the marbles

anonymous asked:

A maid cafe au??

/\ Hell yeah /\

The servers are Tim, Charlie, Liu, Slender Brothers, Puppeteer and Ann.

The cooks would be Brian, Toby, Kate, Zero and Smiley.

Props might be LJ, Sally, Jeff, Jason and Helen.

Cleaning Crew could have Natalie, Jane, Red, Sam and Scarecrow.

Online Order/Phone Call Orders would be managed by Jack, Ben, Silver and Kagekao.

Dress code for Servers would be a nice outfit and tie, maybe different outfits depending on the day. Such as if its a certain day they’d wear a matching outfit.

Dress code for the Cooks would be a regular outfit with a apron.

The people for the Props would wear normal clothes.

Online Order/Phone Call Orders would have the same outfit for the Servers.