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Haikyuu!! staff and Furudate-sensei thank us for our support this year and wish us a good New Year. ^^

First image
Hinata: This year, thanks to everyone again, Haikyuu!! will enter another year! Thank you very much! We hope-
Hinata: ?!
Tendou: Wakatoshi-kun, you can’t cut across like that!
Yamaguchi: Gah!
Yachi: Eep!
Hinata: We hope for your support next year too!!
On TV: Hold a festival until everyone’s really embarrassed. (Reference: 02:13 Manzai routine - Thanks @victoriel)
SFX: Bam!

Second image
Daichi: The greeting “Have a good New Year” is nice somehow.
Oikawa: Yeah, I get it. When some unknown announcer says it after the news or something, I’m kinda happy.
Bokuto & Kuroo: It’s even better if it’s a girl saying it.
Daichi: By the way, aren’t you guys lazing around way too much?
OIkawa: Isn’t it fine once in a while? As captains, aren’t we under considerable stress all the time?
Bokuto: I get it!!
Kuroo: Shut up, Bokuto.
Together: With that, please do have a good New Year everyone.

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An introduction to Kansai-ben

When it comes to regional dialects in Japan, Kansai-ben takes the throne as the most widely-recognized form. Here’s a quick rundown of what Kansai-ben is, how to identify it, and key terms to pick up on…

(Once again, as a work-in-progress, any inputs and comments are welcome!)

What is Kansai-ben?

Kansai-ben is a series of dialects native to—you guessed it—the Kansai region of Japan, also referred to as the Kinki region (I know, ha ha). Over the years, Kansai-ben has gained national recognition and popularity through a form of Japanese comedy double acts known as “manzai” (漫才).

The six staple Kansai-ben prefectures are: Shiga, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Hyogo, and Wakayama; however, the dialect is not uncommon in other surrounding prefectures of the region.

Consider the difference between standard Japanese to Kansai-ben much like the difference between American English to UK English. It involves not only the accent, but also a myriad of phrases and vocabulary. 

BONUS: many Kansai-jin (Kansai natives) are quite proud of their dialect, especially as it’s become so popular across the country. Hearing “fake” Kansai-ben can be quite irking to native speakers, particularly if the imitation is inaccurate.

Identifying Kansai-ben

To non-native speakers, Kansai-ben may not be as easy to distinguish from standard Japanese. Put simply, Kansai-ben employs far more inflections and slurred and/or shorthand syllables, making it overall more dynamic in sound.

Types of Kansai-ben

Kansai, being a major region in Japan, has its own subsets—and with it, differing types of Kansai-ben—however, they all tend to be generalized as one regional dialect. (In fact, many non-Kansai-ben speakers can’t distinguish between the specific types.) This list will cover the Big Three: Osaka-ben, Kyoto-ben, and Kobe-ben.

Osaka-ben is the most widely recognized, and the term is often used interchangeably with Kansai-ben. (Osaka is so large, the dialect has even more subsets—but we’ll focus on the popular form for now.) Osaka-ben tends to be quite brash in tone. Some key markers of Osaka-ben are:

  • Removing conjunctives such as “wa”, “wo”, etc.
  • Adds an “re” sound to conjunctions
    • “can’t speak/talk” hanasenai→hanasarehen
    • “can’t go” ikenai→ikarehen
  • Simplifying syllables: the dialect requires less work of the tongue/lips to pronounce syllables (e.g. ”s” sounds tend to convert to “h”)
    • “excuse me” sumimasen→sunmahen or “seven” shichihichi
  • Slurs syllables: often blends/extends certain a i u e o sounds
    • “that’s right” soudesude
  • Denial “hen: the negative “nai” (ない) becomes “hen” (へん)
    • “didn’t see” mitenai→mitehen
    • “don’t mind” kamawanai→kamahen
  • Suffixes “yade”/”de”, ”yaro”, “ya”/”yan”,  “nen”/“yanen”, etc. at the end of sentences
    • “that’s right” soudayo→seyade or sou→seya
    • “Why’s that?”/”How come?” nande?→nandeyanen?
  • Prefix “do” (occasionally “da”): emphasizes the adjective
    • do-aho

A great reference for different Japanese dialects is Detective Conan’s episode 651! You can hear the victim’s last words restated in standard Japanese as well as Kansai-ben…plus you’ll hear Conan’s (very poor) attempt at speaking Kansai-ben.

Kyoto-ben (aka Kyō-kotoba) is quite similar to Osaka-ben, but has an all-round “softer” sound due to fewer inflections and simplified syllables. It’s typically regarded as more elegant and refined than Osaka-ben.

