart, but Artemis doesn’t let him. She yanks him back and pushes Melpomene into his arms. “You can’t leave,” she says harshly, “She needs you. Your daughter needs you. You’re not allowed to run.”

He crumples, leaning his head onto his sister’s shoulder as he sobs, and her calloused hand grasps the back of his neck. Melpomene is stuck between them, soft and warm and alive.

Time passes.

Melpomene is Thalia’s other half, her best friend, and they do everything together. Her dark hair is a mass of unruly curls just like her mother, her laughter is just like her mother’s.

She, like her sisters, is his pride and his joy.


Apollo has nine daughters

Calliope, who reigns over written epics.

Terpsichore, who reigns over dance.

Urania, who reigns over astronomy.

Thalia, who reigns over comedy.

Clio, who reigns over history.

Erato, who reigns over love poetry.

Euterpe, who reigns over song.

Polyhymnia, who reigns over hymns.

Melpomene, who reigns over tragedy.

They are known as the Muses.

gods and monster series, part xxi

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“The Battalion of Death (Battalion Malatesta) was an Italian anarchist unit during the Spanish Civil War. The battalion was formed by a few hundred Italian anarchist exiles in France.  It was organized and funded by Diego Abad de Santillan and commanded by the Italian Camillo Berneri.

Late March 1937, the battalion made ​​its debut parading through the Paseo de Gracia and the Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona wearing their smart uniforms and brandishing the slogan “without God nor master”. It made quite an impression on the audience.

They wore black turtleneck jerseys, olive-green uniforms with ammunition belts and a black beret with a skull and a dagger badge. The battalion consisted of both men and women.” 

Going over Hunter armor for a commission I’m working on and had a moment of Fridge Logic about the (admittedly dope) new Vex Leg armor from the Vault of Glass.

So the ‘missing leg’ that was replaced with one belonging to the Vex is the left leg, right?

Well I was looking at the original armor.


anonymous asked:

anyway talk to me about Steve Trevor

you don’t have to ask me twice lol pull up a seat yall let’s talk about my son for a minute

this beautiful bastard:

(and i say this as someone who has never thought chris pine was anything more than average-looking)

so first of all, let’s talk about steve’s entrance. he’s on a doomed plane that crashes in the ocean, and then he’s rescued little-mermaid-stylez and dragged onto the themyscira beach by diana. he doesn’t have any time to orient himself or try to figure out where exactly he is and who exactly he’s with, before suddenly the germans are there and the amazons are swinging out like a bunch of super hot lesbian tarzans. so what is steve’s response to all of this tomfoolery?? he immediately joins the badass lesbian army and tries to help, even shielding diana–a complete and total stranger–with his own body. he doesn’t think “hey why are all these women in tasteful body armor fighting?? where are the men??” he thinks “ok these are soldiers fighting the bad guys and i’m gonna do whatever i can to help.”

and honestly that’s steve in a nutshell? he just wants to do whatever he can to help, whether that’s by spying and collecting intel for the allied forces, or by sneaking behind enemy lines to try and stop millions more from dying, or by lifting a giant sheet of metal so his superhero girlfriend can rocket launch herself through a tower. he’s flexible. 

also like look at steve’s friends, and the way he treats his friends?? we have etta, who is admittedly more of an employee than a friend but he still treats her like his equal, and she’s clearly not afraid to speak her mind around him which tells us that they have an easy and open relationship. then there’s charlie, the alcoholic suffering from ptsd whom steve respects and supports in his recovery. then there’s sameer, a north african moc whom again, steve respects and admires the talent of. and then there’s my dude chief!!! an actual native american!!! whom steve respects and cares about greatly!! steve cares about people, proven time and time again both by how he treats the individuals around him and how ready he is to literally die if he thinks it might save others.

and then ofc there’s the way he treats diana, the real pickle on the Best Damn Sandwich that is steve trevor. he doesn’t just treat diana like she’s some tourist that he’s grudgingly dragging around the western front (cough whedon cough). he respects and admires diana and then, later, he loves her, and he makes sure that she knows that. he makes sure that she knows how amazing and inspirational she is, how important she is. “i can save today, but you can save the world” is such a good line because steve is literally acknowledging that she can do what no one else can, and that’s a good thing.

so often we see leading males who are intimidated by their female counterparts if they sense they might be stronger than them. they crack a joke about how the woman “got lucky” or are quick to point out something they can do that the woman can’t. “you’re pretty good–for a girl” nonsense. 

steve does none of that, and in fact, does the opposite. outside of themyscira, steve is diana’s biggest fan, her number one supporter, the guy holding her flower while she throws down–and then jumping in if he thinks he can help her. 

he lets her lead, consistently, once he realizes that she can. ofc at first he’s a little hesitant to let her just march through no man’s land, but the moment he sees her deflect those first bullets, he turns into her cheerleader. ofc he’s a little hesitant to believe that one mythological god could be behind the greatest war that had ever existed, but once again, the moment ares turns up, steve is ready to assist diana in whatever way he can. including sacrificing himself to save the day, while she goes on to save the future.

there were so many opportunities for him to make some crude comment about her costume, or about themyscira only having women, or about her “inexperience with men” etc (cough whedon cough) but steve is nothing but a gentleman throughout, always following diana’s lead in that as well. he’s uncomfortable when she sees him naked, but when he realizes she’s fine, he just goes with it, without making any crude jokes or invitations. on the boat, he’s embarrassed about sleeping next to her lol and then in england, he wants her to change her clothes not because he doesn’t approve of them, but because he knows they would stand out too much when they need to blend in. even when he does ask about the lack of men on the island, it’s clearly just curiosity, and once again he’s awkward about it, not wanting to be too forward or rude. he respects diana’s boundaries from the moment that he meets her.

look at the way he looks at her:

awe-struck. steve always had faith in people, even as he also recognized the bad in others too. he could have given up on stopping the war after his plane crashed, but he didn’t even hesitate before jumping back onto the front lines. even though he genuinely believed he was going to die. he didn’t hesitate before climbing into that bomb-laden plane, even though he knew he was going to die. because at the end of the day, steve always believed that the world could be saved, and that maybe he could help that happen. 

and then he met diana, and he knew that she could. 

when he had to tell her that humanity wasn’t all good, or all bad, but instead a mix of grays, you could see he didn’t want to admit it. not because he didn’t believe it was true, but because he didn’t want to break diana’s heart. he didn’t want to be the reason she lost faith. but he still told her the truth, because (even though he’s literally a spy and lies a lot lol) to steve, the truth is what matters. truth, and faith, and doing what’s best, even if it’s not the best thing for him.

when diana said she was giving up on mankind, and that they didn’t deserve her, he didn’t try to make her stay. he said “maybe it’s not about what people deserve, maybe it’s about doing what you believe in,” because that was the thought that got him through the war. but when diana still wasn’t willing, he turned and went back to fight on his own, because even though it hurt him, even though he wanted to stay with her, he knew that was the right thing. 

his last words were reassuring diana that she could save the world, and that he loved her. and these were his last thoughts:

“He wasn’t afraid. But he was wistful. He wanted to show Diana the beautiful parts of this world. To share it with her.”

to share it with her. because steve loved diana as an equal. he wanted more time to share with her. it would have been easy to just let the plane get away, or let someone else take the fall, but that isn’t who steve is. steve would always do what he could to help. sometimes that meant fighting alongside a bunch of amazons on a beach. sometimes it meant buying wonderwoman ice cream. and sometimes it meant getting in a plane to die, because if he didn’t, other people would die instead.

the reason that wondertrev works so beautifully is because diana and steve are, at their core, the same. they both believe in goodness, and love. they both believe in helping. when diana’s ears are still ringing and she can’t even hear what he’s saying, and she looks ready to pass out, the first thing she says is “i can do it, let me do it.” she’s so ready and willing to do whatever he needs, and steve just smiles because he understands, because he’s like that too. steve’s faith is what reignited diana’s own belief, at the end, and at the end, steve died believing in her.

