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Marble Caves, Chile

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Does toby ever get jealous over how much time tim spends with brian? (sorry for trying to cause drama but I ship them more then Ticcimask)

(I really dislike unnecessary drama, but you know what I dislike more? People who try to start unnecessary drama. Look, it’s cool that you ship Tim and Brian, but don’t, like, try don’t brake my ship just because you like yours more.) 

Yknow one thing I really love about slenderverse that has remained unmatched in the 5 years since I discovered it, is the sound. Something you can’t quite get in TV or Hollywood movies (yes, even the “found footage” ones).

All of the audio, barring the parts related to the supernatural, are real products of their environment.

Characters noisily running over gravel, leaves, rocks, and debris. The sounds of the camera moving around, being passed between characters or just generally clanking around with movement. When you can hear the characters breathe. The wind, birds. Driving scenes with the rumble of the vehicle Other mundane or unplanned sounds that just happen.

Man I love that. It creates immersion and atmosphere more naturally than background soundtracks and heavily edited/selective sound effects can.

I dunno, guess I’m feeling nostalgic or something. When I hear that gravel/leaf crunch it immediately takes me back to all the time spent digitally following Jay through Rosswood. Good times.


I’m so sorry I just love this ship so much sOMEONE STOP M E

Tim sat down on the old wooden porch. Even though the rain was pouring, he was soaking wet along with the porch. He didn’t mind though, as it almost completely blended into his mood. It was so late, around four a.m., and he was so tired. He just couldn’t sleep, though. He didn’t want to wake up to hear all of his roomate’s voices getting ready for college becuase they could afford it. Tim couldn’t. He was living off of his friends for the fifth time this year. He doubted he could ever get a job with all of his mental disablities.

He knew Jay would be up at five, since he always had a nightmare then. Tim didn’t know why, other than Jay missing his medicine lately. He moved his leg up on the porch to rest on the step. He could feel the burn on his legs from rubbing against the jeans that were now getting attatched to his skin due to the water. He didn’t mind though, but he knew there’d be some lines on his skin from the tattered pattern.

He sighed, staring up at the heavy clouds as they poured out the water onto the earth. His body involuntary shivered, and he reached for the cigarette box sitting upright. He casually pulled out one, lit it, and let it lay against his lips as he breathed in the smoke. It was calming to watch as he puffed out the smoke, it floating away into the rainy night just like his worries. He guessed it was around five since he heard the creaking of the front door.

There came Jay’s groggy but quiet voice, “What are you doing up?” He asked before yawning loudly and taking a sit on Tim’s other side.

Tim leaned back slightly more, peering over at Jay’s face. He looked so adorable and peaceful when he had just woken up, as the worlds problems hadn’t reached his tired brain yet. It was the best thing Tim could wish for, silently hoping Jay would always be like that. After taking notice that he was pausing, Jay slightly waved his hand at Tim’s face. Looking back at Jay’s eyes, Tim gave off a exaggerated sigh. “Couldn’t sleep. It was nice out.”

Jay nodded slowly, shifting himself to lean on Tim. Taking this as a cue, Tim slowly sifted his hands through Jay’s hair. The boy being petted practically melted in the feeling. The other male smiled softly, continuing to scrape his nails against Jay’s head. He didn’t know why Jay loved that so much, but it didn’t matter. It made him happy is what mattered.

Jay yawned again, more slowly and sedated this time. Good thing pettings always made Jay slip into a peaceful slumber. Tim on the other hand just maneuvered Jay into his lap, being careful not to wake him, and covered him up with his coat. He made sure to lay Jay’s hat on his head to block out the sun since it was beginning to rise. Tim could live with this if he always got to see Jay’s sleepy smile and being able to lull him to bed.

“Goodmornin’.” Came Brian’s voice as Tim felt a nudge of a foot against his head. “Have ya both been sleepin’ out here lately?” Jay slowly looked up, giving a soft shrug and a smile. Brian pouted in return, crossing his arms and letting his lip quiver like he was about to cry. “H..How come nobody invited me?” His acting skills absolutely shattered the other’s hearts, and they pulled Brian down into the embrace. Brian gave a smile once again, quickly smooching both of their heads before they all passed out on the wooden porch.

They wouldn’t be too late to pack their things for college on monday anyway.

Stefano Maderno (1576-1636)
“The Martyrdom of Saint Cecilia” (1600)
Located in the Church of St. Cecilia, Rome, Italy

Tradition has it that the statue represents the position in which St Cecilia’s body was found.