  • Simplifies syllables (similar to Osaka-ben)
    • no” (の) can be abbreviated as “n” ん
  • Uses more “a” syllables, tends to repeat vowels in conjunctions
    • “will go” ikuikaharu (Kyoto), “can’t go” ikenai→ikehen
  • Slurs or prolongs syllables: commonly employs a prolonged “u” sound
    • “beautifully” utsukushiku→utsukushuu
  • Denial “hen”: similar to Osaka-ben
  • Honorific suffix “haru
    • “to do” shiteiru (st)shiteoru (Os)shiteharu (Ky)

Renzo Shima (Blue Exorcist) and Gin Ichimaru (BLEACH) are speakers of Kyoto-ben. And of course, DC’s movie 7 (Crossroad in the Ancient Capital), set in Kyoto, has an array of characters speaking Kyoto-ben.

Kobe-ben can be considered a merge of both Osaka and Kyoto, landing comfortably in the middle. Unlike the previous two, Kobe is a city, and therefore less distinguishable as its own dialect by non-Kansai-ben speakers. 

  • Frequent use of “o” sounds/syllables
    • “to be” iru→oru
    • “whatcha doing?” nani shiteiru?→nani shitennen (Os)→nani shitoo?/nani shiton(Ko)
    • “it’s raining” ame futteiru→ame futterunename futtoo

I highly, highly recommend you watch Studio Ghibli’s “Grave of the Fireflies”—it’s a feature film set in WWII-era Kobe, and regarded as one of the greatest war films ever & guaranteed to wrench your heart out as you try to pick up on Kobe-ben…!!

2. Makoto and Asahi, The Comedy Duo
High☆Speed! Free! Starting Days Special Event Premium CD
2. Makoto and Asahi, The Comedy Duo

TRACK 1 || TRACK 2 || TRACK 3 || TRACK 4
Thank you @aliasanonyme for the audio clip!


Asahi: Hey, Makoto… what are we doing for the appreciation party?

Makoto: Huh? Hmm… what should we do for our party trick…?

Asahi: Well.. Captain said that we could do whatever we want…

Makoto: Even if he said so…

Asahi: Anyway, what counts as a party trick in the first place? Is it different from a special skill?

Makoto: Don’t ask me~! But, I think they are different things? It’s like… something that’s more performative…

Asahi: Oooh, I get it now! Hmmm….mmm… I wonder if there’re any fun ideas? Hey, Makoto, can you think of something?

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Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate Stellaworth Tokuten Drama CD "In the Demon World’s style?! Who can you call a “bad” guy?!"


Today I have something different for you~ :D I translated a special drama CD from Dark Fate. It’s pretty funny, so enjoy! ^^

Special thanks to @violet-sin for providing me with this drama CD! <3 :D

If you spot any mistakes, please let me know, so I can correct them. Thanks! ;D

And please don’t repost!

Title: Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate Stellaworth Tokuten Drama CD In the Demon World’s style?! Who can you call a “bad” guy?!

Japanese title: DIABOLIK LOVERS DARK FATE ステラワース特典ドラマCD「魔界的!? 『ワル』ってどんなヤツ!?」

Cast: Sakamaki Laito (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke), Sakamaki Shū (CV: Toriumi Kōsuke), Tsukinami Shin (CV: Morikubo Shōtarō)

Duration: 14:26

Track: [ X ]

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When you’re doing a presentation in front of class, and your friends are like:








Art trade with @colorfulwatcher, and also preparation for Inktober. Thank you for the drawing you did! I don’t do traditional often so the angle and proportions are a bit off, sorry :’D.

The drawing is obviously not canon, but what came to mind when I saw the Manzai for episode 82. (My Japanese ain’t good so translation might be a bit off)

Serena: Ahh, I’d be able to fly like that too, if only I had winged monsters in my deck. ~~
Yuya: Are you a romanticist? 

Not really flying, but it’d be handy if one can get their hands on some roller boots. :^)

I just want to talk about the room residents in the Under 17 Training camp cause I really find them amusing. I always love the scenes/episodes when they are not playing tennis and just being dorks. (because I’m getting nervous also when I watch them play)

First is this room,  these three coincidentally have the same hobby of raising plants. A peaceful room. No worries.

This room is full of witty people.  May it be a professor, a scientist, or a schemer. 

Next. Jackal’s obsession with Marui is just too cute. XD . 

Ibu and Yagyu, both the silent type but because of that, often argues with Momo being always the neutral. 

The room of the Sweet tooth’s. Getting along always with sugar in the center. 

Niou’s Kingdom.

Atobe’s Reaction vvvvvvvv XD

Wild Akutsu and Kawamura Mama

Davide and Bane-chan: The Boke & Tsukkomi Duo + Koharu and Yuuji: Manzai Duo

( it’s a shame that Davide is not in the spotlight with his puns lately. I love him. T^T)

King Atobe and his peasants.

These Doubles Pairs always battling about which is the True Golden Pair.

Yuushi always last to sleep, always have the time to roam around because his room mates are always early to rest.

This is my favorite room. XD

Kirihara and Kaidou the scaredy-cats in the room is always being played by Hiyoshi while Zaizen is always on the lookout for something to put on his blog.