My "Humans are weird" thought...

I’m sure we’ve all seen the posts about Space Australia, Space Orcs, and Humans Are Weird and how there’s been a general consensus that we are the friendliest species and will pack bond with the biggest of the baddies and I just keep thinking…

What about how much we love our villains? Loki, Bucky, Spike, Moriarty, The Master/Missy, Maleficent, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Magneto, The Sanderson Sisters, Dracula….. Not love to hate, genuinely love our villains. We rationalize and justify their behaviors and points of view. We find reasons to empathize with them. We try to see their side of things. God, give me a well-developed villain over a hundred stock good guys any day.

So, of course, that carries over to an intergalactic scale. That one species that literally EVERYONE despises because the caused mass genocide on a neighbouring planet for seemingly no reason…

Excuse you, but the Welvakians had been systematically repressing the Oraith since BEFORE the Third Colonization March and were directly responsible for the Wasting Illness that targeted Oraith CHILDREN because they were worried about breeding rates. OF COURSE there was an uprising! What the hell else were they supposed to do! Be grateful they hit back so decisively in just one raid, ended it before anything even began. That entire sector could have been plunged into complete and utter chaos if the Welvakians had been able to mount a defense and bring about full out planetary war. So help me God if one more person on this ship…. GAH!!!! Have any of you actually met any of the Oraith? They are beautiful cinnamon rolls and need to be protected! And if you think otherwise…. Fight me!
How Orlando Jones Influenced American Gods' Shocking Opening Scene
Orlando Jones was such a fan of Neil Gaiman's American Gods, he campaigned for the role of Mr. Nancy/Anansi.

Orlando Jones has long loved Neil Gaiman’s sci-fi/fantasy classic “American Gods.” So when the “Sleepy Hollow” star heard a daring adaptation would bring its road-trip tale of warring gods to television, he took to Twitter to publicly campaign for the role of the charming but unnerving Mr. Nancy/Anansi.

Overheard: “They should totally cast #OrlandoJones as Mr. Nancy in @AmericanGodsSTZ” Oh wait, that was just me talking out loud @neilhimself

— Orlando Jones (@TheOrlandoJones) March 3, 2016

“American Gods” co-creators Michael Green and Bryan Fuller were quick to agree that Jones would be prefect for the part of the fascinating West African god. While fans have seen teases of Mr. Nancy in character posters and trailers, the series’ second episode “The Secret of Spoon” will finally unleash his fiery introduction, but for those who cannot wait, Starz has unveiled it online ahead of the episode’s airing.

Ahead of “American Gods” television debut, CBR sat down with showrunners/executive producers Fuller and Green to discuss the finer points of adapting such a dense and intense novel, which tackles so many complicated topics, including racial tension in the modern America. When asked what challenges they–as two white men–found in writing about race issues from diverse angles, Green pointed to Jones’ influence, specifically in the execution of this pivotal and shocking scene.

“There’s always the danger of getting something very wrong,” Green said. “So you come to it as thoughtfully as possible. And you go to people who can help you and steer you.”

“In the case of Mr. Nancy,” Green continued. “We always knew that we would be writing something that we would then have to talk to our actor about. And that was talking to Orlando Jones. When we got on the phone with him and talked about becoming Mr. Nancy, we were fans of his. He had tweeted about wanting the role, so he was already very inclined.”

“Just within the first 30 seconds of talking to him, we could just hear the voice,” Green recounted. “And knowing that we had an actor who was so talented, and so deep, and so thoughtful about religion and race in America, we could ask him, ‘Hey how are we doing here? We are doing something very dicey about The Middle Passage and revenge fantasy.”

“And yes, we’re reading the news and reacting to it,” Green explained. “But obviously our experience isn’t going to be the same. ‘How are we doing?’ So we’d talk about that, and he’d talk about the actual voices he wanted to use, because a lot of it was not just in the words chosen but when to show what level of anger. What is the relationship to anger? Which is essentially the thrust of the speech.”

“So (that scene) is nothing without him,” Green concluded. “And us handing it to him and wanting him to mold it in his own experience.”

Expect to see more of Mr. Nancy (and Jones), as Fuller and Green have teased their “American Gods” adaptation will also feature scenes from Gaiman’s spinoff novel, “Anansi Boys.”

“American Gods” airs on Starz Sunday nights at 9PM.

my favorite weird historical coincidence

the U.S. Capitol and the Russian Capital were burned down within relatively the same period

The British burned down the US capital during The War of 1812 

(Interestingly, a huge storm hit the next day and put out all the fires and the americans were like God??? Loves us maybe??? :’)? To which the British replied something probably like ‘perhaps, but we still hate you’ and kicked their ass some more)

meanwhile, Napoleon was also on the march and in order to deny the French resources and tell them to go fuck themselves the Russians bURNED DOWN THEIR OWN FUCKING CAPITAL IN 1812, blowing up almost all of their own buildings and using scorched earth tactics on themselves

and that’s some shit right there

Beginning Thoughts of the Fall Anime Season 2017 . . .

Welp, fall is here, and as usual, it is time for me to do my annual first impressions of the season’s anime titles.  My gods if you thought the amount of shows I checked out last season was a lot, this season’s amount is insane.  This season, so far, I have checked out 22 shows thus far and plan for at least 7 more to pick up.  Insane, right?  So how do they stack up so far?   Let’s see.  Also, please keep in mind, that these are solely based off of the first one or two episodes, and are purely my opinion, so if my opinion is different than yours, then I’d love to here it.   Also, I will try to remain as spoiler free as possible.  

Netojuu no Susume:  Studio Signal.MD

Originally posted by thenichibro

Dropped.  Alright, so I feel like I have to mention this.   I’m a serious gamer.  More specifically, I love me some MMOs.  How much you ask?   Well, so much so that I actually met my husband on World of Warcraft.  Insane right?  I mean my god you do not want to see our /played time on that game.  So, needless to say, I am a bit critical on gaming anime because of this, because I know what it’s like.   This anime was just… . cringey.  I found myself sighing every chance I got and by the 20 minute mark, completely turning it off.  Everything about the first episode was just  … bad.  There’s really just no redeeming qualities… well, one line said by the Guild Master which was something along the lines of “you have no idea what her irl gender is.”  I laughed.  It’s accurate.  85% of female toons you see on wow are actually guys. Anyways, moving on.   

