the marble hornets

It’s trans remembrance day, so here’s a happy trans Jay.

He wears high heels cause they make him feel super strong, and everyone makes sure he feels safe wearing them in public and not being ridiculed.

He got a tattoo on his back that is wings, becuase he’s free from being a female, so he deserves it. His friends actually payed for it for him.

He is actually growing stubble on his chin and he’s so excited. The first time he saw it starting to grow he cried from pure happiness.

He wears bandages over his stitches on his chest from top surgery.

His voice is what you hear now and he absolutely loves it.

He’s so thankful that others fought for trans people’s freedom. He spent all today donating to people who needed it for surgery.

Following Spree!!

Hi there we are a system and I wanna do a following spree since I’ve needed to move blogs to get away from some drama. So if you post anything in the following like or reblog this! Or follow that works too!

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  • And probably way way way more….

Coding isn’t yet finished really but if the before you follow ever is gonna be a thing it’ll say “don’t be a dick and respect my identity and system” and such. Also yes I have DID, yes I am a minor, yes I am genderfluid if you have a problem with any of that then, don’t like, reblog, or follow.

Basic Slenderverse Tips™
  1. stay away from new jersey, florida, or alabama
  2. if it’s abandoned, its bad
  3. if your friend is acting weird, cut contacts with them, they’re probably possessed or about to murder half the cast
  4. dont sign up for random competitions
  5. keep a camera on most of the time
  6. spooky shit happening on your computer? destroy it. get a new one
  7. dont accept tea from strangers
  8. if there’s a cult involved, get the fuck out