It’s not yet shown in the anime what situations are happening in this room with these members. But I’m sure that it’s also a laugh because Sengoku and Gin are here. Maybe they’re making fun of Sanada while Tachibana’s  just a spectator. lol

( I just noticed that ever since the New Prince of Tennis started, Sanada’s character personality has somewhat changed. He’s more outspoken with everybody, he’s not that cold like what he used to be and he shows signs of being a dork. I started to like him. XD) 

Higa Chuu’s room is also not shown yet in the anime. But I’m sure this room has that constant fear for Go-ya’s lol

Last is this room. Uza-uza’s gestures is sometimes so damn cute. I wonder if Echizen is the only one who is talking to him. Kintaro is as always overly-energetic and loves to eat. This room looks like fun also. XD

anonymous asked:

Any idea why Ouma hates robots so much? Besides just having fun at Kiibo's expense, he goes so far as to say he hates all robots and wish they'd all just disappear or get destroyed. Hating the monokumarz is one thing, but why did he apply it to all machines? Thanks!

I think there are a few reasons for it. The first one, like you said, is mostly for comedic purposes. He often makes a lot of these comments about robots or machines for the sake of really exaggerated comedy, particularly in order to push Kiibo’s buttons or earn a snippy (tsukkomi) comeback in response. But I think part of it is also just directed at the fact that the robots and machinery in the killing game are the main things keeping them there.

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kiyotakamine  asked:

hit me up with those hcs for my girl sapph

  • Following ORAS, she finally got over her fear of Salamance.
  • After that first contest, she got a fangirl in Lisia. After that, she ended up getting an entire region-encompassing fanclub that is primarily made up of females. Said fanclub is much bigger than Ruby’s.
  • Sapphire does in fact enjoy rubbing this in Ruby’s face.
  • Sapphire is the only human character in Spe so far with a confirmed sixth sense (wtf) and years down the line, she does eventually get it sharpened enough to actually see ghosts a little more clearly.
  • She also eventually does become the Hoenn Champion. She ditches the cape whenever she can. Hard to maneuver in it.
  • Sapphire gets to know Gold and Crystal pretty well through Emerald.
  • Kick-based capturing…doesn’t really work with Sapphire. She ended up overshooting the Pokeball by several miles.
  • Out of all the Hoenn Dex Holders, Sapphire is the one who is most eager to take up the ‘senpai’ role and takes to it very well.
  • She and Platinum bond pretty quickly, much to Ruby’s (initial) shock. They both come from academic families and Platinum was eager to learn from her on how to pick up subtle hints from nature.
  • She also loves Diamond and Pearl’s manzai acts.
Tsukiuta. Clocks - Lines translation

Part A. The Seniors: Hajime & Haru & Shun & Kai

Part B. The Middle: Arata & Aoi & You & Yoru

Part C. The Juniors: Kakeru & Koi & Rui & Iku

A. Hajime & Haru & Shun & Kai

  1. Mutsuki Hajime「Good morning. Come on, do it properly. Pour out your energy and let’s go.」
  2. Yayoi Haru「What a pleasant morning, good morning! Well, go wash your face?」 
  3. Shimotsuki Shun「Good morning, dear princess. It’s odd when I wake up earlier than you? Oh my, look at the clock… Fufu.」 
  4. Fuduki Kai「Good morning! Did you sleep well? Let’s wake up and eat breakfast!」
  5. Mutsuki Hajime & Yayoi Haru
    Hajime「Morning, Haru.」
    Haru「Good morning, Hajime. You’re awake already. I thought you’re still in bed right now.」
    Hajime「Ha~ru. Before you try to do something crappy, do some coffee so I can keep myself awake.」
    Haru「Tah-dah. Actually I have already done it. Let’s do our best together today too ♪」
  6. Shimotsuki Shun & Fuduki Kai
    Shun「Good morning, Kai! It’s really a refreshing morning!」
    Kai「I have to say a lot so I beated up (smile wryly).」
    Shun「It’s not like I’m slow. The flow of time is just too fast.」
    Kai「Yes yes, roger that. Well then, let’s go, Maou-sama?」

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For the prompt 'Smile'

A/N: This is part wish fulfillment, part my reaction to the frankly amazing recent chapters by Nakamura-Sensei. This is my own kind of headcanon that’s developed about these two characters and is rather heavily dependent on all the character development that has occurred since the Dark Moon Wrap Party until the most recent chapter. This is for the Skip Beat celebration of KyokoxRen week on tumblr. For the prompt ‘Smile’

Also, I use the Japanese honorifics as I’m most used to hearing that from learning conversational Japanese. Additionally, Nakamura-sensei utilizes the inner thoughts of her characters to great effect, so I’ve done that as well. It’s denoted with ‘_’. 

This clocks in at around 9k so yeah…. Enjoy! 

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