Evil or Live:  Haoliners Animation

Dropped.  Mmmm  I had such high hopes.  After reading the summary, I will admit, I was hyped for this show.  On Paper, this show sounds wonderful.  I thought it was going to be some horror psychological thriller that at the end of it left you questioning the very meaning of the world around you or something.  Instead, what happened?   I …don’t even know.  The series starts off with massive amounts of Live Action, which, while being completely unexpected, I didn’t mind so much; the series became an instant drop for me when the MC and Co were clearly showing a break from reality and needed actual mental help, was beaten instead.   It wasn’t “horror” or “edgy” it was just poor writing.  Needless to say, I have dropped it.

Just Because!: Studio Pine Jam

Originally posted by thenichibro

Dropped.  For no other reason that fuck it’s boring.  I fell asleep watching it not once, but twice.  It was that boring.  This series proves that even the prettiest of shows can bore you to death.  

Omiai Aite wa Oshiego Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji:  Studio Seven

Porn.  With Plot.  Alright, so this is an actual hentai series.  Not like Soft-Core either like Hajimete no Gal was last season.  This is an actual hentai series, and if you could believe it, it’s actually more plot focused and semi-interesting than 95% of hentai out there.… Well, as interesting as a hentai series about a female teacher and a student banging and “engaged” can be.  Don’t get me wrong here, it’s totally trash, but hey, each episode is only four minutes, so I’m going to keep watching this trash just a bit longer to see where it goes.  

Sengoku Night Blood:  Typhoon Graphics

Mmmm Still waiting for the day with they make a good anime based off of an Otome Game.  Alright, so here’s the story.  Girl gets sent back into another world and gains a harem.  A vampire harem.  That’s it.  I’ve saved you the trouble of checking this series out.  You’re welcome.  

Urahara:  Studios Emt^2 and Shirogumi

Originally posted by ufotable

Dropped.  Instant Drop.  Jesus Christ that animation is fucking trash.  You have two studios working on this series, and the animation still looks that garbagey?!?!  How?!?!?!  I can’t even with this… Ugh, nope, moving on.  

Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara:  Creators in Pack

Yet another series that will probably be dropped halfway through.  Honestly, there’s just nothing that really happens in this series, and I know it’s really hard for anything to happen in a four minute long series, but literally nothing happens.   Wife comes home.  Husband makes her drink.  Wife gets tipsy.  Thank you husband.  I mean the main reason why I’m going to be sticking it out just a bit longer is to keep getting cocktail recipes haha.   

Imouto Sae Ireba Ii:  Sliver Link Studios

Will probably be dropped.  Is it just me or is this series like Silver Link’s answer to A-1′s EroManga Sensei?  Honestly, this show is meh at best so far.  The art is nothing too great, and the story screams EroManga, and since I wasn’t a fan, I really don’t see myself watching more than three episodes.  

Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-Bitch na Ken:  Studio Diomedea

I started watching it with hopes of it doing two things.  One, fill the hole in my heart that was left when Hajimete no Gal ended; and two, explain what the hell a Sho-Bitch is.  In all honestly though, this show is probably going to be dropped.  While the art is generic, the characters are bland and too common; I also the comedy too forced at time and repeatable.  Yes, we understand main waifu really just wants to figure out what Haruka likes, and obviously misinterprets everything, but does that really have to be the joke every single time?

Inuyashiki:  Studio MAPPA

Ah, the latest from Studio MAPPA.  I have one question:  MAPPA, what the fuck?  Let me clarify.  The opening few minutes of the first episode made me feel.  Fuck, I almost started crying.  It was depressing and yet the story was just relatable and beautiful all at the same time.  I was feeling feels I didn’t want to feel.  It really kept true to the Drama tag, which I love.  I’m a sucker for some hardcore drama filled series.  Then… .it got weird.  Some weird like mecha space alien thing weird.  So, again, MAPPA, what the fuck?  Don’t get me wrong here.  I will be continuing to watch this solely because despite the series taking that weird turn, in no way did that make the actual tone any less enjoyable.  Plus, the art style is so unique to the show, I’m curious as to where it can go from here.  

Mahoutsukai no Yome:  Wit Studio

Alright, I’m a fan.  This has to be a contender for Anime of the Season, and we aren’t even three episodes into it yet.  It’s wonderful, and not only one of my favorites from this season so far, but my favorite thing Wit Studio has ever done, (and yes, that just brought me a ton of hate from SnK fans haha).   I can see and agree with the hype this series has had.   Honestly, check it out.  It’s good  and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.  

Blend S:  A-1 Pictures

I found my Moe-Blob for the season, and I’m so happy.  I actually really like this series so far.  It was adorable, and literally just what I want in my seasonal moe-blob.  It’s nothing too driven plot wise, and definitely won’t be anime of the season or anything like that; it’s literally just Cute Girls waitressing in this cute cafe.  Regardless, I’m definitely going to continue to watch it for a bit longer at least.  

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou:  Studio White Fox

Keep your eye on this one this season.  It’s probably going to be the Dark Horse of this season.  In all honestly, I became instantly hooked watching the first episode.  The tone at the start was so eerie and grim that I found myself getting literal goosebumps.   Maybe it’s the high I’m on after the Made in Abyss ending, or just wanting to find something to fill the void that series has left me with, but I’m getting serious MiA vibes.  I’m hoping this series is even half as good as MiA was.  Also, I’m a major fan already of how unique the art is for this show.  

Ousama Game The Animation:  Studio Seven

I’m biased.  Period.  I will be watching this show no matter how terrible it could ever get solely because my favorite Seiyuu is the lead.  Mamoru is a God, and I will watch it religiously every week.  That being said, I can tell you that this show is edgy as fuck, and with it being one of two survival game anime out right now this season, this one is definitely the weaker, edgier of the two.  It is a pretty cool concept though, and I’m already a fan of the survival game concept, that I don’t mind watching this one until the end.  I would also like to warn that this one is definitely gory so if you don’t like that than this isn’t for you.    

Konohana Kitan:  Studio Lerche

CUTE LITTLE FOX GIRLS.  I REPEAT, CUTE LITTLE FOX GIRLS.  Having read the summary for the series prior,and seeing both the Seinen and Shoujo Ai tag on it and that it would be done by Lerche, it became an instant check out at least, and I’m glad I did.  This series is the calming pallet cleanser.  It’s the show where you can turn off your mind and just watch the cuteness.  Plus, did I mention cute little fox girls?  What more do you need?   

