the marauders are bamfs

When Sirius and Remus get together they announce it to their close friends. Lily immediately questions Sirius and threatens to beat the crap out of him if he ever hurt her bestie Remus. Later the Severus incident happens and Lily finds out because her connections to both sides of the accident. Lily punches Sirius so hard he thinks she broke his nose, and she also casts some nasty curses before anyone else can get a chance to. Madam Pomfrey tries to hide the fact that she doesn’t want to report the Evans girl to her head master because she’s impressed.

  • You don’t fuck with Remus Lupin
  • It doesn’t take the marauders very long to learn that.
  • He knows ridiculous obscure spells that nobody has even heard of
  • James ended up speaking in rhyme for 2 weeks before he found the counter curse
  • Peter couldn’t touch anything blue for a whole week 
  • Sirius lost his depth perception for a day and ended up with bruises all over his shins because he’d run into so many things

  • but when Remus actually gets mad he doesn’t use spells
  • One day he comes across a group of 5th years bullying a muggleborn and he sees red
  • half an hour later James is healing his black eye while Madam Pomfrey deals with a group of Slytherins with mysteriously broken bones

anonymous asked:

Everyone in the jily/marauder fandom seems to agree that Mrs. Potter was a BAMF (myself included). I was just wondering if this is a canon detail that I missed or if its one of those universal head canons that everyone in the fandom just agrees on?

I mean, it’s never explicitly stated, “Mrs. Potter was a badass,”  (OOTP pg. 22) but when you look at the information we are given, you can infer that Mrs. P was one amazing lady

  • Raised her bamfy son James Potter to be the type of guy who fights in the Order of the Phoenix in a war that he isn’t obligated to be a part of - the type of boy who couldn’t even say the word Mudblood, let alone use it on someone
  • Rescued Sirius from the Blacks, who were emotionally abusive towards him (see: the portrait of Mrs. Black)
  • Probably dealt with having the four most irritating and magically talented pubescent fuckers gallivanting around her all the time (I mean where else would they go during their summers? There would’ve been tension in the Lupin household, disapproval in the Blacks’, and the Potters are mentioned as being the type to invite James’s friends over anyway/treating Sirius like a second son so it makes sense)
  • Similarly, dealt with having a child who was not only known for his abilities on a broom and therefore a speedy getaway, but also one that could fucking turn invisible whenever he wanted - I applaud her for maintaining her sanity, bless her
  • Survived Grindelwald’s revolution (given the fact that she had James late in life, and he was born in 1960, she and Mr. P were definitely alive during that period, and we can say for certain that they wouldn’t have been on his side - in fact, given the fact that James’s dad was a Gryffindor, who are known for their bravery, we can almost surely assume they fought against him rather than were neutral)
  • Survived WWII as well, because I imagine as a pureblood witch she would have very little knowledge of Muggle technology like bombs, and therefore limited ability to stop Muggles from using them against her. She found a way to live through wizarding and Muggle wars A+ Mrs. P

So yes, while we don’t have a direct quote about it, it’s one of those universal headcanons based on a lot of subtext and context clues. I’m pretty sure I could talk for days about my proper headcanons about her, but these are the main things you could infer from the book! In short: Mrs. Potter’s badassery is the extrapolation of information we already have!