Black Clover:  Studio Pierrot

Alright, I’m split in two for this.  Part of me wants me to look at this show for what it is:  a stereotypical shounen series, with decent animation, predictable plot and bad voice acting, if you saw the first episode you’d know what I’m talking about.   This show screams Naruto, Fairy Tail and Bleach rip off; and hell, since I hate Naruto, never got into Bleach, and am still VERY pissed at Fairy Tail, combining the three into one really just makes me both cringe and glare at the screen.   Evil Glare.  A glare that if I could, would totally shoot lasers out and everything.  I mean hell, it’s even done by the same studio as Naruto.  Regardless, the tons and tons of shounen I’ve seen makes me just feel like this is repeating it all.   That’s one part of me.  The other part of me enjoys this show, solely for the fact that my husband LOVES the Black Clover manga, so watching it with him makes me at least want to give it a chance.   I do however doubt it will be as big as people hype it up to be, and if it does get big it will be nowhere near as good quality wise as a lot of other shounens, and will take a lot for me to become a fan.  

Juuni Taisen:  Graphinica

Without a doubt, my favorite from this season.  I’m hooked.  This series has it all:  unique character designs, well executed art, and a killer story line, (pun intended).  Mmmmm this story is wonderful.  It hooks you from the start, which is to be expected since the original source is written by the same original writer for the Monogatari Series.  There’s plot twists and betrayals and just epicness.  It also has one of the best openings and closings of the season.  Side Note:  THE PSYCHOTIC LITTLE USAGI BOY IS BEST BOY AND I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE, AND IF HE DOESN’T WIN I WILL RIOT.  

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru:  Washio Sumi no Shou:  Studio Gokumi

When I first saw that Yuki Yuno was getting another season, I was fucking thrilled.  Yuki Yuno was a magical girl series that I fell in love with not only because of the Madoka Magica vibes it had, but because of the beautiful art and animation and vibrant colors it used.  It’s visually stunning.  So, how is the prequel turning out?  Still just as stunning.  In all honestly, I’m going to love this series provided it stays true to the themes and tones of the first season, and if the opening episodes are anything to say about the rest of the series, then I know it will.  Plus, who isn’t up for Magical Girls this season?

Osomatsu-san 2nd Season:  Studio Pierrot

Originally posted by ninjago904

I actually genuinely missed this show.  My gods this show is a gift.  This has to be one of the underapprieciated comedy gems to come out in the recent years, and it fills me with joy knowing that it still shines just like the first season did.  I enjoy watching the episodic skits of everyone’s favorite sextuplets.  Seriously, why have you not started this show?  

Shokugeki no Soma:  J.C.Staff

DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I’VE WAITED TO SEE MY SON KUGA ANIMATED?!!??!  TOO LONG.  This is hands down the best season of Food Wars yet, and we are barely a couple episodes into it.   I love the pacing of this season, and having being a manga reader, I can confirm for you that it’s completely accurate with the manga thus far.  J.C Staff is clearly showing that they still care about Food Wars and aren’t rushing with the season.  Also, thank the gods for the 24 episode season.  THAT’S MORE EPISODES OF MY PRECIOUS KUGA.  

3-Gatsu no Lion 2nd Season:  Studio Shaft

Originally posted by just-to-express-not-impress

I cried.  I fucking cried.  Hard.  My god I missed this series.  Everything about the first episode was fantastic.  The music and animation were spot on, but of course nothing out of the ordinary for the phenomenal Studio Shaft, but what did I love most you ask?  Character Development.  MY FUCKING GOD.  Compare Rei to the start of Season one, and you’d never think it’s the same person.  I can’t stress that enough.  If this first episode is a sign on how amazing the rest of this season is going to be then I’m beyond fucking happy.  This is the series I’ve been waiting for since the start of the year.  

Gintama.  Porori-hen:  Bandai Namco Pictures

Has there ever been like a bad season of Gintama?   Like Ever?  All this season has proved to me is: one, life is boring and dull without Gintama.  Two, Gintama is the king of comedy series.  Three, Gintama is without a doubt one of the greatest series of all time.   This season is hilarious and easily makes me burst out laughing from start to finish.  Thank you Gintama, I’ve truly missed you.  

Ballroom e Youkoso:  Production I.G.

Originally posted by anime-trash-for-life

How is the second half of the season you ask?  *Insert Pouting Face Here*  Fuck you, Chi-chan.  Worst Girl 2017.  THERE I SAID IT.  YEAH, I SAID IT.  WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?  #BRINGBACKBESTGIRL2017  Like, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Tartara has a partner now, but like seriously why her? -.-  Why couldn’t Mako just be his partner forever and they could live happily ever after?  


So, yeah, those are my thoughts so far on the Fall Anime 2017 season.   Let me know yours, and if there is anything I’m not watching, and should be, then please tell me!  I love recommendations, and I already know of a few that I need to pick up… .

This is bob the blob. Bob snuck into our lives without asking lol so now we have accepted bob into the family and eagerly wait for his or her arrival at the beginning of march. Bob will be the last child to join our family. Bob is still very young(6weeks) so we are counting the weeks until we’re out of the scary zone. Please join me in welcoming Bob to our fold with happy thoughts and happy vibes. Ares god of war will be sad about losing his baby spot.

Seasons, Months and Festivals

Though most have forgotten the old elven names for the Gods they are still seen in the names of the Elven and Dwarven cycles and months of the year, though most remember them in the common tongue of Forged beings. Additionally there are a few key celebrations that occur over the year:

There are four seasons of Rúmerion, 12 months and each holding festivals specific to the gods, month and region of Rúmerion. The four seasons are as follows:

Winter - Wyrtir (December, January, February)
Spring - Izril (March, April, May)
Summer - Naryar (June, July, August)
Autumn - Durak (September, October, November)

January – Aydayar

The Festival of Celebration.

The FoC is a folk dance that goes on from sunset to sunrise on the first day of the year. There is a strong magical presence during this time and spells are more potent. There is also a first feast where communities band together in celebration. Especially Gnomes, Halflings, Dwarves, Humans and Dragonborn practice this aspect of the celebration. During the feast offerings to the Gods are made.

The Red Lotus Dance

similar to the Festival of Celebration but dance not feast focused. Celebrated by Elves, Drows and Tieflings

February – Ayluiner

The Lovers Dance

In celebration of the unification of Ayda and Ayluin joining together, offerings are made to them. Couples often marry and give gifts to each other during this period.

March - Nimuner

Father Wakes

The days start to lengthen and winter ends. Dances and Celebrations occur with offerings made to the gods as thanks for making it through the winter.

April - Zaornar

Celebration of the Sea – The Dolphin Dance

(celebrated by the Elves)

The Elves do the dolphin dance in thanks to the sea for its bounty. Feasts are held with aquatic foods and aquatics luxuries such as shells are traded, collected and highly sought after.

May - Merien

Celebration of the Tree – The Seed Ceremony - 

(celebrated by Gnomes and Halflings)

In the same fashion as the dolphin dance the Elves also celebrate nature during this month. The Gnomes and Halfling’s celebrate by collecting seeds from the trees that are deemed as the most pure or with the tastiest fruit and they replant their groves to match.

June - Jandaren

Celebration of the Hunt – The Boar Chase

(celebrated by Dwarves, Humans and Orcs)

Like the last two the elves celebrate the animals of Rúmerion. Hunts take place after highly prized beasts like Golden Stags. For the Dwarves, Humans and Orcs this celebration focuses on the hunt for the White Boars. The Dwarves take this a step further and look for possible War Boars to capture and train for their army.

July - Vanyer

The World Meeting & The Summers Dance 

(TWM rotates between each capital)
In honour of the Grand Council who met to stop Uther Duquette, a Grand Council meet to discuss trade, discovery, knowledge and disputes. The common folk celebrate the height of summer with a dance and a feast.

August - Ither

The Wolf Moon & Naryar’s Feast

With the end of summer the wolves come prowling, all races on Rúmerion have a grand feast in celebration of the harvest, bountiful or not.

September - Aerilayer

Father Sleeps – The Great Harvest

With the Equinox the night begins to last longer. Offerings are made by all to the Gods in order to appease them for a kind winter.

October - Ruyer

The Witches Dance – Dance of Golden Spells

(celebrated by Elves, Dwarves and Halflings)

Darkness has set in and magic becomes far stronger now. Golden comets often pass over the sky. Rumors of the Pumpkin King return for the mists on Rúmerion’s moors.

November - Sanon

The Warriors Dance

In celebration of Sana, veterans and war in general. Dances and Sacrifices to Sana and the gods occur. Orc warriors receive their clan tattoos now.

December - Virion

The Gnome Moon Celebration – The Snow Moon

(celebrated by Humans)At the end of the year gifts are given in thanks to family and friends. Gnome children receive their familiars now.

Time After Time: Peg O’ My Heart

Summary: If it were up to Dean, he’d never travel through time again. But no matter how many times he bitched about it, his ass always ended up in the past. Chasing after the Greek god of time, Chronos, Dean gets zapped back to 1943, where he shot a Nazi,  and met the legendary Steve Rogers and James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.
Characters in this chapter: Dean Winchester, Steve Rogers, Anrim Zola, Peggy Carter
Characters mentioned: Chronos
Word count: 1,359
Warnings: Time travel, canon violence, language, major canon divergence [it’s an AU / crossover folks]
Author’s note: Inspired by this GIFset. Thank you @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog [AKA @captain-rogers-beard ] and @climbthatmooselikeatree for listening to me babble on end about this. Your patience and help means so much more than you can imagine. GIF credit [x] GIFs found on Google 

My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.


“So, spill already. What bucket of syrup did you two blockheads step into?” Peggy knows Steve, knows that if there’s something amiss, Steve will have already dove head first into the fray.

“We need your help, Peg,” Steve breathes, willing himself to not grab the woman he loves and kiss her senseless. “Seems we got a time traveller running around.”

Both men take notice of the sparkle that lights up Peggy’s face. “Delightful.”


I’m in 1943, man. Time travel, again. My favorite. You ready for what’s next? I’m working with Steve Rogers. Yeah, dude. Captain fucking America! It’s crazy. I don’t even know if it’s real or if I’m stuck in some weird dream world.

Whoever you and I started hunting, I think Steve is, too. Huh. Still hasn’t sunk in. I’m working with Steve Rogers. Oh, and his friend… Bucky! Man, it’s weird seeing him without a metal arm. I’m trying not to say too much, but I already let the Avengers slip. I know, I know… time travel is tricky and shit like that.

Right now, I’m at Carter’s Tailoring in Brooklyn. It’s mainly a front for the beginning of SHIELD, I think. Because there’s no way a shop this small and tucked away makes enough cash to stay open. Steve’s girl, Peggy, is helping, doing some research into what’s happening.

Wait… isn’t Peggy the one Steve loves? Shit, it is, and I just hit on her. Fuck, I’m an idiot.

Steve pushes his head through the curtain. “Got something.”

“Right behind you,” Dean gruffs.

Peggy turns the book around, showing Dean what she and Steve found. “It’s the infinite hourglass.”

“That’s the symbol I saw on his ring,” Dean confirms.

“Yeah, that’s the mark of Chronos,” Peggy adds, watching Dean closely, see if there’s any kind of recognition in his eyes.

The war had brought all kinds of supernatural forces to the front line, none scarier than Red Skull. He was ruthless, without remorse or conscience, obliterating everything, everyone in his path. He wanted to rule the world, even if that meant being the only survivor.

Dean shakes his head. “Who?”

“The god of time,” Steve answers, sounding less than enthusiastic about someone other than Jesus Christ himself marching around, calling themselves God.

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RFA + V and Saeran: Pillow Forts!

I accidentally posted just the ask with nothing attached and had to delete that and oh my god why am I this way. BUT, thank you very much to the anon who requested this! It wasn’t too specific at all, lovely!! I hope I remembered everyone and didn’t leave anything out of the request..Please tell me if I did and I’ll fix it straight away! Thank you for all your encouragement, it makes me feel a lot less scared about everything!! So many nice people..

Head-canons below the cut! As it’s a long post! *Apologies if there are any typos!!!*

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Universe, Love Directive Edyth Swannesha is in Full Force!!! Heal My Queen Magically Immediately! Remind Her of Me, Remind Her Why and How Powerfully We Fought With My Great Anglo-Saxon Huscarls anf Fyrd Warriors to the Death! Remind Her How Mightily She Fought with Her Magic from Our Camp Behind Senlac Hill! Remind Her How We Made Love in Our London before Marching to Blast the Norman invaders from Our Coast! Remind Her of My Passion for Her Feminine Beauty, Elegance, Finnesse, Lithesomeness,  Power, Strength and Grace, My Most Beautiful Englishwoman Ever! Forgive Me, My Queen, I wasn’t the God of War, I wasn’t the God of Magic! I Was Your Harold! I am Eternally, My Swanneck!

Will You Ever Ask for Forgiveness for Killing Yourself Twice?! Will You Ever Ask Forgiveness for Refusing to Talk to Me for One Year When I Think about You Twenty Times a Day and Wish I Dream Your Face and Figurine Every Night!!! When I Foguth a Hundred of Astral Demons for You in Sofia and Teutonia and Saved Europe Spiritually Last Year with the Power You Gave Me?! I’m Still Fighting Demons Alone! Only Transcendental Fire Can Touch Transcendental Fire! Only Transcendental Fire Can Burn Transcendental Fire! Only Transcendental Fire Can Withstand Transcendental Fire!!!

Queen Edyth Swannesha, the Wife of King Harold Godwinson of England, disappeared on the day after the Battle of Hastings in 1066, taking with Her the Heirs to the Thrones of England and Wales Godwin, Edmund and Magnus Godwinson and Her Elder Daughter Gytha Godwinson to exile on the Island of Ireland.

The Winds of Hastings by Morgan Lewellyn, Art by Luis Royo

Ohne Dich - Tarja Turunen (listen)

I will go into the Fir Trees

There, where I last saw Him

But the evening casts a pall upon the land
and on the path behind the outer edge of the Forest
And the forest is so black and empty
Woe to me, oh woe
and the birds no longer sing

On the branches in the ditches

it’s now silent and without life
And breathing becomes oh so hard for me
Woe is me, oh woe
And the birds sing no more

Without You I cannot exist
Without You
With You, I am also alone
Without You
Without You, I count the hours without You
With You, the seconds stand still
They are not worthwhile

On the branches, in the ditches
It is now silent and without life
and the breathing is alas for me so difficult
Woe to me, Oh woe
and the birds no longer sing

Without You I cannot exist

Without You

With You, I am also alone
Without You
Without You, I count the hours without You
With You, the seconds stand still
They are not worthwhile

Godsfall Comes to Tumblr

I know I’ve talked a few times about my favorite podcast, Godsfall, on here before, but I’m bringing them up again because they finally have a tumblr! If you’re interested in them already and haven’t seen it, it’s @godsfalldc. If you’ve never heard of Godsfall or have heard of it and weren’t sure it’d be up your alley, I’ll take a moment to talk about it here.

What is Godsfall?

Godsfall: Divine and Conquer is a D&D actual play podcast set in a homebrew world created by Aram Vartian, a freelance visual designer based out of DC. The show is releasing its 3rd season in March and follows 7 young people who realize that they are the reincarnations of the old gods, who died in a calamitous war that almost destroyed the entire world. Suddenly thrown into a conflict much larger than they are and given incredible powers they must learn to control, the Godlings are at the heart of the action as a century of relative stability is rapidly coming to an end.

Why would I like Godsfall? 

Godsfall is not only well-written, but also has some incredible characters - and players. In addition, the world is unique and interesting, and Godsfall does well what a lot of other IPs don’t do at all, including:

  • PCs that are diverse in terms of ethnicity, culture, sexuality, gender, and worldviews
  • Healthy and happy relationships between characters
  • Specifically, a happy and healthy gay relationship between two of the godlings! That is explicitly confirmed within the first season!
  • Neither of those two characters have died and their relationship develops naturally and lovingly(spoilers, I guess)!
  • Morally ambiguous characters that you can still enjoy rooting for
  • Villainous PCs whose inclusion makes sense and who you can also still enjoy rooting for, if that’s what you’re into!
  • Open and honest discussion about some of the social issues around gaming and fantasy
  • A DM(and players) who care about having those discussions and making the best story they can for everyone
  • Action! Excitement! Jokes!
  • Incredible editing and production - Godsfall integrates sound effects, background sounds, and mood/theme music seamlessly and it really shows. The technical quality of this podcast alone probably makes it worth listening to.
  • Again, a really fantastically awesome story set in a deep and complex world that still holds a balance between fresh and familiar elements of the fantasy genre.
  • A pet pig who is truly adorable
  • Also, art! Godsfall hasn’t had much of a presence on tumblr but that doesn’t mean there isn’t already hella art. @DevenRue(@devenrue), @bendrawslife(@bendrawslife), @fmanzof and @creepyfantasies on Twitter all illustrated parts of the Godsfall worldbook, which is coming out soon.
  • That’s right, there’s a worldbook! If you decide you like Godsfall a lot and like to play D&D, you can play D&D in the world of Godsfall how cool is that it’s really cool and I’m very excited to get my copy
  • Godsfall also has fanfiction! (Here’s one piece, please ignore me shamelessly plugging my own writing, I haven’t had time to hunt down all the cool stuff other people have written for the Godsfall world yet)

Alright! You’ve convinced me! Where can I find Godsfall?

Well, their tumblr is here, obviously: @godsfalldc

and they’re on twitter: @GodsfallDC

as for the show itself, it’s right on iTunes - just type in “Godsfall”, hit enter, and download all of it and binge it all in one week! Or don’t, maybe you have self control when it comes to consuming media. I know I don’t! Haha!

(I can’t wait until March 1st you have no idea the hype is killing me)

Raffle Time! Purple Rain Extended Deluxe


Let my mistake be YOUR GAIN! I accidentally bought two of these and I want to give the second to a good home!

As usual, to enter, re-blog, and this is open world-wide! Closes on June 23!

This 3-CD/1-DVD Expanded Edition is a true collector’s item and the ultimate vision of Purple Rain. In addition to the 2015 Paisley Park Remaster and “From The Vault & Previously Unreleased,” it includes “Single Edits & B-Sides” and a never-seen on DVD of Prince and The Revolution Live! in 1985.

Purple Rain remains one of history’s most important, indisputable, and influential albums, but you’ve never heard it like this before. Purple Rain Deluxe boasts the official 2015 Paisley Park Remaster of the original tapes overseen by Prince himself in addition to a new “From The Vault & Previously Unreleased” disc with 11 unheard gems from the storied vault. This is Prince’s final word on his definitive masterpiece.

Disc One: Original Album (2015 Paisley Park Remaster)
1. Let’s Go Crazy
2. Take Me With U
3. The Beautiful Ones
4. Computer Blue
5. Darling Nikki
6. When Doves Cry
7. I Would Die 4 U
8. Baby I’m A Star
9. Purple Rain

Disc Two: From The Vault & Previously Unreleased
1. The Dance Electric
2. Love And Sex
3. Computer Blue (“Hallway Speech” version)
4. Electric Intercourse (studio)
5. Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden
6. Possessed (1983 version)
7. Wonderful Ass
8. Velvet Kitty Cat
9. Katrina’s Paper Dolls
10. We Can Fuck
11. Father’s Song

Disc Three: Single Edits & B-Sides
1. When Doves Cry (edit)
2. 17 Days
3. Let’s Go Crazy (edit)
4. Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix)
5. Erotic City
6. Erotic City (“Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive”)
7. Purple Rain (edit)
8. God
9. God (Love Theme From Purple Rain)
10. Another Lonely Christmas
11. Another Lonely Christmas (extended version)
12. I Would Die 4 U (edit)
13. I Would Die 4 U (extended version)
14. Baby I’m A Star (edit)
15. Take Me With U (edit)

DVD: Prince And The Revolution, Live at the Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY, March 30, 1985
1. Let’s Go Crazy
2. Delirious
3. 1999
4. Little Red Corvette
5. Take Me With U
6. Do Me, Baby
7. Irresistible Bitch
8. Possessed
9. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?
10. Let’s Pretend We’re Married
11. International Lover
12. God
13. Computer Blue
14. Darling Nikki
15. The Beautiful Ones
16. When Doves Cry
17. I Would Die 4 U
18. Baby I’m A Star
29. Purple Rain

If you don’t want to wait, you can buy this set for only $24.89 on your local Amazon! Let’s support Fairy God Boyfriend so they can keep cranking out music and concert footage!

Thunderiron. This is totally how it would go down.


After downing a smoothie in a couple of large gulps, hoping it would return some of his energy, Tony padded into the living room where Rhodey and Peter were watching a movie and collapsed onto the couch. With a groan he wiggled into a more comfortable position and sank deeper into the cushions. Rhodey frowned at him.

“You okay, man?”

He vaguely gestured with a wave of his hand.

“I’m exhausted. Too much sex.”

Peter audibly gulped and if Tony weren’t so spent he’d turn around to watch the enormous blush bloom across the kid’s face.

Rhodey, the traitor, laughed at him.

“I can’t believe these words just left your mouth, alert the press!”


Tony stretched his limbs, slowly, testing it out, almost suggestively, and let out a satisfied sigh.

“Man,” he commented idly and wiggled some more, “Gods don’t seem to have a refractory period… Thor is insatiable.”

Peter squeaked and Rhodey continued laughing, this time at the both of them.

“No, seriously, I’ve never had so much sex.”

“Mr. Stark…” Peter protested in an already-doomed attempt to derail this conversation.

Tony stretched some more, feeling every ache in his body.

“I am so sore,” he muttered. “Thor is hung.”

Mr. Stark!

Rhodey’s laughter grew boisterous. Tony ignored him and turned his head a little to look at the boy.

“Kid, sex is a natural part of human life, I refuse to be ashamed.”

Before he could say anything more, Thor came up behind him, and clapped him on the shoulder.

“You have conducted yourself admirably,” the Norse god declared, and then, as an afterthought: “for a mortal.”

Tony nodded along and then froze.

“Wait, what?” Scandalized, he threw his arms into the air. “I demand a rematch!”

Thor laughed.

“As you wish!”

Growing suspicious, Tony narrowed his eyes and took in Thor’s broad grin that was just this side of sly.

“You played me,” he observed, a grin already tugging at his own lips. “Well done.”

In lieu of an answer, Thor grabbed him and threw him over his shoulder, marching back out of the living room.

Help me,” he barely managed to get out between fits of helpless laughter.

“Oh God, I can never unsee this,” the kid whined.

Rhodey’s laughter followed them all the way to the bedroom.



Week Two: MOVIES
Week Three: BOOKS
Week Four: POETRY
Week Five: MUSIC
Week Six: COMICS
Week Eight: PODCASTS
Week Eleven: RESOURCES

Week Seven: Welcome back to the LGBT+ Masterlist Project!

Hey all and thanks for joining me for another week in the LGBT+ masterlist series. We’re nearing the end of my twelve week project, but you should know that I will definitely continue updating the entire series over time. I encourage y’all to contribute and recommend media to me by replying, reblogging with comments, or sending me a message - honestly, this project wouldn’t be half as fun to do if I didn’t have your feedback.

I must say this week was one of the most fun to do - documentaries do a great job at shedding light to even more niche issues within the LGBT+ community - like historical events such as the Stonewall Riots, a closer look at representation in the media, cases studies, and what it’s like to come out or just simply exist as an LGBT+ person in nonwestern society, are all examples. These documentaries shed light on sensitive topics without demonizing or ostracizing those in the LGBT+ community - we know this happens far too often in television, movies, and other media of the like. It was really relieving to see respectful representation this week, I hope y’all appreciate that too. I really look forward to watching these documentaries (151 in total! Wow!), especially those about the Stonewall Riots. 

Again I’d like to thank all of you who have supported me since I started this project. Y’all understand that I am merely a college student with only 168 hours a week and two hands to do what I have to do before the next assignment is given to me. This project takes a lot of time and effort, so I appreciate those who encourage and thank me for that while contributing to the discussion. That being said, that doesn’t mean I don’t need constructive criticism. I just ask you to give it to me respectfully!

Another thanks to my girlfriend @mightyachillis​ for making the gifs for the previous six posts, but now since I finally managed to get my hands on Photoshop after losing the program about seven months ago, I’m very eager to get back at and start making gifs on my own. So! Gif credit will be mine for this week and beyond. 

Here’s the set up for the next five weeks:

  • Next week: LGBT+ PODCASTS
  • In two weeks: LGBT+ YOUTUBERS
  • In three: LGBT+ HISTORY
  • In four: LGBT+ RESOURCES

With no further ado, here is my alphabetized LGBT+ DOCUMENTARIES MASTERLIST!

  • A Bit of Scarlet (1997) - Any minority craves images of itself, and this compilation of clips from Britain’s post-war cinema archives is a testament to the closeted appearances of gay characters and sentiments from filmmaking’s earliest days. With Ian McKellen as narrator and witty graphics to bridge the thematic sections, A Bit of Scarlet reveals to what lengths the film industry went to include and yet ridicule gay characters. 
  • A Drag King Extravaganza (2008) - What is a drag king? What is the Drag King Conference? Simply speaking, a drag king is a woman who dresses in a male persona for theatrical purposes. This documentary provides a reflexive look at “what is a drag king” and a personal journey inside the International Drag King Community Extravaganza (IDKE). 
  • A Jihad for Love (2008) - Fourteen centuries after the revelation of the holy Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad, Islam today is the world’s second largest and fastest growing religion. Muslim gay filmmaker Parvez Sharma travels the many worlds of this dynamic faith, discovering the stories of its most unlikely storytellers: lesbian and gay Muslims. A Jihad for Love was filmed in 12 countries and nine languages and comes from the heart of Islam. Looking beyond a hostile and war-torn present, it reclaims the Islamic concept of a greater Jihad, whose true meaning is akin to ‘an inner struggle’ or ‘to strive in the path of God’ - allowing its remarkable subjects to move beyond the narrow concept of Jihad as holy war.
  • A Simple Matter of Justice (1993) - A powerful and moving piece documenting the lesbian, gay and bisexual movement in the early 1990s, A Simple Matter of Justice expresses all the emotions of the joyful protest that was the 1993 March on Washington. Sections on civil rights, AIDS and health care, the military and families are woven together from coverage of the music, comedy, speeches and marchers. A must-see for LGBTQ History.
  • A Sinner in Mecca - Challenging Faith in the Face of Adversity (2015) - For a gay filmmaker, filming in Saudi Arabia presents two serious challenges: filming is forbidden in the country and being gay is punishable by death. For filmmaker Parvez Sharma, however, these were risks he had to assume as he embarked on his Hajj pilgrimage, a journey considered the greatest accomplishment and aspiration within Islam, his religion. On his journey Parvez aims to look beyond 21st-century Islam’s crises of religious extremism, commercialism and sectarian battles. He brings back the story of the religion like it has never been told before, having endured the biggest jihad there is: the struggle with the self.
  • After Stonewall (1999) - In 1969 the police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City’s Greenwich Village, leading to three nights of rioting by the city’s LGBT+ community. With this outpouring of courage and unity the Gay Liberation Movement had begun. After Stonewall, the sequel to Before Stonewall, chronicles the history of LGBT+ life from the riots at Stonewall to the end of the century. It captures the hard work, struggles, tragic defeats and exciting victories experienced since them. It explores how AIDS literally changed the direction of the movement. The two films, Before & After, tell the remarkable tale of how LGBT+ people, a heretofore hidden and despised group, became a vibrant and integral part of America’s family, and, indeed, the world community.

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anonymous asked:

first of all, nice blog :D secondly, would you do the companions reacting to a sole showing them an old photo album they had that survived the war and explaining the pictures? like vacation pics, when they were kids, wedding, ect?

Thank you so much, anon! 

Cait: “So not only did you get to spend time outside without the possibility of life-threatening consequences, you got to drink all day? Yer’ kidding me, right? Hell, ya’ gotta’ be messin’ with me, things couldn’t have been that great before the bombs fell!”

Curie: “Sir/Madame, oh what an extravagant event! This was customary for those who were in love, yes? How marvelous! I do wish that ‘weddings’ were still common, today. I would love to attend one!” 

Danse: “Soldier, that’s a good joke but that can’t possibly be you. Your hair is ridiculous and your attire is an absolute mess. And, what are those ghastly things on their teeth, some Pre-War torture device? My god, Sole that cannot be you, even if it is supposed to you at age 16.” 

Deacon: “Hold it right there, boss. There was a holiday where people did what I do every day and they got candy for it? Like, they dressed up and got free candy? That’s wild, Sole! We should bring it back, call it ‘Deaconween’.”

Hancock: “Oh man, is that really you? No offense, but you looked like an idiot. Like, a real hell of a chump. And you marched around and played a damn flute in that uniform? Jesus Sole, maybe things were worse before the bombs fell.” 

MacCready: “So you’re telling me that there were multiple places like Nuka World? And that some were bigger and had rides that were more dangerous than the ones at Nuka World? I mean, I guess you are. I’m staring right at the damn– darn pictures that prove it.” 

Nick: “It’s easy to forget just how easy things were before the bombs fell, even if you were alive then. Nothing was even close to how it is now…But hey, you were a damn cute kid Sole. What happened to change that?” 

Piper: “Sole, oh my god! Is that you? Oh man, you were adorable! I mean, look at those chubby cheeks. Hah, you we’re kind of a fat baby Sole. Not that it’s a bad thing, anyways.”

Preston: “General, these photos are amazing! I don’t even know what kind of animals these are. Well, not that I’d be able to recognize them much anymore after being mutated. And they just had these animals around for you to look at? That’s pretty crazy.”

X6-88: “Sir/Ma’am I fail to see how this is relevant to our current mission. I advise that we do not continue to engage in such frivolous activity. I however, do advise that we resume our prior duties.” 

Name of a God

Hetalia: Axis Powers | English | APH Gaul ; APH France | 954 words | T | How a young child of the wild that later would be known as France earned his name

(I’m being extremely self indulgent with this one shot, my sole purpose is to fill the gap of fics concerning France and his gaulish times and adding his mother to the party because why not? It’s not like this fandom is swarming with fics featuring Gaul so might as well contribute to her tag.

I wrote this in a way that would resemble a circle so part I can be read in first place or last, you decide.
I strongly advise you to listen to this song since half of my inspiration came from there and to give you the full reading experience.

You know the rest, I would appreciate reblogs and reviews since I had a hell of a job with this one. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it)


The forest is old and in it echoes the terrible voices of the Gods.

The forest is old, its ancient crooked bones painted in dark grow everywhere.
Rough strong bones connected to the Earth as if the Gods are preventing them from escaping.

The forest is old, its ground is a mortal coil.
It thrists for blood, it demands it. The wrath of the Gods must be appeased.
If it was not the blood of their children, voluntarily sacrified to them, it would be the blood of their enemies.

The forest is old, there are no place for invaders there.
Sacrilege, blasphemy, the voices of the Gods cried for justice.
Cried for their blood. Cried for their last breath. There on the primordial forest.
Their eagle lies now dead on the ground as well as the bodies of those who carried it.

The forest is old, it finally saw their youngest kin honoring their name that was given upon him.
The King of Battle at last had its hands bathed in precious red with a scent that made his stomach curl. A scent of Victory, a scent of Death.
The King of Battle, Gaul’s child, the pretty feral youngling adored and despised his own name.
Caturix imposed a bloodthirst desire for war and he despised battling.
Caturix imposed the promise for glory and he thrived on that feeling.

The forest is old, the sweet boy dropped his weapon at last and touched the ground, offering to the Gods the soul and blood that he had just ripped.
His first one. And the Gods accepted his offering.
He learnt that if he wanted to survive he would have to fully embrace his name.
Fight so that he would never have to fight again. And then live the rest of his days in glorious, eternal peace.

The forest is old and so shall be the King of Battle one day.
As immortal as his homonymous Hero-God.


The council had eyes that were not theirs.
They were allowed to see what the Gods saw and thus advice their tribes about their designs.

The sky last night had been merciless with their message, it carried grave news, they scurried immediately to warn their lady Gaul.

Your young ruler sleeps my wise lords.” the woman said lowly but firmly, observing her son resting peacefully on his bed, so unaware of the dangers of world yet “Did the Gods sent any message?”

She turned around to face them, the warrior woman whom even the bravest warrior learnt to respect. For she was Isara, the fair. Gaul herself. The one Vercingetorix, winner of a thousand battles, respected and vowed to serve.

The Golden Eagle is upon us again. The Gods were clear, they march to the Sacred Forest. They are breaking the bargain.”

Then we shall have no mercy with them.”

He must come too.” one of the elders spoke, looking upon the sleeping boy, too enthralled on his dreamworld to wake up “He must earn his name at last.

Gaul shivered unconsciously with the thought. A mother’s fear possessed her, for her sweet, darling boy at last had to go to war despite her best efforts to keep him safe and near her. But she knew that the time would come and the name that she chose to her child would mark his destiny.

Wake up….” Isara whispered to wake her child.


She smiled bitterly, oh how it pained her to send him away.

The Gods have called for you in this upcoming battle. Come, we shall gather the army and you shall march with them at last.”

The battle awaited for its long awaited king.


Hidden amongst the vegetation, the young boy waited, his heart in an expectant agony.
He was far now from his village where he would play games with his friends and listen to the lessons of the old Druid.
The Gods had called for him, the battle was upon him.

At the distance he started to hear the careless footsteps of people and, shimmering on the dim sunlight, a golden eagle.
He could not take the eyes off of it.
It shone enticingly, promising riches and glory.
It shone disgustingly, it was a symbol of a fake God that those men worshipped beyond the mountains to the south.

Rome is defying us.”, said a voice next to him, raging.

The chant began. Terrible and imposing, it terrified him to his very core even though the pronounced words had a simple meaning and not threatening at all.

The hoarse voice of the man next to him had a primal fury and power in it, meant to rouse any heart.

He remembered those words, he could distinctly recall his mother’s voice singing it late at night to lull him to sleep.
Her voice in his memory blended with the terrible chant.

Then his name resounded through the trees, through the air, the eagle trembled and stopped in its tracks.

His name was a hero’s name, meaning ’King of Battle’.
His people sang the Hero-God’s to summon his presence and power but at the same time they also claimed for him, the son of Gaul.

Above us, beneath us, amongst us.

Yes he was Caturix indeed. The Hero-God and son of Gaul. He would earn his name, as it was the source of all his might.

The chant did its job, his little valiant heart and soul were flaming, his name being chanted furiously through the forest. His tribe’s voice, the Gods’ voice, his own voice who had such unknown strength and wilderness in it.

A yell fit for a God was released from his mouth and the King of Battle claimed his crown.